Whitesnake / Reading Rock 79/80 Broadcast Version / 2CDR

Whitesnake / Reading Rock 79/80 Broadcast Version / 2CDR / Non label
Live at Reading Festival, England 26th August 1979 & 24th August 1980 STEREO SBD

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Initial WHITESNAKE was British Blues rock treasure. The highest peak board of traditional sound board which has continued to convey its charm is gift · release decision.
Its traditional board is two kinds of FM sound sources of the famous historical Reading Festival. It is a set of two pieces of “1 August 1979” in the “LOVE HUNTER” era and “August 24, 1980” in the “READY AN ‘WILLING” era. Both of these two sound boards are a big staple in the classic. FM broadcasting produced a number of air checking boards, equivalent to the official “LIVE … IN THE HEART OF THE CITY” …… No, it has reigned as a top-of-the-line live album of the blues rock era with more famous performances .
This work is the highest peak of such super classic. Neither is an air check, it is a transcendent board not via radio waves. First, although it is “1979 year edition” of Disc 1, this is the American broadcasting station “NEW JERSEY RADIO NETWORK” version. It is digitally translated directly from the broadcast masterplate, and there is no degradation of noise or sound quality that is often found in air check sound sources. As for the other disk 2 “1980 year edition” too, the origin is different, again, it is superb. It is a BBC rebroadcast version since the digital era, and it has been made into a disc with zero degradation. These two types first appeared as press CDs “SUMMER OF ’79” and “BLOOD AND FLAG” from the Power Gate label about 10 years ago. In an instant I kicked off the departure. Even then, I have not allowed tracking as the strongest broadcast version until now.
“As a broadcast version” also points. As a matter of fact, these two kinds of sound boards are bonus included in the 2011 official box set “BOX ‘O’ SNAKES”. Formulation has already been realized. Then, if it says whether this work is worth it, it is not it. Although the official box is said to be a high price of tens of thousands of yen in the abolition record, the quality of this work was not lost also to the official version. Of course, it is not exactly the same. The official board is set with a digital remastered studio work, and it sounds that it is fancy and emphasizes dynamism considerably. On the other hand, this work keeps the freshness without deterioration as it is, the minuteness of the original analog master is accurately recorded.
Of course, although the official dynamic sound is not bad, the problem is that the lead role is WHITESNAKE of the blues rock era. A pulsating grooves breathes on the beat, and a deep blues breathes in the twin harmony. The juicy music has an exquisitely matched analog feeling, and it is much sharper than the official CD which was glaring.
And it is the DJ of the program to further raise the historical mood. Talk about program name and band, and advertise sponsor ‘s Coca – Cola. Although it is a short and supplementary comment to the last, this is the highest birthday era. Of course, it is not recorded on the official CD, and it can also be enjoyed here with the official quality which is much higher quality sound than many previous episodes.
Classic Snake ‘s masterpiece sounds like this is exactly the British blues rock’ s extreme. “1979 edition (Disc 1)” is two performances immediately after subscribing to the pace, and a show of the new lineup is practically performed. The impact of three former DEEP PURPLEs is enormous, and many reporters also gather in the specialty festival. After firmly understanding its degree of attention, he will perform such an entertainment as to beat on the “attraction of a new lineup different from DP reunion”. “Come On” and “Might Just Take Your Life” are not recorded yet because they are edited along the broadcasting frame, but “Walking In The Shadow Of The Blues” and “Love Hunter” As early as the show, “Breakdown” and “Whitesnake Boogie” unique to the early stage are also hurting. And “Belgian Tom’s Hat Trick” featuring drum solo of pace! That brilliant and overwhelming drumming is intact in DEEP PURPLE heyday, and the Hammond of John Road riding on it is also great. The more you keep the enthusiasm of “The difference with DP!”, You can enjoy plenty of sarcastic and best performance that the golden DEEP PURPLE will be remembered.
And, one year later “1980 year (Disk 2)” is also overwhelming. At that time, “READY AN ‘WILLING” was a big hit, two months after the Hammersmith performance that became the basis of “LIVE … IN THE HEART OF THE CITY”. The ensemble has already matured and the charm of the “white catchy blues rock” which is “catchy but deep” is fully opened. Although the opening “Come On” has also been cut here, “Sweet Talker” which was the second track on the scene is also like a pole position with amazing momentum.
The set incorporating the hit songs of “READY AN ‘WILLING” is a shortened version of “LIVE … IN THE HEART OF THE CITY”, but its heat quantity is rather higher for this work! It is far more vivid than “LIVE … IN THE HEART OF THE CITY” which was prepared with a lot of overdubs, and the ambition to serve as a bird of the mother country festoes the heaven. Everything is overwhelming, but the extreme is Climax’s “Mistreated”. If John’s intro’s improvisation is also colorful, Barney and Mickey’s sticky tones are exquisite, too. And, more than anything, Cavadel whole body depicting! Sexy breathing and Han smelling roar is also powerful but glossy. The appeal of the blues singer who has not been able to taste in the screaming style of later years is concentrated in one song. Behind the Daimyo Edition ‘LIVE … IN THE HEART OF THE CITY’, it is natural that fans have loved them as a top for many years. Together with “Soldier Of Fortune”, it is a unique performance and fame.

Although it is the sound of the radio at that time, on the radio at that time it is a 2-pack set packed with master disk quality that I could never listen. Although rare songs and the mood of the full show are handed down to other soundboards and titles, WHITESNAKE is one of the best on rich blues feel and youthful passion. Ultimately superb sound board album that will become the ultimate of British blues rock, please fully appreciate at this opportunity.

その伝統盤とは、歴史に名高いレディング・フェスティバルのFM音源2種。『LOVEHUNTER』時代の「1979年8月26日」と、『READY AN’ WILLING』時代の「1980年8月24日」をディスク1枚ずつに配した2枚組です。この2つのサウンドボードはどちらも定番中の大定番。FM放送されたことで数々のエアチェック盤を生み出し、公式『LIVE… IN THE HEART OF THE CITY』と同等……いえ、それ以上の名演でブルースロック時代の頂点ライヴアルバムとして君臨してきました。
本作は、そんな超定番の最高峰となるもの。どちらもエアチェックではなく、電波を介していない超絶盤なのです。まず、ディスク1の「1979年編」ですが、こちらはアメリカの放送局“NEW JERSEY RADIO NETWORK”バージョン。その放送原盤からダイレクトにデジタル・トランスレートされており、エアチェック音源にありがちなノイズ類や音質の劣化がまったく見られない。もう一方のディスク2「1980年編」も出自は違えど、やはり極上。デジタル時代になってからのBBC再放送バージョンでして、劣化ゼロでディスク化されています。この2種は、10年ほど前にPower GateレーベルからプレスCD『SUMMER OF ’79』『BLOOD AND FLAG』として初登場。瞬く間に既発を一蹴。その後も、現在まで最強の放送版として追随を許していないのです。
「放送版として」もポイント。実のところ、この2種のサウンドボードは2011年の公式ボックスセット『BOX ‘O’ SNAKES』にボーナス収録。すでに公式化が実現しているのです。では、本作に価値がないかと言うと、さにあらず。公式ボックスが当に廃盤で数万円の高値となっているというのもありますが、本作のクオリティは公式バージョンにも負けていなかった。もちろん、完全に同じというわけでもない。公式盤はデジタル・リマスターされたスタジオ作品とセットになっている事もあって、かなり派手でダイナミズムを強調したサウンド。それに対し、本作は劣化のない鮮度はそのままに、大元アナログ・マスターの機微が正確に記録されているのです。
そんなサウンド描かれるClassicスネイクの名演は、まさに英国ブルースロックの極み。「1979年編(ディスク1)」はペイス加入直後の2公演であり、実質的に新ラインナップのお披露目ショウ。元DEEP PURPLEが3人揃ったインパクトは巨大で、名物フェスには多くの報道陣も集結。その注目度をしっかりと理解した上で「DP再結成とは違う、新ラインナップの魅力」を叩きつけるような熱演を繰り広げる。放送枠に沿って編集されているので「Come On」や「Might Just Take Your Life」は未収録ですが、当時はまだリリースされていなかった「Walking In The Shadow Of The Blues」「Love Hunter」を早くも披露し、初期ならではの「Breakdown」「Whitesnake Boogie」も激アツ。そして、ペイスのドラムソロをフィーチュアした「Belgian Tom’s Hat Trick」! その華麗にして圧倒的なドラミングはDEEP PURPLE全盛期そのままですし、その上に乗るジョン・ロードのハモンドも絶好調。「俺達はDPとは違うぞ!」の熱気がこもればこもるほど、黄金のDEEP PURPLEが思い出されてしまうという皮肉で最高な演奏がたっぷり楽しめます。
そして、1年を経た「1980年編(ディスク2)」も圧倒的。当時は『READY AN’ WILLING』が大ヒット中で、『LIVE… IN THE HEART OF THE CITY』の元になったハマースミス公演の2ヶ月後。そのアンサンブルはすでに成熟しており、“ディープだけどキャッチー”な白蛇流ブルースロックの魅力が全開。こちらもオープニングの「Come On」がカットされているものの、現場で2曲目だった「Sweet Talker」もまるでポールポジションのような勢いが凄い。
『READY AN’ WILLING』のヒット曲を盛り込んだセットは『LIVE… IN THE HEART OF THE CITY』の短縮版といった感じですが、その熱量はむしろ本作の方が上! 大量のオーバーダブで整えられた『LIVE… IN THE HEART OF THE CITY』よりも遙かに生々しく、母国フェスのトリを務める覇気は天をも突く。すべてが圧倒的ですが、極めつけはクライマックスの「Mistreated」。ジョンによるイントロのインプロヴィゼーションもカラフルなら、バーニーとミッキーの粘り気あるトーンも絶品。そして、何よりカヴァデール渾身の絶唱! セクシーな呼吸も漢臭い咆哮もパワフルでありながら艶やか。後年の絶叫スタイルでは味わえなくなったブルース・シンガーの魅力が1曲に濃縮されている。大名盤『LIVE… IN THE HEART OF THE CITY』を差し置き、長年ファンが頂点として愛してきたのも当然。「Soldier Of Fortune」と共に、一世一代の名演・名唱なのです。


Live at Reading Festival, England 26th August 1979

1. Radio Intro. 2. Walking In The Shadow Of The Blues 3. Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City
4. Micky Moody Guitar Solo / Steal Away 5. Belgian Tom’s Hat Trick (incl. Drum Solo)
6. Mistreated 7. Soldier Of Fortune 8. Love Hunter 9. Breakdown
10. Whitesnake Boogie

Live at Reading Festival, England 24th August 1980

1. Radio Intro. 2. Sweet Talker 3. Walking In The Shadow Of The Blues 4. Ain’t Gonna Cry No More
5. Love Hunter 6. Micky Moody Guitar Solo 7. Mistreated 8. Soldier Of Fortune
9. Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City 10. Fool For Your Loving

David Coverdale – Vocals Bernie Marsden – Guitar Micky Moody – Guitar
Neil Murray – Bass Jon Lord – Keyboards Ian Paice – Drums


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