YES / Osaka 2014 / 2CDR

YES / Osaka 2014 / 2CDR / Non Label
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Live at Orix Theater, Osaka, Japan 27th November 2014


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In conjunction with the “DEFINITIVE NAGOYA 2014 (Virtuoso 224/225)” this is release that I would like to have to listen to all means, it is a wonderful play of Osaka concert was held at ORIX Theater the day before. Here I have also used the master tape that was handed directly from the recording’s, but the recording position of the front only the fourth column, is also a different gem record was full of front feeling of the sound image to the main disk was recorded Nagoya . Osaka, Nagoya both the set list and configuration, but the content was exactly the same, it is that is this Osaka does not become other thing that was a very high-quality performance. Had been also excellent Alan of drumming, what John of singing was great than I think it was a big topic that many people that have seen this time of Japan tour in many places has been realized. Of course it is the same in this Osaka and Nagoya, of was centerpiece “crisis-fragile full reproduction” This time of the 2014 Japan tour, you will not fair to say that he was possible precisely because stayed. Will be noted that Tokyo performances to become that’s such a big band and absolutely castle keep, but Nagoya, it does not mean is never inferior Even Osaka. The shoot performance that has been released from the tension of “Tokyo” is a big attraction rather, everyone you know if those who are familiar listening to boot leg. In this study, since there no Osaka be in the main disk Nagoya is unfair, it was decided to put up as specially Osaka performance also bonus. Band of ensemble has also become a thing of overflowing Nagoya performances Similarly sense of fulfillment, making it the excellent bonus title it is possible to be At the same time fully capture the tour end of Meiban 2DAYS by becoming to listen you !!

“Close To The Edge” is interesting hook feeling of catching guitar from intro, making it the things that make you feel a sense of tempo than Nagoya. Somewhere-taking of Maai of prolongation was like the sound is unique even this day, you will say that it is well understood performance that has issued the said difference of performance expression is every day somewhere in the face and how completely reproducible. “And You And I” is also a grand sense of scale is the perfect score respond to listen to has come out perfectly even this day. Keyboard mellow singing, playing in this that the beauty of the depth and melody of carved sound was outstanding Osaka, also would not be an exaggeration to say that Nagoya performances more excitement to listen in main disk is dwells in performance . This is the next classic “Siberian Khatru” is similar, ability to concentrate, such as the playing DRIVE feeling outstanding dissecting has become a comedy that can be felt everywhere. Please how the dense sound output of each part comes out play well momentum to Rigo diffusion Experience with us this work. “Believe Again” In the beginning was spread is like atmosphere and the world a sense I think up to the moment, the charm of the latest Jesus sound by this lineup has come out larger this evening. But more amazing is probably “The Game” below. Jesus seems to sound drama with musical takes way and spread between is built to ensure even this night, playing rich brushwork and insight of dynamic sound has graced the end of the show the first half of brilliant in the finest.

Disc 2 is “fragile / full reproduction”, dynamic performance that uses the range of wide range from early will not evoked in hand listening to the overwhelming excitement. This is in relation to the performance of the song has become enthusiastic performance should be called exactly Japan tour total finish, will enjoy your pleasure joy to fully excellent performance expression is spread in front of the eye. Inter mission role “Cans And Brahms” is also a superb, Downs of play is something that pretty meat Sako to the original Rick, is different from those who have a different aesthetic sense has been and known until it do it is strange because beauty of perspectives and meaning comes into view. “South Side Of The Sky” is subject to the standard impression when you listen to one, but the honest performance of the original meaning such representation explore of the songs felt occasional in, clever of music structure and are listening carefully it should be again reminded to be. Classic “The Fish” is a strong base of DRIVE feeling here, melody that moves along with it has danced in more performances of the other day. In the play there and narrowing playing of concentrated sound of condensation sense, there is no doubt that that excitement comes revived again you have contact with the distant day. “Heart Of The Sunrise” is out preeminent well dash feeling is that you spit on the reservoir, wonderful passage has erupted everywhere. If sharp groove to dance dance is appreciated to be in contact with the splendor that ends with burst at once in the finale, it should who can trembling out definitely in joy that you get to pick a good performance. In attention to the “I’ve Seen All Good People” picked the way of melody line from the beginning chorus of Angkor, and are keen to spread the melody of or keyboard grace to progress in the relaxed rhythm bygone days playing I think musical richness is feel is above. I think it’s because the band has found the presence of John Davison even are you able to do this, but here you will enjoy your feeling his sincere singing posture of inheriting the Jesus sound as vocalist of such new generation is in direct .

Shaw end of course “Owner Of A Lonely Heart”. There is a clear sense of the music and sound is immersive from intro, but it is attention to the fact that well-equipped without representation of the guitar in time. It can be said that just 80s skillfully one figure of arrangement the 21st century Jesus the smash hit song, you have concluded the show, leaving the not unexpected great “sound taste” aftertaste. Public address flows after the show, a scene that company name and the like which was organized this concert is announced are also included firmly, this also enhances main disk Similarly the Memorial atmosphere more. It should be noted that, although this work has become a once released as a bonus title, it was also note that it is that is Nagoya performances strongest Mr. West has been recording and providing this happens as a result for it was something that protrudes Okima quotient. Because if is recording contents of about had assumed a single release as a press Without his Nagoya recording, it is not in any way mean recording sound is inferior. In other words, I much was good Nagoya recording. So by all means, the period during which the recording of this Osaka performances stick as a benefit bonus disc
You think if you can get in. Meihan 2DAYS in 2014 Jesus latest Japan tour, even this is perfect if there !!

今回リリースされる『DEFINITIVE NAGOYA 2014 (Virtuoso 224/225)』と併せて是非お聴き戴きたいのが、前日にオリックス・シアターで行われた大阪公演の素晴らしい演奏です。こちらも録音者から直接譲り受けたマスターテープを使用しているのですが、録音位置は前方僅か4列目という、名古屋を収録した本編ディスクとはまた違った音像のフロント感に溢れた逸品録音です。大阪、名古屋ともにセットリストや構成、内容は全く同じでしたが、それは即ちこの大阪も非常に質の高い演奏をしたという事に他なりません。アランのドラミングも優れていましたが、何よりもジョンの歌唱が素晴らしかったのは今回の日本公演を各地で御覧になった多くの方が実感された大きなトピックスだったと思います。勿論それはこの大阪や名古屋でも同様で、今回の2014年日本公演の目玉だった”危機・こわれもの 完全再現”は、彼が居たからこそ可能だったと言って差し支えないでしょう。こういう大きなバンドだとどうしても本丸となる東京公演が注目されますが、しかし名古屋、大阪だって決して劣っている訳ではありません。むしろ”トーキョー”という緊張感から解放された演奏が大きな魅力を放つのは、ブートレッグを聴き慣れた方なら誰もが御存知でしょう。そこで今回、本編ディスクに名古屋があって大阪が無いのは片手落ちですので、特別に大阪公演もボーナスとしてお付けする事にしました。バンドのアンサンブルも名古屋公演同様に充実感漲るものとなっており、併せてお聴きになる事でツアー終盤の名阪2DAYSを完全攻略する事が出来る秀逸なボーナスタイトルとなっています!!

「Close To The Edge」はイントロから引っ掛かりのあるギターのフック感が面白く、名古屋よりもテンポ感を感じさせるものとなっています。どこか間延びした様な音の間合いの取り方がこの日もユニークで、いかに完全再現とはいえ演奏表現の差は連日どこかに顔を出しているという事がよく分かる演奏と言えるでしょう。「And You And I」も壮大なスケール感がこの日もパーフェクトに出ていて聴き応え満点です。キーボードがまろやかに歌い、音の彫りの深さと旋律の美しさが際立ったこの大阪での演奏は、本編ディスクで聴ける名古屋公演以上の感動が演奏に宿っていると言っても過言ではないでしょう。これは次の名曲「Siberian Khatru」も同様で、ドライヴ感が際立ったその演奏は切り裂くような集中力が随所で感じられる好演となっています。各パートの濃密な出音が離合拡散して勢い良く弾け出る様子を是非本作で体験してみて下さい。「Believe Again」では始まった瞬間にアッと思う様な雰囲気と世界感が広がり、この布陣による最新イエス・サウンドの魅力がこの夜も大きく出ています。しかしより素晴らしいのが次の「The Game」でしょう。イエスらしい音楽的な間の取り方と広がりのあるサウンドドラマがこの夜も確実に構築され、ダイナミックな音の筆致と洞察力に富んだ演奏がショウ前半部の終わりを極上華麗に飾っています。

ディスク2は「こわれもの / 完全再現」で、序盤から広い範囲の音域を使ったダイナミックな演奏が圧倒的な興奮を聴き手に喚起させます。この曲の演奏に関してはまさに日本ツアー総仕上げとも言うべき熱演となっており、優れた演奏表現が目の前に広がる喜びを存分にお愉しみ戴けるでしょう。インターミッション的な役割の「Cans And Brahms」も見事で、ダウンズのプレイはオリジナルのリックにかなり肉迫するものですが、違う美的感覚を持った人がやるとそれまで知られたものとは違う美の視点や意味が見えてくるから不思議です。「South Side Of The Sky」は一聴するとスタンダードな印象を受けますが、その誠実な演奏の中に曲の元々の意味を探る様な表現が時折り感じられ、じっくり聴いていると楽曲構造の巧妙さに改めて気付かされる筈です。名曲「The Fish」はここでもベースのドライヴ感が強烈で、それに伴って動くメロディが他日の公演以上に踊っています。濃縮な音の弾き込みと凝縮感のある演奏の中に、遠い日に接したあの興奮が再び蘇ってくること間違いありません。「Heart Of The Sunrise」は溜めて吐き出す疾走感が抜群に良く出ており、素晴らしいパッセージが随所で噴出しています。舞い踊る鋭いグルーヴが終曲で一気に弾けて終わる見事さに接して戴ければ、良い演奏を手に取れた喜びに間違いなく打ち震えて戴ける筈です。アンコールの「I’ve Seen All Good People」は冒頭コーラスからのメロディラインの拾い方に注目で、ゆったりしたリズムの中で進行する旋律やキーボードの装飾音の広がりに注目していると往時の演奏以上に音楽的な芳醇さが感じ取れると思います。これを可能にしているのもバンドがジョン・デイヴィソンの存在を見付けたからだと思いますが、ここではそんな新世代のボーカリストとしてイエスサウンドを受け継ぐ彼の真摯な歌唱姿勢がダイレクトにお感じ戴けるでしょう。

ショウ・エンドは勿論「Owner Of A Lonely Heart」。演奏とサウンドに明瞭感があってイントロから惹き込まれますがギターの表現がいつになく整っている事に注目です。まさに80年代の大ヒット曲を巧みに編曲した21世紀型イエスの一つの姿と言え、後味ならぬ素晴らしい”音味”を残してショウを締め括っています。終演後には場内放送が流れ、この公演を主催した企業名等がアナウンスされるシーンもしっかり含まれており、これも本編ディスク同様にメモリアルな雰囲気を一段と高めています。尚、本作は一応ボーナスタイトルとしてリリースとなっていますが、それは今回は西日本最強氏が録音・提供した名古屋公演が突出したものだった為に結果としてそうなったという事も付記しておきましょう。もし彼の名古屋の録音が無ければプレスとして単体リリースを想定していたほどの収録内容ですので、決して収録音が劣っている訳ではありません。言い換えれば、それだけ名古屋の録音が良かったのです。ですから是非とも、この大阪公演の録音が特典ボーナスディスクとして付く期間

Disc 1 (61:48)
1. The Young Person’s Guide To The Orchestra 2. Close To The Edge 3. And You And I
4. Siberian Khatru 5. Chris Squire Introduction 6. Believe Again 7. Jon Davison Introduction
8. The Game

Disc 2 (64:27)
1. Steve Howe Introduction 2. Roundabout 3. Cans And Brahms 4. We Have Heaven
5. South Side Of The Sky 6. Five Per Cent For Nothing 7. Long Distance Runaround 8. The Fish
9. Mood For A Day 10. Heart Of The Sunrise 11. I’ve Seen All Good People
12. Owner Of A Lonely Heart

Steve Howe – Guitars, Vocal Chris Squire – Bass, Vocal Alan White – Drums
Geoffrey Downes – Keyboards Jon Davison – Lead Vocal


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