Who / Tanglewood 1970 / 2CD

Who / Tanglewood 1970 / 2CD /Non Label

Live at Music Shed, Tanglewood, Lenox, MA, USA 7th July 1970. Stereo SBD

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Speaking of The Who 1970 Tanglewood, it will be famous as a live video of color video that appeared in their video history document “MAXIMUM R & B” and made mania crazy. Unlike the previous year’s long-haired Pete or the man who started stubble on the Isle of Wight, it was a very neat look, but was also valuable as a record of the time when he was still jumping on the stage with a white tie. As you can see from the introduction of the member by Bill Graham at the beginning, this video was taken according to his instructions, and it seems that he also has the right. It was controversial among enthusiasts that this video was not recorded when “MAXIMUM R & B” was made into a DVD, but the rights related to Graham were still not clear. Incidentally, even before the documentary, this video appeared a little in the end roll of the masterpiece movie “THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT”.
】 As this is a stage where the impression of the image is extremely strong, the items that have been released so far were all overwhelming. Although a scorpio paper jacket CD called “TANGLED UP IN WHO” was barely released 20 years ago, the audio was the basic monaural, and the missing part was generated in the video (the era of boot video) It reminds me that I couldn’t become a masterpiece because of the sweetness of making up for it with the voice of.

However, as for Tanglewood in 1970, there is also a great stereo sound board recording for radio broadcasting apart from the video. Unlike the video version of the same day, it has spread over the last 10 years and is also a sound source related to Bill Graham. For this sound source, a gray zone CD called “OLD ENGLAND, NEW ENGLAND” has been released, and it was over 80 minutes on a single disc. However, all of this day should not fit on one disc, and it was a violence to cut “Water” that was one of the highlights of this day. It was released with an edit that would ruin the sound source that was so clear.
At the same time, the version of the video with the same stereo sound dubbed is now widespread, and this naturally includes “Water” without being cut. Therefore, this time, we released the best sound quality and longest version of Tanglewood that compensated for “Water” from the audio of the video in the previous radio release, and also closely compensated it from the video for some cuts. In addition, the total time has been extended to 94 minutes thanks to the extra benefit of the recording time of two discs.

Before recording for radio broadcasting, this stereo sound board recording is really wonderful. In recent years, live recordings of The Who Climax have been officially released one after another. For example, Fillmore in 1868 was the latest work, but treatment by technology in recent years is inevitably given. Of course it is an official, so it is not an unpleasant finish, and it is certainly very complete, but it is true that it is the finish of the 2010s. However, the sound quality of Tanglewood’s radio sound source is superb with a natural and warm analog feel. This texture is perfect for the 1970 The Who live.
Listening to this analog feeling with headphones is a great way to taste it. Similar to the previous Fillmore, not only Hull University, which is a recent excavation live, but also the modern finish such as the distribution version of “LIVE AT LEEDS”, which became a hot topic among enthusiasts that was recorded in the order of the performance of the day At the same time, this warmy finish is stunning. Mixing balance is not as good as John’s bass as albums like that, but it’s really easy to hear with rounded sound quality.

Also, it is also attractive that the US tour that took place from June to July in 1970 was left with such an official class stereo sound board recording. This tour was held for two consecutive days, and New York began with the show at the Metropolitan Opera House. It was an important time when The Who, which had exploded in popularity, was able to further strengthen its popularity in the United States. The last day of the tour was the Tanglewood.
Furthermore, it is also valuable that the live stage belonging to the period between Leeds and Isle of Wight is captured with perfect stereo sound board recording. Again, this is a stage configuration with the “TOMMY” part as the main, but the performance atmosphere is completely different. It is also different from the previous year’s Woodstock, which finally made its official release. Nevertheless, new songs such as “Water” at that time were also introduced. In such a structure, the performance of Fu who has been polished there and Leeds is the most complete. You will be surprised by the speed of the “Young Man Blues” that is different from other performances.
“The most important thing is the finale“ My Generation ”. It is unique from the point of going to a very hard development centering on Pete from the middle, but what he played out from there was the riff of Neil Young’s “Cinnamon Girl”. At this time, he and CSN & Y were sweeping the American rock world, so you can see how much you want to play as Pete. This unexpected development, and the performance of the iron wall that cannot be called the peak period throughout. As I mentioned at the beginning, it’s the same stage as the video, but this is a great official sound board album that cut between Leeds and the Isle of Wight!

★ Tanglewood CDs have only been mono so far, but this edition includes the world’s first “all songs” stereo sound board. The recording time is the longest and the sound quality is the highest grade ever.

ザ・フー1970年タングルウッドと言えば、彼らの映像ヒストリー・ドキュメント「MAXIMUM R&B」の中で登場してマニアを狂喜させたカラービデオのライブ映像として有名でしょう。前年の髪が長めなピートとも、あるいはワイト島で無精ひげを生やし始めた彼とも違う、非常にこざっぱりとしたルックスながら、未だに白のつなぎでステージを飛び跳ねていた時期の記録としても貴重でした。この映像は冒頭でビル・グレアムによるメンバー紹介が行われていることからも解るように、彼の指示によって撮影され、その権利も彼が持っているのだと思われます。「MAXIMUM R&B」がDVD化された際には本映像が未収録だったことがマニアの間で物議を醸しましたが、やはりグレアム絡みの権利がクリアーにならなかったのでは。ついでに言うと、同ドキュメンタリー以前にもこの映像は傑作映画「THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT」のエンドロールで少しだけ登場しました。
このように映像の印象が極めて強いステージですので、これまでにリリースされてきたアイテムも圧倒的に映像を収めたものばかりでした。かろうじて「TANGLED UP IN WHO」というスコルピオ系の紙ジャケCDが二十年前にリリースされていたものの、そこでは音声が基本モノラルだった上、欠損部をジェネ落ちビデオ(ブートビデオの時代でした)の音声で雑に補うという詰めの甘さから名盤になれなかったことが思い出されます。

ところが70年タングルウッドに関しては、映像とは別にラジオ放送用の素晴らしいステレオ・サウンドボード録音も存在します。同日の映像版と違ってここ10年の間に広まった、これまたビル・グレアム絡みの音源。こちらの音源に関しては、現在「OLD ENGLAND, NEW ENGLAND」というグレーゾーンCDがリリースされており、一枚のディスクで何と80分超えというものでした。とはいっても1枚のディスクにこの日のすべてが収まるはずもなく、何とこの日の聞きどころの一つでもあった「Water」をカットするという暴挙。せっかくクリアーさ誇る音源を台無しにしてしまう編集でリリースされていたのです。

このアナログ感に関しては、是非ヘッドフォンで聞いてじっくりと味わっていただきたく。先のフィルモアと同様、近年の発掘ライブであるハル大学はもちろん、当日の演奏順に収録されたことがマニアの間では話題となった「LIVE AT LEEDS」の配信版などのモダンな仕上がりと比べてみても、このウォーミーな仕上がりは俄然魅力的。ミキシング・バランスはそれらほどのアルバムほどジョンのベースが目立つ仕上がりではないものの、何より丸みを帯びた音質と相まって実に聞きやすい。

さらにはリーズとワイト島の合間という時期に属するライブ・ステージを完璧なステレオ・サウンドボード録音で捉えているという点も価値が高い。ここでも「TOMMY」パートをメインとしたステージ構成なのですが、演奏の雰囲気はそれらとまったく違う。ましてや遂にオフィシャル・リリースが実現した前年のウッドストックとも違う。それでいて例の「Water」のような当時の新曲も投入されている。そうした構成の中、何と言ってもそこやリーズで磨きられてきたフーの演奏の完成度の高さたるや。「Young Man Blues」一つをとっても他の公演と違ったスピード感に驚かされるでしょう。
何と言っても極めつけはフィナーレの「My Generation」。途中からピートを中心として非常にハードな展開へと向かう点からして独特なのですが、そこから彼が弾き出したのが何とニール・ヤングの「Cinnamon Girl」のリフ。この頃は彼やCSN&Yがアメリカのロック界を席巻していた時期ですので、なるほどピートとしても弾いてみたくなった気持ちもわかります。このあまりにも意外な展開、そして全体を通してこれぞ絶頂期と呼ばずにはいられない鉄壁の演奏。最初に触れたように映像でおなじみなステージではありますが、これはリーズとワイト島の間に割り込んできた立派なオフィシャル級サウンドボード・アルバムです!


Disc 1 (30:46)
1. Intro
2. Heaven And Hell
3. I Can’t Explain
4. Water
5. I Don’t Even Know Myself
6. Young Man Blues

Disc 2 (63:06)
1. MC
2. Overture
3. It’s A Boy
4. 1921
5. Amazing Journey
6. Sparks
7. Eyesight To The Blind
8. Christmas
9. The Acid Queen
10. Pinball Wizard
11. Do You Think It’s Alright ?
12. Fiddle About
13. Tommy Can You Hear Me ?
14. There’s A Doctor
15. Go To The Mirror!
16. Smash The Mirror
17. Miracle Cure
18. I’m Free
19. Tommy’s Holiday Camp
20. We’re Not Gonna Take It
21. See Me, Feel Me
22. My Generation


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