Wilko Johnson / Roger Daltrey / Live In London 2014 / 1DVDR

Wilko Johnson / Roger Daltrey/ Live In London 2014 / 1DVDR / Johanna

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Live Together For One Night Only In London, Shepherds Bush Empire, Tues, Feb 25. Dolby Stereo

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★ Wilko Johnson + Roger Daltrey, miracle of live 2014!
★ JOHANNA label own thorough editing! Multi-camera recording!

To while receiving a life expectancy sentenced by the pancreas cancer is also a unflagging of pub rockers continue to live even now Dr.FEELGOOD beginning rock history with murderous guitar cutting, Wilko Johnson to continue inscribing his name!

Such video that he has almost complete recording of the pattern of live that was done only once in the February 25, 2014 in London announced a collaboration album of Roger Daltrey and the miracle of The Who!

Will have even fans were surprised to surprising combination, but in fact The Who also cover the “Shakin All Over” hit the early 1960 than the Beatles! Two people alternating with the British beat band – Johnny Kidd & The Pirates of the legend that was sent out to the roots in the United Kingdom has a long, perfect breath even in the live well in this album.

The band Mr. Pub rock-based! And to hear the Norman Wattoroi (Ian Dury & The Blockheads) and Dylan Howe Gokigen pub-rock beat of regulars us and genuinely-orthodox of Wilco band of (Steve Howe of the son of YES) to us.
And Roger of the song also, I’m perfect for this kind of roots rock.

Venue is hot from Wilco-Johnsen-set of the first half, more heat-up from the late Roger is applied. The Who – number of surprise also appeared!
We will deliver to realize the visualization of realism perfect score in JOHANNA label its own thorough editing that was synchronized multiple camera such a pattern.

All it is a pub-rock fans must see must-have of the video.









■1DVDR ; JPD-702■ 90mins / AUDIENCE SHOT(Multi-Cam)

[Shepherds Bush Empire in London / FEB 25 2014] ****** WILKO set ******
JPD Slate / All Right / Barbed Wire Blues /
The More I Give (2-CAM)/ Dr Dupree / When I’m Gone / Roxette /
****** WILKO + ROGER set ******
Going Back Home (4-CAM)/ Keep It To Myself / Please Crawl Out Your Window /
Keep On Loving You (2-CAM)/ Some Kind Of Hero (2-CAM)/ Ice On The Motorway /
Sneakin Suspicion / Everybody’s Carrying A Gun (2-CAM)/
Keep It Out Of Sight (2-CAM)/ All Through The City (2-CAM)/
I Can’t Explain (4-CAM)/ encore break /
Keep It To Myself (tk.2) (2-CAM)/ End Credits /

Wilko Johnson (Guitar/Vocals), Norman Watt-Roy (Bass), Dylan Howe (Drums)
Wilko, Norman, Dylan, Roger Daltrey (Vocals),
Mick Talbot (Keys), Steve Weston (Harmonica)


Johanna . JPD-702

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