Wishbone Ash / Complete Hammersmith / 2CDR

Wishbone Ash / Complete Hammersmith / 2CDR / Gypsy Eye Project

Translated Text:
Live At Hammersmith Odeon, London, U.K. June 2nd 1981 Soundboard


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Precious sound board live recordings of time that became a transition period of ’81 Wishbone Ash is first appearance as a complete recording version!

Sound source of June 2, 81 London Hammersmith this day it is recorded in Odeon has been known incomplete broadcast recorded in the past, but this time recording from the complete master that was its original It is a 2-Disc to be.

for John Wetton I did not participate live of what was announced hurriedly subscribed album “Number The Brave”, the base to participate in Trevor Boulder is hurriedly join further album production similar Claire Hamill also tour around the new song It shows off the lead vocals on. Exactly is a new excavation rare live recordings of collector attention! !



1. The King Will Come/2. Lady Whiskey/3. Where Is The Love/4. Living Proof /5. Undergrand */6. Warrior /7. Kicks On The Street /8. Loaded

1. Phoenix/2. Number The Brave/3. Helpless/4. Blowin’ Free/5. Get Ready *

Live At Hammersmith Odeon, London, U.K. June 2nd 1981
Gypsy Eye Project. GEP-302A/B

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