Whitesnake / Super Rock 84 In Japan 30th Anniversary Edition / 3DVD

Whitesnake / Super Rock 84 In Japan 30th Anniversary Edition / 3DVD / Non Label

Translated Text:
Seibu Stadium, Saitama, Japan 11th & 12th August 1984 (Ultimate 3 Versions) PRO-SHOT


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WHITESNAKE played a visit to Japan for the fourth time total “Super Rock ’84”. Video in the Kanto held, will bear fruit in the (press DVD3 Disc!) And quality of past best, most past chunky volume! PAL beta master of Cozy Powell collection (finally, date data of that on the screen! Balanced), and the live of incandescent WHITESNAKE is waged in the 12th and August 11th, it is hard to find now in this work than laser disc master and digitized to direct each. Even WHITESNAKE Japan tour for granted, was special truly wonderful performances, impassioned performance is “Super Rock ’84” Kanto held. To commemorate the 30th anniversary of “Anniversary Edition” is the birth here now!

In the history of hard rock / heavy metal, festival has colored the milestone of one always. Declares the beginning of Metal Age, the “US Festival” of 1983, Donington “Monsters of Rock” in 1980, was allowed to penetrate a wide range of the presence of metal beyond the gender and generation. In Japan, speaking of things that are only comparable to historical festival of Britain and the United States, these are example, is “Super Rock ’84” of 1984. ANVIL ······ SCORPIONS you started the Michael Schenker Group of popular hight at that time, was beginning to leap into the global band, and BON JOVI, young. Its lineup luxurious lineup event brought together is, reproduce absolutely impossible at present. Now that we have entered the ’30 full, achievements were experienced “metal festival real” for the first time in the Japanese fans, are growing in significance and weight further.
In this festival, which left a big mark on the history of Japanese metal, each band was confronted by impressive performance. However, the band that was the most brilliant, can affirm WHITESNAKE without doubt. Backed by the rhythm section of Neil Murray and Cozy Powell, young nobleman John Sykes to burst the most comprehensive guitar. And David Kavu~aderu has waged an action song and passionate especially any carrier. WHITESNAKE to a total of three times to Japan until then, you Yes stepping on the soil of Japan often since then, but I would say it is this ’84, it was the most special visit to Japan.
The WHITESNAKE live in “Super Rock” reason alone, various materials are emerging so far. The place still fresh in our minds, Miracle Man was recording the audience Kanto two shows “SUPER ROCK ’84 TOKYO: 1st Day” and “’84 SUPER ROCK: TOKYO 2nd Day” appeared in the press CD, and also a variety other audience recording exists. Say a big staple in the Items them is the pro shot video that contains the full-length live. Was recorded on the 11th and “KINGS OF THE NIGHT” 12 day “KINGS OF THE DAY”, than immediately after emergence from Langley label, is positioned as “definitive edition of the day” from mania, a single disk to both days was packaged in “GAMBLER’S VIEW” was also loved by the fans continue. However, this pro-shot video, there was a problem of some of the state of the material is also fact. The presence of the date tickers filling the bottom half of the screen, in particular, was what to aging that is equal to or greater than the scattered to the master tape, and “…… Without even this”, remember the frustration.
In contrast, PAL · beta master was discovered from “Cozy Tapes” new this time, Upper version of one stage on this subtitle is out! Subtitle of another kind has to be insert and already issued, but the visible range of the screen greatly expands, the state of the material is also good itself. In the video there is a sense of unity in both the 11th – the 12th in the texture of the material more than anything else. It was a material of case is definitely on the visibility and quality! (By the way, version without this character does not exist. Precisely this take is. Decision is the final version exactly) in the form of neat, this … it is not supposed to not tell posterity. So this time, along with the laser disc master of superlative state that has been excavated at the same time, as a “30th Anniversary Edition” of the festival, we decided to release in 3-Disc Press DVD!

In the disk 1 of this work, we have recorded for about 80 minutes, the pattern of Kanto first day, 11 day WHITESNAKE was headlined appearances. Image has been recorded for the past 5 minutes than the show started, the pattern of the sound check by technical staff points of interest suddenly. At the venue of the curtain before, the figure of fans await the start of the show and too late now also caught. Has been the definitive edition of the same video “GAMBLER’S VIEW”, there is also the effect that contains the image of two days to a single DVD, there was a limited amount of information. Without such constraints, I can enjoy the video with power at a sufficient amount of data this time!
Opening from “Gambler”, drumming of Cozy will tow powerful To jerk the band. And “Guilty Of Love” and “Love Is not No Stranger”, a solid play in hard, perfect score spectacular and meet listen to this unique time! The Cozy is a must see at the beginning of “Love Is not No Stranger”, and also can watch a scene that humming the lyrics to fit the song of David, also point of the video unique. Highlights of live Sykes to burst the guitar of Gary Moore Burr is “Crying In The Rain”. Drum solo of Cozy that has been cut in relation to playing time is also served in the spectacular highest (production which was a combination of smoke and a fantastic glittering lighting can be confirmed, the charm of the video unique!) The next day.
After you were Kikikoma thoroughly “(Is not No Love) In The Heart Of The City”, the climax of the show and “Do not Break My Heart Again” and “Walking In The Shadow Of The Blues” Gad powerful explosion! Until the end, four people on the stage we have demonstrated an overwhelming presence worthy of the headliner Fes.

Subsequently, the recorded pattern of 12 days Kanto second day and August, who appeared in front of the Michael Schenker Group. It is the appearance of daytime this day, but full of uplifting the same day before (the tension of the band would be one of the best in ’84 live) performance of the band.
MC to detonate the power healthy macho, was sprinkled with Japanese such as “Ogenkidesuka” “Min’nagenki!?” Also I’m great Kavu~aderu is illuminated by the light of day. John Sykes who had decided Bishitsu in stage costume eve, wearing a rough (I do not think the real thing) of the famous character named T-shirt on this day. However Kakkoyo of the young nobleman spree playing it flying around in just a crowdedly stage is excellent! Presence of Cozy spree to beat back the blue sky further, play word and action of inferior Neil Murray, staging Aktiv powerful of the great three people sharpness of movement yet artisanal. They will be glued to the screen thinking you are watching!
State of the audience that is difficult to see, know clearly also live vividly unique daytime in the 11th video was starring at night. Audience the top of the stadium up to, will be surprised to many of the audience that filled the venue literally. The reason of the festival “remain in hard rock history of Japan” what this hot air. That day 30 years ago, the mood of the venue that wrapped the fan seems to be either transmitted!
Including the new song “Gambler”, “Guilty Of Love” is a classic and “Ready An ‘Willing” and “Crying In The Rain”, and listen to the performance energetic full of ambition band also to meet the enthusiasm of the hall causes. What is interesting in this video even more, is that the camera is seeing to how the members raised once you have finished the “Do not Break My Heart Again”. Under the impression that are immersed in the afterglow anyone has succeeded in stage, expression of each individual has been enhanced, too. And the figure of four people towards the stage again as “one Ding! Another” celebrated its encore, splendor explodes at the end of “Walking In The Shadow Of The Blues”! This scene would be one of the best scenes in professional video shot in the number of WHITESNAKE! After the end of the live, the appearance of members leaving the stage, think of Bankan I think this is one of the come and go in the chest of a fan?

In the disk in the last three, out of print laser disc master it is available currently difficult than (78C58-6092), and digitized at the highest quality the pattern of the 11th! This video, cause the video from the video out of print had have appeared in several titles in the past. However, the thickness of the sound and clearness of the image is clearly different material this time. The natural bleeding of color do not mind, yet rich color causes highlighted in vivid figure of the band that was illuminated by the spotlight. Fat sound further, lets enjoy the vie to hard, more music full of masculinity of WHITESNAKE! And “Love Is not No Stranger,” “Ready An ‘staging of Kavu~aderu passionate in the Willing”, guitar Sykes emotional is, “Slow An’ Cozy to exploding drum solo and Easy”, “Crying In The Rain” the cause of its outstanding video was available on the joy … past drumming dynamic, can watch the video for Evergreen, will never be Reflecting on anymore!
It is a recording of about 56 minutes in the whole volume, not only in the length of about two-thirds compared with the actual live this video. Such as between songs that cut and configurations sandwiched interviewed song stand out (mix of voice speaking even), to remember or unnatural thing insufficient in the sense of current it is also fact. But the video quality has been completed that will surpass even larger 1 and 2 disk is Advance parties for! In “Metal Festival” for the first time in Japan, the sense and the technology that produced the video works and live rendition of this much, you can not help without admiration! You enjoy this feeling that not only enjoy the live simply, month and day of 30 years have aged also, It’s a real thrill of this work!

4 people carved named Cozy Kavu~aderu, Sykes, and Neil, in the history of British rock, in August 1984 it fought the most powerful performance. It is this “4 people organize era”, it is possible to affirm that it was the era of the band’s strongest in the true sense of the term. No other two days, this historic moment is was left in perfect professional shot that miracle. What is the “already issued if ······ WHITESNAKE fans to enjoy high clearness and freshness and texture, and natural wide field of view of more than ever, the scenes and wonderful performances fought in Japan 30 years ago is just WHITESNAKE even the people who “saw also time, you will enjoy the full-length with a new inspiring! The very best performance in “Super Rock ’84” Kanto held, this work was recorded in the quality of the superb, Masterpiece continue to shine forever for rock fans of all! So that you do not miss, absolutely DVD3 Disc Complete limited press of permanent preservation version!


 WHITESNAKEが通算4度目の来日を果たした”スーパー・ロック ’84″。その関東開催における映像が、過去最良のクオリティと、過去最も分厚いボリューム(プレスDVD3枚組!)で結実します! 本作では8月11日と12日にWHITESNAKEが繰り広げた白熱のライヴを、コージー・パウエル所蔵のPALベータ・マスター(遂に、あの画面上の日付データが取れた!)と、現在入手困難であるレーザー・ディスク・マスターより、それぞれダイレクトにデジタル化。名演・熱演が当たり前のWHITESNAKE来日公演でも、真に特別だった”スーパー・ロック ’84″関東開催。その30周年を記念する”アニバーサリー・エディション”が、今ここに誕生です!

 ハードロック/ヘヴィメタルの歴史において、フェスティバルは常にひとつの節目を彩ってきました。1980年のドニントン”モンスターズ・オブ・ロック”は、メタル・エイジの幕開けを宣言し、1983年の”U.S. フェスティバル”は、世代や性別を越えてメタルの存在を幅広く浸透させました。我が国において、これら英米の歴史的フェスに唯一比肩し、例えられるものと言えば、1984年の”スーパー・ロック ’84″です。当時人気絶頂のマイケル・シェンカー・グループをはじめ、世界的バンドへと飛躍しつつあったSCORPIONS、若き日のBON JOVI、そしてANVIL・・・・・・。豪華な顔ぶれが一堂に会したそのラインナップは、現在では到底再現不可能。日本のファンに初めて”本物のメタル・フェス”を経験させた功績は、満30年を迎えた今、さらに重みと意義を増しています。
 それだけに”スーパー・ロック”におけるWHITESNAKEライヴは、これまで各種の素材が登場してきました。記憶に新しいところでは、Miracle Manが関東2公演を客席録音した『SUPER ROCK ’84 TOKYO: 1st Day』および『SUPER ROCK ’84: TOKYO 2nd Day』がプレスCDで登場し、この他にも様々なオーディエンス録音が存在しています。それらアイテム中で大定番といえるのは、ライヴの全編を収めたプロショット映像です。11日を収録した『KINGS OF THE NIGHT』と12日の『KINGS OF THE DAY』は、Langleyレーベルから登場した直後より、マニアから「この日の決定版」と位置づけられ、両日を一枚のディスクにパッケージした『GAMBLER’S VIEW』も、引き続きファンに愛されました。しかしこのプロショット映像は、素材の状態に多少の問題があったのも事実。特に画面下半分を埋めた日付テロップの存在は、マスター・テープに散見された経年劣化以上に、「これさえ無ければ・・・・・・」と、フラストレーションを覚えるものでした。
 それに対し、今回新たに”コージー・テープス”から発見されたPAL・ベータマスターは、この字幕が外れた一段上のアッパー・バージョン! 既発とは別種の字幕がインサートされてはいるものの、画面の可視範囲は大きく広がり、素材の状態も優良そのもの。何よりも素材の質感で11日・12日ともに統一感がある映像で。クオリティや見やすさでは間違いなく格上の素材だったのです!(ちなみに、この文字のないヴァージョンは存在しません。まさに本テイクこそが最終決定版です。)・・・これはきちんとした形で、後世に伝えなくてはいけない。そこで今回は、同時期に発掘された状態最上級のレーザー・ディスク・マスターと共に、フェスティバルの”30周年記念版”として、3枚組プレスDVDでのリリースを決定しました!

 本作のディスク1では、WHITESNAKEがヘッドライナー出演を務めた関東初日・11日の模様を、約80分間に渡り収録しています。映像はショウ開始よりも5分ほど前から収録されており、技術スタッフによるサウンドチェックの模様はいきなりの見所。開演前の会場では、いまや遅しとショウの始まりを待ち受けるファンの姿も捉えられています。同種映像の決定版とされた『GAMBLER’S VIEW』は、1枚のDVDに2日間の映像を収めた影響もあり、情報量に限りがありました。今回はそんな制約もなく、充分なデータ量で迫力ある映像を満喫できます!
 オープニングの「Gambler」から、コージーのドラミングはバンドをぐいぐいとパワフルに牽引します。「Guilty Of Love」そして「Love Ain’t No Stranger」と、ハードでソリッドなプレイは、この時期ならではの聴き応えと見応えが満点! そのコージーは「Love Ain’t No Stranger」の冒頭、デイヴィッドの歌に合わせて歌詞を口ずさんでいるシーンも観られるなど、映像ならではのポイントも必見です。サイクスがゲイリー・ムーアばりのギターを炸裂させる「Crying In The Rain」はライヴのハイライト。翌日は演奏時間の関係でカットされたコージーのドラムソロも最高の見応えで楽しめます(きらびやかな照明と幻想的なスモークを併用した演出が確認できるのは、映像ならではの魅力!)。
 「(Ain’t No Love) In The Heart Of The City」をじっくり聴き込ませた後は、ショウのクライマックス「Don’t Break My Heart Again」や「Walking In The Shadow Of The Blues」がド迫力で炸裂! ステージ上の4人は最後まで、フェスのヘッドライナーにふさわしい圧倒的な存在感を発揮しています。

 日の光に照らされたカヴァデールはマッチョで健康的なパワーを爆発させ、「オゲンキデスカ」・「ミンナゲンキ!?」など日本語を交えたMCも絶好調です。前夜はステージ衣装でビシッと決めていたジョン・サイクスは、この日は有名キャラクターの(本物とは思えない)Tシャツというラフな姿。しかしステージ狭しとばかりに飛び回って弾きまくる若い貴公子の格好よさは抜群です! さらに青い空をバックに叩きまくるコージーの存在感、プレイは職人的でありながら動きのキレは3人に勝るとも劣らないニール・マーレイのアクションなど、パワフルでアクティヴなステージングは素晴らしいの一言。観ていて思わず画面へと釘付けにされてしまいます!
 バンドも会場の熱気に応えるように「Gambler」・「Guilty Of Love」の新曲をはじめ、定番である「Ready An’ Willing」そして「Crying In The Rain」と、覇気に満ちたエネルギッシュな演奏を聴かせます。さらに本映像で興味深いのは、「Don’t Break My Heart Again」を終えて一旦引き上げたメンバーの様子までカメラが捉えている点です。誰もがステージを成功させた余韻に浸っている印象で、一人ひとりの表情も充実しています。そしてアンコールを迎え「もう一丁!」と再度ステージへ向かう4人の姿、最後に炸裂する「Walking In The Shadow Of The Blues」の素晴らしさ! この場面はWHITESNAKEの数あるプロショット映像でも指折りの名シーンでしょう! ライヴの終了後、ステージを去るメンバーの姿に、ファンの胸には万感の思いが去来するのではないでしょうか?

 最後のディスク3では、現在入手が困難である廃盤レーザー・ディスク・マスター(78C58-6092)より、11日の模様を最高画質でデジタル化! この映像は、過去にも廃盤ビデオからの映像起こしが複数のタイトルで登場してはいました。しかし今回の素材は映像のクリアネスやサウンドの太さが明らかに違う。色のにじみが気にならない自然な、それでいて豊かな発色は、スポットライトに照らされたバンドの姿を鮮やかに浮かび上がらせる。さらにファットなサウンドは、WHITESNAKEの男らしさ溢れる楽曲を、よりハードでへヴィに満喫させます! 「Love Ain’t No Stranger」や「Ready An’ Willing」における情熱的なカヴァデールのステージング、エモーショナルなサイクスのギターが、「Slow An’ Easy」・「Crying In The Rain」そしてドラムソロで炸裂するコージーのダイナミックなドラミングが、エバーグリーンな映像で観られる喜び・・・過去に出回ったビデオ起こしの既発は、もはや省みられる事が無いでしょう!
 本映像は全編で約56分の収録であり、実際のライヴと比べて3分の2程度の長さでしかありません。曲中にインタビューが挟みこまれる構成やカットが目立つ曲間など(さらに言えば音声のミックスも)、現在の感覚では物足りなさや不自然さを覚えるのも事実です。しかしその完成された映像クオリティは、関係者用のアドバンスであるディスク1・2すら大きく凌ぎます! 日本で初めての”メタル・フェスティバル”で、これだけのライヴ演出と映像作品を生み出した技術とセンスには、敬服せずにはいられません! 単にライヴを楽しむだけでなく、30年という月日が熟成したこの感覚を味わうのも、本作の醍醐味なのです!

 カヴァデール,サイクス,ニールそしてコージーという、ブリティッシュ・ロックの歴史に名を刻んだ4人が、最もパワフルなパフォーマンスを繰り広げた1984年8月。この”4人編成時代”こそ、本当の意味でバンド最強の時代だったと断言できる。この歴史的な瞬間が2日分、完璧なプロショットで残されたのは奇跡というほかありません。WHITESNAKEがちょうど30年前の日本で繰り広げた名演そして名場面を、これまで以上の広い視野とナチュラルな質感、そして高い鮮度とクリアネスで楽しめる・・・・・・WHITESNAKEファンならば「既発を何度も観た」という人ですら、新たな感激で全編を楽しめるでしょう! ”スーパー・ロック ’84″関東開催でのパフォーマンスを余す所なく、極上のクオリティで収録した本作は、全てのロック・ファンにとって永遠に輝き続けるマスターピース! 永久保存版の完全限定プレスDVD3枚組を、絶対にお見逃しありませんように!

Taken from the original PAL Beta Video Tape (Sony L-750) belonged to Cozy Powell

Disc 1
Live at Seibu Stadium, Saitama, Japan 11th August 1984 

1. Soundcheck 2. Introduction 3. Gambler 4. Guilty Of Love 5. Love Ain’t No Stranger 
6. Ready An’ Willing 7. Slow An’ Easy 8. Crying In The Rain 9. Guitar Solo 10. Soldier Of Fortune 
11. Drum Solo 12. Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City 13. Don’t Break My Heart Again 
14. Walking In The Shadow Of The Blues 15. We Wish You Well 


Disc 2
Live at Seibu Stadium, Saitama, Japan 12th August 1984 

1. Introduction 2. Gambler 3. Guilty Of Love 4. Love Ain’t No Stranger 5. Ready An’ Willing 
6. Slow An’ Easy 7. Crying In The Rain 8. Guitar Solo 9. Soldier Of Fortune 
10. Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City 11. Don’t Break My Heart Again 
12. Walking In The Shadow Of The Blues 


Disc 3 
Super Rock ’84 In Japan: Laser Disc Edition
Live at Seibu Stadium, Saitama, Japan 11th August 1984

Taken from the original Japanese Laser Disc (78C58-6092)

1. Introduction 2. Gambler 3. Interview (Coverdale) 4. Guilty Of Love 5. Love Ain’t No Stranger 
6. Ready An’ Willing 7. Slow An’ Easy 8. Crying In The Rain 9. Guitar Solo 10. Soldier Of Fortune 
11. Interview (Sykes, Murray, Powell) 12. Drum Solo 13. Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City
14. Interview (Coverdale) 15. Don’t Break My Heart Again 16. Guilty Of Love (Outro.)


David Coverdale – Vocals John Sykes – Guitar Neil Murray – Bass Cozy Powell – Drums
Richard Bailey – Keyboards 

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