Whitesnake / Hollywood Florida 2019 / 1DVDR

Whitesnake / Hollywood Florida 2019 / 1DVDR / Shades
Live at Hard Rock Event Center, Hollywood, FL, USA 25th April 2019

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As an original album, it is the first time in eight years, and the new work “FLESH & BLOOD” is finally sung and WHITESNAKE has begun to move. The latest and best video is here.
What is included in such a work is “April 25th, 2019 Hollywood performances”. It is an audience shot that contains the whole story. The biggest point of this work is in the fresh show that has put a lot of new songs after a long time, but at first the position of the show. In the sense of knowing their status, let’s check from the schedule of the world tour.

・ April 12-May 8: North America # 1 (18 performances) ★ ★ Coco ★
“May 10” FLESH & BLOOD “release”
・ May 10-May 18: North America # 2 (6 performances)
・ June 12-July 17: Europe (19 performances)
・ September 28th-October 10th: South America (3 shows)

This is a tour schedule published to date. It started about a month before “FLESH & BLOOD” was released, and now it is time to finish the North American leg soon. The Hollywood show of this work is the beginning of it. It was a concert that hit the ninth performance.
This work which totally contained such a show is an audience shot of a superb view. The most wonderful thing is the clear view. It is taken from the rear seat of the stage slightly to the right (Joel Hawkstra), but it is hardly blocked by the arms and head of the front seats, and the stage jumps directly into the field of vision. The point is the height. The camera is clearly higher than the first floor audience, and you can look over the stage from the top to the bottom of the stage. As a matter of fact, there is also a moment when the front row of customers is reflected for only a moment of Hong, but the spectator is jumping with a smartphone. In other words, I shoot from a very high point of view.
Moreover, regardless of its height, the sense of stability is excellent. It is not a fixed camera, but camerawork that keeps Cavadale, which utilizes the stage fully on the left and right in the middle of the screen, is quite active. I am holding down the show place of each member such as guitar solo and drum solo of each song without leakage, but the movement scrolls smoothly without camera shake. It may have the latest anti-shake function, but the sense of stability without framing out in the direction of the day after tomorrow is extremely easy to see. I don’t know how I’m shooting, but this spacious scene looks like a shot from the venue. That is the point of view that looks like a giant two and a half meters and looks at the show.
What is depicted in such video beauty is a new show of “FLESH & BLOOD”, which has pioneered the white snake new chapter. The set is a new song from “FLESH & BLOOD” on the Golden Great Hits of the GEFFEN era. Although the concept itself is within the assumption, it is better to narrow the focus. Among the long careers, the Classics are concentrated on only two sheets of “SLIDE IT IN” and “SERPENS ALBUS”, and the large-screen behavior of five songs from “FLESH & BLOOD”. All 13 songs are played in this Hollywood show, but more than 1/3 of them are new songs. Furthermore, the new song itself is intensely fresh. Not only new neta for the first time in eight years, “FLESH & BLOOD” itself is also a new innovation that shows the full value of the Lev / Joel system. Unlike Doug Aldrich, who had a strong respect for the past, the color of the new WHITESNAKE blows out thickly on each track. It is a show that makes the “new white snake” feel intensely in terms of content and volume.

“FLESH & BLOOD” became a new chapter of the white snake. This is the first report where you can experience the best quality of the show with lots of new tastes, including a large number of new songs. A great masterpiece video that will be waiting for the Japanese performance that will probably be realized. Please enjoy it carefully.

オリジナル・アルバムとしては8年ぶりとなる新作『FLESH & BLOOD』を引っさげ、遂に動き出したWHITESNAKE。その最新・極上映像が登場です。

《5月10日『FLESH & BLOOD』発売》

これが現在までに公表されているツアー・スケジュール。『FLESH & BLOOD』発売の1ヶ月ほど前から始まっており、現在はもうすぐ北米レッグを終えるというタイミング。本作のハリウッド公演は、その序盤。9公演目にあたるコンサートでした。
そんな映像美で描かれるのは、白蛇新章を切り拓いた『FLESH & BLOOD』の新曲もフレッシュなショウ。セットはGEFFEN時代の黄金グレイテスト・ヒッツに『FLESH & BLOOD』の新曲をまぶしたもの。そのコンセプト自体は想定内ではあるものの、フォーカスの絞り込み方が良い。長いキャリアの中でもクラシックスも『SLIDE IT IN』『SERPENS ALBUS』の2枚だけに集中させており、『FLESH & BLOOD』からも5曲の大盤振る舞い。このハリウッド公演では全13曲が演奏されますが、その1/3以上が新曲なのです。さらに言えば、新曲そのものが猛烈にフレッシュ。単に8年ぶりの新ネタというだけでなく、『FLESH & BLOOD』自体もレブ/ジョエル体制の真価が全面に出た新機軸。過去へのリスペクト色の強かったダグ・アルドリッチとは異なり、1曲1曲に新生WHITESNAKEのカラーが濃厚に吹き出す。内容的にもボリューム的にも「新しい白蛇」を強烈に感じさせてくれるショウなのです。

白蛇の新章となった『FLESH & BLOOD』。その新曲を大量に盛り込んだ新味たっぷりのショウを極上クオリティで本生体験できる第一報です。恐らくは実現してくれるであろう日本公演が待ち遠しくなる大傑作映像。どうぞ、じっくりとお楽しみください。

1. Intro 2. Bad Boys 3. Slide It In 4. Gonna Be Alright 5. Love Ain’t No Stranger
6. Hey You (You Make Me Rock) 7. Slow an’ Easy 8. Trouble Is Your Middle Name
9. Guitar Duel 10. Shut Up & Kiss Me 11. Get Up (incl. drum solo) 12. Is This Love
13. Give Me All Your Love 14. Here I Go Again 15. Still of the Night

David Coverdale – vocals Reb Beach – guitars Michael Devin – bass
Tommy Aldridge – drums Joel Hoekstra – guitars Michele Luppi – keyboards

COLOUR NTSC Approx.80min.

Shades 1048

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