Whitesnake / White Night / 1DVDR

Whitesnake / White Night / 1DVDR / Non label
Live at White Nights Festival, St.Petersburg, Russia 20th June 1994 PRO-SHOT

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The 1994 WHITESNAKE reorganization began with Coverdale’s offer to release WHITESNAKE’s best-of album “GREATEST HITS” in 1993, when he was working on a COVERDALE / PAGE project with Jimmy Page. Emit. After that, the COVERDALE / PAGE project ended with incomplete combustion at the end of the 7-performance Japan tour, but Coverdale, who regained enthusiasm for the stage through this project, was a Russian event promoter at the same time. In response to the request to appear in the “Solo Concert” that was consulted by Coverdale, he expressed his motivation, “I want to tour not only Russia but also Europe anyway.” Involving promoters from each country, we decided to tour Europe as WHITESNAKE under the cause of “promotion of” GREATEST HITS “album”.
Coverdale will lead WHITESNAKE with Warren DeMartini and others, and will start the European tour from the “White Night Festival” in St. Petersburg, Russia, which triggered the “band reorganization”. This video is a perfect professional shot video that makes full use of the multi-camera, and the pattern of the special first day live is completely recorded for 101 minutes!

Because there was only the premiere of the band that was urgently convened, there are scenes where the firmness of movement and lack of rehearsal can be seen, but as expected, everyone can enjoy the performance with a sense of ability to be ready for action. In particular, Coverdale is highly motivated because it is a “band return battle”, and vocals are also doing well. In addition, the MC with humor and energetic performance are pulling the audience, and the viewer is also attracted to the screen.
Warren’s play also showed a play reminiscent of Micky Moody, such as a slide on “Slide It In” and a Dobro guitar on “Slow An’Easy”. “Judgment Day”, where he and Adrian Vandenberg mesmerize with each other, is a big highlight of the first half of the live, along with the COVERDALE / PAGE number “Don’t Leave Me This Way”. Pay attention to Warren who creates a mood by puffing!). You can clearly see the details of the live that cannot be conveyed by the sound source alone.
Although the high outdoor live performances on a still day are rare in appearance, a surprise that is extremely rare in the history of WHITESNAKE will occur on this day. Coverdale, who impressed the listeners with his enthusiasm for “Soldier Of Fortune,” was playing “Smoke On The Water” at the request of the audience! Probably it means “DEEP PURPLE connection”, but it is unusual for WHITESNAKE to pick up the 2nd term number instead of the 3rd term. Don’t miss David singing “They All” in the third arrangement. Although it is a sudden event only for one chorus, the fan service unique to the first day makes the impression of the live strong.
From around the instrumental number “Oi” in the latter half of the live, the area around the venue gradually became dim, and the atmosphere of the live became even more exciting. In “Here I Go Again”, Warren is holding a cigarette again, and the scene that becomes a “picture” like that, such as the scene that stands up with the drums, continues. On the completely dark stage, two songs, “Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City” and “Still Of The Night”, which are indispensable for the band, are performed in Angkor, and a special live performance is in a perfect mood. Conclude with.

This work, which captures the live performance of the day, which was also meant as a warm-up for the world tour, with such perfect images and sounds, is literally of premium value. The live footage of WHITESNAKE in 1994 includes a TV broadcast pro shot containing the “Sonoria Festival” held in Milan, Italy on July 7, and a performance at London “Hammer Smith Apollo” on July 18. There is “CLASS OF 1994” (Power Gate) that recorded the movie with high-quality audience shots, but the video that exceeds this work in terms of quality is unlikely even if you look over the history of WHITESNAKE (various existing titles). Of course, the problem of high-frequency noise seen in is also cleared)! This work, which clearly captured the live performance of 1994 with perfect master quality, is definitely a must-see for all WHITESNAKE fans! Please enjoy the WHITESNAKE live of “this time only” with the definitive edition “BEATING HEAVY” of the audience sound source in 1994!


1994年のWHITESNAKE再編成は、カヴァデールがジミー・ペイジとCOVERDALE/PAGEプロジェクトに取り組んでいた1993年、彼のもとにレーベル側からWHITESNAKEのベスト・アルバム「GREATEST HITS」リリースのオファーがきた事に端を発します。その後、COVERDALE/PAGEプロジェクトは、7公演の日本ツアーを最後に不完全燃焼のまま終わりを迎えてしまいますが、このプロジェクトを通じてステージへの熱意を取り戻したカヴァデールは、同時期にロシアのイベント・プロモーターから打診されていた「ソロ・コンサート」の出演依頼に対し、「どうせならロシアだけでなく、ヨーロッパをツアーしたい」と意欲を見せました。各国のプロモーターを巻き込み、“「GREATEST HITS」アルバムのプロモーション”という大義名分のもと、WHITESNAKEとしてヨーロッパをツアーする事を決定します。

ウォーレンのプレイも「Slide It In」でのスライドや「Slow An’ Easy」でのドブロ・ギターなど、ミッキー・ムーディを彷彿させるプレイを披露。彼とエイドリアン・ヴァンデンバーグが見事な掛け合いを魅せる「Judgment Day」 は、COVERDALE / PAGEナンバーの「Don’t Leave Me This Way」と共に、ライヴ前半の大きな見どころでしょう(同曲では帽子をかぶり煙草をふかしてムードを演出するウォーレンに注目!)。音源だけでは伝わらないライヴの細部まではっきりと確かめられます。
まだの日の高い野外ライブは見た目にも珍しいですが、この日はWHITESNAKEの歴史上でも極めて珍しいサプライズが発生します。「Soldier Of Fortune」での熱唱で聴き手を感動させたカヴァデールは観客のリクエストに応え、なんと「Smoke On The Water」を演奏しているのです! おそらく「DEEP PURPLEつながり」という事なのでしょうが、第三期ではなく第二期ナンバーをWHITESNAKEが取り上げるのは異例中の異例。デイヴィッドはきちんと第三期アレンジで「They All~」と歌い出しているのも見逃せません。ワンコーラスのみの突発的な出来事ですが、初日ならではのファンサービスがライヴの印象を色濃いものにしています。
ライヴ後半のインストナンバー「Oi」辺りからは会場周辺が次第に薄暗くなり、ライヴの雰囲気もさらに盛り上がります。「Here I Go Again」においてはウォーレンが再び煙草をくわえており、ドラムの入りと一緒に立ち上がるシーンなど、彼らしい「画」になる場面が続きます。完全に暗くなったステージでは、バンドにとって欠かせない「Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City」と「Still Of The Night」の2曲がアンコール演奏され、特別なライヴを満点のムードの中で締めくくります。

ワールドツアーのウォーミング・アップとしての意味もあったこの日のライヴを、ここまで完璧な映像とサウンドで捉えた本作には、文字通りプレミアムな価値があります。’94年WHITESNAKEのライヴ映像は、7月7日にイタリア・ミラノで行われた“ソノリア・フェスティバル”を収めたTV放送用プロショットの他、7月18日のロンドン“ハマースミス・アポロ”公演を上質なオーディエンス・ショットで収録した「CLASS OF 1994」(Power Gate)が存在しますが、およそクオリティで本作を越える映像は、WHITESNAKE史上を見渡してもそうないでしょう(各種の既発タイトルで見られた高周波ノイズの問題も、当然ながらクリアされています)! ’94年編成のライヴを完璧なマスター・クオリティで克明に捉えた本作は、間違いなくすべてのWHITESNAKEファンにとって必見必携の一本! 1994年のオーディエンス音源の決定版「BEATING HEAVY」とともに、「この時限り」のWHITESNAKEライヴをとことんお楽しみください!

1. Introduction 2. Bad Boys 3. Slide It In 4. Love Ain’t No Stranger 5. Judgment Day
6. Is This Love 7. Vandenberg Solo 8. Don’t Leave Me This Way 9. Soldier Of Fortune
10. Smoke On The Water 11. Oi 12. Slow An’ Easy 13. Fool For Your Loving 14. Here I Go Again
15. Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City 16. Still Of The Night 17. We Wish You Well

David Coverdale – Vocals Adrian Vandenberg – Guitar Warren De Martini – Guitar
Rudy Sarzo – Bass Paul Mirkovich – Keyboards Denny Carmassi – Drums


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