Whitesnake / Live In The Heart Of The City Complete / 2CD

Whitesnake / Live In The Heart Of The City Complete / 2CD / Langley

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Name million people sound ★, reintroduction (released in 2004)Whitesnake – LIVE IN THE HEART OF THE CITY COMPLETE (2CD) Live at Hammersmith Odeon, London, 24th June 1.98 thousand British STEREO SBD (from Original Masters)  the WHITESNAKE “READY AN ‘WILLING” live from 1980 after it was released in London on June 23 and 24, “Hammersmith Odeon” officially recorded two consecutive performances, fans attractive as a live band appealed to the “LIVE … IN THE HEART OF THE CITY” the twin lead of Bernie Marsden and Micky Moody listen to the best combination of Jon Lord and take the high road Ianpeisu of British hard rock containment to play and became the band’s first heyday “CLASSIC SNAKE” is known as the single representative of the age.  The “LIVE … IN THE HEART OF THE CITY” the June 24 show was based out of live, gramophone record from the master of the originating line mobile unit recorded with the help of a band ROLLING STONES sources imposed real intention had been organizing a fresh sound containment is not tampered with before being take in earnest in the studio. And punch while maintaining harshness of uncorrected because, with a clear top-quality sound, yet even more raw, WHITESNAKE will be a great surprise for all fans, and the magazine “one incident “is said to be caulked and more.  Among this work, and live recordings have collector’s item number WHITESNAKE “JUST YOU ‘N’ ME” and “1983 BUDOKAN MONITOR MIX” (Langley both) along with the undisputed pinnacle. WHITESNAKE before the Japan tour in October to achieve in three years, this work offers an outstanding experience is the one book please listen to us.  Mood told the start of the live sound of each instrument checks, the opening number of the fixed initial WHITESNAKE “Come On” Live to start from the very different official familiar with the live album “The Truth” “LIVE … IN THE HEART OF THE CITY “. The official was not only replaced entirely vocal, guitar and drums to the mix of very different, but listeners will be amazed at all. Was also replaced vocal “Sweet Talker”, insert the MC configuration cool long between songs “Walking In The Shadow Of The Blues” listening stations also irresistible. “Ain’t Gonna Cry No More” is a small scale, but replaced the song is great too as music itself, what will evoke warm the hearts of listeners.  In addition, this place is the great crisis of sound middle part of the official unreleased live. Each person is supported by stats ripe, the pathos of the song as much as possible to put the Kavaderu “Mistreated / Soldier Of Fortune”, “The Official Why was this removed?” Masterpieces are masterpieces of wonder and feel . Be moved to disk 2, the line source from the beginning of a very rare “Nighthawk”, Jon Lord’s solo masterpieces scattered a number of the second phase of DEEP PURPLE, even “Belgian Tom’s Hat Trick” to install flow • When pulling the listener’s solo, it can not be separated from the ear a moment expansion. Take the 13 minutes were also contains a cover of rock and roll and Members “Take With Me” also, who know only the official version of the six-minute surprise. The last is almost exactly as the official “Fool For Your Loving”, and the closing live in the best climax.  Ianpeisu drum Unfortunately, even “Ready An ‘Willing” “Lie Down” on the stage of unreleased master, or “Lovehunter” is housed in a shorter version as the official why here. Given the configuration of approximately 45 minutes per disc 1 and 2 are both the master were the source of this work is “the plan was intended to release a live album Disc 2” takes the early stages, “was not in? “it is also true mystery.  WHITESNAKE’s ongoing and very different, but what shade band images and music, from playing here is packaged, it was clearly propagated the tradition of British band WHITESNAKE at the time the hard rock. Worth playing sound, of course, as mentioned above, “Mystery and tired” to source real intention is love forever without being tired of the fans will enjoy from it sound soundboard outflow official title of the manual fan of the highest rank, all is. WHITESNAKE fans, of course, those who love the 70’s hard rock has come please listen, this one is unique! ★ Official “LIVE … IN THE HEART OF THE CITY” compared with (more explanation at the time of release.) (COME ON) COME ONE is the official start of the guitar sound, each instrument panel LANGLEY are rough Wan begins with sound sound check, about a half minutes, and has long been recorded. Behind the first guitar, a bass drum to match it contains, the official cut. From there followed a steady and vocal music, singing in the second half of why # 2, turns off the lead vocals. Did you mean, maybe that was sung to the audience, where the official is a completely different part. (Before entering the guitar solo is the official “AAGHHH!” And a shout, here is “OH, LOOK OUT!” Is) Also, Barney’s guitar solo, the official take is completely different. The texture of the last of DAVID “MUST BE GYPSYS IN …” see that there have also replaced. (SWEET TALKER) in the official, the lead singer has been mostly replaced. Including solo instruments, in contrast, remain unchanged. However, the balance of sound harshly in a good way, you can enjoy a fast-paced than the official force. (WALKING IN THE SHADOW OF THE BLUES) at the official song will suddenly rush to enter the MC longer between songs. As official familiar with, you can enjoy a wonderful vocalist David, No. 2 “or hesitate” except as part of the bridge is not replaced and the most part. However, the official chorus is stunning too stable you can see that the studio still capped. David’s first guitar solo in “HOO!!” Even “EVERY DAY OH MY LOVE!” We know well is capped at a later time. I have replaced 3 of the whole song, to say that this is not such a bad take at all original, David and the band over the whole volume, let us the best performance. (AIN’T GONNA CRY NO MORE) by recording an album for the record, I replaced the song order, has been playing right now.Are included in accrued non-official cut in front of the MC of this song, the atmosphere of excitement.The third song “Maybe someday I will understand”殆Do無Ku also replace other than the best song in mood music will progress. (No. 4 will be more free-form has almost been replaced, the original can not be bad thing this is.) (Lovehunter) Mikki_Mudi introduced by MC. (The official was accrued), but vocals that have been changed several places where a small, essentially adopting the most original take. The major difference is Mickey’s solo, and I take this mystery, is not deployed, including a solo STEAL AWAY official familiar with, has been edited quite short and quite official yet from 5:48 Enter a different ending solo performances. (MISTREATED) (NIGHTHAWK) (JON LORD SOLO) (NIGHTHAWK / BELGIAN TOM’S HAT TRICK) (AIN’T NO LOVE IN THE HEART OF THE CITY) all receivables official (AIN’T NO … will take the official 1978). (TAKE ME WITH YOU) but Editto_Bajon official six-minute, original, Members, and take 13 minutes or more times, including rock and roll covers. Listen to this CD is one of the places. (FOOL FOR YOUR LOVING) can be very good, stable and overall song of David also, and most still use the official. However, the number one song “I ain’t taking the blame” is not in the official after the “COME ON!” You have to say, don not extend from the texture of rust also, some of which also replaced you know. Barney’s guitar solo is also completely different thing because it was completely replaced. So, where is a packed hearing of the board must listen, but I doubt it’s certainly some questions remain. Ian_Peisu drum built in the middle of the show, READY AN ‘WILLING, LIE DOWN receivable are the relationship may have been a tape recording time, including the MC, has been recorded and all kitchen Nevertheless, only LOVEHUNTER, considering the fact that part of the guitar solo was Editto_Bajon, this take was planned to fit each disk is about 45 minutes assuming a 2-Disc release live album You might take the early stages of planning, so to speak. That is, initially a London show in 1980, is a hard rock band will release a live album was analog 2-Disc also said traditional relationships such as the budget, shall be changed to one, or As a result, and will be released as coupling the LP Live 1978 and is speculated at became a form of release was somewhat confusing within the constraints of Duration (For the United States.’s show with respect to the flow and content, compared to the official, subject to a more natural impression of this work clearly. originally, and I was not trying to take this set was released by the band and producer Matin_Bachi I guess not.) Magazine vol.45 ★ beatleg (April 2004) is not for review. Your reference. Official live album “LIVE … IN THE HEART OF THE CITY” The will, HAMMERSMITH ODEON 23 and 24 June 1980 date (time) to select the songs that are included in stage 8. I have been playing 14 songs in the set list the same on both days, as the track was cut six songs. What song is also the first three tracks Part 8, as the first song played on the stage, the remaining five songs out of order has become. This time, LANGLEY LABEL, imposed to obtain the tape was recorded CD sound quality of the official board at the June 24 level stages.“Ready An ‘Willing” “Lie Down” except that the drum is cut, which included approximately. Stage two-day part “Snake Dance” Boot CD titled (R?) Recording audience in circulation as now live recorded sound board WHITESNAKE period was going to迎Eyou golden age The only sound, exaggeration and expressed as a visionary and a tape was found would not say exactly. Touching the songs that were cut in the official, first of DEEP PURPLE “Mistreated”, will be played on an exquisite combination of vocals and bluesy guitar playing of Bernie David and intimacy. The ending of “Soldier Of Fortune” has been well represented in David’s feelings intact. “Nighthawk” keyboard solo is followed by John, of DEEP PURPLE “Woman From Tokyo” “LAZY” “Smoke On The Water” “Child In Time” the best audience response but scattered phrases. “Belgian Tom’s Hat Trick” is also included with the ending. Could be heard in the songs, including officials, to glimpse the whole picture as possible of the stage that day, said that the items must listen for fans. A Disc 1. Come On two. Sweet Talker 3. Walking In The Shadow Of The Blues 4. Is not Gonna Cry No More 5. Lovehunter six. Mistreated / Soldier Of Fortune Disc twoone. Nighthawk 2. Jon Lord Solo three. Belgian Tom’s Hat Trick 4.ain ‘t No Love In The Heart Of The City five. Take Me With You six. Fool For Your Loving David Coverdale – Vocals Bernie Marsden – Guitar, Vocals Micky Moody – Guitar, Vocals Jon Lord – Keyboards Neil murray – Bass Ian Paice  LANGLEY-289 

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