Who / Tommy Mobile Fidelity CD / 1CDR

Who / Tommy Mobile Fidelity CD / 1CDR / Non Label

Taken from the original US Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab 24 KT Gold CD(UDCD 533)
Ultradisc II 24 KT Gold CD from Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab “Original Master Recording” Collection

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The gold CD reprint series of “Mobile Fidelity”, which has attracted much attention. The latest bullet is a gift release decision.
Speaking of “Mobil Fidelity Sound Lab (MFSL)”, a manufacturer specializing in analog masters, it is a trusted brand that has received tremendous support from audiophiles around the world. The master of sound put the limit of passion and digitized many famous plates from master tape. In such a series, 24K Gold CD “UDCD 533” released in 1990 is included in this work. Yes, it ’s Tommy, a rock opera synonym for THE WHO.

[Mobile fidelity with the highest priority on master tape sound] A lot of high-quality CDs appeared in the 1990s when the CD production of analog works reached its peak, but MFSL was exceptional. Other high-quality CDs are based on the idea of ​​“suppressing digital degradation” such as reducing the uncomfortable feeling of compression with new technology and reducing reading errors with materials. On the other hand, MFSL’s policy is to faithfully reproduce the sound engraved on the master tape and not add extras. The company puts the emphasis on “analog-recorded sound itself”, such as developing its own “half-speed mastering” technology that focuses on the stage of extracting sound from magnetic tape.
MFSL has borrowed original master tapes from record companies since 1987 and has digitized numerous masterpieces one by one. We released the “Ultradisc” series, which transfers the sound of the master tape to CD. Currently, we are also expanding into the field of SACD and LP, but the point is that this work was made into CD in the first half of the 90s. The master of magnetic tape is vulnerable to aging deterioration, and the sound at the time of recording is lost as time passes. There are cases where the tape is distorted or stuck, but even if stored precisely, it cannot prevent the loss of magnetism. Currently, LPs recorded with physical grooves have better sound than the master tape itself, and so on. In that respect, the “Ultradisc” series was a great achievement. It was started in the 1980s when the CD was in widespread use, and the sound of the master tape was left digitally earlier than the advent of a new technology CD that demands high sound quality.
MF encapsulated the master sound that was pulled out in a 24-gold gold CD. Gold-plated coating with a purity of 99% or higher usually has higher reflectivity than CD metal thin film, and can reduce errors. The aim was also important, but preservation is now considered more important. CD polycarbonate is water-retaining and corrodes (ie rusts) the internal metal film (aluminum). When you hold an old CD over the light, you may see a small spot, but it is said that it is a corroded hole, which is one of the causes of reading errors. In contrast, gold is the most stable metal and does not rust in nature. Of course, since it is a coating, it is limited, but it has a preservative power that is not comparable to a normal CD.

[Tommy] conveys natural dynamism with master freshness and three-dimensionality
That’s why Tommy of this work tells the master sound as of “21 years since recording”. I breathe in its splendor. In modern times, the “Loudness War (Sound Pressure Competition)” era has passed and “faithful to the sound of the master” has become the default, but the freshness is completely different compared to the current remastered board. It is clear from the opening “Overture” intro. In the current version, the sound of the guitar is unstable and shakes slightly dirty, but the details of the MFSL board are really glossy and stable. I don’t know the state of the current master tape, but this may be because the actual original tape has deteriorated. What I thought so far was “the recording of the 1960s is like this” was actually quite beautiful. It is a sound that can make such facts.
</br> When a higher horn comes in, the three-dimensional feeling is also lost. It sounds on top of a rock band sound, but on the current board, the sound is like a two-layered backing and horn, but in this work the horn dynamically draws a big mountain. The band ensemble underneath is also vivid in the gaps between the instruments, and this is a great 3D effect. The acoustic guitar has the presence of vibrating strings one by one, and the peak is beautiful even if the song is highlighted. A horn like a thunderhead spreads magnificently over the band like a rugged rocky mountain … It boils down to such an image. This is not a world created by equalization. Just by accurately reproducing the fineness still left on the master tape, the expressive power is totally different.
Although it has become long just by opening, you can enjoy the rock monument of rock opera with such “sound expression”. That is this work. To be honest, some songs have a vintage feel that seems to be recorded in the 1960s, and there are parts where the reality of the master tape comes out as it is only on the MFSL board that is not restored. However, even such a part is completely natural, and you can enjoy “freshness as of 1990” that you cannot expect from a remastered version later.

The master sound of the Daimyo board that can be kept up to the present age because it is a gold CD by “Mobile Fidelity”. Even if you want to get the actual product now, it is difficult because the original production is limited. A gift release for as many people as possible to touch the beautiful sound. Please enjoy it carefully.

アナログ・マスター専門メーカーの“モービル・フィデリティ・サウンド・ラボ(MFSL)”と言えば、世界のオーディオ・マニア達が絶大な支持を寄せる信頼のブランド。音の匠が情熱の限りを込め、大名盤の数々をマスター・テープからデジタル化していきました。そんなシリーズの中で、本作に収められているのは1990年にリリースされた24KゴールドCD『UDCD 533』。そう、THE WHOの代名詞にしてロック・オペラの金字塔『トミー』です。




1. Overture / It’s A Boy
2. You Didn’t Hear It
3. Amazing Journey / Sparks
4. Eyesight To The Blind
5. Christmas
6. Cousin Kevin
7. The Acid Queen
8. Underture
9. Do You Think It’s Alright / Fiddle About
10. Pinball Wizard
11. There’s A Doctor I’ve Found
12. Go To The Mirror Boy
13. Tommy Can You Hear Me
14. Smash The Mirror
15. Sensation
16. Miracle Cure
17. Sally Simpson
18. I’m Free
19. Welcome
20. Tommy’s Holiday Camp
21. We’re Not Gonna Take It

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