Whitesnake / Definitive Live In The Heart Of The City / 2CD

Whitesnake / Definitive Live In The Heart Of The City / 2CD / Zodiac 328

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Live at Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK 24th June 1980 STEREO SBD

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Legendary sound board album, also said to be the best shock work of the White Snake title, has been reprinted by updating the highest and longest in history. It is a permanent preservation press appeared in 2CD.

【Upgrade legendary super-superb sound board with official take】
The impact work is “LIVE … IN THE HEART OF THE CITY COMPLETE” of the Langley label that blew out the world 14 years ago. Yes, it is the official soundboard of the official of the official ‘s famous board “LIVE … IN THE HEART OF THE CITY” “June 24, 1980 Hammer Smith Odeon Performance”. This title is exactly a legend. From the official board, it is the best masterpiece of Classic Snake, but that grand population leaked out. Besides, the contents were amazing. There is no dubbing trace only in the outflow of officials, it is a superb quality superior, official classic masterpieces and MC are also out of stock. Even with the adopted songs it is quite different from the official board full of overdubs, plenty of live performances on the field stage 100%. It was a real version “LIVE … IN THE HEART OF THE CITY” that songs are somewhat different from the final version and there is not exactly the same song.
Although it was such a shocking sound, it was not perfect contrary to the title of “COMPLETE”. Details will be described later, but there was a cut in Mickey Moody and Ian Pace’s solo, and some song order was also changed. This work complements such defects as much as possible with the official board “LIVE … IN THE HEART OF THE CITY”. Of course, as far as connecting with the official board, refine the whole sound with the latest remastering, pursue the official sense to the limit. Even in the recording time, on the sound side, it is finished in the decision board which greatly exceeds the original board.
Although this work is super-fine as one live album, even if we explore the difference between the official board and the real show, the back stage is transparent and interesting. Let’s introduce the listening place for each song this time.

● Disk 1
“Come On” ★ From the beginning it differs greatly from the official final version. The official board starts from the guitar sound of “Come One”, but this work starts from a vibrant sound check sound, and it is recorded for about 30 seconds for that much. Not only long but also performance and mix is ​​quite different. For example, in this work, the bass drum enters the back of the intro riff, but it is cut off by the official board. Also, the shout “Oh, look out!” In front of the guitar solo is also officially “Aaghhh!” And if the solo of Bernie is completely different, the last texture of “Must be gypsys in …” has also been replaced .
Even though I do not know anything such a thing … … On the other hand, it is the 2nd vocal that “I will fix it”. In this work, it turns off when it turns the microphone to the audience, it turns white, but the official board is singing properly.

“Sweet Talker” ★ The band performance, including solo, is almost the same as the official. Of course, the sound is different, it is wild and cooler than the official, it blows off plenty of speed. On the other hand, the vocals are replaced completely. Here is “the raw!” Singing is the best.

“Walking In The Shadow Of The Blues” ★ This song that begins to be led by a long MC not officially, this is another fresh vocal. For the time being the same as the official, it is at most the second “or hesitate” and part of the bridge part, but the third is completely replaced. It is more chorus and fuzzing than that. The chorus work of the official board is perfectly a studio dub and you can see that “Hoo !!” and “Every Day Oh My Love!” Cautioned by Cavardel with a guitar solo were also put on after. Is it called perfectionism, do you say that the art is fine … ?.

“Is not Gonna Cry No More” ★ In the official board, although the song order was swapped for analog recording, this work is on site. There is also an uncapped MC in the uncut in front of this song. There is little replacement for this song, only No. 4 which becomes “Freebeam” with number 3 “Maybe someday I will understand”. Especially, it is not bad, but (as a matter of course) this work can taste a natural live feeling.

“Love Hunter (partially compensated)” ★ MC introducing Mickey Moody is also official unrecorded. There are also some vocal replacement at small points, but it is almost the same as official.
Mickey ‘s solo greatly differs here. The solo entering “Steal Away” is officially familiar, but the spill sound board was cut for about 3 minutes and 40 seconds. Suspended sound board It seems that speculation that “It is possibly temporary editing tape for trying out the product composition?” To the unknown cut. Of course, this work complements the solo that had been scrapped from the official board, while connecting to the ending different from the official. It is finished in perfect form.

“Mistreated incl. Soldier Of Fortune” ★ It is the core number of the show, but it is not officially recorded. However, this is already a big impressed big name performance! We are concentrating the appeal of Sheng Sheng Classic Snake, it will be one of the best in WHITESNAKE’s entire history. It is not difficult to imagine being cut with the balance with “LIVE AT HAMMERSMITH”, but what is meant to cut down such a wonderful performance. It was truly amazing that the original omnibus sound board really leaked …… It is one song from my heart that seems to me from my heart.

● Disk 2
“Nighthawk” “Jon Lord Solo” “Nighthawk / Belgian Tom’s Hat Trick” ★ Following the last of Disc 1, the first half of Disc 2 is also an official unrecorded part. “Nighthawk (Vampire Blues)” and “Belgian Tom’s Hat Trick” with the solo time of John road which lasts about nine minutes. Even though I can only listen to the only sound board · take “Nighthawk”, it is an exciting thing, but regrettably it is missing from the last in the solo of Ian Pace. I can not supplement this from the official board, there is no other performance sound board. Perhaps it will be an eternal missing link that will not connect in the future.

“Is not No Love In The Heart Of The City” ★ This is also a synonym for Cavadel that was not recorded on the original LP. Although it has been added to the current remaster CD, this work can be enjoyed with the outflow sound board of this student. This song also has compensation from the official, but this is between songs. In the production, the next song is “Fool For Your Loving”, but the spill sound board was “Take Me With You”. It is the reason why it was said that “Where is temporary editing for products?” At the end of hit song “Fool For Your Loving” last. The cheers here are for correctly rearranging the order of the songs, and there is no lack in the performance sound.

“Fool For Your Loving” ★ Very well done, a stable take of Cavardale’s songs from beginning to end. Even the official board is almost used as it is. However, it is said that “Come On!” Which is not in official after No. 1 “I is not taking the blame”, and because the rust of rice can not be fully extended, I will. On the other hand, Bernie’s guitar solo is replaced entirely. This is completely different thing.

“Take Me With You” ★ The official board was about 6 minutes, but this work includes a lot of members introduction, rock’n’roll cover, a complete take that spans more than twice the 13 minutes. The live sensation has increased dramatically, along with “Mistreated” and “Nighthawk”, it is the greatest listening to the outgoing soundboard.

“Ready An ‘Willing (additional recording)” ★ The previous song flowing out the sound board is finished, but the next song “Ready An’ Willing” was also adopted in the official board. Of course, this work also recorded entirely from the official board, recorded in the order of the concert street songs. I realized the longest sound board that I have survived.

This is a great masterpiece that was finished using the outflow sound board and official work. Although drum solo and encore “Lie Down” are not recorded yet, it is a 2-pack set that can enjoy without losing the existing sound board maximum.
The value of the Langley board which carved the truth of the spill sound board still does not fade away, but this work is overwhelmingly overwhelming for repeated listening. It is also wonderful as another version of the historical name board, even if he deduces the staging behind the studio work, it is interesting, even if he enjoyed the purely Classic snake’s cum-live, it was unprecedented. Even if you listen to how it is, it is an ultimate stereo sound board album. Among the many WHITESNAKE boot legs …. No, it is one of the transcendants without any side by side line including even the official board. Here is the birth of majesty.


その衝撃作とは、14年前に一世を風靡したLangleyレーベルの『LIVE… IN THE HEART OF THE CITY COMPLETE』。そう、オフィシャルの大名盤『LIVE… IN THE HEART OF THE CITY』を生み出した「1980年6月24日ハマースミス・オデオン公演」の関係者流出サウンドボードです。このタイトルは、まさに伝説。何しろ公式盤からしてClassicスネイクの最高傑作なわけですが、その大元が流出したのですから。しかも、中身も凄かった。関係者流出だけにダビング痕もない超極上クオリティであり、公式では削られた名曲やMCもてんこ盛り。採用された曲にしてもオーバーダブだらけの公式盤とはまるで違い、現場ステージ100%の生演奏がたっぷり。どの曲も最終版と何かしら異なっており、完全に同じ曲が1つもないという本物版『LIVE… IN THE HEART OF THE CITY』だったのです。
そんな衝撃サウンドではありましたが、『COMPLETE』のタイトルに反して完璧ではありませんでした。詳しくは後述しますが、ミッキー・ムーディやイアン・ペイスのソロにカットがあり、一部の曲順も変更されていたのです。本作は、そんな欠点を公式盤『LIVE… IN THE HEART OF THE CITY』で可能な限り補完したもの。もちろん、公式盤と接続する以上は全体のサウンドも最新リマスタリングで磨き直し、限界まで公式感覚を追及。収録時間にしても、サウンド面でも、オリジナル盤を大きく上回る決定盤に仕上げているのです。

「Come On」 ★冒頭からしてオフィシャル最終版とは大きく異なる。公式盤は「Come One」のギター音からスタートしますが、本作は生々しいサウンドチェック音からスタートし、その分30秒ほど長く収録されています。単に長いだけでなく演奏やミックスもだいぶ違う。例えば、本作ではイントロリフのバックにバスドラが入りますが、公式盤では削られています。また、ギターソロ前のシャウト「Oh, look out!」も公式では「Aaghhh!」ですし、バーニーのソロも完全に異なれば、ラストのキメの「Must be gypsys in…」も差し替えられている。

「Sweet Talker」 ★ソロも含め、バンド演奏はオフィシャルとほとんど同じです。もちろん、サウンドは異なり、オフィシャル以上にワイルドでカッコ良く、スピード感たっぷりにかっ飛ばす。その一方でヴォーカルは丸っきり差し替え。こちらはいかにも「生!」な歌いっぷりが最高です。

「Walking In The Shadow Of The Blues」 ★公式にはない長めのMCに導かれて始まるこの曲は、これまたヴォーカルのが新鮮。しばらくは公式と同じで、せいぜい2番の「or hesitate」やブリッジパートの一部程度なのですが、3番は丸々差し替え。それ以上なのがコーラスや煽り。公式盤の整ったコーラス・ワークは完全にスタジオ・ダブですし、ギターソロでカヴァデールが叫ぶ「Hoo!!」や「Every Day Oh My Love!」も後から被せていたことが分かる。完璧主義と言いますか、芸が細かいと言いますか……。

「Ain’t Gonna Cry No More」 ★公式盤ではアナログ収録のために曲順が入れ替えられていましたが、本作は現場通り。この曲の前にもオフィシャル未収のMCがノーカットで収録されいます。この曲は差し替えが少なく、3番の「Maybe someday I will understand」とフリーフォームになる4番だけ。特に出来が悪いわけではなく、(当然ですが)本作の方が自然なライヴ感を味わえます。

「Love Hunter(一部補填)」 ★ミッキー・ムーディを紹介するMCも公式未収録。ヴォーカルも細かいところで何ヶ所か差し替えもありますが、ほぼほぼ公式と変わりません。
ここで大きく異なるのはミッキーのソロ。「Steal Away」入りのソロは公式でもお馴染みなのですが、流出サウンドボードはバッサリ3分40秒ほどカットされていたのです。流出サウンドボードらしからぬカットに「もしかして商品構成を試すための仮編集テープ?」との憶測も流れました。もちろん、本作では公式盤から削られていたソロを補完しつつ、公式とは異なるエンディングへ接続。完全形に仕上げています。

「Mistreated incl. Soldier Of Fortune」 ★ショウの核となるナンバーですが、公式には未収録。ところが、これがもう大感動の大名演! 全盛Classicスネイクの魅力を濃縮しており、WHITESNAKE全史でも屈指のテイクでしょう。『LIVE AT HAMMERSMITH』との兼ね合いでカットされたのは想像に難くありませんが、こんな素晴らしい演奏を削るとは。本当に、本当に大元サウンドボードが流出してくれて良かった……心からそう思える白眉の1曲です。

「Nighthawk」「Jon Lord Solo」「Nighthawk/Belgian Tom’s Hat Trick」 ★ディスク1のラストに続き、ディスク2の前半もオフィシャル未収録パート。約9分に及ぶジョン・ロードのソロ・タイムを挟んだ「Nighthawk (Vampire Blues)」と「Belgian Tom’s Hat Trick」です。唯一のサウンドボード・テイクである「Nighthawk」が聴けるだけでも感激モノですが、惜しむらくはそのラストからイアン・ペイスのソロにかけてが欠けている事。こればかりは公式盤から補完することができず、他公演のサウンドボードも存在しない。恐らく、今後も繋がらない永遠のミッシング・リンクでしょう。

「Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City」 ★これまたオリジナル盤LPには未収録だったカヴァデールの代名詞曲。現行リマスターCDには追加されていますが、本作は本生の流出サウンドボードで楽しめます。この曲にも公式からの補填がありますが、これは曲間。本番では次曲が「Fool For Your Loving」なのですが、流出サウンドボードは「Take Me With You」になっていた。ヒット曲「Fool For Your Loving」を最後にするあたりも「商品用の仮編集?」と言われた理由なのです。ここでの歓声補填は、曲順を正しく並べ直すためのもので、演奏音には欠けはありません。

「Fool For Your Loving」 ★非常に出来が良く、カヴァデールの歌も終始安定したテイク。公式盤でもほとんどどそのまま使用されています。ただし、1番の「I ain’t taking the blame」の後にオフィシャルにない「Come On!」と言っていたり、キメのまたサビの伸ばしきれてないことから、やはり一部差し替えているのも分かります。その一方、丸ごと差し替えられているのがバーニーのギターソロ。これはもう完全に別物です。

「Take Me With You」 ★公式盤は6分間ほどでしたが、本作はメンバー紹介、ロックンロールカバーをたっぷり含み、2倍以上の13分に及ぶ完全版テイク。ライヴ感覚が格段に上がっており、「Mistreated」や「Nighthawk」と並び、流出サウンドボード最大の聴きどころです。

「Ready An’ Willing(追加収録)」 ★前曲までで流出サウンドボードは終了ですが、公式盤には次曲「Ready An’ Willing」も採用されていた。もちろん、本作でも公式盤から丸ごと収録し、コンサート通りの曲順で収録。現存する最長サウンドボードを実現しました。

以上、流出サウンドボードと公式作品を駆使して仕上げられた一大傑作です。ドラムソロやアンコールの「Lie Down」は未収録ではあるものの、現存するサウンドボード最大漏らさず楽しめる2枚組なのです。


Disc 1 (48:11)
1. Intro 2. Come On 3. Sweet Talker 4. Walking In The Shadow Of The Blues
5. Ain’t Gonna Cry No More 6. Love Hunter 7. Micky Moody Solo ●1:06 – 4:47 補填
8. Lovehunter (reprise) 9. Mistreated incl. Soldier Of Fortune

Disc 2 (46:25)
1. MC 2. Nighthawk (Vampire Blues) 3. Jon Lord Solo 4. Nighthawk (Reprise)
5. Belgian Tom’s Hat Trick 6. Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City ●7:10 – 7:22 補填
7. Fool For Your Loving ●順番入れ替え 8. Take Me With You incl. Band Introduction
9. Ready An’ Willing ●補填


David Coverdale – Vocals Bernie Marsden – Guitar, Vocals Micky Moody – Guitar, Vocals
Jon Lord – Keyboards Neil Murray – Bass Ian Paice – Drums

Zodiac 328

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