Whitesnake / Definitive Stockholm 1984 / 2CD

Whitesnake / Definitive Stockholm 1984 / 2CD / Zodiac

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Live at Johanneshov Isstadion, Stockholm, Sweden 14th April 1984

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The strongest WHITESNAKE ‘s strongest live album that was only 6 performances has been brushed up and is permanently preserved. That “strongest board” is the best audience recording of “The Stockholm Performance on April 14, 1984”. Yes, it is an upgrade album of a famous board “FIVE ELEMENTS” sold out as well as outstanding with outstanding popularity.
Why is this sound source extremely popular? First of all, the lineup is the strongest. It is a part of “SLIDE IT IN TOUR 1984” with hero John Sykes, but this tour is also famous for members being replaced on the way. David Cavadair, Cozy Powell, Neil Murray are common, but guitar and keyboard change. First of all, let’s recall that transition.

【Lineup # 1: February 1984 – April 7】
· Guitar: John · Sykes & Mel · Galley
· Keyboard: John Road

【Lineup # 2: April 8 – 16, 1984】 ← ★ Coco ★
· Guitar: John · Sykes
· Keyboard: John Road

【Lineup # 3: June 1984 – 1985】
· Guitar: John · Sykes
· Keyboard: Richard Bailey (support)

……, and it looked like this. Most of the sorts of soundboard / name recording of this tour are “lineup # 1” or “# 3”. However, “lineup # 2” is said to be the strongest. Sykes which Mel · Galley departed due to an accident and became a single guitar was a big explosion that occurred at the same time. It showed us the first big success with a new era of guitar hero that does not fit in the way of eliminating Mel’s absence.
It is also common to “Lineup # 3”, but “# 2” has an inverse genius, John Road. He also introduced phrases in backing and in the lead as if to compensate for the shortage without Mel. It was plenty showing off a colorful performance with a different dimension from Richard Bailey who was just a help. Later Sykes said “It was good that an outdated organ is gone”, but it is said that it is a strong stature due to youth, or maybe it was a line of relief where there were no enemies competing for lead.
And this work is the strongest recording of such “lineup # 2”. Their brave appearance is also a bonus image of the official work “LIVE IN ’84”, but only 4 songs. On the contrary, this work is a live album full of Koji and John Road’s solo, it is a name recording of the strongest sound. That quality is a type called “just like a sound board”, a name sound recording of plenty of direct feeling which is traded as a sound board from the analog era to the present actually. Moreover, this work is completely different in level from the analog era. The new master who became public for the first time at “FIVE ELEMENTS” is obviously fresher than the already-bred group, the outline of each musical instrument is vivid and the detail is also vivid, the great cheers are far away, and the effect which is applied to the vocal is super clear. The feeling of zero distance was drawn more vividly, it was not “sound board” but the sound of dimension “This is not a soundboard!”?
This work is a thing that brushed up such a famous board further. The concept is “real sound”. “FIVE ELEMENTS” super vivid edges and direct feeling was a full mark, but its “ringing” was slightly light. In this work, the sharp edges are kept intact, it also feels the rich mid-low sounds that the band would have originally played. It is not only sharp and powerful, it is also a rich sound.

【Bonus tracks too luxurious】
Even this alone is the live album that updates the strongest, but in this work bonus tracks that are more valuable are additionally recorded. It is recorded by Horst’s “MARS” which was recorded on the legendary master reel owned by Koji. This reel is made by AUDIO INTERNATIONAL RECORDING STUDIOS LIMITED CO., LTD, which was in a special box with a logo. It was handwritten as “EMI” as the orderer (client), “COZY POWELL” as the artist name, “MASTER” at the top of the box.
The content of such valuables is the actual product of “MARS” that Koji was using for live. Therefore, although Korgie’s own drumming is not included, you can listen to the original sound itself of “Mars # 1” which rises from the beginning of solo time, climax part “Mars # 2” after free solo. It became very popular as a gift board once, but celebrating the birth of the strongest live album, realized permanent preservation press here.

Looking back on history, it was the “lineup # 2” of this work that Sykes who always played with the twin guitar band from TYGERS OF PANG TANG independently became independent. While living in amazement, joy and fulfillment that “Ika alone alone” is full of joy and junkie that will be the biggest enemy of career, live performances. That can not be bad.
In the strongest live album of such a strongest snake, the actual thing of “MARS” which Koji was using. Wonderful WHITESNAKE live album is also famous for the name of “DEFINITIVE” that shines the only shine. Here is a tremendous resurrection.

わずか6公演だけだった最強WHITESNAKEの、最強ライヴアルバムがブラッシュアップして永久保存決定です。その“最強盤”とは「1984年4月14日ストックホルム公演」の極上オーディエンス録音。そう、大好評と共に完売・廃盤となった名盤『FIVE ELEMENTS』のアップグレード・アルバムです。
なぜ、この音源が大人気の最強盤なのか。まず、第一にラインナップが最強なのです。英雄ジョン・サイクスを擁した“SLIDE IT IN TOUR 1984”の一幕なのですが、このツアーは途中でメンバーが代わっていた事でも有名。デヴィッド・カヴァデール、コージー・パウエル、ニール・マーレイは共通していますが、ギターとキーボードが変化。まずは、その変遷を思い出してみましょう。




そして本作こそ、そんな「ラインナップ#2」の最強録音。彼らの勇姿はオフィシャル作品『LIVE IN ’84』のボーナス映像にもなっていますが、わずか4曲のみ。それに対して本作はコージーやジョン・ロードのソロまでフル収録したライヴアルバムであり、最強サウンドの名録音なのです。そのクオリティは「まるでサウンドボード」と呼ばれるタイプで、実際にアナログ時代から現在に至るまでサウンドボードとして取引されているダイレクト感たっぷりの名録音。しかも、本作はアナログ時代とはまったくレベルが違う。『FIVE ELEMENTS』で初公開となった新マスターは、既発群よりも明らかに鮮度が良く、各楽器の輪郭もビビッドでディテールも鮮やかなら大歓声も遠く、ヴォーカルにかかるエフェクトまで超鮮明。ゼロ距離感が一層鮮やかに描かれ、「まるでサウンドボード」ではなく「これがサウンドボードじゃない!?」という次元のサウンドだったのです。
本作は、そんな大名盤を更にブラッシュアップしたもの。そのコンセプトは“本物の音”。『FIVE ELEMENTS』では超ビビッドなエッジやダイレクト感は満点でしたが、その“鳴り”は些か軽かった。本作では鋭いエッジはそのままに、本来バンドが奏でていたであろう豊かな中低音の鳴りも感じられる。鋭くド迫力なだけでなく、リッチなサウンドでもあるのです。

これだけでも最強を更新するライヴアルバムですが、本作ではさらに貴重すぎるボーナス・トラックも追加収録しました。それはコージーが所有していた伝説のマスターリールに収録されていたホルストの「MARS」。このリールはロンドンのAUDIO INTERNATIONAL RECORDING STUDIOS LIMITED社製で、ロゴ入りの専用ボックスに入っていたもの。発注者(クライアント)として「EMI」、アーティスト名には「COZY POWELL」、箱の上部には「MASTER」と手書きされていました。
そんな貴重品の中身は、コージーがライヴで使用していた「MARS」の現物。そのため、コージー自身のドラミングは入っていませんが、ソロタイム冒頭から盛り上がっていく「Mars #1」、フリーソロ後のクライマックス・パート「Mars #2」の原音そのものを聴けるのです。かつてギフト盤として大人気となりましたが、最強ライヴアルバムの誕生を祝し、ここに永久保存プレス化を実現させました。

歴史を振り返ってみれば、TYGERS OF PANG TANGから常にツインギターのバンドで弾いてきたサイクスが初めて独り立ちしたのが、本作の「ラインナップ#2」でした。“独りでもイケる!”という驚き・喜び・充実感に溢れていながら、キャリア最大の強敵となるジョン・ロードとしのぎを削るライヴ。それが悪かろうはずがありません。


Disc 1(47:02)
1. Introduction 2. Gambler 3. Guilty Of Love 4. Ready An’ Willing 5. Love Ain’t No Stranger
6. Here I Go Again 7. Slow An’ Easy 8. Introduction Of John Sykes 9. Crying In The Rain
10. Blindman / Soldier Of Fortune

Disc 2 (54:51)
1. Introduction Of Cozy Powell, Neil Murray & Jon Lord 2. Keyboard Solo 3. Drum Solo incl. Mars
4. Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City 5. Fool For Your Loving
6. Need Your Love So Bad / Thank You Blues 7. Slide It In
8. Don’t Break My Heart Again 9. We Wish You Well

David Coverdale – Vocal John Sykes – Guitar Neil Murray – Bass Cozy Powell – Drums
Jon Lord – Keyboards

Bonus Tracks

Taken from the original 7″ master reel tape(Audio International Recording Studios) belonged to Cozy Powell

10. Mars #1 (4:57) 11. Mars #2 (3:02)

Zodiac 295

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