Whitesnake / La Crosse 1987 /1CD

Whitesnake / La Crosse 1987 /1CD /Zodiac 094

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LA Crosse Center, Wisconsin, USA 6th September 1987.


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Milestone album “SERPENCE ALBUS” large masterpiece live album is appeared that captures a moment of big break! Suddenly appeared on the net, the first appearance master disconnect the mania of de liver at its best sound, further upgraded with digital remastered. Is urgent press release decision!
This sound, really amazing. Preeminently while a clear and feel even spread of tournament field, the balance may be. In the so-called “do not see the disadvantages,” such as the type of recording, is the dimension that lucky When (what is it a band) 1 tour one came out. What is the difference you tour, if people were called up to the “miracle of Kyaku-rokuri” you have to “SHARWOOD LEGEND (LANGLEY DELUXE)”, “That level” and I think than who can know speaking.
Also might want to know another story “” SERPENCE ALBUS “tour? If FM recording” THE NIGHT SERPENT “Ya I only”. However, in this work there is a shine that does not taste even in Kano masterpiece. It is to go verge challenge “playing challenger”. To assist our understanding of its meaning, let me explain from first time of WHITESNAKE of situation. Single “Here I Go Again” and album “SERPENCE ALBUS” is June 1987 that had came in from the chart, Kavu~aderu is formed a super-band a collection of metal boundaries of the star, and then starting in World Tour. However, although the in the hit, tour of early MOTOLEY CRUE undercard. Being promoted to head liner, is from 1987 the end of October.
This work, have enjoyed Wisconsin performances of September 6 of immediately before the head line. Because it is the undercard, the mercenary of most customers MOTLEY CRUE. While taste the feeling that “has received in the United States” is also, still is developing. Homeopathic difference and subsequent yokozuna sumo awards, referred to as “I’ll eat the main” “I’ll go as far as it will go”, you’re full of challenger of heat. Moreover, “I we’re White Snake!” And because I like that I have worked to introduce in the United States around, concentration is felt to play, (in a good way) there is no place where it went bankrupt. Even while passion, it is it is the rare small that led to the performance of accuracy.
The it is felt most would be a still Kavu~aderu. The high tension-performance of But it is backed by a large hit great cheer, unusually “I will tell the goodness of the song” and to have some way. For example, but enjoy the dialogue with the audience in most of the sound source “Bad Boys / Children Of The Night”, firmly endless sing on your own, it just does said to be “How can you get a good song? Na by me remember.” Such polite attitude over the whole volume, and in later years of live that would sing in the secondary of the “glue game” such as the pitch is a big difference.
Also, is the Vaud Cali THEY tion is career-high are you to enable it. Surgery from “SERPENCE ALBUS” you have overcome, but now high tone comes out to another person as, its power is large explosion. Leave depth of mid bass before, treble even far will extend clean. As early as the next “SLIP OF THE TONGUE” is said to be “the voice was dead”, but will come out to listen sticky and is shout, here in such a future is like a lie is. Even hate Old fans shouting style, what not than convincing forced in this top form the first time. This tour you can enjoy the “miracle of voice” in most of the sound source, but particularly in this work undercard performances, I rip in “some best of reserve capacity” last until the end. Preference aside, in the life of one of the genius vocalist, no doubt to voice you are most shining.
When say undercard, only short of the set list is hard to also how. This just is It thinks scratches …… to ball, pleasant quite why lean flow. Even more than the concentration of limited allotted time, except for one song of “Slide It In”, is a song selection from all “SERPENCE ALBUS”, and finish of the it is not strange to say that live hen of Kano historical masterpiece is.
Guitar solo time also great that are not also omitted in such a tight set. In what at that time, but has been derided as “became American” to flashy because you have a clean break with the past, Irish (Vivian Campbell) you do not even try to hide the longing for square and Gary Moore, and Hardness and Michael Schenker Similarly Dutchman to embrace the Leslie West (Adrian van den Berg). If you listen to one it is defeated play seems Technical golden age, but the speed of even in the play come Ko~tsu from two people who feel the melody, it is definitely the European taste. (Although inferior to the predecessors) such as solo Gary flavor and Schenker flavor each other cry alternately, what overlooking in any other band.

All of success and passion and talent, just moment to about to enter the vertex now. It, is a masterpiece that was captured by no more super audience. In recent years, but is WHITESNAKE also the official past archive progresses, a vertex “SERPENS ALBUS Tour” has not been realized. If, even if the official has been keeping an eye on “SERPENS ALBUS Tour”, will not sparkle as much as this work. It is the larger of the name recording can be confident so. And “What’s a press CD, and would not be bad”? Itadakitaku said in such dimension is not is a decision board appeared!

金字塔アルバム「SERPENCE ALBUS」大ブレイクの瞬間を捉えた大傑作ライヴ・アルバムが登場です! ネットに突如登場し、その最高サウンドでマニアのド肝を抜いた初登場マスターを、さらにデジタル・リマスターでアップグレード。緊急プレスリリース決定です!
このサウンドは、本当に凄い。抜群にクリアでありながら大会場の広がりも感じさせ、バランスも良い。いわゆる「欠点が見あたらない」といった種類の録音で、(どんなバンドであれ)1ツアー1本出てきたらラッキーという次元です。ツアーこそ違いますが、“客録りの奇跡”とまで呼ばれた「SHARWOOD LEGEND(LANGLEY DELUXE)」をお持ちの方なら、“あのレベル”と言えば分かっていただけるのではないでしょうか。
「『SERPENCE ALBUS』ツアー? ならFM録音『THE NIGHT SERPENT』だけでいいや」という方もいらっしゃるかもしれません。しかし、本作にはかの名作でも味わえない輝きがある。それは、挑みかかっていく「挑戦者の演奏」です。その意味をご理解いただくため、まず当時のWHITESNAKEの状況からご説明しましょう。シングル「Here I Go Again」やアルバム「SERPENCE ALBUS」がチャートを駆け上がっていた1987年6月、カヴァデールはメタル界のスターを集めたスーパー・バンドを結成し、ワールド・ツアーに出発します。しかし、ヒット中とは言え、ツアーの初期はMOTOLEY CRUE前座。ヘッドライナーに格上げされるのは、1987年10月末からです。
本作は、ヘッドラインになる直前の9月6日のウィスコンシン公演を収めています。前座ですから、ほとんどの客の目当てはMOTLEY CRUE。“全米にウケている”という実感を味わいつつも、まだまだ発展途上。その後の横綱相撲なショウとはひと味違い、“メインを食ってやる” “行けるところまで行ってやる”という、挑戦者の熱さに満ちているのです。しかも、アメリカ各地で“俺たちが白蛇だ!”と紹介して廻っているようなものですから、演奏に集中力が感じられ、(良い意味で)破綻したところがない。情熱を込めながらも、それが演奏の精度にも繋がっている希有なショウなのです。
それが一番感じられるのは、やはりカヴァデールでしょう。大ヒット・大歓声に裏打ちされたハイテンション・パフォーマンスなのですが、いつになく“曲の良さを伝えよう”としているかのよう。例えば、ほとんどの音源では観客との掛け合いを楽しむ「Bad Boys / Children Of The Night」でも、しっかりと自分で歌いきり、「良い曲だろ? 覚えてくれよな」と言わんばかり。そうした丁寧な姿勢は全編にわたり、音程など二の次の“ノリ勝負”で歌ってしまう後年のライヴとは大違いです。
また、それを可能にしているのがキャリア・ハイのヴォーカリゼイションです。手術を乗り越えた「SERPENCE ALBUS」から、別人のようにハイトーンが出るようになりましたが、その威力が大爆発。中低音の深みは以前のまま、高音はどこまでも綺麗に伸びていく。次の「SLIP OF THE TONGUE」で早くも“声が枯れた”と言われ、シャウトに聴きづらさも出てきてしまいますが、ここではそんな未来が嘘のよう。シャウティング・スタイルが嫌いなオールドファンであっても、この絶好調ぶりには納得せざるを得ないのではないでしょうか。このツアーはほとんどの音源で “奇跡の声”が堪能できますが、特に前座公演の本作では、最後の最後まで“余力のある全力”で突っ走る。好みはさておき、ひとりの天才ヴォーカリストの一生の中で、もっとも輝いている声に間違いありません。
前座というと、セットリストの短さだけは如何ともしがたい。こればかりは玉に瑕……と思いきや、なかなかどうして引き締まった流れが心地よい。限られた持ち時間の集中力もさることながら、「Slide It In」の1曲以外、総て「SERPENCE ALBUS」からの選曲であり、かの歴史的代表作のライヴ篇といってもおかしくない仕上がりなのです。

成功と情熱と才能の総てが、今まさに頂点を迎えようとする刹那。それを、これ以上ないスーパー・オーディエンスで捉えた傑作です。近年、オフィシャルでも過去のアーカイヴが進むWHITESNAKEですが、頂点である「SERPENS ALBUSツアー」は実現していない。もし、仮にオフィシャルが「SERPENS ALBUSツアー」に目をつけたとしても、本作ほどのキラメキはないでしょう。そう確信できるほどの名録音なのです。「プレスCDなんだし、悪くはないだろう」? そんな次元で語っていただきたくはない決定盤の登場です!
1. Intro 2. Opening 3. Bad Boys incl. Children Of The Night 4. Slide It In 5. Here I Go Again 6. Give Me All Your Love 7. Guitar Solo 8. Crying In The Rain 9. Drum Solo 10. Crying In The Rain(reprise) 11. Still Of The Night

Zodiac. 094


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