YES / Cruise To The Edge 2018 / 2CDR

YES / Cruise To The Edge 2018 / 2CDR / Amity

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Live at Pacifica Theater, Royal Caribbean Brilliance of The Seas 5th February 2018


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Steve’s belovedness was suspended activities with the death of Virgil Howe YES. The latest live album which recorded their resuming concert appears.
It was “February 5, 2018” that was the first one to resume. It was a performance at the annual cruise ship event “CRUISE TO THE EDGE”. Last year we announced the new tour “YESTIVAL TOUR” and this year there are plenty of topics to commemorate the 50th anniversary commemoration tour. Let’s check the outline of their activities here in order to organize the recent situation.
· February 3 – 20: North America (10 performances)
· August 4 – September 8: North America (24 shows)
“September 11: Virgil Howe died”

· February 3rd – 9th: CRUISE TO THE EDGE ← ★ This work ★
· March 13 – 30: Europe (13 performances)

This is the activity of 2017 – 2018 that has been known to date. I was doing “YESTIVAL TOUR” which steve son Dylan Howe to second drummer, but Virgil died suddenly during that. Virgil was not active with YES, but there was no choice to continue the tour with Steve who lost his beloved and it was interrupted. Although it was also rumored to resume activities on 50th anniversary tour since March this year, it was participated in “CRUISE TO THE EDGE” before that.

【Audience sound to explore the best】
Such a work really is a wonderful audience recording. Every year, “CRUISE TO THE EDGE” has born Miyoshi · name recording, but this work is also an example of that. Because it is a narrow venue, direct music is super clear despite being fragile. Amazingly it is a heavy bass, as one sound of the bass is clearer, the ringing is also beautiful, and the waveform of the vibe that makes the floor sway appears to the eyes. From the rising of each pick of the base to the moment of disappearing, it draws plenty of response.
Just like “sound board” is a sound that goes on the ground, but this work is still an audience. Whether the venue sound is good or not, the feeling of air that is extremely stiff makes a lively coloring and directs the chorus ‘feeling of falling down’. I do not have a field experience, but I can not help feeling that “cruises and lives are recorded more beautifully than anywhere in the world”. It is the world of beautiful sound which becomes more than the sound board as an ideal ideal.

【Special too much historical show】
The show drawn with such quality is almost “YESTIVAL TOUR”. I did not report on the North American tour last summer because I was not satisfied with the recording (I did not think it was canceled), but the concept is the same. Starting from the debut “Survival”, the second “Time and A Word” → Third’s “I’ve Seen All Good People” … and so on, “one song per album” in order. Steve and Jeff’s solo time are also set up in the middle, but it is roughly intact to reach “Machine Messiah” of “DRAMA”. This historical concept and show can finally be tasted with the finest sound.
However, it is not necessarily the same as “YESTIVAL TOUR 2017”. Even though songs are exchanged finely in summer last year, more members are members. There is no participation of Dylan Howe this time, Jay · Shelen is in charge of drums. And the eyeball is encore. Here, Alan White and Tony Kay (!) Appear and play three songs “Yours Is No Disgrace”, “Roundabout” and “Starship Trooper” (apart from the concept). Especially Tony plays as a member of YES since “TALK TOUR” for the first time in 24 years. This work is a live album that you can witness at that precious moment.

I do not know the details of the 50th Anniversary Tour yet, but the set mainly composed of “Story of Oceanographic Topography” has also been announced. Perhaps, time series like show like this work can not be hoped for. Such a “YESTIVAL” concept, co-star with Tony. Even if you disconnect anything, you can immerse yourself with a superb sound with a superb concert. It is exactly one special one. Please, enjoy plenty.

その再開第1回となったのは「2018年2月5日」。恒例となっている客船イベント“CRUISE TO THE EDGE”でのパフォーマンスでした。昨年は新ツアー“YESTIVAL TOUR”を発表したり、今年は結成50周年の記念ツアーが予定されていたりと話題も多い。ここで近況を整理する意味でも、彼らの活動概要をチェックしてみましょう。

・2月3日-9日:CRUISE TO THE EDGE←★本作★

これが現在までに判明している2017年-2018年の活動です。スティーヴの息子ディラン・ハウをセカンド・ドラマーに迎えた“YESTIVAL TOUR”を行っていましたが、その最中にヴァージルは急逝。ヴァージルはYESで活動していたわけではありませんが、愛息を失ったスティーヴにツアーを続ける選択肢はなく、中断となりました。今年3月からの50周年ツアーで活動再開も噂されたものの、その前に“CRUISE TO THE EDGE”に参加となったのです。

そんな本作は、実に実に素晴らしいオーディエンス録音。例年、“CRUISE TO THE EDGE”からは美音・名録音が生まれてきましたが、本作もその例に漏れない。狭い会場なせいかダイレクトな楽音はどこまでも骨太でありながら超クリア。驚くべきは重低音で、ベースの1音1音がクッキリとしていながら鳴りも美しく、床を振るわせるヴァイヴの波形が目に浮かぶよう。ベースのピッキング1つひとつの立ち上がりから消えゆく刹那まで、手応えたっぷりに描かれるのです。

そんなクオリティで描かれるショウは、ほぼ“YESTIVAL TOUR”。昨年夏の北米ツアーでは満足な録音に恵まれなかったためにレポートしませんでしたが(まさか中止になるとは思いませんでした)、コンセプトは同一。デビュー作の「Survival」から始まり、セカンドの「Time and A Word」→サードの「I’ve Seen All Good People」……と、順番に“アルバム1枚につき1曲”で歴史を追っていく。中盤にはスティーヴやジェフのソロタイムも設けられていますが、おおよそそのまま『DRAMA』の「Machine Messiah」までたどり着く趣向。このヒストリカルなコンセプト・ショウを遂に極上サウンドで味わえるわけです。
ただし、丸っきり“YESTIVAL TOUR 2017”と同じというわけでもない。昨年夏とは細かく曲が入れ替わってもいますが、それ以上なのがメンバー。今回はディラン・ハウの参加はなく、ジェイ・シェレンがドラムを担当しています。そして、目玉はアンコール。ここでアラン・ホワイトとトニー・ケイ(!)が登場し、(コンセプトとは離れた)3曲「Yours Is No Disgrace」「Roundabout」「Starship Trooper」を演奏するのです。特にトニーがYESの一員として演奏するのは“TALK TOUR”以来、24年ぶり。本作は、その貴重な瞬間に立ち会えるライヴアルバムなのです。


Disc 1 (55:33)
1. Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra 2. Survival 3. Time and A Word
4. I’ve Seen All Good People 5. South Side of the Sky 6. And You and I
7. Leaves of Green 8. Clap 9. Geoff Downes Keyboard Solo (Cutting It Fine ending)

Disc 2 (65:30)
1. Soon 2. Going For the One 3. Don’t Kill the Whale 4. Machine Messiah
5. Yours Is No Disgrace (with Alan White & Tony Kaye) 6. Roundabout (with Alan White & Tony Kaye)
7. Band Introduction 8. Starship Trooper (with Alan White & Tony Kaye)

Jon Davison – Vocals, guitar Steve Howe – Guitar Billy Sherwood – Bass, vocals
Geoff Downes – Keyboards, vocals Jay Schellen – Drums
Alan White – Drums (encore songs only) Tony Kaye – Keyboards (encore songs only)

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