Who / Outside Lands Festival 2017 / 1Blu Ray R

Who / Outside Lands Festival 2017 / 1Blu Ray R / Videosmash
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Live at Rockefeller Center, New York City , New York, USA March 4, 2016. Pro-shot

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The latest professional shot video of The Who that started a new American tour in 2017 appeared in Blu-ray!
August 13, 2017 Completely recorded stage at the outdoor festival “Outside Lands” held in San Francisco every year with HD quality quality shot video.
From the opening “I Can not Explain” to “Lawless World”, full set recording of over 2 hours can not be overlooked. In addition, extras also include 3 songs on the Isle of Wight Isle in 2016 and a studio live at the USTV Tonight Show.
We will deliver the latest live footage of The Whoo with HD picture quality Blu-ray!

1. Intro/2. I Can’t Explain/3. The Seeker/4. Who Are You/5. The Kids Are Alright/6. I Can See for Miles/7. My Generation / Cry If You Want To/8. Naked Eye/9. Behind Blue Eyes/10. Bargain/11. Join Together/12. You Better You Bet/13. 5:15/14. I’m One/15. The Rock/16. Love, Reign O’er Me/17. Eminence Front/18. Amazing Journey/19. Sparks/20. Pinball Wizard/21. See Me, Feel Me/22. Baba O’Riley/23. Won’t Get Fooled Again
Live at Lands End Stage, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, California, USA August 13, 2017
1. Intro/2. I Can See for Miles/3. Behind Blue Eyes/4. You Better You Bet
Isle of Wight 2016: Live at Seaclose Park, Newport, UK June 11, 2016
5. Intro/6. Who Are You/7. Ending
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: Live at Rockefeller Center, New York City , New York, USA March 4, 2016
NTSC HD 16:9 Linear PCM Stereo time approx. 148min

Videosmash. VS297BDR

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