Yardbirds / Fillmore 1967 & Concord 1968 / 2CD

Yardbirds / Fillmore 1967 & Concord 1968 / 2CD / Non Label
Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco, CA, USA July 1967 & Concord Coliseum, Concord, CA, USA 29th May 1968

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Looking back, I can say that the Yardbirds is a band that has been in a transient state for a long time. The main reason was that there was no huge songwriter in the band. With the loss of Paul Samuel-Smith, who had the most songwriter-like qualities in the group, the band naturally relied on guitarists for sound direction.
It’s no wonder that Yardbirds had the longest activity period when he was a member of Jimmy Page, who has outstanding composition skills among the three major guitarists produced by the group. As a result, it will be in the age of pages that live sound sources and images will be most abundant, but suddenly in August, two excavations for two performances that caught the stage in America in 1967 and 1968 respectively were excavated. Audience recording appeared on the net and drew maniacs all over the world.

It goes without saying that both of these are excavations of extremely valuable sound sources in Yardbirds’ career, but the first thing that surprises me is that the sound quality is surprisingly good for audience recording in the late 1960s. Speaking of Yardbirds’ audience, it is valuable to exist as a sound source, such as the Shrine Auditorium in 1968 (distant sound image) or Fillmore (the sound is cracked) in the same year, and it is a mania level to listen as music. You can think of a sound source.
However, with the sound source this time, the balance of performance and vocals is surprisingly good, and the liveliness of Paige’s guitar is overwhelming. The Yardbirds audience recording boasts unparalleled ease of listening. It is said that the tape with such quality has been sleeping for more than 50 years.

The first one is the Yardbirds at Fillmore. It is an extremely valuable excavation that surprised enthusiasts that it was 67 years instead of 68 years which has been around for the same Fillmore. As I mentioned earlier, the 67 Yardbirds are well-known for the radio sound source from Stockholm in April, and the live footage that was excavated in recent years at a festival in France, but this time Fillmore is in July. It was held as part of the US tour that started on the 10th.
It should be noted that while the radio sound sources and images mentioned earlier dragged the sound of the Jeff Beck era, this Fillmore is the album “LITTLE GAMES” that is about to be released, or a sound that announces the arrival of the page era It will be suddenly changing. What surprises me most is the psychedelic number “Glimpses” from the album. As a matter of fact, this precious song has been on YouTube for seven years, and at that time, the mania was so surprised that the comment “Is there a full-length version of this sound source?” The “full-length version” has finally arrived. Moreover, I am surprised that this “Glimpses”, as well as the album version, reproduces the dialogue in the latter half of the stage, but it seems that I am using tape, and I also tried to produce such a point. I can’t help but be surprised.
Furthermore, I am surprised that the “Smoke stack Lightning” has suddenly become “How Many More Times” in the 67 years. There is a feeling of “ZEP eve” in the live sound source of 1968, but in the scene of July 67 when the era of Page began in earnest, it is well understood that he began to show its real power. Let’s In addition, the sound quality is good, so it’s good that you can clearly see the evolution of such sounds.

The second piece is the pattern of the stage at Concord in May 1968, but Fillmore was done before that, and after that was the classic Yardbirds sound source from the LP era Shrine Auditorium. In other words, the existence of multiple audience recordings during this period is the best evidence of how popular they were in the United States. And, as I said earlier, the point that the sound quality is far better than those two sound sources is a big attraction. However, the Shrine Auditorium has a quality similar to the audience recording in the early ZEP in the United States, and is a level that enthusiasts can fully enjoy. Please enjoy it on the CD-R “FOUR LIVE YARD BIRDS”.
The fact that the Shrine Auditorium has been handed down by enthusiasts is that it is not only the final audience of the Yardbirds right before the dissolution, but also the fact that it captures the shows twice. On the other hand, this sound source seems to capture everything from the first show from the two shows that we guessed from the set list. This sound source is slightly inferior in sound quality to the first 67’s Fillmore, but it is still much easier to hear than the previous 68’s audience mentioned above.
From “Train Kept A-Rollin'” to “Heart Full of Soul”, which was also an anchor at the Anderson Theater in March, “LIVE YARDBIRDS” that can now be enjoyed without overdubbing cheers at “YARDBIRDS 68” He played the opening pattern played in succession, and Keith Lerff also introduced the song that should be called the footsteps of ZEP under the title of “Dazed and Confused”. Alternatively, it is also a high point that you can listen to the performance by the terminal yard birds of “Happenings Ten Years Times Ago” which was not recorded in “YARD BIRDS 68” with high quality.
As a result, it was the last days of the U.S. Tour for the Yardbirds, from the end of May to the beginning of June, but, as Page later testified, he was in a position of the group at the time and of the American audience. Satisfied with the reaction, rather Page was motivated to raise the Yardbirds to the next level. However, Lerff and drummer Jim McCarty, who have been playing the Yardbirds since the days of the R&B band, were tired from the American tour that was too long, and announced that they would leave within a week after the end. The Yardbirds will be disbanded.
Certainly, “Dazed and Confused” etc. are more complete than “YARD BIRDS 68”, and the evolution of Yardbirds can be fully predicted. However, Relph, who originally had a gentle singing style, could not keep up with the changes, he and McCarty passed out, and Chris Dreya retired as a musician. And for the time being, the new group inherited as New Yardbirds in the fall will become a big airship that will leave a big footstep in rock history.
After all Yardbirds was supposed to be over. A concord stage that captures the final form of the “Eternal Transient Band”. Fillmore of 67, who has broken away from the beat group and brought Paige to the band with a fresh breath. Both have amazingly high sound quality, and are worthy of being released on a press CD. Upon release, the pitch error and noise peculiar to the vintage audience were finely adjusted. Especially for Fillmore, it seems that some songs could not be recorded at the beginning of the song, and instead it was released by editing that borrowed the first two songs from Concord, but of course the sound source completely different in time and place was cut. We have honed the historic excavation vintage audience to the best condition. This is amazing!

★First appearance! ! Moreover, high quality sound that can be listened to sufficiently in both performances. The freshness of the sound is also good.


特筆すべきは先に触れたラジオ音源や映像がジェフ・ベック時代のサウンドを引きずっていたのに対し、このフィルモアでは発売を直前に控えたアルバム「LITTLE GAMES」、あるいはペイジ時代の到来を告げるサウンドへと一気に豹変しているところでしょう。中でも驚かされるのは同アルバムからのサイケナンバー「Glimpses」が演奏されているという。実のところ、この貴重な一曲だけが7年前からYouTube上に出回っており、その時に「この音源の全長版はないのか?」というコメントが寄せられたほどマニアを驚かせていた。その「全長版」がようやく登場したということになります。しかもこの「Glimpses」、アルバム・バージョンと同様に後半のセリフ部分までステージで再現している点が驚かされるのですが、それはテープを使っていると思われ、そうした演出まで試みていた点にも驚きを禁じえません。
さらに「Smokestack Lightning」が67年の段階で一気に「How Many More Times」化している点にも驚かされます。68年のライブ音源は何かと「ZEP前夜」感が漂っているものですが、ペイジ時代が本格的に始まった67年の7月の時点でも彼が本領を発揮しはじめたことがよくわかる場面でしょう。おまけに音質が良いので、そうしたサウンドの進化ぶりがしっかりと伝わってくるのもイイ。

二枚目に収められたのは68年5月コンコードでのステージの模様なのですが、その前に行われたのがフィルモアで、この後に行われたのがLP時代から末期ヤードバーズ音源の古典であるシュライン・オーディトリアム。つまりこの時期にオーディエンス録音が複数存在しているということは、いかに彼らがアメリカでの人気を獲得していたのかという何よりの証拠。そして先にも申しましたように、それら二つの音源よりもはるかに音質がいいという点が大きな魅力。もっともシュライン・オーディトリアムの方は初期ZEPのアメリカにおけるオーディエンス録音と似たクオリティであり、マニアなら十分に楽しめるレベル。そちらは是非CD-R「FOUR LIVE YARDBIRDS」にてお楽しみください。
今や「YARDBIRDS 68」にて歓声のオーバーダビングなしで楽しめるようになった「LIVE YARDBIRDS」こと3月のアンダーソン・シアターでも碇石だった「Train Kept A-Rollin’」から「Heart Full of Soul」まで立て続けに演奏するオープニング・パターンをサラリとこなし、いよいよZEPの足音と言うべき曲はキース・レルフも「Dazed and Confused」という曲名で紹介している。あるいは「YARDBIRDS 68」には未収録だった「Happenings Ten Years Times Ago」の末期ヤードバーズによる演奏が高音質で聞けるのもポイント高い。
確かに「Dazed and Confused」などは「YARDBIRDS 68」の時よりも完成度が高く、ヤードバーズの進化を十分に予測できます。しかし本来ジェントルな歌い方を身上としていたレルフは変化についてゆけず、彼やマッカーティが抜け、またクリス・ドレヤもミュージシャンを引退。そしてとりあえず秋にニュー・ヤードバーズとして継承された新たなグループはロック史に大きな足跡を残すビッグな飛行船となる。


Disc 1(67:31)

Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco, CA, USA July 1967

1. Introduction
2. Heart Full of Soul
3. I Wish You Would-Hey Gyp
4. My Baby
5. You Go Your Way, I’ll Go Mine
6. Shape of Things
7. I’m a Man
8. Smokestack Lightning
9. Bye-Bye Bird
10. Happenings Ten Years Time Ago
11. Smile on Me
12. Glimpse
13. Ain’t Done Wrong
14. Over Under Sideways Down


Disc 2 (53:08)

Concord Coliseum, Concord, CA, USA 29th May 1968

1. Introduction
2. Train Kept A-Rollin’
3. Mr. You’re a Better Man Than I
4. Heart Full of Soul
5. Dazed and Confused
6. Shapes of Things
7. White Summer
8. Happenings Ten Years Times Ago
9. I’m a Man


Keith Relf – vocals
Jimmy Page – guitars
Chris Dreja – bass
Jim McCarty – drums


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