Who / Who Is This / 2CD+1 Bonus CDR

Who / Who Is This / 2CD+1 Bonus CDR / SpeakEzy

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Live At Deutsches Museum, Munich, Germany 4th September 1972 Plus Bonus CDR ‘ Hugh Open Air Event In Paris 1972 ‘

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★ Rare Vintage LP carefully reprinted from the reality! First press press release!
★ Coupling of source 2 and LP sauce in circulation in recent years!
★ Front jersey folded poster jacket specification!
★ Including numbering (stamped under jacket inside tray)

Live at Deutsches Museum, Munich, Germany 4th September 1972

September 4, 1972 Munich’s performance was first pressed CD using two kinds of audience sounds!
Recorder 2 of all songs circulated in recent years, and the second half of the second CD, the decision board of Munich’s performance which remastered the sound source digitized directly from the vintage analog LP “WHO IS THIS?” (Rubber Dubber Records) !
Despite the super high sound quality of the two sound sources, press CDs have not been released at all in the past, so this time both are the first press CD.
In making this CD this time a new mastering is newly applied all over and CD is made.
There is no doubt that it will be the representative board of THE WHO, 1972 live.

First of all, about Recorder 2 recorded in the first half of CD 1-2, this is a very clear and tight recording that caught firmly the high frequency while recording monophonically. Although the distance is slightly felt compared with the Rubber Dubber board LP of Recorder 1 slightly, there is also sound pressure overall and you can enjoy it without any problems from time to time. I made the volume and pitch adjustment when making CD, but I did not perform EQ processing like changing sound. Although it was a wonderful recording full of uncut songs as well as the recording content, only 16 seconds between the songs of Magic Bus and Relay on Disc 2 was compensated from the Rubber Dubber board. By this, it realizes live complete nonstop recording except for the disc change part while it is quasi.

It is about the Recorder 1, Rubber Dubber board recorded in the second half of Disc 2.
This is digitized directly from the actual analog board and recorded remaster. This analog sound source is also distributed in net sound source, but listening to it again, it sounds lighter to listen, but noise reduction and equalizing processing are sounds of kits, with a loud and coarse sound throughout did. The thing recorded on the CD this time is not from the net but from the actual record, this is extremely natural, it is a spectacular stereo sound that is superb and delicate and has perfect ears like an analog board. For clearness and tightness it gives a bit to Recorder 2, but regarding the softness of this sound and the heavy and delicate sound is superior to Recorder 2 in several steps, the size of the sound image is also larger for this analog board Recorder 1 Although Recorder 1 is stereo (Recorder 2 is monaural), although it is not a full track record, it is not wonder why such a good sound source did not come out in the press until now. When making CD, scratch noise is thoroughly removed with persuasion of pinpoint and patience. Since we do not carry out easy processing such as coming through the whole film, we can enjoy the atmosphere of the original sound with almost no scratch noise condition. Original analog board itself seems to be good quality of the board, succeeded in CD with very high quality sound! In My Wife, there was a cut in the song from the beginning, but it was supplemented with Recorder 2 about 18 seconds, and it was made into a pseudo finished version. There were other two cuts between the tracks, but I respected the atmosphere of the analog board, and left as it was. No matter how many times I listen, I do not get tired.

Front jacket is a poster jacket specification that becomes 240 mm square when deployed, sparing trouble posting LP jacket (back and front side) of Rubber Dubber board, record label, etc. Also comes into limited numbering (stamp under jacket inside tray), the CD label is a picture disc and a permanent Love compact disc with exceptional appearance!


Live at Deutsches Museum, Munich, Germany 4th September 1972

近年流通した全曲収録のRecorder 2と、CD2枚目の後半にはヴィンテージ・アナログLP “WHO IS THIS?”(Rubber Dubber Records)原盤からダイレクトにデジタル化した音源をリマスター収録したミュンヘン公演の決定盤!
THE WHO、1972年ライブの代表盤となる事間違いなし。

まずCD1-2枚目前半に収録したRecorder 2についてですが、こちらはモノラル録音ながら高域もしっかり捉えた非常にクリアかつタイトな録音。若干Recorder 1のRubber Dubber盤LPに比べると距離は僅かに感じられますが、全体的には音圧もあり終始問題なく鑑賞頂けます。CD化に際して音量とピッチ調整は施しましたが音色を変えるようなEQ処理は施していません。収録内容的にも素晴らしく全曲ノーカット完全収録でしたが、Disc2のMagic BusとRelayの曲間のみ16秒ほどをRubber Dubber盤から補填しました。これにより疑似ながらもディスクチェンジ部以外はライブ完全ノンストップ収録を実現しました。

Disc 2後半に収録のRecorder 1、Rubber Dubber盤についてです。
こちらは現物のアナログ盤からダイレクトにデジタル化しリマスター収録。ネット音源でもこのアナログ起こし音源が流通していますが、それを改めて聞いて見るとパッと聴きは明るめで良いのですが、ノイズリダクションとイコライジング処理がキツメのサウンドで、全体に派手で粗いサウンドでした。今回CDに収録したものはネットではなく現物レコードからであり、これが極めてナチュラルで、アナログ盤らしい野太くかつ繊細で耳当たりの良い極上のステレオサウンド。クリアさとタイトさではRecorder 2に若干譲りますが、この音の柔らかさと重厚かつ繊細なサウンドに関してはRecorder 2よりも数段優れており、音像の大きさもこのアナログ盤Recorder 1の方が大きく、しかもRecorder 1はステレオ(Recorder 2はモノラル)ということで、全曲収録ではないものの、こんな優良音源が何故今までプレスで出なかったのか不思議でならないほど。CD化に際してはスクラッチノイズを根気とピンポイントの狙い打ちで徹底除去。全体に膜を張ってコモらすような安易な処理はしてませんので原音の雰囲気をスクラッチノイズほぼなし状態で堪能頂けます。元々アナログ盤自体が盤質が良いようで、非常にハイクオリティなサウンドでのCD化に成功!なおMy Wifeで元々から曲中カットがありましたが、そこはRecorder 2で18秒ほどを補填し、疑似完成版としました。他に2箇所ほど曲間カットはありましたが、そこはアナログ盤の雰囲気を尊重し、そのままとしました。何度聞いても飽きません。

フロントジャケは展開すると240ミリ角となる折込ポスタージャケ仕様で、手間を惜しまずRubber Dubber盤のLPジャケ(裏表)やレコード・ラベルなどを掲載。また限定ナンバリング入り(ジャケ内側のトレイ下にスタンプ)、CDラベルはピクチャーディスクと、まさに至れり尽くせりの永久仕様の愛蔵盤が登場です!


Live at Deutsches Museum, Munich, Germany 4th September 1972

Full Length Tape Source Version(Recoder 2 Mono Aud)
Disc 1 (76:55)
01. Introduction
02. I Can’t Explain
03. Summertime Blues
04. My Wife
05. Baba O’Riley
06. Behind Blue Eyes
07. Bargain
08. Won’t Get Fooled Again
09. Magic Bus ★14:25-14:41(演奏後の曲間部分)をLPソースをMono化し補填
10. The Relay
11. Pinball Wizard
12. See Me, Feel Me

Disc 2 (62:26)
01. Audience
02. My Generation
03. Naked Eye

Taken from The Vintage LP “WHO IS THIS ?”
(Rubber Dubber Records / DL 75065) (Recorder 1 Stereo Aud)
★LP原盤から初のプレスCD化 (LP部分 約47:25秒)
04. I Can’t Explain
05. Summertime Blues
06. My Wife ★0:56-1:14付近をRec2で補填
07. Baba O’Riley
08. Behind Blue Eyes
09. Magic Bus
10. The Relay

SpeakEzy. SPE-008


Who / Hugh Open Air Event In Paris 1972 / 1Single CDR / Non Label

Live At Fete De L’ Humanite, Paris, France 9th September 1972.

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