Whitesnake / Osaka 2015 / 2CD

Whitesnake / Osaka 2015 / 2CD / Zodiac

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Live At Grand Cube, Osaka, Japan 20th October 2015.


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The DEEP PURPLE classics that revived the modern came to deliver to Japan “THE PURPLE JAPAN TOUR 2015” is the press album appeared! The bite to Oricon eighth place, in response to the “THE PURPLE ALBUM” popular became popular, this time of the Japan tour was a large ones for longitudinal the archipelago to Hiroshima from Hokkaido. I just finished all schedule to last night (November 2), but is a “Grand Cube Osaka October 20, 2015” concert of the first day’s are contained in this work.
The other day, but “GRAND CUBE OSAKA 2015” as a preliminary report has been gift release, this work is a completely different record. Was from the “GRAND CUBE OSAKA 2015”, “because would not come out any more of the sound in the first day, press …… later second day” in ultra-high quality titles that have been carefully selected from many pieces of master and believes below. But hold on, one step late arrived master exceeded rainy day “GRAND CUBE OSAKA 2015”! Musical tone is ultra-clear Nanoha, it is similar to the gift machine, here is also excellent in the balance, also becomes natural. As if you’re recording is an ideal sound as the official album.
Moreover, the surprising was the sound in mono, rookie taper of this debut. Whether it is exactly the unknown has been any record up to now, you can invoke besides the numerous name taper recording, it jumped suddenly to number 1 !! formidable record at home, but also I think had appeared one …. Anyway, the sound is perfect as I do not think beginner’s rack. I do not know detailed recording position, but it seems to have been middle Atari of the first floor front seat. Musical tone, the balance of the stereo also admirably straight reach, is the venue reverberation also realistic that wears soft-faint.
Additionally, cheers wonderful. 1 If it is the middle of the upper deck, but is no wonder even become picky about the cheers, cheers you hear from this work is far. To be precise, and it is the “broad”. Close of applause little (not a zero), are recorded is to spread to a large cheer far in the venue. This is also, a magnificent as Aurora curtain, and I make me feel indescribably beautiful spectacle.
Such sound, the first day of the show in 2015 WHITESNAKE recording obtained with mood, really really wonderful. As I wrote the other day of gift-title of the commentary, anyway best condition of about David Kavu~aderu see rare in recent years. Shout not only extends nice, ordinary singing voice is also smooth enough to see in recent years rare. Current WHITESNAKE is, Tommy, but’s a system that all members sing other than Aldrich, it is possible to lead the thick chorus, and what is to minimize the burden of the throat, is not rough voice, even in the second half of the show . We have been listening to even large-scale American tour that took place prior, so much strong Kavu~aderu is really long time.
Especially nice is still purple number. “The Gypsy” and “You Keep On Moving”, etc., Kavu~aderu also WHITESNAKE number about without having to shout, I singing to Moody. Chorus is simply big success more than just responsible for the part of Glenn Hughes to support it. And precisely because thick, dense mood go meet venue. Such is, are we even looking better in this recording.

Just had been expected to earnestly “White Snake formula DEEP PURPLE”, the best condition Kavu~aderu was show me a prize in excess of it. Japan performances is jet lag likely to occur, the first day is not uncommon also departing. However, rest from the US tour from this work of round two months acts on the plus, it is yet full of even fighting spirit of the unique first day. Just one that fully captured by the “ideal day”, it it also “ideal sound”. In the first day, a masterpiece live album that had suddenly birth, by all means!

現代に蘇ったDEEP PURPLEの名曲を日本に届けに来た“THE PURPLE JAPAN TOUR 2015”のプレスアルバムが登場です! オリコン8位に食い込み、大好評となった「THE PURPLE ALBUM」人気を受け、今回の来日公演は北海道から広島まで列島を縦断する大規模なものとなりました。昨夜(11月2日)に全日程を終えたばかりですが、本作に収められているのは初日の「2015年10月20日グランキューブ大阪」公演です。
先日、速報として「GRAND CUBE OSAKA 2015」がギフトリリースされましたが、本作はまったくの別録音です。「GRAND CUBE OSAKA 2015」からして、何本ものマスターから厳選された超高音質タイトルで「初日でこれ以上の音は出てこないだろうから、プレスは2日目以降を……」と考えていました。ところがどっこい、一歩遅れて届いたマスターはまさかの「GRAND CUBE OSAKA 2015」超え! 楽音がウルトラ・クリアなのは、ギフト盤と同様ですが、こちらはバランスにも優れており、鳴りも自然。まるでオフィシャル・アルバムのように理想的なサウンドで録られているのです。
しかも、驚くべきはこのサウンドをモノにしたのは、今回がデビューの新人テーパー。今までどんな録音をされてきたのかまったく不明ですが、幾多の名テーパー録音を差し置いて、いきなりナンバー1に躍り出たのです!! 恐るべき録音家が、また1人登場したのでしょうか……。ともあれ、そのサウンドは、ビギナーズ・ラックとは思えないほど完璧。詳しい録音ポジションは分かりませんが、1階前方席の真ん中辺りだったようです。楽音は、ステレオのバランスも見事に真っ直ぐ届き、ふんわり・うっすらとまとう会場残響もリアルです。
特に素晴らしいのは、やはりパープル・ナンバー。「The Gypsy」や「You Keep On Moving」など、カヴァデールもWHITESNAKEナンバーほどシャウトすることなく、ムーディに歌い上げる。それを支えるコーラス隊は、単にグレン・ヒューズのパートを受け持つ以上の大活躍。ぶ厚いからこそ、濃厚なムードが会場を満たしていく。その様が、この録音では一層引き立っているのです。

ただひたすら“白蛇式DEEP PURPLE”を期待していましたが、絶好調カヴァデールはそれを超えたショウを魅せてくれました。日本公演は時差ボケが起きやすく、初日はハズレることも珍しくありません。しかし、本作から全米ツアーから丸2ヶ月の休息がプラスに働き、なおかつ初日ならではの気合いにも満ちている。まさに“理想的な初日”、それをこれまた“理想サウンド”で捉えきった1本。初日にして、いきなり誕生してしまった名作ライヴアルバムを、ぜひ!

Disc 1 (67:14)
1. Pre Show Music 2. Intro. 3. Burn 4. Fool For Your Loving 5. Love Ain’t No Stranger
6. The Gypsy 7. Give Me All Your Love 8. You Keep On Moving
9. Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City 10. Guitar Solo 11. Mistreated

Disc 2 (47:58)
1. Blues Harp Session feat. Michael Devin 2. You Fool No One 3. Drum Solo
4. You Fool No One (Reprise) 5. Band Introduction 6. Soldier Of Fortune
7. Is This Love 8. Stormbringer 9. Here I Go Again 10. Still Of the Night 11. We Wish You Well

David Coverdale – Vocal Joel Hoekstra – Guitar Reb Beach – Guitar Michael Devin – Bass
Tommy Aldridge – Drums Michele Luppi – Keyboards

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