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Who / Swansea 1976 / 1CD /Non Label

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Live at Swansea Football Ground, Swansea, Wales, UK 12th June 1976 STEREO SBD

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releases of Seattle and Winnipeg performances released in 1976 · Although it is a live of Fu, this time we will release Swansea performance, which is a superb classic stereo sound board recording among the many live sounds of the same year, on a limited press CD. The name of the land with the football stadium that became the stage is now often described as “Swansea”, and indeed it sounds like it also from pronunciation in Roger’s MC, but the notation of The Fu’s live tone generator As “Swansea” has been established, I would like to call it Swansee daringly this time.
In any case, 76 years when it became a glorious year for The Who is doing a tour with a huge stadium not only in the United States but also in the UK in his home country, and has been traveling around Europe that was held from the end of May to the middle of June It was the stadium concert in Swansea that ended the tour of the journey back to the UK. Among them, the three performances in England were named “The Who Put The Boot In” tour and it ended.

Swansea ‘s show was recorded using a 24 – track recorder of a mobile unit owned by Ronnie Lane who was an indispensable recording device for The Who in the 1970’ s, and was produced by a group album, Glin Johns Mixing has been given by the excerpt, excerpts from the concert are being broadcast on the radio. That will result in many items, but LP “LIVE AT SWANSEA JUNE 1976” and “BACKSTAGE PASS” can be listed as the main items.
Since it is such a sound source, it was continued to be dispensed in the official by the bonus of “THIRTY YEARS OF MAXIMUM R & B” and “BY NUMBERS”, but still the longest tone generator still needs to be called the CD version of the previous radio broadcast “WHO PUT A BETTER BOOT IN 1976 “is the best is going on endlessly. Although I can not forbid the surprise to the point that the CD item of the 90’s still keeps value, after all, the official is in the dispensing state, the opening “I Can not Explain” and the “Substitute” , And the excavation at the sound board of “Magic Bus” has not come true yet.
Still in the dispensing official situation, “VIEW FROM A BACKSTAGE PASS” which was released only on the site ten years ago from now has recorded several songs given a new mix from Swansea recording. What should also be noticed is that the final stage of the “TOMMY” set incomplete with the radio sound source (recorded by Pete’s “How Can we Follow?” Lineup) was able to be heard in perfect condition. In other words, if you combine kore and radio sound source, complete translation of the “TOMMY” set of the day will be realized. That was the chance for this release.

On the other hand, if the radio tone generator received the big hit of the movie version at that time, “TOMMY” set was broadcasted in the first half, instead the strange song order that the early stages of the show and the final songs are broadcasted in the second half What was going on. Because of that, it became a recording in the order of the songs far from the real concert since the LP era, so that it was taken over to CD items what. So this time it was not only the longest version that made use of the two sound sources, but also the best version which was not likely to be ever so far, it was recorded for the first time in correct song order!
For radio broadcasters, vocals have been subjected to echo processing that Gurin Johns is good at all, while “VIEW FROM A BACKSTAGE PASS” has become a more modern, more modern finish with a strong force. Fortunately, however, the sound quality level of both of the two sound sources are of high quality, so the discomfort that combines them is surprisingly small. Rather it is even overwhelming that a stunning unity is enough to call it a superb live album that you listen at once. On the radio, if the scene where the song changes (Roger’s “Do you think it’s alright? Line” is interrupted “Fiddle About” from “Fiddle About” to “Pinball Wizard” if you hear it without stress, the importance of this editing It should be able to be understood,

and Swansea sound source has become a staple to such an extent in things for 76 years not only because of the splendor of the sound board sound quality but also the splendor of the performance stands out more than that Especially the performance of the “TOMMY” set which had been treated to such a degree as to be swept in the first half of the broadcast is perfect and there is no fault.In this set, Keith ‘s excitement from the left channel many times from the left channel “Ah ah ah ah!” It is a charm unique to 24-track recording that the shout of being picked up from the drum microphone and heard faintly, he rides on the ride In addition to
Keith ‘s shouts, you can tell how well the band was in perfect condition, and on the contrary, “My Generation” captures the appearance of John who laughs while chorusing It is fun to say that it is funny.It can be said that the appearance of the explosive momentum band showing a plenty of plenty of performance before the large Swansey crowd was recorded in a clearer way, which is also a big appeal of this sound source.
And John ‘s bass player’ s extraordinary playing is somewhere else, and Pete sustains it on the guitar, a strange ensemble that is totally different from other bands. This is the appeal of Zha · Fu, Swansea sound source that captured the performance of the highest period with the highest sound quality. The longest and best version will be released this time. It’s attractive to listen to live albums on one disc, which is not only those of The Who, but also all the rock fans want to ask! If you want to listen to the entire concert at this time, please have a superb audience recording “CHARLTON 1976” recording the Guinness of a loud concert at the first day of “The Who Put The Boot In” tour.

1976年にリリースされたシアトル・ウィニペグ公演のリリース・Fuのライブですが、今度は限定プレスCDで同年の多くのライブサウンドの中で最高の古典的なステレオサウンドボードレコーディングです。サッカースタジアムが舞台になった土地の名前は現在「スウォンジ」と言われていますが、実際にはRoger’s MCの発音からも聞こえますが、The Fuのライブ音源の表記は “Swansea”今回はスワンジーと呼んでいたいと思います。
いずれにしても、ザ・フーの栄光の年となった76年は、米国だけでなく母国の英国でも巨大なスタジアムでツアーをしていて、ヨーロッパを旅行していた5月末から6月中旬までスワンジーのスタジアム・コンサートは、イギリスへの旅のツアーを終了しました。その中で、イングランドでの3回の公演は、「The Boot In In Boot」ツアーと呼ばれ、終了しました。

スウォンジのショーは、1970年代にThe Whoのために不可欠な録音装置であり、グループアルバムによって制作されたRonnie Laneが所有するモバイルユニットの24トラックレコーダーを使用して録音されました。Glin Johns Mixingは抜粋は、コンサートの抜粋は、ラジオで放送されています。それは多くのアイテムにつながりますが、LP “LIVE AT SWANSEA 1976″と “BACKSTAGE PASS”が主要アイテムとしてリストアップできます。
それはそのような音源なので、「最大のR&B」のボーナスで役人に引き渡され続けましたが、まだ最長の音源はまだCD版と呼ばれる必要がありますこれまでのラジオ放送の “WHAT PUT A BETTER BOOT IN 1976″は、無限に続く最高のものです。私は90年代のCDアイテムがまだ価値を保持しているという点で驚きを禁じることはできないが、結局のところ、公式は調剤状態にあり、オープニングは「私は説明できません」と「代理人」に、そして発掘は「マジックバス」のサウンドボードはまだ実現していません。
まだ調布の公式の状況では、10年前に現地でのみリリースされた「バックステージからの眺め」は、スウォンジーの録音から新たなミックスを与えられた数曲を録音しました。また、「TOMMY」の最終ステージがピートの「How can Follow?ラインナップ」で録音されたラジオ音源が完全な状態で聞こえるようになりました。言い換えれば、KOREとラジオの音源を組み合わせると、その日の「TOMMY」の完全な翻訳が実現します。それが今回のリリースのチャンスでした。

ラジオ放送局にとっては、ヴォーカルはGurin Johnsが好調なエコー処理を受けていますが、「バックステージから見る」はより現代的でモダンな仕上がりになっています。しかし、幸いなことに、2つの音源の音質レベルは高品質であるため、それらを組み合わせた不快感は驚くほど小さくなります。むしろ素晴らしいライブ・アルバムと呼べる素晴らしいユニティがあれば、すぐに聞くことができます。ラジオでは、曲が変わるシーン(ロジャーの「あなたはそれは大丈夫だと思いますか?ライン」は「フィドル・アバウト」から「ピンボール・ウィザード」へと「フィドル・アバウト」に中断され、ストレスなく聞くとこの編集の重要性それは理解できるはずですが、

スワンジーの音源はサウンドボードの音質の素晴らしさだけでなく、パフォーマンスの素晴らしさもそれ以上に際立っていることから、76年の間にそのような程度で定番となっています。特に “TOMMY”セットのパフォーマンス放送の前半に掃引されるような程度に扱われていたが完璧であり、間違いがない。このセットでは、左チャネルからキースの興奮は何度も左チャネルから “ああああああああ! ” 24トラック・レコーディングに特有の魅力で、ドラム・マイクから拾われて泣き叫んで聞こえる、乗り物に乗ることに加えて

(77: 09)
1. My Wife 2. Baba O’Riley 3. Squeeze Box 4. Behind Blue Eyes 5. Dreaming From The Waist
6. MC 7. Amazing Journey 8. Sparks 9. The Acid Queen 10. Fiddle About 11 Pinball Wizard
12. I’m Free 13. Tommy’s Holiday Camp 14. We’re Not Gonna Take It 15. Listening to You
16. Summertime Blues 17. My Generation / Join Together / My Generation Blues
18. Will not Get Fooled Again




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