Who / Cleveland 1975 / 1DVD With OBI Strip

Who / Cleveland 1975 / 1DVD With OBI Strip / Tommy Records

Richfield Coliseum, Cleveland, OH USA December 9, 1975 Digitally Remastered

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The Who winter American Tour in 1975 was video-shooted on several performances by semi-professional equipment using a 2-inch VTR. Among them, famous Seattle and Pontiac performances were partially used in the movie “The Kids Are Alright”, while Texas performances have been released as half-official versions. Among them, the Cleveland performances included in this film have lost the master tape they shot, and there is only an advanced tape copied on the official side. Only two songs from Cleveland performances are adopted for the live video compilation “Maximum R & B”, but the video is recorded in black and white, enlarged and processed, and there is no tape in good condition. I understand.

Of the three videos of these three shows in 1975 that can currently be seen, the one with the best performance is considered to be the Cleveland show, but until now it could only be seen in a video with a mix of light noise . Also, the sound was not so endearing with a sound quality that hiss noise completely covered the performance. This time, both video and audio are remastered with the latest technology, and the quality has been dramatically improved. A permanent press with beautiful picture and disc specifications. Japanese band included.

ザ・フーの1975年冬のアメリカン・ツアーは、2インチVTRを使用したセミ・プロ機材によって、いくつかの公演がビデオシューティングされた。 そのうち、有名なシアトル、ポンティアック公演が映画「The Kids Are Alright」に部分的に使用された他、テキサス公演はハーフ・オフィシャル版としてリリースされている。 その中でも本作に収録されているクリーブランド公演は、撮影したマスターテープが紛失しており、オフィシャル側にもコピーされたアドバンス・テープしか残っていない。ライブ映像コンピレーション「Maximum R&B」に2曲だけクリーブランド公演の映像が採用されているが、映像を白黒化・拡大処理して収録していることからも、状態の良いテープが残されていないことが分かる。


Richfield Coliseum, Cleveland, OH USA December 9, 1975
01. Substitute
02. My Wife
03. Baba O’Riley
04. Squeeze Box
05. Behind Blue Eyes
06. Dreaming From The Waist
07. Boris The Spider
08. Dreaming From The Waist
09. Boris The Spider
10. Magic Bus
11. Amazing Journey
12. Sparks
13. The Acid Queen
14. Fiddle About
15. Pinball Wizard
16. I’m Free
17. See Me Feel Me
18. Summertime BLues
19. My Generation
20. Join Together
21. Roadrunner
22. Spoonful
23. My Generation Blues
24. Won’t Get Fooled Again

Tommy Records. TMR-018

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