YES / Radio City Music Hall 2014 / 1DVDR

YES / Radio City Music Hall 2014 / 1DVDR / Non Label

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Radio City Music Hall, New York City, NY, USA 9th July 2014. NTSC


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July 9 of the fourth day from the year latest North American tour 2014, recording over New York of a prestigious venue, the Radio Music City Hall performances in about 1 hour 41 minutes in high quality audience-shot video. From the video in which a plurality of photographer was up on You Tube, it is something which was recorded editing the actual song order street by Erisugu~tsu what high quality. Receivables of number has been recorded all the rest of the songs only in We Have Heaven and Starship Trooper. Basic, but we have the main shots from the second floor front row with no easy-to-see obstacles, beginning ~ Siberian Khatru ~ And You And I will be to this is quite wonderfully impressed in close-up video of from 1 floor seats left. In particular, you may become spoilers, but to back the The Young Persons Guide To The Orchestra at the beginning SE, how the past photos and albums are projected good sense of Jesus on the screen is very impressive, avid fan, etc., or will not even come to the people that would in tears just by looking at it. In fact, this is when I think to be reproduced in the forum, etc., but is not in the previous Boston opening, towards from now on Japan tour, I feel that it would be exciting. Anyway yell bet on this tour of all members in considerable, you can see the really great performances in various places. Especially Cans And Brahms, Five Per Cent For Nothing such place is to watch the scene that played actually as Jesus the first time, eyes on the screen will become glued. Believe Again has been playing from the “crisis” new work to be played after the reproduction “Heaven & Earth”. Dramatic this song in pop full of gentle melodies, spacey deployment in the middle portion is also a number of very shines live, including, say the best song selection To be played between the “crisis”, “fragile” masu (in Albany performances have been recorded in the press disk to Ascend and the Game has been played in this position). Fan must-have high-quality video title that will complement from only high-quality video the Albany concert was recorded and did not press board that know the sound. With original menu.

2014年最新北米ツアーから4日目の7月9日、ニューヨークの名門会場、ラジオ・ミュージック・シティ・ホール公演を高画質オーディエンス・ショット映像で約1時間41分に渡って収録。複数の撮影者がYou Tube上にアップした映像の中から、高品質なものを選りすぐって実際の曲順通りに編集収録したものです。未収のナンバーはWe Have HeavenとStarship Trooperのみで残りの曲は全て収録されています。基本、見やすい障害物のない2階席前列からのショットをメインとしていますが、冒頭~Siberian Khatru~And You And Iは1階席左側からのクローズアップ映像でこれがなかなか素晴らしく感動させられます。特にネタばれになってしまうかもしれませんが、冒頭SEでThe Young Persons Guide To The Orchestraをバックに、スクリーンにイエスの過去の写真やアルバムがセンス良く映し出される様子は非常に感動的であり、熱心なファン等は、これを見ただけで涙ぐんでしまう人もいらっしゃるのではないでしょうか。実際、これがフォーラム等で再現されると思うと、先のボストンのオープニングではないですが、今から日本公演に向けて、ワクワクしてしまう感じです。とにかくメンバー全員の今回のツアーに賭ける気合は相当なもので、各所で実に素晴らしい演奏を見ることができます。特にCans And Brahms、Five Per Cent For Nothingといったところは実際にイエスとして演奏しているシーンを見るのは初めてで、画面に目が釘付けになってしまいます。「危機」再現後に演奏される新作「Heaven & Earth」からはBelieve Againが演奏されています。優しいメロディに満ちたポップでドラマチックなこの曲は、中間部にスペーシーな展開も含め非常にライヴ映えするナンバーであり、「危機」と「こわれもの」の間に演奏されるには最適な選曲と言えます(プレス盤に収録されているアルバニー公演ではTo Ascend とThe Gameがこの位置で演奏されています)。音だけでは判らなかったプレス盤に収録されたアルバニー公演を高品質な映像から補完してくれるファン必携の高画質映像タイトル。オリジナル・メニュー付き。

1. The Young Persons Guide To The Orchestra 2. Siberian Khatru 3. And You And I 
4. Close To The Edge 5. Believe Again 6. Roundabout 7. Cans And Brahms 8. South Side Of The Sky 
9. Five Per Cent For Nothing 10. Long Distance Runaround 11. The Fish (Schindleria Praematurus) 
12. Heart Of The Sunrise 13. I’ve Seen All Good People 14. Owner Of A Lonely Heart 

Steve Howe – Guitars, Vocal Chris Squire – Bass, Vocal Alan White – Drums 
Geoffrey Downes – Keyboards, Vocal Jon Davison – Lead Vocal

COLOUR NTSC Approx.101min.

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