Whitesnake / Rock In Rio 1985 Remastered Edition / 2DVDR

Whitesnake / Rock In Rio 1985 Remastered Edition / 2DVDR / Non Label

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Rock In Rio, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, 11th & 19th January 1985. Pro-Shot


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Pro shot video that was recorded “Rock In Rio” of 1985, has been known as a classic image of Cozy Powell enrolled at the time among fans from the old days. Was released from Langley label once “ROCK IN RIO” in (January 11), the Power Gate label and “ROCK IN RIO 2ND NIGHT” is (January 19), a record high the take of the familiar these together both it is described as a masterpiece that was turned into DVD Quality, making it the grass narrative between your Mania now. In this work: as a bonus of the release of “SUPER ROCK ’84 IN JAPAN 30TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION”, along with SUPER ROCK ’84 of “foursome Whitesnake the strongest” is a great masterpiece pro shot video of one again with “ROCK IN will be re-released in a version that was recorded remastered from the master, RIO “the two works, and upgraded by both image quality and sound.

The January 11 that it has been recorded on the disc 1, the date of IRON MAIDEN and QUEEN have emerged as the main act. It is a legendary stage is combined with live of this WHITESNAKE, Treasures of the British Empire was able to vivid light. Allotted time of WHITESNAKE was about 60 minutes, but live to play in front than 25 million people nearly 4-5 times that of a large crowd, as might be expected from a comparison Ya that “Reading Featival” and “Monsters Of Rock” it will be to feel the tremor of excitement. The brave figure against the audience to fill the surroundings, like they hit a power all can have, there is a thing that causes numbness the hearts of fans. Compared to digital image of modern, I feel the analog is the original master to be a shooting 26 years ago, but the screen members rises to float in vivid dark enough impact. And editing shot a professional have been made to the camera, plenty of spectacular cut split and dynamic image. The sound quality good omission is good in more than sufficient as derived from VTR material, performance of the band, of course, such as a unique whistling and cheers of the audience, which is emitted from the floor, hot air exuberant also handed down the straight.
The set list of this live, on behalf of live ’84 in the “Gambler” opening, “Walking In The Shadow Of The Blues” has been returned to the “pole position” as at the time ’83. Live deployment followed by continued and “Guilty Of Love” and “Ready An ‘Willing” in the same song, reminds the “Monsters Of Rock” of 1983 that WHITESNAKE has graced the head liner. Sound guitar-oriented, supported and “Crying In The Rain” and “Slide It In”, the rhythm powerful, 80s sound basis might like fans of South America indeed. Stage charm of “four organized era” is jammed is really intense!

Disc 2 followed, recorded stage of January 19, who appeared as a support for OZZY OSBOURNE and SCORPIONS. It also differs from the air of the 11th British, this day a “Heavy Metal DAY” seems to have been drifting festival mood indeed South America.
Shooting has been done from the position substantially similar to the disk 1 is also here, for screen configuration also even closer, you can you Miiru to the contents of the video without discomfort even watch it continue. Image quality is slightly darker, but the image to be projected clearly the person is a good material to more than sufficient even for those days. I can pat confirmation of course hand-up of Sykes, also exciting play of Cozy. (Not extend to press CD panel indeed though) voice has also been recorded in line sources or more levels, meet is also enough to listen. Base is clear to take over the 11th, cheers also of modest it will place happy.

There was a drawback to say not look good movement of members screen is too dark in its outstanding panel, but in the present work, we have greatly improved the image quality to clear the screen by increasing the gamma value of this volume. Then you’ll be amazed at the fan figure “look” of the members clearly from the beginning! ! !

Set list is the same, but it met with “live Cozy last in WHITESNAKE”, motivation of the band 11 days or more. To rush to the hard and heavy from the opening and “Walking In The Shadows”, play Cozy can listen intro of “Crying In The Rain” is a highlight of the best. Solo part of Sykes unfolds in the same song midfield would be hard rock fan must-see for all further. In “Rock In Rio ’85” this, instead had been played in “Super Rock ’84” to “Gambler”, of being picked up is “Slide It In” is also an important point.
By the convenience of the master, and that it is a recording of the middle, that the missing can be seen in the guitar solo of Sykes in the middle, further of the last of the first song “Walking In The Shadow Of The Blues” and “Do not Break My Heart Again drawback etc., of some “is unreleased also observed. But the video to entertain with powerful and stable sense of preeminent, the performance of WHITESNAKE that you are about to enter a “milestone of the times” are not found in the other, as compared with the press CD sound superb, the presence of this work it is no different in any way!

As a happy bonus, from the video library Cozy was owned, than the TV program “WHISTLE TEST” of the United Kingdom that has been broadcast in ’85 early, it is played in this “Rock In Rio ’85” is to this disk 2 it was recorded in January 19 the “Love Is not No Stranger”. There is a taste different also, the screen is easy to read in bright main or more. Interview Kavu~aderu is I have been inserts in the same take, but valuable scene interviewer to seek comment on the matter of Cozy leave are also included. The fact that Cozy had videotaped at home this, there is nothing interesting. Upon release of this time, I tried to re-recorded from the master again PAL beta video Cozy was owned. A result, the image quality becomes clearer, I was able to be recorded until the last part of the accrued to its outstanding. It will be to be a single which can not be ignored mania This alone is proven.

As the video of this “four organized era”, including also the official Underground version. Was held in Japan “Super Rock ’84” is, has been known as the presence worthy of the definitive edition. However, the figure of Whitesnake of January 85 that micelles in playing powerful than, “Super Rock ’84” in front of a large crowd of angry waves fan must-have, definitely a must-see. Please enjoy to your heart’s content please in image quality and sound quality of the record, the two shows in Rio de Janeiro should be noted such, even in WHITESNAKE ever!


 1985年の”Rock In Rio”を収録したプロショット映像は、昔からファンの間でコージー・パウエル在籍時の定番映像として知られてきました。かつてLangleyレーベルからリリースされた「ROCK IN RIO」(1月11日)に、 Power Gateレーベルの「ROCK IN RIO 2ND NIGHT」(1月19日)は、双方共にこれらお馴染みのテイクを過去最高のクオリティでDVD化した傑作と評され、今なおマニアの間では語り草となっています。本作では「SUPER ROCK ’84 IN JAPAN: 30TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION」のリリースのボーナスとして、「最強の4人組ホワイトスネイク」のSUPER ROCK ’84と並ぶ、もう一つの大傑作プロショット映像である「ROCK IN RIO」2作品を、マスターよりリマスター収録し、画質・音声ともによりグレードアップしたヴァージョンで再リリース致します。

 ディスク1に収録された1月11日は、QUEENそしてIRON MAIDENがメイン・アクトとして登場した日。このWHITESNAKEのライヴと合わせ、大英帝国の至宝が鮮烈な光を放った伝説的ステージです。WHITESNAKEの持ち時間は60分程度でしたが、あの”Reading Featival”や”Monsters Of Rock”と比較しても4~5倍近い25万人もの大観衆の前で演奏するライヴには、さすがに武者震いを感じた事でしょう。彼らが周囲を埋め尽くすオーディエンスを相手に、持てる力全てをぶつけるような勇姿は、ファンの心を痺れさせるものがあります。現代のデジタル映像と較べると、26年前の撮影となる元マスターにはアナログさを感じますが、暗闇へ鮮烈にメンバーが浮かびあがる画面はインパクト充分。カメラはプロフェッショナルなショットと編集がなされており、ダイナミックな映像とカット割りは見応えたっぷり。またVTR素材が由来としては充分以上に抜けの良い音質も良好で、バンドの演奏はもちろん、会場から発せられるオーディエンスの歓声や独特な口笛など、あふれんばかりの熱気もストレートに伝わってきます。
 このライヴでのセットリストは、’84年ライヴの「Gambler」オープニングに代わって、「Walking In The Shadow Of The Blues」が’83年当時のように”ポール・ポジション”へ復帰しています。同曲に続き「Guilty Of Love」や「Ready An’ Willing」と続くライヴ展開は、WHITESNAKEがヘッドライナーを飾った’83年の”Monsters Of Rock”を思い出させます。「Crying In The Rain」や「Slide It In」など、パワフルなリズムに支えられたギター・オリエンテッドなサウンドは、いかにも南米のファンが好みそうな’80年代的サウンド。”4人編成時代”の魅力が詰まったステージは本当に強烈です!

 続くディスク2は、SCORPIONSやOZZY OSBOURNEのサポートとしての出演した1月19日のステージを収録。”ヘヴィ・メタルDAY”なこの日は11日のブリティッシュな空気とはまた異なる、いかにも南米なムードの漂うフェスティバルだったそうです。


 セットリストは同じですが「WHITESNAKEにおけるコージー最後のライヴ」とあって、バンドのモチベーションは11日以上。オープニングから重厚かつハードに突進する「Walking In The Shadows」や、「Crying In The Rain」のイントロで聴けるコージーのプレイは最高の見どころです。さらに同曲中盤で繰り広げられるサイクスのソロパートは全てのハードロックファン必見でしょう。この”Rock In Rio ’85″では、”Super Rock ’84″で演奏されていた「Gambler」に替わり、「Slide It In」が取り上げられているのも重要なポイントです。
 マスターの都合により、1曲目の「Walking In The Shadow Of The Blues」が途中からの収録である事や、中盤におけるサイクスのギターソロに欠落が見られる点、さらにラストの「Don’t Break My Heart Again」が未収録である等、幾つかの難点も認められます。しかし「時代の節目」を迎えようとしているWHITESNAKEのパフォーマンスを、抜群の安定感と迫力で楽しませる映像は他に見当たらず、極上のプレスCD音源と比較しても、本作の存在感にはいささかも変わりありません!

 このディスク2へは嬉しいボーナスとして、コージーが所有していたビデオ・ライブラリーから、’85年初頭に放送されたイギリスのテレビ番組”WHISTLE TEST”より、この”Rock In Rio ’85″で演奏された1月19日の「Love Ain’t No Stranger」を収録。本編以上に明るく見易い画面は、また違った味わいがあります。同テイクにはカヴァデールのインタビューがインサートされているのですが、インタビュアーがコージー脱退の件についてコメントを求める貴重なシーンも含まれています。これをコージーが自宅でビデオ録画していたという事実は、何とも興味深いものがあります。今回のリリースに際し、コージーが所有していたPALベータ映像を再度マスターより再収録を試みました。結果、画質はより鮮明になり、既発に未収の最後のパートまで収録することが出来ました。これだけでもマニアには無視できない一本であることが証明されることでしょう。

 この”4人編成時代”の映像としては、公式・アングラ版も含め。日本で行われた”Super Rock ’84″が、決定版にふさわしい存在として知られています。しかし、怒涛の大観衆の前で、”Super Rock ’84″以上に迫力ある演奏で魅せる85年1月のホワイトスネイクの姿は間違いなくファン必携・必見。そんな、WHITESNAKE史上でも特筆されるべきリオデジャネイロの2公演を、過去最高の画質・音質でどうぞ心ゆくまでお楽しみください!

Disc 1(59:49)
Live at Rock In Rio, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil 11th January 1985

1. Opening 2. Walking In The Shadow Of The Blues 3. Guilty Of Love 4. Ready An’ Willing
5. Love Ain’t No Stranger 6. Crying In The Rain 7. Guitar Solo 
8. Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City 9. Slow An’ Easy 10. Slide It In
11. Don’t Break My Heart Again

Disc 2 (51:30)
Live at Rock In Rio, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil 19th January 1985 

1. Walking In The Shadow Of The Blues 2. Guilty Of Love 3. Ready An’ Willing 
4. Love Ain’t No Stranger 5. Crying In The Rain 6. Guitar Solo 
7. Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City 8. Slow An’ Easy 9. Slide It In 

Bonus Track 
10. Love Ain’t No Stranger (Rock In Rio 19th January 1985)
11. David Coverdale Interview 

David Coverdale – Vocals John Sykes – Guitar Neil Murray – Bass Cozy Powell – Drums
Richard Bailey – Keyboards 





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