Whitesnake / New Haven 1988 /1DVDR

Whitesnake / New Haven 1988 /1DVDR /Non Label

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Live AT New Haven Coliseum, New Heaven, CT, USA 23rd January 1988.


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Was chosen in a special bonus, full audience video of New Haven performances in recent years upgrade has been excavated. Just in the live of January 23, 1988, which marks the mid-term of the tour, all of the tour early and mid-late in adding this work is not that taste in one shot.
Beauty of the video is, indeed new excavation. There what bleeding because of the video era, but there is no noise that color is a really vivid. And I think that was not directly digitized from the original master. Even surpasses “BUFFALO 1988” in the beauty of video, voice “this if high-quality With pressed may do also is ……” it’s amazing where I thought is, that does not match with the video (laughs). Perhaps seen as complemented by another sound source the lack of voice, even though it has already brandishing the stand to like echoing the voice of Kavu~aderu is, bitter smile will cause out. However, this drawback is improved in less than 2 minutes, after you can enjoy it in peace. Although there is a great quality, you can not press into a disadvantage because you stand out slightly, and I really “regrettable!” Video.
After that, Adrian is, Rudy is, and Kavu~aderu is, escape ran the stage to freely respectively, Tommy and Vivienne is energetic video undisputed. In this way, and have seen I think again, but Adrian & Vivian guitar duo really great. It does not become a Van Halen clone even down to play in technical, sandwiching the melodious original phrase throughout the song. Sore playing to arrange freely the “full-length songs of others” which is but a freely of therefore were are full of airy that leads also to John Sykes of 1984.
After this, Adrian, but has assembled a variety of guitar hero and team, best partner I think than was Vivian. In combination with the intense matchless of Steve Vai, I was had forgotten so much flavor compete with exceptionally talented, the Warren DeMartini era, a sense of responsibility as Banmasu had come out strongly. However, guitar team that can be seen in this work is perfect. In “Guilty Of Love”, twin in the middle, but his kick went wide riff of dynamism plenty, in the “Is This Love” and “Love Is not No Stranger”, cry in the right place solo that takes advantage of each characteristic. “You listened to and grew up music I’m the same, my favorite ones are different” two exquisite balance that, even from each other equal ability who are lined up precisely detonated a personality as “this is ze’s me”, Harmony the even will the finished naturally be played.

Even a quarter of a century has passed, does not come Tsuizo out professional shot of a full-scale “SERPENS ALBUS Tour”. Luxurious because great success tour, the stride is watching eyes, the first time it is possible to realize. Super masterpiece “BRITISH EMPIRE (Shades 505)” and masterpiece “BUFFALO 1988” is a must-see of course, but there is no hand that this work has been Noshiaga~tsu to “third place” in the upgrade also miss. Come In addition to the collection, please fully enjoy the appearance of golden shining white snake!

映像の美しさは、さすが新発掘。ビデオ時代ゆえに滲みこそありますが、その発色は実に鮮やかでノイズもない。オリジナル・マスターから直にデジタル化されたのではないでしょうか。映像の美しさでは「BUFFALO 1988」さえも凌駕し、“このハイ・クオリティならプレスしても良いんでは……”と思ったところで驚くのは、映像と合ってない音声(苦笑)。恐らく音声の欠落を別音源で補完したと見られ、スタンドを振り回しているのにカヴァデールの声が響き渡る様には、苦笑いが出てしまいます。もっとも、この欠点は2分もしないうちに改善され、後は安心して楽しめます。素晴らしいクオリティではあるものの、わずかながら目立つ欠点ゆえにプレス化できない、実に“惜しい!”映像なのです。
この後、エイドリアンは、さまざまなギターヒーローとチームを組みましたが、ベスト・パートナーはヴィヴィアンだったのではないでしょうか。強烈無比なスティーヴ・ヴァイとのコンビでは、異才と張り合うあまり持ち味を忘れかけていましたし、ウォーレン・デ・マルティーニ時代には、バンマスとしての責任感が強く出ていました。しかし、本作で観られるギターチームは完璧。「Guilty Of Love」では、ツインで躍動感たっぷりのリフを弾き出し、「Is This Love」や「Love Ain’t No Stranger」では、それぞれの持ち味を活かした適材適所のソロで泣く。“聴いて育った音楽は同じだけど、一番好きなものは違う”という絶妙なバランスの2人、対等な実力者同士が並ぶからこそ「これが俺だぜ」と個性を爆発させても、ハーモニーを奏でても自然に仕上がるのでしょう。

四半世紀が経っても、ついぞフル・スケールのプロショットが出てこない「SERPENS ALBUSツアー」。豪華な大成功ツアーゆえに、その本領は目で観て、初めて実感できる。超傑作「BRITISH EMPIRE(Shades 505)」や代表作「BUFFALO 1988」はもちろん必見ですが、アップグレードで“3番手”にのし上がってきた本作も逃す手はありません。ぜひコレクションに加え、黄金輝く白い蛇の姿を存分にご堪能ください!

1. Intro 2. Bad Boys incl. Children Of The Night 3. Slide It In 4. Slow An’ Easy
5. Here I Go Again 6. Guilty Of Love 7. Is This Love 8. Love Ain’t No Stranger
9. Guitar Solo 10. Crying In The Rain 11. Drum Solo 12. Crying In The Rain (reprise)
13. Still Of The Night 14. Give Me All Your Love 15. Tits

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