Whitesnake / Super Rock 84 In Japan / 3DVD

Whitesnake / Super Rock 84 In Japan Seibu Stadium / 3DVD / Non Label
Seibu Stadium, Saitama, Japan 11th & 12th August 1984 PRO-SHOT

Taken from the original PAL Beta Video Tape (Sony L-750) belonged to Cozy Powell

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David Cavadale, John Sykes, Cozy Powell, Neil Murray … 1984 WHITESNAKE with the strongest quartet ever built. The most important pro shot is reprinted on permanent storage press 3CD.
The most important work is “August 11th, 12th, 1984: Seibu Lions Stadium Performance”. It is a multi-camera pro shot when participating in the huge event “Super Rock ’84” that remains in the history of Japanese Western music that was realized 35 years ago. This festival was a symbol of the times. It was the 1983 US Festival that announced the HR / HM Golden Age globally, but in Japan it was definitely “Super Rock ’84”. Moreover, it is not just the import of overseas festivals, but the initiative was led by Kittiri and Japan. MSG and WHITESNAKE that served as a double headliner following ANVIL, BON JOVI of a young day, SCORPIONS who played a big break, and ANVIL that was also movie-ized in later years. BON JOVI would have been a big bird if it was another country in the same year, but it would reflect “Japanese popularity in 1984” straight. Even in Japan, HR / HM was a symbol of the golden age. Such a festival not only traversed the archipelago in a tour format, but also a solo show at WHITESNAKE. In terms of the record, let’s look back on the date at that time.

・ August 4: Nagoya Stadium
・ August 6: Fukuoka Sports Center
・ August 8: South Port Ferry Terminal square
・ August 9: South Port Ferry Terminal square
・ August 11: Seibu Stadium [This work disc 1 & 3] ・ August 12: Seibu Stadium [This work disc 2] ・ August 15: Miyagi Prefecture Public Hall (separate performance)
・ August 16: Hokkaido welfare pension hall (only performance)

The last two performances were independent, but the Seibu Lions Stadium performance of this work is the highlight of the festival tour which will be just before that. This work is a 3-disc set that permanently preserves the 3 types of multi-camera pro shots created from these 2 performances with the highest peak quality. Let’s introduce each one.

[Disc 1: full version pro shot of the night of August 11] First to appear is the first day of the Seibu Stadium 2 DAYS “August 11”. Although this show has been officially released as a video, this work is the outflow master that will be the production process. Unlike the official version with many cuts, it is a full version pro shot that you can enjoy the full show seamlessly.
The first version of this full version came out on the Langley label’s masterpiece “KINGS OF THE NIGHT”. Its appearance was a shock. In addition to watching “Walking In The Shadow Of The Blues” and “We Wish You Well” which are not officially recorded, “Gambler”, “Guilty Of Love” and “Gambler” whose head and the latter half were cut to insert an interview Don’t Break My Heart Again and Cozy’s drum solo are perfect. On the contrary, it was a full stage that even sound check was recorded before the start.
The shock turned into a legend at the same time as excavating, but this work is the highest peak version even surpassing even such a Langley version. I do not know the details of the gene, but this work is a direct digitization from PAL Beta Master (so-called “Cozy Tapes” collection) owned by Cozy. If you know the Langley version, I think that you remember, but the first appearance master was covered with an unnatural date telop, but this work has no credits and the credits that were hidden in the ground are also vivid. It is a version. Of course, telop is just a proof of Cozy tape, and even better is the beauty and sound of images. The quality has become overwhelming and the quality is overwhelming, and the ease of viewing and stability is also improved. Although it does not reach the official version as it is, “the highest of the full version” has been updated without a doubt.
The show drawn by the image beauty is “the top of the Sykes & Cozy era” that the whole world can not stop. Some of my soundboard recordings have been left when I’m at Sykes, but they are mostly short shows with a few open concerts. Although this work is also a festival appearance, it is long only in the large bird. In fact, Japan is the only one in the world that has done four drum solos up to Cozy’s drum solo, and this work can experience its full scale with multi-camera pro shots. The drum solo is also a version on the theme of “Mars, The Bringer Of War”, and is the only show that can be viewed with a multi-camera (there is one more pro shot left, but that one is a one camera). It’s a complete film that can be at the top of a band or even a corgi personally.

[Disc 2: full version pro shot of August 12 (noon)] The full-length pro shot of “August 12” on the second day of Seibu Stadium is followed by such a first day performance. It is an upgraded version digitized directly from the “Koji Tapes” collection as well as the disc 1 while the video was excavated as “KINGS OF THE DAY” on the first day. And the impact exceeds the disk 1 as well. After all, unlike the first day, there was no official release on the second day. “There are many songs” “This scene can not be seen”, but all songs and all scenes are different from the official version, and 1 second is a multi-camera pro shot that penetrates the full show in a row of surprises .
And it’s not just a performance difference. “Super lock ’84” was changing the headliner with WHITESNAKE and MSG on a daily basis, but this day’s bird is MSG. So there is no Cozy drum solo, but the scene is more fresh than that. The day is high because of the early appearance of the time, it looks good to every corner of the stage. Literally, the strongest four people are “exposed to the bottom of the white day” video. Kavadale, illuminated by the light of the sun, explodes a healthy tension with macho, and the Japanese MC “Ogen-Kidska” and “Minnagenki !?” Speaking of pro shots in the Sykes era, ROCK IN RIO of the following 1985 is also famous, but there is a voice of Kavadale raging, Cozy has decided to withdraw, and has decided to kill. On the other hand, this work is an excellent ensemble united with a glossy singing voice.
It is Sykes to make you feel that honeymoon feeling. Unlike Tatsumi, character (That fake?) T-shirt, your appearance on the first day is different from your appearance on the first day. Moreover, this T-shirt was also worn by Cozy and Cavadale (can be seen in the official pro shot off scene). I don’t know if I bought it all or put it on, but now it’s an unimaginable relationship. And Neil also points in this second day. The base is a great mix from the first day, and you can taste plenty of flowing lines.
What is more vivid than performance is “Japan in 1984.” The audience on the first day was hidden in the dark night, but here is clear to every corner. This is another ugly spectacle. Not only the rising of the front seat can be seen, but the expression of each member’s face is also against the background of a crowd of people in the far stand. The video of the Japanese performances will be more indoors and darkness, but the huge stadium scale that is unmistakable in this video will fill the screen. It is also a historical pro shot where the heat of HR / HM that exploded in 1984 blows directly.

【Disc 3: Official Pro Shot on August 11 (Night)
The last disc 3 is a bonus one. A finely digitized version of the Japanese edition laser disk that was officially released at that time. Of course, the official DVD has been produced as “LIVE IN ’84: BACK TO THE BONE” in 2014, but this work has been acclaimed as the “disc of the laser disc version”, which was raised before that.
In fact, I am surprised that the beauty and sound of the video are no better than the official DVD. The official DVD was also digitized from the master tape (although it has been edited), but the laser disc version which should be under one generation is not inferior at all. This is probably the preservation of the laser disc. Laser disks are more resistant to aging than tapes recorded magnetically, and this work originates from the mint board. The freshness is overwhelming, and the color is more natural than the official DVD, and for some reason the interview scene that has been monochrome processed is full color. Therefore, even now that formalization has been realized, it is said that “Laser discs are drawing more accurately 35 years ago” among foreign enthusiasts, and even other artists have become a cause for reviewing laser discs as well. The This work has permanently saved its high-end version.

Although the commercial peak of WHITESNAKE is from 1987, it was undoubtedly 1984 that the peak was achieved as a band. It is a professional shot 3 disc set that you can taste the show that is the top with the highest peak quality. It is a version that was introduced to the 30th anniversary five years ago, but it became sold out and discontinued in no time because of its splendor. However, this work is the top work that is not even two in the history of white snake glory. It is the loss of rock culture that is not available. It must not be. A great, super masterpiece revived in the 35th anniversary. Please enjoy it forever and forever with the permanent storage press DVD.

その最重要作に収められているのは「1984年8月11日+12日:西武ライオンズ球場公演」。35年前に実現した日本洋楽史に残る巨大イベント“スーパー・ロック’84”に参加した際のマルチカメラ・プロショットです。このフェスは、まさに時代の象徴でした。世界的にHR/HM黄金期を告げたのは1983年のUSフェスティバルでしたが、日本では間違いなく“スーパー・ロック’84”だった。しかも単に海外フェスの輸入ではなく、キッチリと日本主導だったのが大きい。後年になって映画化もされたANVIL、若き日のBON JOVI、一大ブレイクを果たしたSCORPIONSを従えてダブル・ヘッドライナーを務めたのがMSGとWHITESNAKE。数年違えばBON JOVIが、同年でも他国であればSCORPIONSが大トリだったでしょうが、あくまでも“1984年の日本人気”をストレートに反映。日本でもHR/HMが黄金時代を迎えた象徴だったのです。そんなフェスは列島をツアー形式で縦断しただけでなく、WHITESNAKEでの単独公演も行われました。記録の意味でも、当時の日程を振り返ってみましょう。

・8月11日:西武球場 【本作ディスク1&3】
・8月12日:西武球場 【本作ディスク2】


この完全版が初めて世に出たのはLangleyレーベルの名作『KINGS OF THE NIGHT』。その登場は、まさに衝撃でした。オフィシャル未収録の「Walking In The Shadow Of The Blues」や「We Wish You Well」が観られるだけでなく、インタビューを挿入するために頭や後半が削られていた「Gambler」「Guilty Of Love」「Don’t Break My Heart Again」やコージーのドラムソロも完全形。それどころか、開演前もサウンドチェックまで収録したフル・ステージだったのです。
その映像美で描かれるショウは、全世界が望んで止まない“サイクス&コージー時代の頂点”。サイクス在籍時にはいくつかのサウンドボード録音も残されてはいますが、それらは前座公演がほとんどでやけに短いショウばかり。本作もフェス出演ではあるものの、大トリだけに長尺。実際、世界的にも4人編成でコージーのドラムソロまで行われたのは日本だけであり、本作はそのフル・スケールをマルチカメラ・プロショットで体験できてしまう。そのドラムソロも「Mars, The Bringer Of War」をテーマにしたバージョンであり、マルチカメラで観られる唯一のショウ(もう1公演プロショットが残されていますが、そちらはワンカメ)。バンド的にもコージー個人的にも頂点を究める完全映像なのです。

そんな初日公演に続くのは西武球場2日目“8月12日”の完全版プロショット。初日と同時に『KINGS OF THE DAY』として発掘された映像ながら、ディスク1と同じく“コージー・テープス”コレクションからダイレクトにデジタル化されたアップグレード版です。そして、その衝撃はディスク1をも上回る。何しろ、2日目は初日とは違って一切の公式リリースがなかった。「あの曲が多い」「このシーンも観られる」ではなく、全曲・全シーンすべてが公式版とは異なり、1秒1秒が驚きの連続でフルショウを貫いてしまうマルチカメラ・プロショットなのです。
しかも、単に演奏が違うだけでもない。“スーパー・ロック’84”はWHITESNAKEとMSGが日替わりでヘッドライナーを交換していたのですが、この日のトリはMSG。そのためコージーのドラムソロはないものの、それ以上に新鮮なのが光景そのもの。時間の早い出演のために日が高く、ステージの隅々までよーく見える。文字どおり、最強の4人が“白日の下に晒される”映像なのです。日の光に照らされたカヴァデールはマッチョで健康的なテンションを爆発させ、日本語MC「オゲンキデスカ」「ミンナゲンキ!?」も飛ばしまくりの絶好調。サイクス時代のプロショットと言えば、翌1985年のROCK IN RIOも有名ですが、そちらはカヴァデールの声が荒れ、コージーも脱退を決意していて殺伐としている。それに対し、本作は艶やかな歌声と一体化したアンサンブルが絶品なのです。

最後のディスク3は、ボーナス的な1枚。当時オフィシャルにリリースされた日本盤レーザーディスクを精緻にデジタル化したもの。もちろん、2014年に『LIVE IN ’84: BACK TO THE BONE』として公式DVD化されていますが、本作はそれ以前に起こされ「レーザーディスク版の決定盤」として絶賛されたものです。



Taken from the original PAL Beta Video Tape (Sony L-750) belonged to Cozy Powell

Disc 1(80:31)

Live at Seibu Stadium, Saitama, Japan 11th August 1984

1. Soundcheck 2. Introduction 3. Gambler 4. Guilty Of Love 5. Love Ain’t No Stranger
6. Ready An’ Willing 7. Slow An’ Easy 8. Crying In The Rain 9. Guitar Solo 10. Soldier Of Fortune
11. Drum Solo 12. Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City 13. Don’t Break My Heart Again
14. Walking In The Shadow Of The Blues 15. We Wish You Well


Disc 2(64:26)

Live at Seibu Stadium, Saitama, Japan 12th August 1984

1. Introduction 2. Gambler 3. Guilty Of Love 4. Love Ain’t No Stranger 5. Ready An’ Willing
6. Slow An’ Easy 7. Crying In The Rain 8. Guitar Solo 9. Soldier Of Fortune
10. Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City 11. Don’t Break My Heart Again
12. Walking In The Shadow Of The Blues


Disc 3 (55:24)
Super Rock ’84 In Japan: Laser Disc Edition
Live at Seibu Stadium, Saitama, Japan 11th August 1984

Taken from the original Japanese Laser Disc (78C58-6092)

1. Introduction 2. Gambler 3. Interview (Coverdale) 4. Guilty Of Love 5. Love Ain’t No Stranger
6. Ready An’ Willing 7. Slow An’ Easy 8. Crying In The Rain 9. Guitar Solo 10. Soldier Of Fortune
11. Interview (Sykes, Murray, Powell) 12. Drum Solo 13. Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City
14. Interview (Coverdale) 15. Don’t Break My Heart Again 16. Guilty Of Love (Outro.)


David Coverdale – Vocals John Sykes – Guitar Neil Murray – Bass Cozy Powell – Drums
Richard Bailey – Keyboards

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