Whitesnake / Saratoga Springs 2018 / 1DVDR

Whitesnake / Saratoga Springs 2018 / 1DVDR / Non label

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Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Saratoga Springs, NY, USA 16th June 2018. NTSC

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WHITESNAKE can not wait for the release of a new work “FLESH AND BLOOD” that David Cavadair himself is “the best masterpiece”. Unfortunately the new work has been postponed for more than half a year until the beginning of 2019, but they started a tour as a support for FOREIGNER ‘s “JUKE BOX HEROES TOUR 2018”. The best image of that latest live arrives!
It is contained in this work “Saratoga Springs Show on June 16, 2018”. Currently, support for FOREIGNER has been published 32 June from 15 June to 11 August, all North American continent. The Saratoga Springs performance of this work was a concert of the second performances just after the start.
The quality of such a work is exceptional audience shot. It is filmed at an oblique angle from the first floor of the stage on the left side of the stage (Joel Hawksstra side), but somehow has a high point of view. It is an amazing view that you can pass the audience overhead in an arena seat and you can see the stage directly with zero obstructions. Furthermore the zoom is amazing. Although it seems there is a reasonable distance when pulling it exactly, Zoom which boldly attacked from there seems to have plenty of facial expression. Moreover, the power of the latest equipment bursts, the wrinkles of the eyes of Cavadair are also clear to the extent that the grain of the guitar which the painting of the reb beach bald is also clearly understood.
In addition, camera work is free. If you think that you have kept Cavardere’s mic judgment with that much zoom, draw a sense of scale of the Singa Long that will involve the venue with the full view of the pull. Furthermore, with each song’s guitar solo, it is a splendid camera work that two people zoom individually and push it exactly. Moreover, despite being active, it is easy to see abnormally. Apparently it seems that we are not using a tripod, so it’s powerful for the camera shake correction function, but it is amazing anyway. It is a wonderful stability feeling that does not shake even with quick zooming with a sense of stability brisk.
The show drawn with that quality is the ultimate enrichment set. Only what is “SLIDE IT IN” and “SERPENS ALBUS” repertoire. If you count “Bad Boys” which included “Children Of The Night” as one song, 6 songs from 3 songs from “SLIDE IT IN” and “SERPENS ALBUS”. There is not “Fool for Your Loving” or “Is not No Love in the Heart of the City”, and only the Oishii songs are played exclusively. The thorough enrichment so far has not been since the support of MOTRY CRUE which was carried out immediately after “SERPENS ALBUS” release. Although it is limited time to have only on the undercard, it is set to be fresh.
And the performance as well as the set is thick and drastic. 2 I think that the ensemble has not come true because it is a public performance eyes, perfect just for the classic songs. Of course it can not be fatigue tour, it is a great show that runs through the short set in a stroke.

A great performance with great performances that reminds me of the best work “SERPENS ALBUS” era. Although the musician’s words are to be heard and heard, it is still possible that Cavardale’s “new work is the best masterpiece” is true …. WHITESNAKE will show us the tremendous band potential as even such thoughts cross. Far from being able to wait next year, it is an intense video work that can not wait. One piece that I can meet them aiming for the top again. Please, please try this opportunity.

デヴィッド・カヴァデール自身が「最高傑作」と豪語する新作『FLESH AND BLOOD』のリリースも待ち遠しいWHITESNAKE。残念ながらその新作は2019年初めまで半年以上も延期になってしまいましたが、彼らはFOREIGNERの“JUKE BOX HEROES TOUR 2018”のサポートとしてツアーを開始しました。その最新ライヴの極上映像が到着です!
そのクオリティで描かれるショウは、究極とも言える濃縮セット。なんと『SLIDE IT IN』と『SERPENS ALBUS』のレパートリーのみ。「Children Of The Night」をインクルードした「Bad Boys」を1曲と数えると、『SLIDE IT IN』から3曲と『SERPENS ALBUS』から6曲。「Fool for Your Loving」も「Ain’t No Love in the Heart of the City」もなく、一番オイシイ曲だけを限定演奏しているのです。ここまで徹底した濃縮ぶりは『SERPENS ALBUS』リリース直後に行われたMOTREY CRUEのサポート以来ではないでしょうか。前座だけに持ち時間が限られているとは言え、清々しいまでのセットです。

まさに最高作『SERPENS ALBUS』時代を彷彿とさせる絶好調の大熱演。ミュージシャンの言葉はさっ引いて聞くものですが、それでもカヴァデールの「新作は最高傑作」は本当かも知れない……。そんな想いさえよぎってくるほど凄まじいバンド・ポテンシャルを見せつけてくれるWHITESNAKE。来年を待つどころか、待ちきれなくなる強烈な映像作品です。今また頂点を目指している彼らに出逢える1枚。どうぞ、この機会にお試しください。
1. Intro. 2. Bad Boys incl. Children of the Night 3. Give Me All Your Love
4. Love Ain’t No Stranger 5. Slow an’ Easy 6. Guitar Solos (Joel Hoekstra & Reb Beach)
7. Crying In The Rain 8. Drum Solo/Crying In The Rain (reprise) 9. Is This Love
10. Slide It In 11. Here I Go Again 12. Still Of the Night 13. We Wish You Well

David Coverdale – Vocal Joel Hoekstra – Guitar Reb Beach – Guitar Michael Devin – Bass
Tommy Aldridge – Drums Michele Luppi – Keyboards

COLOUR NTSC Approx.58min.

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