Whitesnake / Live At Hammersmith Rest Cuts /1 CDR

Whitesnake / Live At Hammersmith Rest Cuts /1 CDR /Non Label

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Live At Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK 23rd November 1978.

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Early WHITESNAKE fans absolutely can not miss listening to surprise sound sources, released as a bonus title! In the official live work “LIVE AT HAMMERSMITH”, the main part of the live part which was cut was packed with the high sound quality audience source which is the new excavation of the same day, and the sound source of fan drooling has appeared! That ’78 Hammersmith Live, which was incomplete in the official work, is now revealed here.

WHITESNAKE performed the UK tour of the fall of 1978 after the first album “TROUBLE” was released, the London “Hammer Smith Odeon” performance on November 23 was an official live recording, It was announced in the form of “Japan only release” in March 1980. This official live performance played an important role to convey the charm of WHITESNAKE as a live act not seen yet to many Japanese fans.
Starting with ‘Come On’, which was immovable opening number until ’80, ‘DEEP PURPLE number’ ‘Might Just Take Your Life’ came to be taken up as a trigger by John Road subscription, as a long-time anthem of the band Main songs at that time, such as “Is not No Love In The Heart Of The City” which was colored live, and “Mistreated” indispensable for talking about WHITESNAKE live of the blues rock era were covered tightly However, the short recording time of just 36 minutes in a single album is hard to find, and the enthusiastic fans were also the work that the desire of “want to listen more!” Was recruited (“If you want to listen more, It may have been calculated by a band or a record company, “Please give me”). After that, “LIVE AT HAMMERSMITH” which became a hot topic for European fans as an importing board from Japan was also officially released in Europe. Currently it remains in the catalog in the form of “Disk 2 of” LIVE … IN THE HEART OF THE CITY “which included ’80 years of live, but’ ’80 years live, members are also different ’78 years live It is said that it is attached “When mania listens, you can not help feeling a sense of incongruity at all. Also, the official recording outtakes that were not included in “LIVE AT HAMMERSMITH” remained unpublished up to the present, and the overall picture of the day was wrapped in a mysterious veil for a long time.

This time newly appeared audience recording of ” Hammer Smith ” November 23, ’78 ” except for official listening at ‘LIVE AT HAMMERSMITH’. The set list of the day is as follows and the official album is recorded in the first half of the live, the main board focuses on the latter half of the live.

初期WHITESNAKEファンにとって絶対に聴き逃せない驚きの音源が、ボーナス・タイトルでリリース決定!公式ライヴ作品「LIVE AT HAMMERSMITH」ではカットされていたライヴの後半部分をメインに、同日の模様を新発掘となる高音質オーディエンス・ソースでパッケージした、ファン垂涎の音源が登場です! 公式作品では不完全な内容だったあの’78年ハマースミス・ライヴが、今ここに明らかとなります。

’80年まで不動のオープニング・ナンバーだった「Come On」を皮切りに、ジョン・ロード加入をきっかけに取り上げられるようになったDEEP PURPLEナンバーの「Might Just Take Your Life」、さらに長らくバンドのアンセムとしてライヴを彩った「Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City」、そしてブルース・ロック時代のWHITESNAKEライヴを語る上で欠かせない「Mistreated」など、当時の主要な楽曲はしっかりと網羅されていたものの、シングル・アルバムでわずか36分間という収録時間の短さはいかんともしがたく、熱心なファンには「もっと聴きたい!」という欲求が募る作品でもありました(「もっと聴きたければライヴに来てくれ」という、バンドやレコード会社の計算もあったのかもしれませんが)。その後、日本からの輸入盤としてヨーロッパのファンにも話題となった「LIVE AT HAMMERSMITH」は、欧州でも正式にリリース。現在では’80年のライヴを収めた「LIVE…IN THE HEART OF THE CITY」のディスク2という形でカタログに残っていますが、「’80年のライヴに、メンバーも違う’78年ライヴが付属している」という事であり、マニアが聴いた時には一抹の違和感を覚えずにはいられません。また「LIVE AT HAMMERSMITH」では収録されなかった公式録音のアウトテイクは現在に至るまで未公表のままで、当日の全体像は長らく謎のヴェールに包まれていました。

今回新たに登場したのは「LIVE AT HAMMERSMITH」で公式に聴ける部分を除いた「’78年11月23日ハマースミス公演」のオーディエンス録音。当日のセットリストは以下の通りで、公式アルバムがライヴの前半、本盤がライヴ後半を中心に収録しているわけです。

1. Come On(★)2. Might Just Take Your Life(★)3. Lie Down(★)
4. Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City(★)5. Trouble(★)6. Micky Moody Solo(○)
7. Steal Away(○)8. Mistreated(★)9. Blues(○)10. Belgian Tom’s Hat Trick(○)
11. Jon Lord Solo(○)12. Take Me With You(○)(ENCORE) 13. Rock Me Baby(○)
14. Breakdown(○)15. Whitesnake Boogie(○)

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