Whitesnake / Tokyo 2015 / 2CD

Whitesnake / Tokyo 2015 / 2CD / Zodiac

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Live at Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo, Japan 2nd November 2015




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It was changed dyed the archipelago to deep purple “THE PURPLE JAPAN TOUR 2015”. Among all six performances, is the audience album appeared the only surprise there was the last day, “November 2, 2015 Tokyo International Forum concert!” As I mentioned in “YOKOHAMA 2015 (Zodiac 153)” of simultaneous release, this time of WHITESNAKE, how venue also became a fierce high-quality battle. In particular international forum, also taper that was recorded or even matching that last day many, was only those recordings hyper to arrive. It had won the top among them is, it’s a this work. So, usual the schedule confirmation.

– October 20: Osaka International Convention Center
– October 22: Nagoya City Public Hall
– October 25: ZEPP SAPPORO
– October 27: Hiroshima Uenogakuen Hall
– October 30: Pacifico Yokohama
– November 2: Tokyo International Forum [this work]

In this way, the international forum of the last day was the next Yokohama. And, that this work remained at a high quality tournament of the final day also “YOKOHAMA 2015” and those same taper was recorded. Although it is work by recording home of the hand that is in many things the name recorded in the vicinity of Tokyo, this work is a gem of a top class among his collection. “YOKOHAMA 2015” has shone in “the best sound quality of the 2015 Japan tour” in the sound of up to tremendous, and does not even this work inferior. Direct feeling and clear glossy is like sound board is not budge even half a step, you can say exactly the hunky. Again “YOKOHAMA 2015” and also beautiful enough that counted likely up to the maximum number of chorus. After all, “My Generation” in the “Get Up (I Feel Like Being a) Sex Machine” and THE WHO of James Brown flowing before curtain also, because I sound of the, such as those directly listening to like CD ……. Nevertheless, “YOKOHAMA 2015” was was introduced to the tour vest, small, what the place where it was said that the difference between the “sounds” of the very, very little bass. Of course, there is no wonder even becomes “whether it is not the good of the International Forum!” Is by your choice. To say the frank, skip bought a home run in the same taper two shows a continuous, that one is’s the story of only say that reached up to the curb (and singled out the best sound of each performance, if there is no work of such as writing an introduction, and I need to without worrying about such trivial superiority but).
Now, this work that has been colored by the sound that becomes the top two in Japan tour, the content is unique, not two top. After all, the great fighting spirit of Japan last day. Also seen rough part in the vocals of David Kavu~aderu, but intimacy as it is does not seem tired of the tour. It is the Todorokaseru the roar is reminiscent of the Osaka performance of the first day.
Then, in the last encore, Big surprise the “Bad Boys”! This Japan tour is the same set list in many places, was a live of the same content, and I gave us the “Bad Boys” at the end of last only this day. Of course, until now also watch time and again, but there is a song has been heard, this time it has been in the update by Reb Beach and Joel Hawks tiger in the same way as the masterpieces of DEEP PURPLE. While lightly Kattobashi, guitar flying in colorful than the original. Furthermore, what air of site that witnessed the surprise is great. Because it is the developed contemporary of the net, it can be seen the next day of live If you think you try to check the set list. Whether the audience gathered in the International Forum who was also familiar with the set of various places, it is clear that was not here think that surprise will come. “Well, We Wish You Well Kana ……” in the atmosphere that, up spouting intro is thunderous Ya tremendous enthusiasm. The rush from around the international forum, scream, roar, screaming! Year after year, in WHITESNAKE has become age of the audience is also high, swelling enough to seem a long time has been vacuum-packed.

Biggest surprise has jumped in the last day, this time “THE PURPLE JAPAN TOUR 2015”. Best condition of Osaka, and Memorial of Nagoya and so on, or had been special is Furimaka to each performance, it will not probably than this international forum is handed down as “best show”. Second time do not know whether or not there, deep white snake purple. The masterpiece, please!

列島を深紫色に染め変えた“THE PURPLE JAPAN TOUR 2015”。全6公演の中でも、唯一のサプライズがあった最終日「2015年11月2日・東京国際フォーラム公演」のオーディエンス・アルバムが登場です! 同時リリースの「YOKOHAMA 2015(Zodiac 153)」でも触れましたが、今回のWHITESNAKEは、どの会場も熾烈な高音質合戦となりました。特に国際フォーラムは、最終日ということもあってか録音したテーパーも多く、到着する録音もハイパーなものばかりでした。その中でもトップに輝いたのが、本作なのです。それでは、お決まりの日程確認を。

・11月2日:東京国際フォーラム 【本作】

このように、最終日の国際フォーラムは横浜の次でした。そして、その最終日の高音質勝ち抜き戦で残った本作もまた「YOKOHAMA 2015」と同じテーパーが記録したもの。東京近辺で名録音を多数モノにしている録音家の手による作品ですが、本作は彼のコレクションの中でもトップクラスの逸品。「YOKOHAMA 2015」は凄まじいまでのサウンドで“2015年ジャパンツアーの最高音質”に輝きましたが、本作も劣るものではない。サウンドボードのようなダイレクト感やクリアな艶やかさは半歩も譲らず、まったくの互角と言ってもいい。やはり「YOKOHAMA 2015」と同じくコーラスの人数まで数えられそうなほどに美しい。なにしろ、開演前に流れるジェイムズ・ブラウンの「Get Up (I Feel Like Being a) Sex Machine」やTHE WHOの「My Generation」も、まるでCDを直に聴いているようなサウンドなのですから……。それでもなお、「YOKOHAMA 2015」をツアーベストと紹介したのは、わずかな、極々わずかな低音の“鳴り”の差と言ったところでしょうか。もちろん、お好みによっては「国際フォーラムの方が良いじゃないか!」となっても何の不思議もない。ざっくばらんに言って、同じテーパーが2公演連続でホームランをカッ飛ばし、その片方が場外まで届いたというだけの話なのです(各公演のベスト・サウンドを選び出し、紹介を書くなどという作業がなければ、些細な優劣など気にせずに済むのですが)。
そして、アンコールの最後には、ビッグ・サプライズの「Bad Boys」! 今回のジャパンツアーは各地で同じセットリスト、同じ内容のライヴでしたが、この日だけ最後の最後に「Bad Boys」をプレゼントしてくれたのです。もちろん、今までも何度となく観て、聴いてきた曲ではありますが、今回はDEEP PURPLEの名曲と同じようにレブ・ビーチとジョエル・ホークストラによってアップデートでされている。軽快にかっ飛ばしつつ、オリジナル以上にカラフルにギターが飛び交う。さらに、そのサプライズを目の当たりにした現場の空気こそが凄い。ネットの発達した現代ですから、セットリストをチェックしようと思ったらライヴの翌日には分かる。国際フォーラムに集まった観客たちも各地のセットを熟知していたのか、ここでサプライズが来るとは思っていなかったのは明白。「さて、We Wish You Wellかな……」という雰囲気の中、イントロが轟くや物凄い熱狂が噴き上がり。国際フォーラムのあちこちから沸き上がる、悲鳴・咆哮・絶叫! 年々、観客の年齢層も高くなってきたWHITESNAKEでは、久々と思えるほどの盛り上がりが真空パックされています。

最終日にして最大のサプライズが飛び出した、今回の“THE PURPLE JAPAN TOUR 2015”。絶好調の大阪、メモリアルな名古屋等々など、各公演にスペシャルが振りまかれていましたが、恐らくはこの国際フォーラムが“ベストショウ”として語り継がれるのではないでしょうか。二度目はあるか分からない、深紫色の白い蛇。その代表作を、どうぞ!

Disc 1 (65:12)
1. Pre Show Music 2. Intro. 3. Burn 4. Stormbringer 5. Love Ain’t No Stranger 6. The Gypsy
7. Give Me All Your Love 8. You Keep On Moving 9. Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City
10. Guitar Solo 11. Mistreated

Disc 2 (52:35)
1. Blues Harp Session feat. Michael Devin 2. You Fool No One 3. Drum Solo
4. You Fool No One (Reprise) 5. Band Introduction 6. Soldier Of Fortune 7. Is This Love
8. Fool For Your Loving 9. Here I Go Again 10. Still Of The Night 11. Bad Boys
12. We Wish You Well
Zodiac 154

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