Whitesnake / 1987 Working Tracks / 1CD+1Bonus DVDR

Whitesnake / 1987 Working Tracks / 1CD+1Bonus DVDR / Zodiac

Translated Text:

Demos Ando Rehearsals Of 1987 Album plus Bonus DVDR “Wembley Arena 1987” Stereo SBD

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ever luxurious 30 anniversary of the Anniversary Edition Daiei Board “1987 (SERPENS ALBUS)” where the world is overwhelming. A superb sound board album that complements that deluxe edition appears.
The Deluxe Edition that appeared from the official was awesome anyway. Until now WHITESNAKE ‘s Deluxe Edition was the only one with a feeling of turbidity, but this time the mania also groan. Regardless of modern remaster & remix, it covers a number of single versions, realizing the live formalization of the Yoyogi Olympics / pool in 1988. Especially the impact was “87 Evolutions (Demo & Rehearsals)” disc. I remembered even the dizziness in the large-scale behavior of the Daimyo’s secret demo. However, even if it is such a large fulfillment official box, this does not mean that “1987 (SERPENS ALBUS) related sound source is perfect. Other treasure remains. This work is a thing which grossed such a treasure. It is exactly one piece that can be called “30th Anniversary Edition CD5”.
Sound sources contained in such work are roughly divided into three types. It is a demonstration / rehearsal / live. Let’s introduce each in detail.

【Demo 6 songs】
First of all, there are six demonstration tracks of “1987 (SERPENS ALBUS)” “Still Of The Night” “Looking For Love” “Bad Boys” “Is This Love” “Crying In The Rain” “Give Me All Your Love” It is a take that appeared from the prestigious Bondage label. The episode which was unearthed in 2001 was a big topic, “I can listen to another version of Daimyo’s board!”, An unusual big hit. It disappeared from the market as soon as possible, and was keenly keen on afterwards, and it was a famous underground that never had a recurrence. This work has been digitized again from its original master.
As a matter of fact, I thought that this demo sound source was acting on a large scale in the official 30th anniversary board … … I wonder if I was dismissed. Actually the contents were completely different things. As a matter of fact, the demo of the official was pretty much processed according to the song, and it was connecting the sound sources of various stages from the initial composition stage to the late stage demo close to completion. On the other hand, this work is through-the-record recording of late-stage demonstrations where production has progressed. Of course, although it varies from song to song, there is nothing like a change in koros in one song. And its completeness and reality are wonderful. Arrangement has been completed even if it is a take of temporary lyrics, and decorations such as synths are also given. It is finished close to “Rough Mix” rather than “Demo”. It can taste “another version of super masterpieces” with the natural feeling unique only through the through.
Besides, this work has the highest quality. As mentioned above, the BONDAGE board and the take are the same, but the sound re-digitized with modern technology from Omoto master is the difference of muddy. The strangely high pitch is also normal, but the dynamism is even more different than that. Unlike the previous episode, which was a light distant sound, I felt close to David Cavadair’s breath, John Sykes’ guitar was also poured brainstorm directly. The quality is generally equal to or better than the official demo board, and even though Hiss enters a little, it even draws realism of the Omoto master. Because I am using the same master, it is definitely supposed to be the same, but I can meet the sound which is reborn to such an extent as to think “really the same take?”

【Rehearsal 3 songs】
Next 3 rehearsals track “Bad Boys” “Give Me All Your Love” “Is This Love”. Step by step is close to the demo collection of the official, feeling that Cavarder & Sykes and Neil Murray are drawing ideas in a jam style while shedding rhythm of the machine. Although the date and time of the official board does not clearly concretely, since the affiliation of Ainslee Dunbar is late August, 1985, it seems that it is the earlier recording (although by the way Cozy · Powell compose Leaving before the session begins, it is said that there is no Koji recording on “1987”). Two geniuses, Cavadel and Sykes, who will never face again never again, make sure of the phrase and are exchanging voices with the chorus. It is a treasure that can be present in the studio.
Although it is not as quality as the above demo or official version, it is still much more dynamic than the previous one. It delivers plenty of delicate sounds that are brilliant even minutely, and the sounds that the Daimyo master inhaled.

【2 live songs】
Lastly 2 songs “Crying In The Rain incl. Drum Solo” and ZZ TOP’s replacement song “Tits”. “June 13, 1988: Yoyogi Olympic pool show” takes. In the officialized live, I was cutting off the “Tits” of drum solo and encore, so as to fit in one CD. I recorded that cut song as a bonus.
It is a famous live as the only golden WHITESNAKE full sound board, but this work was re-recorded from the highest peak ever

1987年(SERPENS ALBUS)の記念日版ダイエーボード30周年を記念して、世界が圧倒的な存在となっています。デラックスエディションを補完する素晴らしいサウンドボードアルバムが登場します。
オフィシャルから登場したデラックスエディションはとにかく素晴らしかったです。今までWHITESNAKEのDeluxe Editionは濁り感のある唯一のものでしたが、今回はマニアも唸ります。現代のリマスター&リミックスにかかわらず、1988年に代々木オリンピック/プールのライブ公式化を実現する多数のシングルバージョンをカバーしています。特に、 “87 Evolutions(Demo&Rehearsals)”のディスクでした。私は大名の秘密のデモの大規模な行動のめまいさえも思い出しました。しかし、たとえそれが大規模なフルフィルメントボックスであったとしても、1987年(SERPENS ALBUS)関連の音源が完璧であるという意味ではなく、他の宝が残っています。 「30th Anniversary Edition CD5」と呼ばれることがあります。

まず第一に、「1987(SERPENS ALBUS)」「Still Of The Night」「Looking For Love」「Bad Boys」「Is This Love」「Rain in Crying」の6つのデモンストレーション・トラックが「Give Me All Your Love」それは有名なボンデージのレーベルから登場したものです。 2001年に発掘されたエピソードは大きな話題だった。「大名のボードの別のバージョンを聞くことができる!」と、珍しい大ヒット。それはできるだけ早く市場から姿を消し、その後も熱心であり、決して再発しなかった有名な地下鉄でした。この作品は元のマスターから再びデジタル化されています。
事実、このデモ音源は公式の30周年記念ボードで大規模に活動していたと思っていましたが… …私が解雇されたかどうかは疑問です。実際、内容は全く違ったものでした。実際、演奏者のデモは曲に合わせてかなり処理されており、さまざまな段階の音源を最初の作曲段階から後期のデモに近いところまで接続していました。一方、この作品は、生産が進んだ後期デモンストレーションの録音を通して記録されています。もちろん、それは曲ごとに異なりますが、1曲の中にはコリオスの変化のようなものはありません。その完全性と現実は素晴らしいです。一時的な歌詞であってもアレンジは完了しており、シンセなどの装飾も施されている。それは “デモ”ではなく “ラフミックス”の近くで終了します。それは、貫通を通してのみユニークな自然な感情を持つ “超傑作の別のバージョン”を味わうことができます。

次の3回のリハーサルは “Bad Boys” “Give Me All Your Your Love” “Is This Love”を追跡します。 Cavarder&SykesとNeil Murrayがマシンのリズムを崩しながらジャムスタイルでアイディアを描いていると感じて、公式のデモコレクションに一歩近づいています。 Ainslee Dunbarの所属は1985年8月末であるため、以前の録音であるように思われる(ただし、コージー・パウエルの作曲ではセッションが始まる前にそれを残しているが、 「1987」には箏録音はないと言われている)。 2人の天才、CavadelとSykes、再び決して再び会わない、フレーズを確認し、合唱団との声を交換している。それはスタジオに存在することができる宝物です。

最後に2曲 “Crying In The Rain”、ZZ TOPの “Tits”の交換曲。 “1988年6月13日:代々木オリンピックプールショー”がかかります。公式ライブでは、ドラムソロとアンコールの “Tits”をカットして、1枚のCDに収めました。カットソーをボーナスとして録音しました。

1. Still Of The Night 2. Looking For Love 3. Bad Boys 4. Is This Love 5. Crying In The Rain
6. Give Me All Your Love (Instrumental)


7. Bad Boys 8. Give Me All Your Love 9. Is This Love

Live at Yoyogi Olympic Pool, Tokyo, Japan 13th June 1988

10. Crying In The Rain incl. Drum Solo 11. Tits

Zodiac 280


Whitesnake / Wembley Arena 1987 / 1Single DVDR / Non Label

Translated Text:
Live at Wembley Arena, London, UK 31st December 1987

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Glory’s famous masterpiece “1987 (SERPENS ALBUS)”. This press CD is a decision board that made one thunder strike with the treasured soundboard that was missed even in the 30th anniversary Deluxe Edition. That said, it is not the only vertex record of the golden age. That is a picture. Unfortunately the full pro shot is not left, but we prepared an alternate vertex image at the luxury bonus of press DVD.
The identity of such a work is the audience shot of “London Show on December 31, 1987”. Although the origin of the highest masterpiece is Al for quality, let’s first check the position of the show from the glorious tour outline.

· June 20 – September 8: North America # 1 (55 shows)
· September 19 – December 3: North America # 2 (52 performances)
· December 29 – 31: UK # 1 (3 performances) ← ★ Coco ★
· January 2 – 8: UK # 2 (6 performances)
· January 22 – April 7: North America # 3 (49 shows)
· June 11 – 22: Japan (8 shows)
· June 25 – August 15: North America # 4 (34 performances)

Over all, 207 performances. This is the big picture of the most successful tour in the history of WHITESNAKE. However, as for the contents, the world tour is named only, and 91.8% of the shows concentrate in North America. Besides that, only 9 UK and 8 Japanese performances, we could not even have a Europe tour. It is a schedule that you can see well how WHITESNAKE of that time was focused on the United States. Apart from that, the London show in this work is its exceptional home country show. It was a New Year ‘s Eve concert which is “3 UK # 1” 3 performances.
It is a show full of special feeling, but the new special is quality. As a matter of fact, mania is a well-known large classic image, but this work uses the upgrade master that was discovered in recent years, anyway overwhelming visual beauty. It is a little oblique from the stage on the right side of the stage (Adrian Vandenberg side) I recorded a full view of the stage, but I looked at the stage overhead above the first floor seat. There is no shielding, only WHITESNAKE is a superb view of occupying the screen. And, image beauty. It is beautiful even if it comes up to it all the time. Audience’s video camera shooting and unexpectedly shabby shots are outstanding stability! The details of the member’s expression and fingers handling emerged with a clear contour, every detail can be seen. It is almost beautiful like a professional shot of a distant view camera or a related person shooting. The sound which is not defeated to that sight is also abnormal. It is terribly clear, it is wonderful to decide the press even if you just extract audio and make it a live album.
It depicts with its quality is the peak of “1987” which rushed as a challenger and extremely caught up in a stroke. The leading character Cavadair stretches beautifully from a powerful low range to a treble that goes through perfectly, and is a totally different person from the hyped-hearted voice of later years. Just saying “I have reached the top!”, The figure seems to be crafting overflowing joy. Furthermore, the action which made full use of the Mike stand is also made to be love and to be crisp.

Members who gotta lose to such Cavadel are gloomy too! ’80s flashy flashes bursting, dazzling lighting and lighting effects are also gorgeous. Especially the great thing is Rudy · surzo which made it rock star. At times there is a stage running round about the corner and, in some cases, intertwining with Adrian and Cavadair, we will feed out slappin ‘bases one after another! Adrian with plenty of ups is also a slick tall body, and it becomes anything “picture”. In addition, the looks of neat Vivian look and sharp play, sharp play sharpness, Tommy’s powerful drum solos, gorgeous live performances are a series of highlights throughout the whole story. This is the real pleasure that I do not know unless it is a picture.
That’s why I am not crazy dancing gorgeously. “Metal SNAKE” which explodes like “Bad Boys” and “Slide It In” of the opening pops out, and in “Here I Go Again” “Is This Love” I listen to melodiousness as thoughtful. In addition, “Is not No Love In The Heart Of The City” which was only played in Japan and the UK is special. The feelings for fans who have supported me from long ago are coming, and the unique cheers and uniqueness of London create a special excitement. And the show ends with “Tits” of this tour alone, the members are leaving the stage. “We Wish You Well” flows with the thunderous applause behind and the ending that the curtain of the live is closed full of lingering finish … … It is exactly a golden show completely recorded.

Only the two vertex live works of the Golden Age. Live album is a full sound board of the Yoyogi Olympic pool which was also officially formed. The picture is this work. Although it is a familiar image even with “RULE THE WEMBLEY” and “BRITISH EMPIRE”, it is one of the vertices that surpassed those such already. A perfect opportunity to collect “top” along with the best soundboard album’s main press CD. Please do not miss it.

栄光の大名盤『1987(SERPENS ALBUS)』。本編プレスCDは、30周年デラックス・エディションでも見逃された秘宝サウンドボードを一網打尽にした決定盤です。とは言え、一大黄金期の頂点記録はそれだけではありません。それは映像。残念ながらフルのプロショットは残されていませんが、その代わりとなる頂点映像をプレスDVDの豪華ボーナスでご用意しました。


特別感溢れるショウですが、新にスペシャルなのはクオリティ。実のところ、マニアにはよく知られた大定番映像なのですが、本作は近年になって発掘されたアップグレード・マスターを使用しており、とにかく圧倒的な映像美。ステージ右側(エイドリアン・ヴァンデンバーグ側)からやや斜めに舞台の全景を収録しているのですが、1階席の頭上ごしにステージを直視。遮蔽物が一切なく、WHITESNAKEだけが画面を占領する極上視野なのです。そして、映像美。思いっきりアップになってもメチャクチャ美しい。オーディエンスのビデオ・カメラ撮影とは思えないほど堂々としたショットは安定感抜群! 明確な輪郭で浮かび上がるメンバーの表情や指捌きなど、細部までしっかりと見える。ほとんど遠景ワンカメのプロショットか、関係者撮影のような美しさです。その光景に負けないサウンドも異常。恐ろしくクリアで、音声だけ引っこ抜いてライヴアルバムにしてもプレス化確定の素晴らしさなのです。

そんなカヴァデールに負けじド派手にキメるメンバーも眩い! ’80年代然としたフラッシーな演奏が炸裂し、まばゆいライティングや照明効果もゴージャス。特に凄いのはロック・スター然としたルディ・サーゾ。ある時はステージを縦横無尽に駆け巡り、ある時はエイドリアンやカヴァデールと絡みながら、スラッピンなベースを次々に繰り出す! またアップもたっぷりのエイドリアンは、すらっとした長身で何とも「画」になる。さらに端正なヴィヴィアンのルックスと切れ味鋭いプレイ、トミーのド迫力ドラムソロなど、ゴージャスなライヴ・パフォーマンスは全編通して見どころの連発。これこそ映像でないと分からない醍醐味です。
だからと言って派手に踊り狂っているわけじゃない。オープニングの「Bad Boys」や「Slide It In」からして爆発するような“メタルSNAKE”が飛び出し、「Here I Go Again」「Is This Love」ではメロディアスにしみじみと聴き込ませる。さらに、日本と英国だけで演奏された「Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City」もスペシャル。古くから支えてくれたファンへの気持ちがこもり、ロンドンならではの大歓声と一体感が特別な盛り上がりを演出します。そして、このツアーだけの「Tits」でショウは締めくくられ、メンバー達はステージを去っていく。万雷の拍手をバックに「We Wish You Well」が流れ、ライヴの幕が余韻たっぷりに閉じられていくエンディング……まさに黄金のショウを完全収録しているのです。

黄金時代の頂点ライヴ作は2本のみ。ライヴアルバムは、公式化もされた代々木オリンピックプールのフルサウンドボード。映像は本作です。『RULE THE WEMBLEY』や『BRITISH EMPIRE』でもお馴染みの映像ではありますが、そんな既発たちも凌駕した頂点の1本。極上サウンドボード・アルバムの本編プレスCDと共に“てっぺん”をコレクトできる絶好のチャンス。どうぞ、お見逃しなく。

1. Intro. 2. Bad Boys incl. Children Of The Night 3. Slide It In 4. Slow An’ Easy
5. Here I Go Again 6. Guilty Of Love 7. Is This Love 8. Love Ain’t No Stranger
9. Adrian Vandenberg & Vivian Campbell Guitar Solos 10. Crying In The Rain
11. Tommy Aldridge Drum Solo 12. Crying In The Rain (Reprise) 13. Still Of The Night
14. Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City 15. Give Me All Your Love 16. Tits
17. We Wish You Well

David Coverdale – Vocals Adrian Vandenberg – Guitar, Vocal Vivian Campbell – Guitar, Vocal
Rudy Sarzo – Bass, Vocal Tommy Aldridge – Drums

COLOUR NTSC Approx. 94min.

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