Who / Frankfurt 1972 / 2CD

Who / Frankfurt 1972 / 2CD / Non label

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Live at Festhalle, Frankfurt, Germany 11th August 1972

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“Great transcending period” Such expression is perfectly applicable to The Who in 1972. A group that has been engaged in vigorous live tours mainly in the United States since 1968 received the success of the previous “TOMMY” and “WHO’S NEXT”, the year when the pace of activity was dropped for the first time. Tours that took place throughout the year were only from August to September in Europe. It was only this year that I did not make any live in the US until 1976 when Keith Moon became the last tour of Keith Moon after the release of the big hit “TOMMY”.
On the other hand, with regard to recording, although a new concept by Pete, “ROCK IS DEAD – LONG LIVE ROCK” was conceived, this will be incomplete at the stage where it can not be realized beyond “LIFEHOUSE” of the previous year. The unique point of the European tour in 1972 will be devoted to having performed live at The Who in “ROCK IS DEAD – LONG LIVE ROCK” mode that ended in such a short life. The first half of the set list was taken over from the previous year’s composition as it is, but since introducing the powerful new song “The Relay” that had been recording at that time since the middle stage and the title song “Long Live Rock” of the previous concept , I was reborn into a unique stage that I can only taste at this time of the year.
In addition, the European tour of 1972 is also an unfortunate tour of the sound source. At one time, while not being able to hear it, Berlin and Rome etc which were released in paper jacket are the best examples. From the sound quality side, it can be said that Copenhagen, which was a powerful full-bodied audience recording with Amsterdam broadcast on radio, is the biggest biggest, but the former is incomplete, neither “Long Live Rock” is being played There was a drawback that there was nothing. As a result, there are few items to be distributed in recent years, among which in recent years “BRUSSELS 1972” was released on press CD, more recently the “Reply of WHO IS THIS?” Press release of analog reprints that included Munich’s performance was released It was good news for mania.

And this week more valuable 1972 European tour sound source will be released on limited press CD. That is the 11th August Frankfurt Show. It is also a historical record called the first day of the 1972 European tour. It is an audience recording that caught the show, but in the past it seems that bad sound quality was circulating among traders, but this time the recording from the audience recording master which is not circulated among traders, the sound quality is totally different dimension. In terms of clearness Munich, in terms of the freshness of the tape it seems that the army will rise in Brussels, but the biggest attraction in the Frankfurt sound source is that the sound pressure of Roger and Pete’s vocals is very large.
Although the power of that explosive Copenhagen was amazing, it is fact that the voice of Roger was released to the performance. In that respect Frankfurt is very easy to hear that the balance of the performance and the song is the best among the tours. The Who had that greatness in the familiarity that the songs and the interplay of the performance were blended in an exquisite balance, but it is very attractive to hear a singing voice passing through only that much.

I feel that the first half of the show is performing the pattern of the previous year which I am accustomed to. That’s why you can afford, Before you start “Bargain” Pete counts and it counts (I do not need a count as he starts playing), but when Roger took over and counted, Pete There is a pleasant scene that returns to him “Thank you”. It is rare today that two people have a feeling of solidification after rain, but it was a time when we were scattering sparks at this time, so it was rare to show such peaceful communication on the stage like this.
Besides, the charm of this tour is in “Composition not to wander” anyway. By doing the first half firmly and showing the explosive performance that the live arrangement of “Magic Bus” that has continued to play for a long time has reached completion, rather the show will be from here Show excitement. It is evolving to a development that does not feel the length even compared with the time of Leeds two years ago. It is wild that it is followed by “The Relay”.
Boldly sealed “TOMMY” as it was also a creative period in the midst of working on a new concept. It is also a powerful technique that extracts only two songs hit from the album and plays it. And at the end of the live show “Long Live Rock” which was confident for Pete of the time live premiere this day. The feeling that Pete puts on this song is transmitted from the atmosphere which is so strong that it is not the first time that this is the first performance. Both this song and “The Relay” ended short lived as Keith’s live repertoire with the torn down of the “ROCK IS DEAD-LONG LIVE ROCK” concept, but the real-time performance bracket heard here When saying good things.
And this release, thoroughly adjust the vertical movement of the pitch which was a big stress on listening, which occurred in the latter part of the live, contrary to the good sound quality (probably the recorder’s battery exhaustion was approaching ), Especially the fact that it was possible to listen to “Long Live Rock” which concludes live without problems is a big point. Of course it is precious of the first live of The Who in the “ROCK IS DEAD – LONG LIVE ROCK” mode which was a short period, but also in the sound quality aspect audience recording belonging to the top of the 1972 tour is the emergence of shock!

「偉大なる過度期」そんな表現がピッタリと当てはまるのが1972年のザ・フー。1968年以降アメリカを中心として精力的なライブ・ツアーを行ってきたグループがそれまでの「TOMMY」と「WHO’S NEXT」それぞれの成功を受け、初めて活動のペースを落とした年。一年を通して行われたツアーは8月から9月にかけてのヨーロッパだけ。大ヒットした「TOMMY」のリリース後からキース・ムーン存命時のラスト・ツアーとなってしまった1976年までの間、アメリカで一切のライブを行わなかったのはこの年だけ。
一方レコーディングに関してはピートによる新たなコンセプト「ROCK IS DEAD-LONG LIVE ROCK」が構想されたものの、これが前年の「LIFEHOUSE」以上に具体化できない段階で未完に終わってしまいます。72年ヨーロッパ・ツアーが特異な点は、そんな短命に終わった「ROCK IS DEAD-LONG LIVE ROCK」モードのザ・フーでライブを行っていたことに尽きるでしょう。セットリストの前半は前年の構成をそのまま引き継いだものですが、中盤以降に当時レコーディングを終えていた強力な新曲「The Relay」と先のコンセプトのタイトル・ソング「Long Live Rock」を導入したことにより、この時期でしか味わえない独自のステージへと生まれ変わりました。
さらに1972年のヨーロッパ・ツアーは音源に恵まれないツアーでもあります。一応、聞けないことはないレベルながら、紙ジャケでリリースされていたベルリンとローマなどはその最たる例でしょう。単純に音質面から言うとラジオで放送されたアムステルダムと迫力満点のオーディエンス録音だったコペンハーゲンが二大巨頭だと言えますが、前者は不完全な上、どちらも「Long Live Rock」が演奏されていないという欠点があったのです。結果として近年は流通するアイテムが少なく、そんな中で近年「BRUSSELS 1972」がプレスCDでリリースされ、さらに最近になってミュンヘン公演を収録したアナログ復刻の「WHO IS THIS?」プレスCDがリリースされたことはマニアにとって朗報だったはず。


それに本ツアーの魅力は何と言っても「中だるみしない構成」にあります。前半を手堅くこなし、それまでも長きに渡って演奏し続けてきた「Magic Bus」のライブ・アレンジが完成の域に達した爆発するような演奏を中盤で披露することによって、むしろショーがここから盛り上がりを見せる。二年前のリーズの頃と比べても長さを感じなせない展開へと進化しているのです。それに続いて「The Relay」が演奏されるのが何ともワイルド。
それに新たなコンセプトに取り掛かっている真っ最中というクリエイティブな時期でもあったことから「TOMMY」を大胆にも封印。同アルバムからヒットした二曲だけを抜粋して演奏するという反則技も強力。そしてライブの最後は当時のピートにとって自信作であった「Long Live Rock」はこの日がライブ初演。これが初めての演奏だとは思えないほど力強い雰囲気からピートのこの曲にかける思いが伝わってきます。この曲と「The Relay」の両方が「ROCK IS DEAD-LONG LIVE ROCK」コンセプトの頓挫と共にキース時代のライブ・レパートリーとしては短命に終わってしまった訳ですが、ここで聞かれるリアルタイムな演奏のカッコよさと言ったら。
そして今回のリリースに当たって、音質の良好さとは裏腹にライブの後半で生じていた、リスニング上における大きなストレスであったピッチの上下動を徹底的にアジャスト(恐らくはレコーダーの電池切れが迫っていたのでしょう)、中でもライブを締めくくる「Long Live Rock」を問題なく聞けるようにしたことは大きなポイントかと。短期間だった「ROCK IS DEAD-LONG LIVE ROCK」モードのザ・フーのライブ初日と言う貴重さはもちろんですが、音質面においても1972年ツアーの上位に属するオーディエンス録音が衝撃の登場です!


Disc 1 (46:21)
1. I Can’t Explain 2. Summertime Blues 3. My Wife 4. Baba O’Riley 5. Behind Blue Eyes
6. Bargain 7. Won’t Get Fooled Again 8. Baby Don’t You Do It

Disc 2 (36:42)
1. Magic Bus 2. Relay 3. Pinball Wizard 4. See Me, Feel Me 5. My Generation
6. Long Live Rock

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