Who / Glastonbury Festival 2015 / 2DVD

Who / Glastonbury Festival 2015 / 2DVD / Non Label

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Pyramid Stage, Glastonbury Festival & Worthy Farm, Pilton, Somerset, UK 28th June 2015 PRO-SHOT


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…… This is how Will be THE WHO last brave figure. Than last year in November, THE are turning Europe in the Greatest Hits Live “THE WHO HITS 50!” To celebrate the 50th anniversary of WHO. I’ve participated in a large bird to become the highlight of the home country performance “Glastonbury Festival 2015”, going to the After the big stage a in the previous Pete Townshend of “this tour is over, and I and Roger walk separate ways It “and I was saying. Last year, “I’m the last of the large-scale tour, do not be in the end is THE WHO” only had to say, the spirit of this remark is called ripples, it has given rise to various speculation.
“Full quality” professional shot video of multi-camera a pattern of was held “Glastonbury Festival 2015” in such is this work. In fact, this performance I was broadcast in the UK BBC TV, it “Join Together”, “Bargain” in the shortened version of an hour “Love, Reign O’er Me,” “Eminence Front”, “Amazing Journey,” “Sparks 6 songs cut. It was not something like the whole picture of the show can be seen. After that, is up on the net as a complete version of the 1-hour 45-minute recording, it’s the in buzz. is subjected to a latest mastering to the master , and one that I, which was allowed to grade up to the perfect sound. image quality by from the original master is a professional shot of the complete integrity of digital high-definition, the But the speech was also hyper quality of the sound board of the ultra-clear official specification , becomes the musical tone is mass When I listen only voice to turn off the screen, drum sound is chaotic. So, is adjusted to the optimum balance the bass and in that had become excessive, cleared musical sound of the band is Tsubuda~tsu and I was finishing to come out in front in such a state. As a result, the voice of the powerful also up dramatically, it is the three pillars of quality sound complete recording became Perfect version that was aligned with the Bishitsu . Although the video in recent years of THE WHO are located in different, “all is full quality” because, very valuable. Therefore, as there is no piece of deterioration, has decided to be finished in two sets of press DVD .
It is to be projected in such a “full quality”, just ahead of the shock remark Pete and Roger Daltrey. It does not mean I had imagined exhausted THE WHO, but also it is true that remembered them the anxiety that is more than 70 years of age. However, hot air, such as they are reflected in this video, blow off such a here sentimentality! This heat is!? Of course hell what do I, but’s a Greatest Hits Shaw of as indicated by the tour name, it is not just have summed up the career that spans 50 years of THE WHO. What do you say, I “locking” especially of the man who put the life way of life are projected. THE ROLLING STONES and Paul McCartney and the same, and still want to lock beyond the 70-year-old, no …… that indomitable spirit to lock them are surges from a screen.
After the performance of “Bargain” scene of a shot to be its symbol. Roger “Nothing changed. 50 years. (50 years, nothing has not Na is changed),” it is to MC laughing. Former members already 亡Ku, flesh surely increments the years, is not supposed to have not changed. Nevertheless, he says the “change did not Na”. When it comes to the interview says “We’s another rocking chairs do a two suits of old man”, “‘m tour of me to show the world and I’m certain that go around the bend even the population of this lineup,” and to them that, ” anything I do not hear it in did not “is bravado change.
Then, in the last, Roger introduced Pete, you ovation occurs in “because this man had to come I was up to here” with comments and venue. “Because me There are you guys, I was coming up here,” Pete who received it and honor the audience. So, as they had devoted his life to the lock, did for us have also been devoted. At that time, the lock that was not suspected to believe that the “youth of the music”. At the time, out of the hot talking were friends, what people would have gone no longer hear the lock. But, we did not forget. I could not My God to forget. So, I understand. Transmitted come I. Roger thought that says “not on behalf of” is, those that have been put in “sound:” They have played in this work.
What is recorded in two of the DVD of this work, it is numbered only Kano video and audio. Even if it is high quality in to the limit, it is not at higher. However, Ya it is played once, the video and the audio becomes a bond that connects the band and fans that spans 50 years, be divided into the other side and this side of the stage, and the life that had shared together “lock” change. No, it does not just it. The other side and this side of the screen, it is for us connect with feeling of also “lock life” to the other side and this side of the sea. The Recall if, in 1971. That time, Pete was conceived trying Shitateyo the ideal relationship between the rock band and the audience to rock opera “Life House” has been proven to now in 2015, and might it be that complete.

Spirit of the shock remark, I do not know yet. Maybe go happened is now THE WHO. It has been announced to Auckland performances of the year December 31, but to the variety of recording, you’ll be the video comes out. However, “full quality” in it, might be no more. Maybe then, one that might last full video (me not become so!), And finished in the press 2DVD is want you to remain permanently. Day-to-day you walked in ’50 both, now we have arrived at the end that, in order to not erased again. I hope you can be forever love in your handy.

……これがTHE WHO最後の勇姿となるのでしょうか。昨年11月より、50周年を祝うグレイテストヒッツ・ライヴ“THE WHO HITS 50!”でヨーロッパを回っているTHE WHO。本国公演のハイライトとなる「グラストンベリーフェス2015」に大トリで出場しましたが、その大舞台を前にしてピート・タウンゼントが「このツアーが終わったら、俺とロジャーとは別々の道を歩むつもりだ」と発言しました。昨年は「最後の大規模ツアーだけど、THE WHOが終わりになるわけではない」と言っていただけに、この発言の真意は波紋を呼び、さまざまな憶測を生んでいます。
そんな中で開催された「グラストンベリーフェス2015」の模様をマルチカメラの“完全品質”プロショット映像が本作です。実は、この公演はイギリスBBCテレビでも放送されたのですが、それは1時間ほどの短縮版で「Bargain」「Join Together」「Love, Reign O’er Me」「Eminence Front」「Amazing Journey」「Sparksの6曲がカット。ショウの全貌が分かるようなものではありませんでした。その後、1時間45分収録の完全版としてネット上にアップされ、話題沸騰中なのです。そのマスターに最新のマスタリングを施し、完璧なサウンドにグレードアップさせました1本なのです。元マスターからして画質は完全無欠のデジタル・ハイビジョンのプロショット、音声も超クリアな公式仕様のサウンドボードのハイパークオリティだったのですが、画面を消して音声だけ聴いてみると楽音が塊になり、ドラムサウンドが混沌としている。そこで、過剰になっていた中低音域を最適のバランスに調整し、バンドの楽音が粒立ってクリアな状態で前面に出てくるように仕上げたのです。これにより、音声の迫力も格段にアップし、画質・サウンド・完全収録の3本柱がビシッと揃ったパーフェクト・バージョンになったのです。近年のTHE WHOの映像はさまざまにありますが、“総てが完全品質”というのは、非常に貴重。それゆえに一片の劣化もないよう、2枚組のプレスDVDに仕上げる事にいたしました。
そんな“完全品質”で映し出されるのは、先の衝撃発言をしたばかりのピートとロジャー・ダルトリー。疲れ果てたTHE WHOを想像していたわけではありませんが、齢70歳を越える彼らに不安を覚えていたのも事実です。ところが、この映像に映る彼らは、そんなこちらの感傷を吹き飛ばすような熱気! この熱さは一体何なんだ!? もちろん、ツアー名が示すとおりのグレイテストヒッツ・ショウなのですが、それがTHE WHOの50年に渡るキャリアを総括しているだけではない。何と言いますか、“ロックする”ことに人生を懸けた男たちの生きざまが映し出されているのです。THE ROLLING STONESやポール・マッカートニーと同じく、70歳を越えてもなおロックする、いや彼らをロックさせる不屈のスピリットが画面からほとばしっている……。
その象徴となるシーンが中盤の「Bargain」の演奏後。ロジャーが「Nothing changed. 50 years.(50年間、何も変わっちゃいないな)」と笑いながらMCするのです。かつてのメンバーは既に亡く、肉体は確実に年月を刻み、変わっていないはずがない。それにも関わらず、「変わらなかったな」と彼は語る。インタビューになると「俺たちはもうロッキング・チェアがお似合いな爺さん2人なんだ」「この顔触れの集団も年老いることはあるんだと世に示すためのツアーなんだよ」と語る彼らなのに、「何も変わらなかった」が強がりに聞こえないのです。

衝撃発言の真意は、まだ分かりません。これからTHE WHOがどうなっていくのかも。今年12月31日のオークランド公演まで発表されていますが、それまでにさまざまな録音、映像が出てくる事でしょう。しかし、その中に“完全品質”は、もうないかもしれません。もしかしたら、最後の完全映像かも知れない1本(そうはならないでくれ!)、永久に残って欲しくてプレス2DVDに仕上げました。50年共に歩んだ日々を、その末にたどり着いた今を、二度と消さないために。あなたのお手元でいつまでも愛していただけたら幸いです。

Disc 1 (49:45)
1. Intro 2. Who Are You 3. The Seeker 4. The Kids Are Alright 5. I Can See For Miles
6. My Generation 7. Pictures Of Lily 8. Behind Blue Eyes 9. Bargain 10. Join Together
11. You Better You Bet

Disc 2 (55:13)
1. Love, Reign O’er Me 2. Eminence Front 3. Amazing Journey 4. Sparks 5. Pinball Wizard
6. See Me, Feel Me 7. Baba O’Riley 8. Band Introductions 9. Won’t Get Fooled Again
10. Thank You So Much

Bonus Track
Liam Gallagher & Roger Daltrey
Live on TFI Friday anniversary special aired on 12th June 2015

11. My Generation

Roger Daltrey: Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals Pete Townshend : Vocals, Guitar
Pino Palladino: Bass Zak Starkey: Drums Simon Townshend : Backing Vocal, Guitar
Loren Gold : Keyboards Frank Simes: Keyboards John Corey: Keyboards


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