Whitesnake / Hampton Beach 2015 / 2CD

Whitesnake / Hampton Beach 2015 / 2CD / Zodiac

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Live At Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom, Hampton Beach, NH, USA 22nd July 2015.


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Rainy day the DEEP PURPLE self cover was large Fichua “THE PURPLE TOUR 2015”. The only attention the tour to see rare even in recent years, it’ll be many people that had been in the mood definite winner. Long we wait to I Was !! this tour is, somehow Quality manner of it but was good enough sound source only, finally great sound of live albums to come here has arrived!
14 performances second location in this work has been recording “2015 root July 22 Hampton Beach concert”, “THE PURPLE TOUR 2015”. Its sound, really nice, leaked relief of sigh and also “finally press class came” between staff. Well well-proportioned balance, wonderful direct feeling of the guitar. More than anything, I sound that can be felt in its entirety clear without any crack or collapse as of this work was not quite. This WHITESNAKE, such as DEEP PURPLE number of cooking method and the Newest Joel Hawks tigers and Michele Ruppi, because all only to often far from listening fine is heard clear, because it is really important.
Latest WHITESNAKE that was decorated with such a sound, start from As expected “Burn”. It does not seem to be as much in the unexpectedness has graced the opening even now, but arrangements not to pinch the “Stormbringer” this time. Depending on the taste, but to the configuration and tightly only song of the liver, “Too Burn I’m doing!” Will at ease with. In its “Burn”, suddenly far from listening condensation. The spark of attention of guitar solo, Reb Beach. And further enhance the sense of speed of the familiar melody while making full use of characteristic of legato and tapping. Then, switch to the Newest of Joel across the break. He also Rashiku tapping faction, to show off a completely different melody from the original in tone just like a keyboard. Style fun guitar battle of a different personality in so close, and it is exquisite arrangements image was also important to the original song.
Well, to begin with where the next PURPLE number was thought …… the “Slide It In”. So, despite what PURPLE number this time is in the attraction, representative songs of WHITESNAKE has also been playing, the balance of “DEEP PURPLE5 songs + WHITESNAKE8 songs”. The WHITESNAKE number also far from listening, in the “Slide It In”, guitar solo of Reb Beach is Eraku cool. Although Lev even until now had been in charge of the solo, and what was inspired by promoted to Banmasu, let me hear the stunning solo elation went up several-fold wings.
However, still attention PURPLE number. 5 songs PURPLE number of, in addition wrote earlier of “Burn,” “The Gypsy,” “You Keep On Moving”, “Mistreated”, “You Fool No One”. In the voice of David Kavu~aderu and Glenn Hughes overlap in the original “The Gypsy,” “You Keep On Moving”, but Glen auditors was about to become anxiety, he served as the Glen officers aligned chorus Corps, massive vocal ensemble in shortage None. After all, this time of WHITESNAKE is also the history of the strongest chorus group, which celebrated its Michele Ruppi of super-talented singer on keyboard. However, Ruppi it is worried that it might be from being eaten a leading role Kavu~aderu also has stopped a member of the thick chorus, “You Keep On Moving” in that the base of Michael Devin to take some lead met Ruppi not come out before. Ruppi the “new generation of either Jeff Tate, or Michael Kiske” just to even be said to be, or say what luxury, it …… or say wasteful. In its “You Keep On Moving” and “You Fool No One”, Ruppi it is not showing off a surprisingly skillful prowess to the keyboard, which should was not a professional.
On the other hand, the arrangement is interesting “You Fool No One”. Michael but is delicious even to blow the blues harp at the beginning, it changes to fusion-ish ensemble and vocal part is finished, go crowded collapse snow to the drum solo. This is the initial of “Belgian Tom’s Hat Trick” and deployment reminiscent of the “Free Flight”.

WHITESNAKE that revived the tradition of DEEP PURPLE in 2015. This just is 1977 began in unprecedented history on any of the White Snake “special tour”. Now that was cut two months until the Japan tour, they that Omotte August 16 finished the American tour went off, there is no live up to “October 20 in Osaka” of Japan first day. In the upcoming Japan tour, also, but will taper who Japan is proud of is us to a large masterpiece in mono, it up to this work or more of the sound source is possible to come out late will not come anymore out (no more recordings It is a little difficult to common sense …… sex).
It was me somehow in time to up to Japan, any more without the best preparation board. Of course, we will deliver to everyone at the highest specification of press 2CD. Now, ready to meet the “deep purple Kavu~aderu” anyone? Are you ready an ‘willing !?


まさかのDEEP PURPLEセルフカバーを大フィーチュアした“THE PURPLE TOUR 2015”。近年でも希に見る注目ツアーだけに、さぞや気になっていた方も多いことでしょう。長らくお待たせいたしました!! 今回のツアーは、どういうわけかクオリティ的に今ひとつな音源ばかりだったのですが、ここに来てようやく素晴らしいサウンドのライヴアルバムが到着しました!
本作が録音されたのは「2015ね7月22日ハンプトン・ビーチ公演」で、“THE PURPLE TOUR 2015”の14公演目。そのサウンドは、実に素晴らしく、スタッフの間でも“ようやくプレス級が来た”と安堵のため息が漏れた。均整の取れたバランスが良く、ギターのダイレクト感も素晴らしい。何より、本作のように割れや潰れもなくクリアに全体を感じられるサウンドがなかなかなかったのです。今回のWHITESNAKEは、DEEP PURPLEナンバーの料理法や新加入のジョエル・ホークストラやミケーレ・ルッピなど、細かい聴きどころが多いだけにすべてがクリアに聞こえるというのは、本当に重要ですから。
さて、次なるPURPLEナンバーは……と思ったところで始まるのは「Slide It In」。そう、今回はPURPLEナンバーこそが呼び物ではあるものの、WHITESNAKEの代表曲も演奏されており、「DEEP PURPLE5曲+WHITESNAKE8曲」というバランス。そのWHITESNAKEナンバーも聴きどころで、この「Slide It In」では、レブ・ビーチのギターソロがえらくカッコイイ。今までもレブがソロを担当していましたが、バンマスに昇格して奮起したのか、高揚感が数倍ハネ上がった見事なソロを聴かせてくれます。
しかし、やはり注目はPURPLEナンバー。5曲のPURPLEナンバーは、先ほど書いた「Burn」のほか、「The Gypsy」「You Keep On Moving」「Mistreated」「You Fool No One」。オリジナルではデヴィッド・カヴァデールとグレン・ヒューズの声が重なる「The Gypsy」「You Keep On Moving」では、グレン役が不安になるところでしたが、コーラス隊がそろってグレン役を務め、重厚なヴォーカル・アンサンブルで不足感はなし。なにしろ、今回のWHITESNAKEは、キーボードに超実力派シンガーのミケーレ・ルッピを迎えた史上最強のコーラス・グループでもある。ただ、主役カヴァデールを喰ってしまうのではないかと心配されたルッピも、ぶ厚いコーラス隊の一員に止まっており、「You Keep On Moving」でベースのマイケル・デヴィンが一部リードを取ることはあってもルッピは前に出てこない。ルッピは“新世代のジェフ・テイトか、マイケル・キスクか”とさえ言われるだけに、なんと贅沢というか、もったいないというか……。その「You Keep On Moving」や「You Fool No One」では、ルッピが本職ではなかったはずのキーボードで意外に達者な腕前を披露しています。
一方、アレンジが面白いのは「You Fool No One」。冒頭にマイケルがブルース・ハープをブロウするのも美味しいですが、ヴォーカルパートが終わるとフュージョンっぽいアンサンブルに変化し、ドラムソロへ雪崩れ込んでいく。初期の「Belgian Tom’s Hat Trick」や「Free Flight」を思い起こさせる展開です。

DEEP PURPLEの伝統を2015年に蘇らせたWHITESNAKE。今回ばかりは、1977年に始まった白蛇の歴史上でも類を見ない“特別なツアー”です。その来日公演まで2ヶ月を切った現在、8月16日をもってアメリカツアーを終えた彼らはオフに入り、日本初日の「10月20日大阪公演」までライヴはありません。来るべき来日公演では、また日本が誇るテーパー達が大傑作をモノにしてくれるでしょうが、それまで本作以上の音源はもう出てこないでしょう(これ以上の録音が遅れて出てくる可能性は……ちょっと常識的に難しいですね)。
来日までになんとか間に合ってくれた、これ以上なく最高の予習盤。もちろん、プレス2CDの最高仕様で皆さまにお届けします。さぁ、“カヴァデールの深紫”に出会う用意はいかが? Are you ready an’ willing!?

Disc 1(50:49)
1. Intro 2. Burn 3. Slide It In 4. Love Ain’t No Stranger 5. The Gypsy 6. Give Me All Your Love
7. You Keep On Moving 8. Forevermore 9. Reb Beach Guitar Solo 10. Joel Hoekstra Guitar Solo

Disc 2(47:10)
1. Mistreated 2. You Fool No One 3. Tommy Aldridge Drum Solo 4. You Fool No One (Reprise)
5. Band Introduction 6. Is This Love 7. Bad Boys 8. Here I Go Again 9. Still Of The Night

David Coverdale – Vocal Joel Hoekstra – Guitar Reb Beach – Guitar Michael Devin – Bass
Tommy Aldridge – Drums Michele Luppi – Keyboards


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