YES/ Foxwood 2015 / 2CD

YES/ Foxwood 2015 / 2CD / Virtuoso

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Live at Grand Theater At Foxwoods, Mashantucket, CT. USA 7th August 2015


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Chris Squire who passed away on June 27, 2015. Its alive last stage was the NHK Hall concert last year in November. About 8 months since then, “without a Chris YES” begins the tour. This work, realistic Live album that contains the “August 7, 2015 Mashantucket performances” to be the first day in the fierce quality. Also on the net, but sound of YES show this memorable has to various appearance, this work is a combination of two or the top sound source master, one is this which realizes the “Best Sound & full version”.
Among many of the rock band, Chris is exceptionally met fierce YES members change is the only original member, Since its formation in 1968, his removal from the concert was not even just once. It is, I had finally become a reality. Originally, this day was going to be the “YES with no Chris”. Already this year in May the summer of schedule years have been announced 2015, acute lymphoblastic leukemia of Chris discovered. Chris for treatment and withdrawal, it is the original YES Man Billy Sherwood was announced to be the understudy. However, No way …… and Chris would directly to sudden death.
Meanwhile, this work that contains the concert for the first time, even the history of YES spanning 47 years, suddenly will start from the maximum of listening far from. It, it, to commemorate Chris “Onward”. This song is a number by Chris alone pen, love to give to the time of his wife Nicky Squire was a ballad that was spelled. Rather than a live performance, but only has shed studio version of “TORMATO”, the original in the field of venue position Chris stand Rickenbacker is placed, the spotlight was devoted there. The screen is photographed the figure of Chris of past days, the words of love that are spelled out by the voice of Jon Anderson, such as falling from heaven, is given to Chris itself to speak for feelings of venue all. Feelings raged moments, such as the excitement even more than prayer. It is a fast net era of information, but the audience of venue to premiere therefore is neither good to know this production, is coming out leak venue of the air in the face of all first experience from the speaker.
While blessing the Chris of life, “Firebird Suite” rang, finally a new YES show is solemnly opening. YES history, the first track to be the largest turning point was “Do not Kill The Whale”. Became a Chris last stage Japan performances, “fragile” was a configuration that mixes new songs and encore to complete reproduction of the “crisis”, this tour is evenly selected Greatest Hits Shaw from masterpiece. Though, it is going to be waged to bless the life itself of Chris in the entire show.
Featured understudy Billy Sherwood also, let me hear the sound playing there only the original YES man who supported the YES 90’s. Although I think the truly “something a little different”, that “something” is a stunning first time in work that does not feel the identity of. Rather, of Geoff Downes and Jon Davison is, obviously, but different from the golden age, it is also of current and YES. Especially vocal of Davison is a rarity. Anderson and also Quirky, despite its Vaud Cali THEY tion that was firmly of the core, still YES world, such as falling from heaven. ‘re Halted to minimize the chorus absence of Chris should be large blow, it would be his singing voice.
Even know the subtleties of such performance details, industry sound causes the name of the present work. I wrote a “combination of two kinds of master” at the beginning, in the both tremendous level each seat recordings, boasts a great sound and balance, such as Far from the sound board “I think the official board?”. The real, is only a combination in the sense that complements the incomplete recording of the master, it is also a sound was very similar as originally horrible. “Do not Kill The Whale” of the way, but two or master switches, I think probably everyone also do not know is the switching point.

To be honest, we are wondering whether to recommend this work. I had to such want to really achieve “YES with no Chris”. It is very, come jump in a very wonderful sound. I’ve also been witnessing the “YES new chapter” of many until now, there is no so much that the face-to-face with mixed feelings. And to mind thinks and “not a YES Nante YES with no Chris”, and even though it has already thought strong enough to no more, it’s flowing into the ear from this work, it’s a definitely “YES Music”. It was revived after a long time beyond the time of more than 10 years, “Time And A Word”. Even though Chris is not, even though recording members are not left anyone alone, and disturbing cry also helpless.
What will the future YES How become. At least, but there is a schedule of next year in June, which was announced in Chris still alive, is the first? We are the “YES with no Chris,” What happens should I Mukiae. Not only us, in fact it may not have also found the members themselves. However, if the survival of the YES than wanted Chris itself, it can not help but sure. And to have been loved over the life, “to close the ear” that I do not think really is the only correct answer. YES that history, stood in the largest turning point. We are the living witnesses. With them, one of the best to take the “first step that everyone did not want”. The first step is not again, now it will deliver to your handy weekend.

2015年6月27日に逝去したクリス・スクワイア。その生前最後のステージは、昨年11月のNHKホール公演でした。あれから約8ヶ月、 “クリスのいないYES”がツアーを開始。本作は、その初日となる「2015年8月7日マシャンタケット公演」を凄まじいクオリティで収めたリアル・ライヴアルバム。ネット上にも、この記念すべきYESショウの音源が各種登場していますが、本作はそのトップ音源マスターを2種組み合わせ、“ベストサウンド&完全版”を実現させた1本です。
クリスの人生を祝福しつつ、「Firebird Suite」が鳴り響き、いよいよ新たなYESショウが厳かに開幕。YES史上、最大のターニングポイントとなる1曲目は「Don’t Kill The Whale」でした。クリス最後のステージとなった日本公演は、「こわれもの」「危機」の完全再現に新曲やアンコールを交えた構成でしたが、今回のツアーは代表作からまんべんなく選ばれたグレイテストヒッツ・ショウ。まるで、ショウ全体でクリスの人生そのものを祝福するように繰り広げられていくのです。
そうした演奏の機微が詳細に分かるのも、本作のサウンドがなせる業。冒頭で「2種のマスターを組み合わせ」と書きましたが、その両方が凄まじいレベルの各席録音で、サウンドボードどころか「オフィシャル盤?」と思うような素晴らしいサウンドとバランスを誇っています。その実、不完全収録のマスターを補完する意味で組み合わせただけであり、もともとが恐ろしいほど酷似したサウンドでもある。「Don’t Kill The Whale」の途中で2種マスターが切り替わりますが、恐らくどなたも切り替えポイントが分からないのではないでしょうか。

正直なところ、本作をお勧めすべきか迷っています。本当は実現してほしくなどなかった“クリスのいないYES”。それが極めて、極めて素晴らしいサウンドで飛び込んでくる。今までも幾多の「YES新章」を目の当たりにしてきましたが、これほど複雑な気持ちで対面したことはありません。心では“クリスのいないYESなんてYESじゃない”と思っているのに、これ以上ないほど強く思っているのに、本作から耳に流れてくるのは、間違いなく「YESミュージック」なのです。10年以上の時を超えて久しぶりに復活した「Time And A Word」。クリスはいないのに、録音メンバーは誰ひとり残っていないのに、どうしようもなく心をかき乱す。
これからYESはどうなっていくのか。少なくとも、クリス存命中に発表された来年6月までの日程がありますが、その先は? 私たちは“クリスのいないYES”と、どう向き合えばいいのでしょう。私たちだけでなく、実はメンバー自身にも分かっていないのかも知れません。しかし、YESの存続をクリス自身が望んだのであれば、確かめないわけにはいかない。人生をかけて愛してきたのに、“耳を塞ぐ”ことが唯一の正解とはどうしても思えないのです。歴史上、最大のターニングポイントに立ったYES。私達は、その生き証人です。彼らと共に、“誰も望まなかった第一歩”を踏み出すための極上の1本。二度とはない最初の一歩を、今週末あなたのお手元にお届けします。

Disc 1(53:49)
1. Onward (video tribute to Chris Squire) 2. Firebird Suite 3. Don’t Kill The Whale
4. Tempus Fugit 5. America 6. Going For The One 7. Time And A Word 8. Clap
9. I’ve Seen All Good People

Disc 2(39:53)
1. Siberian Khatru 2. Owner of a Lonely Heart 3. Roundabout 4. Starship Trooper

Steve Howe – Guitars, Vocal Alan White – Drums Geoffrey Downes – Keyboards , Vocal
Jon Davison – Lead Vocal, Acoustic Guitar, Percussion
Billy Sherwood – Bass, Vocal

Virtuoso 255/256

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