Who / Winnipeg 1976 / 2CD

Who / Winnipeg 1976 / 2CD / Non Label

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Live at Winnipeg Arena, Winnipeg, MB. Canada 18th October 1976

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In addition to Seattle, JEMS raised another sound source from the 1976 tour this time. It is the performance of Winnipeg on 18th October. After September’s short-term “Whirlwind Tour” in August, The Who is doing the biggest final American tour in autumn. In the first place, the interesting part of the tour of 76 years is that it was just like digging the tour schedule at spacious intervals like the current Stones.
It may have been consideration of the health condition of Keith who began to become serious but more than that it received a hit in the United States of the success of the movie “TOMMY” and if you do it at the stadium even on a schedule that opened the interval It is no other thing that the popularity of Fu was exploding so that profitability could be taken. An era when big artists took a continuous performance at the stadium. Even though the continuous performance was still organized at the time of the 75th tour, this year is a surprisingly relaxed schedule. It can be said that it was an exclusive tour of Hu who was just like a royal guy.
The end of such glory in 1976 is a tour around the US and Canada in October. In this tour unusually Oakland show which was carried out for two consecutive days schedule was known to maniac as an excellent sound source from long ago, but there are scenes where Roger’s voice seems to be suffering especially on the first day, and indeed there is a tour It came to the end and I was able to tell you how tired it is. In addition, we must not forget the Toronto performance on October 21, which was the final public day of the tour and became practically the last public show at Keith ‘s life. Regarding this day, our shop has already released the definitive version “KEITH ‘S FINAL LIVE”. The Winnipeg performance this time is a performance in Canada · area which was held before Toronto, it will be a live before the race.

The sound source that caught this past October stage was Oakland of exciting sound quality that seems to be outdoor, sound quality such as final Toronto featuring a rich presence and clearness with stereo recording, but this time Winnipeg performances It is a monaural recording that is similar to Seattle released at the same time, and the sound quality that captured the performance full of the phenomenal power of The Whoo, centered around Keith ‘ Although it was a sound source that had been widespread among traders for a long time, there is JEMS, this time using a rosette sound source with a pedigree called “genuine first generation”.
Even so, I can not wipe out the impression that low-frequency ears and low-pitched sounds like ham noise are tough throughout the entire story, and even the sound image of the balance that fell back a little more than Seattle. In the press release of this limited edition, we have equalized to ease such minus points. As a result, the uncomfortable hum noise was wiped out, while the treble was alleviated, and the outline of the performance was more eminent than anything else. In addition, the instability of the pitch which was also said to be a sickness of the 76 years tour sound source which JEMS raised this time is thoroughly adjusted. The original sound source has been reborn as if it had a different dimension of clearness.

Unlike Seattle where Keith was a hyper, the performance person is attractive with his sense of stability and reliability to support the band with a good touch. The same applies to Toronto, but the sense of stability that seems to be the end of the tour will be a big appeal. The opening “I Can not Explain” is starting to be late than usual at a slow tempo, but after that Keith will intensely make the performance at a stroke full-length play that began with a series of bass drums Well done. As Seattle did, Keith ‘s best drumming is echoing again here, and the charm of a sophisticated mono recording is demonstrated to the fullest.
I want to evaluate the fact that Pete is carefully playing the shortened “TOMMY” part which was quite rough at the “Whirlwind Tour” in August. Of course, in “Fiddle About” Keith is unruly demonstrating his main character. Even those who felt unsatisfactory to Keith of the same song while hyper drumming in Seattle should be able to make him smile here. On the contrary, in MC before the start of the “TOMMY” set, it is really pleasant that Keith is introduced as “Original definitive version”, as if it were introduced to serif like the title of our release.

And also I heard the development of ‘My Generation’ completely different from the final Toronto. At the end of the long jam there is well-known the development that Pete played the early draft of “Who Are You”, but as expected it will not go to “Who Are ~” this day. However, until the change to familiar blues is long, Pete who plays a violent passage like hard rock, Keith who strikes accordingly is spectacular. Unfortunately the cut comes in with this song, but unfortunate it was unfortunate that the cut at the place where its intense development calmed down was unfortunate.
As you can see from that, it can be said that it is a day when Torianto is playing another different Pete. Still it is not fitting or Pete plays more than usual even if it is the last “Will not Get Fooled Again” (even if the performance plays back to the song, it still plays), Keith responds with Timpani there It is heard even thrilling scenes.
When I heard about such a splendid performance, it seems like natural that I was wondering how Keith ‘s drumming and original The Who were exceptional, and at the same time, in 1976 I became very popular in the United States Hmm. Even though it is a performance with atmosphere quite different from Seattle, Keith’s drumming is masterpieces after all! And please enjoy the unique performance unique to the final stage of the last tour with the sound quality that is overwhelmingly easy to hear.

今回JEMSはシアトル以外にもう一つ1976年ツアーからの音源をネットに上げてくれました。それは10月18日のウィニペグ公演。シアトルの所でも触れた8月の短期「Whirlwind Tour」の後、ザ・フーは秋になって大々的な最後のアメリカ・ツアーを行っています。そもそも76年のツアーの面白いところは、まるで現在のストーンズのようにゆとりのある間隔でツアー日程を消化していたということ。
そんな栄光の1976年の締めくくりが10月のアメリカとカナダを回るツアー。このツアーの中では珍しく二日連続の日程で行われたオークランド公演が昔から優良音源としてマニアに知られていましたが、特に初日ではロジャーの声が苦しそうな場面などがあり、さすがにツアーが終盤を迎えてお疲れ気味な様子が伺えたもの。さらに忘れちゃいけないのはツアー最終日で実質的にキース存命時のラスト・パブリック・ショーとなってしまった10月21日のトロント公演。この日に関しては「KEITH’S FINAL LIVE」という決定版を当店がリリース済。今回のウィニペグ公演はトロントの前に行われたカナダ・エリアでの公演であり、ラス前ライブということになります。


演奏の方はキースがハイパーだったシアトルとは違い、彼がいい感じにバンドを支える安定感と頼もしさが魅力。同じことはトロントにも当てはまりますが、ツアー終盤らしい安定感が大きな魅力でしょう。オープニングの「I Can’t Explain」こそいつもよりテンポ遅めに始まってドキドキさせられてしまいますが、それ以降はキースがバスドラの連打を始めとしたどっしりエンジン全開プレイで演奏を一気に激しくしてくれるのがお見事。シアトルがそうだったように、ここでもキース最高のドラミングが響き渡る骨太なモノラル録音の魅力が最大限に発揮されています。
8月の「Whirlwind Tour」ではかなりラフに演奏されていた短縮「TOMMY」パートをピートが再び丁寧に演奏している点も評価したいところ。もちろん「Fiddle About」ではキースが本領発揮の暴れぶり。シアトルでのハイパードラミングの一方で同曲のキースに物足りなさを感じた人も、ここでの彼にはニンマリさせられるはず。それどころか「TOMMY」セット開始前のMCにおいてはキースが「Original definitive version」という、まるで当店リリースのタイトルのようなセリフに紹介されて始まるのが実に愉快(笑)。

そして「My Generation」の展開がファイナルのトロントとはまったく違うところも聞きどころ。そこでは長いジャムの果てに「Who Are You」初期の草稿をピートが演奏した展開が良く知られていますが、この日はさすがに「Who Are~」には向かいません。ところがおなじみブルースに転調するまでが長く、まるでハードロックのように激しいパッセージを弾きまくるピート、それに合わせて叩きまくるキースが壮絶。この曲では残念ながらカットが入ってしまうのですが、その激しい展開が落ち着いたところでのカットというのが不幸中の幸いでした。
そこからも解るように、トロントとはまた違ったピートの弾きまくりぶりが冴えている日だとも言えるでしょう。それでも収まりがつかないのか、最後の「Won’t Get Fooled Again」でもピートがいつも以上に弾きまくって(演奏が歌に戻ろうとしてもまだ弾いている)おり、そこへキースがティンパニで応酬するというスリリングな場面まで聞かれるのです。


Disc 1 (44:54)
1. Intro 2. I Can’t Explain 3. Substitute 4. My Wife 5. Baba O’Riley 6. Squeeze Box
7. Behind Blue Eyes 8. Dreaming From the Waist 9. Magic Bus

Disc 2 (58:27)
1. MC 2. Amazing Journey 3. Sparks 4. The Acid Queen 5. Fiddle About 6. Pinball Wizard
7. I’m Free 8. Tommy’s Holiday Camp 9. We’re Not Gonna Take It 10. See Me, Feel Me
11. Summertime Blues 12. My Generation (with Join Together, My Generation Blues)
13. Won’t Get Fooled Again


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