Who / Isle Of Wight Festival 1969 Stabilized / 1DVD With OBI Strip

Who / Isle Of Wight Festival 1969 Stabilized / 1DVD With OBI Strip / Tommy Records

The Isle of Wight Festival UK, August 30, 1969. Digitally Remastered

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The first Isle of Wight Festival was held in 1968, and THE WHO appeared for two years, 1969 and 1970. In particular, the third festival in 1970 was held on a remote island on the southern tip of the UK, but 650,000 people visited by boat, and it was the world’s largest rock festival, surpassing that of Woodstock. there were. However, the Isle of Wight Festival will be the last to have this year only three times (later resumed in 2002). Why was the festival canceled in 1970? This is because most customers broke the fence without entering the entrance fee and entered the venue, so the operation was not successful. The era is full of hippies, and this kind of disorder is also the color of the era. The management side repeatedly went to the audience, saying, “I will not play without paying money” and “I pay this admission, this fucking bastard”, and booing occurred from the audience each time. These on-site disruptions are clearly documented on the DVD “Island of the Isle of Wight 1970 Nostalgic Rock”.

However, in spite of such a mess of management, each artist had a wonderful stage that became a legend. And with the big names such as Free, Doors, Joni Mitchell, ELP, Miles Davis, and Jesrotal, the highlight of the day was THE WHO. The best performance that both members and others have recognized in the history of THE WHO is the stage at the 1970 Isle of Wight Festival, as the members themselves also recalled that “that night was the best” .

At the 1970 Isle of Wight Festival, the entire festival was recorded on multi-tracks, and for the appearance of THE WHO, only the sound was first released on a 2-disc set. However, the recording condition was not so good, and with the mixing technology at the time of CD release, the first half of the concert was recorded with a particularly powerful sound.

At the same time, the entire festival is also recorded in color video by four film cameras. However, because the material was so huge and the video was shot quickly, the video other than the digest version of the movie compiled at that time remained undisclosed for a long time. After that, THE WHO’s live documentary “Maximun R & B” was recorded for the first time for three songs not included in the digest version, and it was confirmed that there were other THE WHO stage images.

This legendary performance of THE WHO has been released many times due to the splendid performance of the performance, and as a video work, the remaining film is somehow painstakingly joined together, and the sound remixed video is finally released on DVD Has been. However, there are many problems such as forcibly supplementing scenes with no video originally with performance scenes of different songs, and there are many places where the video and sound do not match, and above all, the camera work is poor and the screen is reddish from beginning to end Also, it was very difficult to see because it was dark at night. In recent years, Blu-ray has also been released and has been released as a somewhat brightly corrected video, but the screen is narrowed by trimming up and down throughout the whole, especially the first song at the beginning, there is a severe sound skip, etc. It had become deteriorated.

Now, this excavation video is the first recording of unedited film rolls recorded by four cameras taken at the time of the 1970 Isle of Wight Festival. There is no top and bottom trimming like the Blu-ray version, natural color, and the rawness of being unedited. The sound is mainly the 2014 remix version, which is considered to be the best among the various versions released so far, and it is the first time to watch it with the sound exactly synchronized with the originally silent video. It is this work that has been recorded as possible.

Unfortunately, this work is not all the material that was filmed, but mainly the first half of the concert and the climax part, but the unedited concert video has been recorded for the first time for over an hour. The familiar “Young Man Blues” should be very interesting to fans of the past whether each camera work looked like this. And I didn’t understand the sound alone, but the CD and the official video were actually full of cuts. The first song, “Heaven and Hell”, reveals the fact that the guitar solo part was cut and the scissors were included in the release by looking at the Camera Rolls.

August 29, 1970 The legendary Isle of Wight Festival, recorded as the highlight of THE WHO during the appearance, is recorded for each of the four cameras used for shooting. THE WHO’s history is the largest outflow video of the world’s enthusiasts of the incandescent hard rock stage that is said to be the best performance recognized by both themselves and others. Permanent storage with beautiful picture disc specifications. With Japanese obi.

ワイト島フェスティバルは1968年に第一回が行なわれ、THE WHOは1969年と1970年の2年に渡り出演した。特に1970年の第三回のフェスティバルは、会場が英国南端の離島で行なわれたにも関わらず、船にて65万人が訪れ、規模はあのウッドストックを凌ぐ世界最大規模のロック・フェスであった。しかしワイト島フェスティバルはわずか3回、この年を持って最後になる(後に2002年に再開)。なぜ1970年をもってフェスティバルが中止になってしまったのか? それはほとんどの客が入場料を払わずにフェンスを壊して会場入りしたため、運営が成り立たなかったためである。時代はヒッピー全盛で、このような無秩序もまた時代の色であろう。運営側は何度も客席に向かって「カネを払わないと演奏しないぞ」「入場料を払えこのクソ野郎ども」と悪態をつき、客席からはその都度ブーイングが起きた。これら当日の現場の混乱はDVD「ワイト島1970 懐かしきロックの残像」に克明に記録されている。

しかし、このような運営の混乱をよそに、各アーティストはいずれも伝説となる素晴らしいステージを展開していた。そしてフリー、ドアーズ、ジョニミッチェル、ELP、マイルス・デイヴィス、ジェスロタルといった大物が並んだ中で、この日のハイライトは何といってもTHE WHOであった。メンバー本人達も口を揃えて「あの夜は最高だった」と回想しているくらい、THE WHOの歴史の中でも自他共に認める最高のパフォーマンスが、この1970年のワイト島フェスティバルでのステージなのである。

1970年のワイト島フェスティバルは、フェス全体がマルチ・トラックにてレコーディングされており、THE WHOの出演分に関しては、まず音のみがCD2枚組でリリースされた。しかし録音状態があまり良くなく、CDリリース当時のミキシング技術では、特にコンサートの前半があまり迫力のない音で収録されていた。

また同時に、フェス全体は随時4 台のフィルム・カメラによってカラー映像でも記録されている。しかしマテリアルがあまりに膨大で、かつちぐはぐに撮影された映像のため、当時編纂されたダイジェスト版の映画以外の映像は長らく未公開のままであった。その後THE WHOのライブ・ドキュメンタリー「Maximun R&B」に初めてダイジェスト版未収録の3曲分の映像が収録され、他にもTHE WHOのステージ映像が存在することが確認されたのである。

このTHE WHOの伝説的パフォーマンスは、その演奏の素晴らしさから幾度もリリースが試みられ、映像作品として、残っているフィルムをどうにかこうにか苦心して繋ぎ合わせ、音もリミックスした映像がようやくDVDでリリースされている。しかし、元々映像が無いシーンを無理やり別の曲の演奏シーンで補っていたり、映像と音が合っていない箇所が多々あるなど問題が多く、何よりカメラ・ワークが稚拙で、画面は終始赤みがかった色合い、さらに夜のため暗い映像、ということで非常に見づらいものだった。近年ではブルーレイ化もされ、いくぶんか明るく補正された映像としてリリースされているが、全体を通して上下にトリミングされ画面が狭くなっており、特に冒頭1曲目では激しく音飛びがあるなど、作品としてはより劣化したものになってしまっていた。



1970年8月29日伝説的なワイト島フェスティバルの、出演中ハイライトと目されるTHE WHOの映像を、撮影に使用された4台それぞれカメラ別に収録。THE WHOの歴史上自他共に認めるベスト・パフォーマンスと言われる白熱のハード・ロック・ステージの、まさに世界中のマニアが驚くであろう最大級の流出映像である。美しいピクチャー・ディスク仕様の永久保存がっちりプレス盤。日本語帯付。

01. Heaven And Hell
02. I Can’t Explain
03. Young Man Blues
04. I Don’t Know Myself
05. Tommy Can You Hear Me?
06. Smash The Mirror
07. See Me Feel Me
08. My Generation Jam

09. Young Man Blues
10. I Don’t Know Myself
11. See Me Feel Me
12. Summertime Blues

13. Young Man Blues
14. I Don’t Know Myself
15. Water
16. We’re Not Gonna Take It
17. Summertime Blues
18. Shakin’ All Over
19. My Generation Jam

20. I Don’t Know Myself
21. Water

22. Young Man Blues

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