Who / Hits 50 Uk Tour Vol 1 / 4CDR

Who / Hits 50 Uk Tour Vol 1 / 4CDR / Non Label
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The Hydro, Glasgow, Scotland 30th November 2014 & First Direct Arena, Leeds, UK 2nd December 2014.


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And celebrated the band formed 50 anniversary, The Who, which was embarked on finally anniversary tour. In this week’s gift, it offers 4CDR that fully recorded in good stereo audience recording with powerful Glasgow performances and Leeds performances on the second day of the first day in the clear! This time, as The Who is that this tour named “HITS 50! UK TOUR”, creating the 50 years of the band activities, face to this tour a great set list that covers the hit songs that have been loved by fans we de. Music, from debut song I Can not Explain, of course masterpiece “TOMMY”, “WHO’S NEXT”, while incorporating also representative songs from “QUADROPHENIA”, rather than evenly from up to ’82 of dissolution work “IT’S HARD” album has been select. You did not come to play in inter alia ever reunion tour of “WHO BY NUMBERS” of Slip Kid and second album “QUICK ONE” mini-rock opera A Quick One became the title track of, you can play a While He’s Away you arouses very interested and that are (both days Pete has announced the latter as “the song’s that was played in the Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus rolling Stones” in MC). Exactly is clear that they are intended and will show you all of the history of The Who. The system in one of the yell of these bands, like there was still tension said that the veteran, in sequence, including a video of Keith Moon that is flowing into or (back and try again stopped in the middle of the performance of the Bell Boy is on the first day specific seems trouble has occurred), or Roger is skipping the lyrics occasionally, for example, or again on the second day the wrong onset of the a Quick One, it also contains tour early unique happening. But performance multiplied by the identity of the band called ’50 in imposing thing, it will no doubt it would have been drawn to this coupled with high-quality sound performance. On the second day, it is valuable that are playing the Squeeze Box that did not play on the first day. The band, integral members longer The Who, began Zach, Simon, Pinot, this time has been appointed also keyboard is three people. It would be the idea of Pete with the aim of building a thick sound more dense. And, that Pete is to play in a way that to plug the acoustic guitar in the main, we distinguish and Electric. Also this point, you have the usual Fu of the tour is a factor that sound nuances are different. And Roger, of similar to hear the in Helter Skelter you provide tribute board to Paul McCartney in “ART OF McCARTNEY”, shows off the stunning shout vocals, not decline. When listening to Roger that have come up with a voice far, Ukagaemasu his strong first time. “HITS 50! UK TOUR” The Who, which can a variety of discovery. The weight of their ’50 that was powerfully declared to “continue to live in active service until I die”, First please feel in this gift item. Master is upload files on the net, but the sound quality is our shop has more subjected to mastering to put a sharp to grade up. Both days I am reborn in a very easy-to-hear sound quality. In addition a number of divide point that had been included in the original master also improved, the first day of the Bell Boy and Love Reign O’er Me will Yes it easy to listen to and what was the cut-out / in a smooth fade-out / in. Net this board that it became easier to hear than the intact is probably the best version of both days. Please enjoy the latest tour of The Who Come in this board.


バンド結成50周年を迎え、遂に記念ツアーに乗り出したザ・フー。今週のギフトには、その初日のグラスゴー公演と2日目のリーズ公演をクリアで迫力のある良好なステレオ・オーディエンス録音で完全収録した4CDRをご提供します!今回、ザ・フーはこのツアーを「HITS 50! UK TOUR」と名付けているとおり、バンド活動の50年間に生み出し、ファンに愛され続けてきたヒット曲を網羅した素晴らしいセットリストでこのツアーに臨んでいます。楽曲は、デビュー曲I Can’t Explainから、もちろん名作「TOMMY」、「WHO’S NEXT」、「QUADROPHENIA」からの代表曲も盛り込みながら、82年の解散作「IT’S HARD」までのアルバムから万遍なくセレクトされています。中でもこれまでの再結成ツアーでは演奏してこなかった「WHO BY NUMBERS」のSlip Kidやセカンド・アルバム「QUICK ONE」のタイトル曲となったミニ・ロックオペラA Quick One, While He’s Awayを演奏しているのが非常に興味をそそります(両日ともピートがMCで後者を「ローリング・ストーンズのロックンロール・サーカスで演奏した曲だ」とアナウンスしています)。まさに彼らがザ・フーの歴史のすべてを見せようと意図していることが明らかです。こうしたバンドの気合の一方で、ベテランとは言えやはり緊張があったようで、初日にはBell Boyの演奏を途中で止めてやり直したり(バックに流しているキース・ムーンの映像を含むシーケンスにシステム的なトラブルが起こったようです)、ロジャーが時折歌詞を跳ばしたり、2日目にはそのA Quick Oneの出だしを間違えてやり直したりなど、ツアー序盤ならではのハプニングも含んでいます。しかし50年というバンドのアイデンティティを賭けたパフォーマンスは堂々たるもので、高音質と相まってこのパフォーマンスに引き込まれてしまうことは間違いないでしょう。2日目には、初日にはプレイしなかったSqueeze Boxを演奏しているのが貴重です。バンドには、もはやザ・フーには不可欠のメンバー、ザック、サイモン、ピノを始め、今回はキーボードが三人も起用されています。より緻密で分厚いサウンドの構築を目指したピートのアイデアでしょう。そして、そのピートは、メインでアコースティック・ギターをプラグインする形でプレイし、エレクトリックと使い分けています。この点も、いつものフーのツアーとはサウンド・ニュアンスが異なる要因となっています。そしてロジャーは、ポール・マッカートニーへのトリビュート盤「ART OF McCARTNEY」に提供したHelter Skelterで聴かれたのと同様の、衰えぬ見事なシャウト・ボーカルを披露しています。ここまで声が出ているロジャーを聴くと、彼の好調ぶりが窺えます。いろいろな発見ができるザ・フーの「HITS 50! UK TOUR」。「死ぬまで現役でライヴを続ける」と力強く宣言した彼らの50年の重みを、まずはこのギフトアイテムでご体感ください。マスターはネット上のアップロードファイルですが、音質は当店がよりメリハリをつけるマスタリングを施してグレードアップさせています。2日間とも非常に聴きやすい音質に生まれ変わっています。さらに元マスターに含まれていた複数のデバイドポイントも改善し、初日のBell BoyとLove Reign O’er Meがカットアウト / インだったものをスムーズなフェイドアウト / インにして聴きやすくしてあります。ネットそのままの状態よりも聴きやすくなった本盤が両日のベスト・バージョンと言えるでしょう。是非本盤でザ・フーの最新ツアーをお楽しみください。

Live at The Hydro, Glasgow, Scotland 30th November 2014

Disc 1(79:16)
1. Introduction 2. I Can’t Explain 3. Substitute 4. The Kids Are Alright
5. I Can See For Miles 6. Who Are You 7. MC 8. Long Live Rock 9. A Quick One, While He’s Away
10. Slip Kid 11. Join Together 12. Behind Blue Eyes 13. The Seeker 14. 5:15
15. Bell Boy(Breakdown) 16. Bell Boy

Disc 2(71:13)
1. Love Reign O’er Me 2. Eminence Front 3. Cry If You Want 4. Amazing Journey 5. Sparks
6. Pinball Wizard 7. See Me Feel Me / Listening To You 8. MC 9. Magic Bus
10. Baba O’Riley 11. Won’t Get Fooled Again 12. Naked Eye

Live at First Direct Arena, Leeds, UK 2nd December 2014

Disc 3(75:20)
1. Introduction 2. I Can’t Explain 3. Substitute 4. The Seeker 5. The Kids Are Alright
6. I Can See For Miles 7. Who Are You 8. A Quick One, While He’s Away(Breakdown)
9. A Quick One, While He’s Away 10. Cry If You Want 11. Slip Kid 12. Behind Blue Eyes
13. Squeeze Box 14. Join Together 15. 5:15

Disc 4(64:59)
1. Bell Boy 2. Love Reign O’er Me 3. Eminence Front 4. Long Live Rock 5. Amazing Journey
6. Sparks 7. Pinball Wizard 8. See Me Feel Me / Listening To You 9. Magic Bus
10. Baba O’Riley 11. Won’t Get Fooled Again 12. Member Introduction

Roger Daltrey – vocals, guitar, harmonica, percussion Pete Townshend – guitar, vocals

Zak Starkey – drums, percussion Simon Townshend – guitar, backing vocals
Pino Palladino – bass guitar John Corey – keyboards, backing vocals
Loren Gold – keyboards, backing vocals
Frank Simes – keyboards, backing vocals, musical director

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