Whitesnake / Indianapolis 2016 / 2CDR

Whitesnake / Indianapolis 2016 / 2CDR /  Shades

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Live at Murat Theatre, Indianapolis, IN. USA 8th June 2016


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Live album of the latest tour “THE GREATEST HITS TOUR 2016” is appeared. Last year, it gave us light the flame of purple to “THE PURPLE ALBUM” and “THE PURPLE TOUR” in the 21 century, began the tour from June this year turn, DEEP PURPLE number is none at all. The hit number of Geffen era we conduct a tour that was aligned with the Zura’. This work is the audience album that contains the “Indianapolis performances June 8, 2016,” that becomes a 5 performances eyes of such “THE GREATEST HITS TOUR 2016”.
“THE PURPLE TOUR” did not come out only recording of salty Sound in North America leg of the beginning in, but the time is suddenly great recordings from the beginning appeared. Its quality is brilliantly clear audience sound. Not “like the sound board” type of recording that, but the tone is tightening Kirili, attentive also vast applause and a large chorus. We have inhale even enthusiasm of the audience burning with hit songs, but the type of musical tone and singing voice comes extends straight to overwhelm them. In addition, we clear the air a sense of venue, I am glad standing firm also edge of the musical tone. In particular, since Joel Hawks tiger was immediately “THE PURPLE ALBUM” from a subscriber, hit parade of Geffen era that he is playing is the first is this time. Soredakeni, two guitars also we can appreciate the firm listen take.
This work to be drawn in such a sound, just without deceit to tour title. All 9 songs during the six songs of “SERPENS ALBUS (North American Edition)” in the axis, three songs from “SLIDE IT IN”, the configuration of four songs from “SLIP OF THE TONGUE”. DEEP PURPLE also without Sunburst era, has been filled with gracious about “Geffen era” only “(next year is also a” SERPENS ALBUS “30 anniversary, now what” Straight For The Heart, “” Do not Turn Away ” There was also expected to listen to be!? that, it was not).
Well, when you come right down to it “as usual” feeling is that the set list drifting, but this is extremely good and I actually listened. Again the Hawks tiger play the ear. From tricky to classical, but that technical and a lot of drawer was Ukagaemasu also in last year’s Japan tour, his personality is certainly facing what to Geffen era than DEEP PURPLE. Especially for acutely aware of is the “SLIP OF THE TONGUE” repertoire, combination of tapping virtuoso Reb Beach is colorful to be comparable to the original Steve Vai drew. Yet not run even wacky as Vai, it is the goodness of the song’s like come back to life and lively. Of course, while finishing “SERPENS ALBUS” in vivid color as the same in the number, it is not even running in the impersonation of John Sykes. Although the current duo is not never wrote a song to WHITESNAKE, that’s why while changing dyed freely, may be the balance of the twin-harmony. In fact, Adrian Vandenberg and Vivian Campbell I think in best Twin since.
And, protagonist David Kavaderu also great. Wave of only in the success or failure of age 64 years of age, but intense is his, this day, absolutely enough to see the rare top form. While indeed there is too spread out furoshiki I say to as “comparable to the heyday”, comfortably extend voice after a long time so far. Probably perhaps the timing was good as 5 performances eyes. There tend to not even mean that “momentum leave of high tension” on the first day, still not see rough due to tour fatigue. It remains glossy, you can taste the original beautiful voice plenty.

David Coverdale, which in some reports are also said to be “suggested his retirement in 2017”. Criminal record also does not know just how far you serious of, the first place does not even good enough ascertained what was really said. It is the place where anything in the future anxious, two characters of “retirement” is from this work does not come completely invisible. ‘s The live album that roar is so much enthusiastic performance-top form. From reprint of DEEP PURPLE, and returned again to the White Snake of road WHITESNAKE. What poison fang, please enjoy freely.

最新ツアー“THE GREATEST HITS TOUR 2016”のライヴアルバムが登場です。昨年は『THE PURPLE ALBUM』と“THE PURPLE TOUR”で21世紀に紫の炎を灯してくれましたが、今年6月から始まったツアーは一転、DEEP PURPLEナンバーは一切なし。ゲフィン時代のヒットナンバーをズラッと並べたツアーを実施しています。本作は、そんな“THE GREATEST HITS TOUR 2016”の5公演目となる「2016年6月8日インディアナポリス公演」を収めたオーディエンス・アルバムです。
“THE PURPLE TOUR”では冒頭の北米レッグでしょっぱいサウンドの録音しか出てきませんでしたが、今回はいきなり序盤からグレイトな録音が登場したのです。そのクオリティは、見事にクリアなオーディエンス・サウンド。「まるでサウンドボード」というタイプの録音ではありませんが、楽音がキリリと引き締まり、広大な大喝采・大合唱もきめ細やか。ヒット曲に燃える観客の熱狂も吸い込んでいるのですが、それらを制圧するように楽音と歌声が真っ直ぐに伸びてくるタイプなのです。しかも、会場の空気感が透き通っており、楽音のエッジもしっかり立っているのが嬉しい。特にジョエル・ホークストラは加入してからすぐ『THE PURPLE ALBUM』でしたので、彼が弾くゲフィン時代のヒットパレードは今回が初。それだけに、2本のギターもしっかり聴き取れるのがありがたいのです。
そんなサウンドで描かれる本作は、まさにツアー・タイトルに偽りなし。『SERPENS ALBUS(北米盤)』の全9曲中6曲を軸にして、『SLIDE IT IN』から3曲、『SLIP OF THE TONGUE』から4曲という構成。DEEP PURPLEもサンバースト時代もなく、潔いほど“ゲフィン時代“だけ”で埋め尽くされている(来年は『SERPENS ALBUS』30周年でもあり、今度こそ「Straight For The Heart」「Don’t Turn Away」が聴けるかも!?という予測もありましたが、それはありませんでした)。
まぁ、ざっくばらんに言うと“いつも通り”感が漂うセットリストなのですが、実際に聴いてみるとこれがすこぶる良い。やはり耳を惹くのはホークストラ。トリッキーからクラシカルまで、テクニカルかつ引き出しの多いことは昨年の来日公演でもうかがえましたが、彼の個性は確実にDEEP PURPLEよりゲフィン時代にこそ向いている。特に痛感するのは『SLIP OF THE TONGUE』レパートリーで、タッピングの名手レブ・ビーチとのコンビは、スティーヴ・ヴァイが描いたオリジナルにも匹敵するカラフルさ。それでいてヴァイほど奇抜にも走らず、曲の良さがイキイキと息を吹き返すようなのです。もちろん、『SERPENS ALBUS』ナンバーにしても同じように色鮮やかに仕上げながら、ジョン・サイクスのモノマネに走ることもない。現在のコンビがWHITESNAKEに曲を書いたことはないわけですが、だからこそ自由に染め変えつつ、ツイン・ハーモニーのバランスも良い。実のところ、エイドリアン・ヴァンデンバーグ&ヴィヴィアン・キャンベル以来のベスト・ツインなのではないでしょうか。

一部報道で「2017年での引退を示唆した」とも言われているデイヴィッド・カヴァデール。前科もあるだけにどこまで本気なのか分からず、そもそも本当に言ったのかも今ひとつ判然としていません。なんとも今後が気になるところですが、本作からは「引退」の2文字はまったく見えてこない。それほどの熱演・絶好調が轟くライヴアルバムなのです。DEEP PURPLEの復刻から、再び白蛇の道へ戻ったWHITESNAKE。どの毒牙、存分にご堪能ください。

Disc 1(48:51)
1. My Generation/Intro 2. Bad Boys 3. Slide It In 4. Love Ain’t No Stranger
5. The Deeper The Love 6. Fool For Your Loving 7. Sailing Ships
8. Judgment Day 9. Guitar Solo (Reb Beach / Joel Hoekstra) 10. Slow An’ Easy

Disc 2(39:26)
1. Bass Solo 2. Crying In The Rain 3. Drum Solo/Crying In The Rain(reprise)
4. Is This Love 5. Give Me All Your Love 6. Here I Go Again 7. Still Of The Night

David Coverdale – Vocal Joel Hoekstra – Guitar Reb Beach – Guitar Michael Devin – Bass
Tommy Aldridge – Drums Michele Luppi – Keyboards

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