Wham / Wembley Stadium 1986 The Final / 2CD With OBI Strip

Wham / Wembley Stadium 1986 The Final / 2CD With OBI Strip/ Shakuntalia

Wembley Stadium London UK June 28, 1986. Digitally Remastered

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Wham! The period of activity is approximately six years from 1981 to 1986. During that time, he was blessed with many hit songs, and he will also perform in Japan, and he has been remembered as a background music of the times for those who spent the youth period in the 80’s. And fans were surprised that they declared the dissolution of the duo when popularity reached its climax. And speaking of retirement performance, the word is bad, but the name also performed the dissolution live called “THE FINAL”.

On June 23rd and 24th, 1986, Gennepro performed live performances at the Brixton Academy in London, so-called “good practice” live performances at the Wembley Stadium which attracted 72,000 fans on June 28. It was done. Before the show, the video of the Chinese performance was shown on the venue screen. And at 7:45, when the sun started to fall, “Everything She Wants” finally opened the show. Behind the stage is a black curtain with large letters written “THE FINAL”. And two people in the style of black jeans and leather jacket. As represented by the album ‘Make It Big’, Wham! The two had a bright, healthy and healthy “white” image in place, but this time they have brought a masculine image to the front. George Michael says. “This is the best moment I have ever seen. I would like to thank everyone who helped me for four years in breaking up. Let’s have fun today!”

Two special guests rushed for this special concert. First is Elton John. George Michael is known to have a relationship between public and private, and on this day he sings “Candles in the Wind”, one of Elton’s signature songs. And at “Aim Your Man” in Encore, another person with Elton, Simon Le Bonn from Duran Duran, joined the final concert.

One night only wam! Break up concert. The special guest is on the set list, which shows the best hits from the previous career in front of a crowd of 72,000 people at Wembley Stadium. Complete recording of this last concert by audience recording. A permanent press with beautiful picture and disc specifications. Japanese band included.

ワム!の活動期間は1981年から1986年までの約6年間である。その間、多くのヒット曲に恵まれ、さらに来日公演も行われるなど、80年代に青春時代を過ごした人には時代のBGMとして記憶に残っている。そして人気が最高潮に達したときにデュオの解散を宣言したことにファンは驚かされた。そして引退興行といえば言葉は悪いが、その名もズバリ「THE FINAL」と称した解散ライヴを行なったのである。

1986年6月23日と24日の両日にロンドンのブリクストン・アカデミーでゲネプロ、いわゆる通し稽古的にライブを行ない、本番のサヨナラ公演は6月28日、72000人のファンを集めたウェンブリー・スタジアムで行なったのである。開演前には会場スクリーンにて中国公演の映像が流されていた。そして日も暮れ始めた7時45分、「Everything She Wants」でいよいよショウが開幕したのである。ステージの後方には「THE FINAL」と白抜きされた文字が大書された黒いカーテン。そしてレザージャケットにブラック・ジーンズというスタイルの二人。アルバム『Make It Big』に代表されるように、ワム!の二人は明るく健康的で健全な「白」のイメージが定着していたが、この時は男性的なイメージを前面に出している。ジョージ・マイケルは言う。「今まで見た中で最高の瞬間だ。解散に当たって4年間応援してくれた皆にお礼を言いたい。今日は楽しもうぜ!」。



01. Everything She Wants
02. Club Tropicana
03. Heartbeat
04. Battlestations
05. Bad Boys
06. If You Were There
07. The Edge Of Heaven
08. Candle In The Wind with ELTON JOHN
09. Credit Card Baby
10. Like A Baby
11. Love Machine
12. Where Did Your Heart Go?

01. Why
02. Last Christmas
03. Wham Rap! (Enjoy What You Do)
04. A Different Corner
05. Freedom
06. Careless Whisper
07. Band Introductions
08. Young Guns (Go for It!)
09. Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go
10. I’m Your Man with SIMON LE BON

Shakuntalia. STCD-183/184

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