Walter Becker / Rare Tracks Of Whack / 1CDR

Walter Becker / Rare Tracks Of Whack / 1CDR / Project Zip

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1980s-1993 Outtakes & demos. SBD


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Outtakes and demos the super high-quality sound board recording from the precious solo project of Walter Becker is an original member of Steely Dan.

The low production of Steely Dan and Donald Fagen is a must listen Collector’s item of which was recorded Rare Tracks 10 songs that have been created over the 1990s from Walter Becker 1980s aimed at slightly different sound world!


1980s-1993 Outtakes & demos

01. Junkie Girl (demo)
02. Girlfriend (demo)
03. Cringemaker (demo)
04. Medical Science (demo)
05. Sanpaiku
06. Ghost Of Hipness Past
07. Lies I Can Believe
08. Three Sisters Shakin’
09. Book Of Liars (demo)
10. Hat Too Flat (demo)

Project Zip . PJZ-527

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