Who / Tommy In Paris 1970 / 2CDR

Who / Tommy In Paris 1970 / 2CDR / Breakdown

Translated Text:
Live At Theatre des Champs, Elysees, Paris January 17th 1970 . Audience


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Was done 3 days from The Who ’70 European tour in January than Paris performances, until now live on the 17th that was not around for the first appearance in the complete recording of two sets by good audience master!

This period of live was live showcase Rock opera “TOMMY” is perhaps the live sound source that can not be overlooked and showed off the vivid serving performance face as the “most comprehensive live band”.

Set list to say the full version of the name board “Live At Leeds” is also unearthed live recordings of attention!



Live At Theatre des Champs, Elysees, Paris January 17th 1970

01. Heaven And Hell
02. I Can’t Explain
03. Fortune Teller
04. Tatoo
05. Young Man Blues
06. A Quick One, White He’s Away
07. Tommy Overture
08. It’s A Boy
09. 1921
10. Amazing Journey
11. Sparks
12. Eyesight To The Blind
13. Christmas
14. The Acid Queen

01. Pinball Wizard
02. Do You Think It’s Alright ?
03. Fiddle About
04. Tommy, Can You Hear Me ?
05. There’s A Doctor
06. Go To The Mirror !
07. Smash The Mirror
08. Miracle Cure
09. Sally Simpson
10. I’m Free
11. Tommy’s Holiday Camp
12. We’re Not Gonna Take It
13. Summertime Blues
14. Shakin’ All Over
15. My Generation
16. Sparks (reprise) / See Me, Feel Me
17. Tommy Underture
Breakdown – 590A/B

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