W.A.S.P / Nottimgham 1984 / 1CDR+1DVDR

W.A.S.P / Nottimgham 1984 / 1CDR+1DVDR  / Shades

Live at Palais, Nottingham, UK 25th September 1984

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Live at Palais, Nottingham, UK 25th September 1984

W.A.S.P. at the time of debut, which shocked as “heavy Alice Cooper” and “dirty KISS”. The best live set is here.
Speaking of live performances at that time, naked women would be killed for the first time, blood glue would be drunk, and a horror show that literally drips fresh blood. This work contains two performances of such shock rock polar regions. This is a 2-disc set featuring the best audience recording of “September 25, 1984 in Nottingham” and the official pro shot “LIVE AT THE LYCEUM, LONDON” of “September 24, London performance” the day before!
What are the positions of these two shows? First, let’s check it in the schedule at that time.

● 1984
<< August 17, “W.A.S.P.” released >>
・ September 18-October 13: Europe (19 performances) ← ★ Coco ★
・ October 18-23: First visit to Japan (5 performances)
・ November 9: London performance
・ November 24th-December 28th: ​​North America # 1 (22 performances)
● 1985
・ January 9-March 29: North America # 2 (58 performances)
・ July 3-5: North America # 3 (3 performances)
“November 9” THE LAST COMMAND “released”

This is the shocking debut work “W.A.S.P.”! Flow from. The tour suddenly started in the UK, and this work corresponds to the 6th and 7th performances. Speaking of 1984, the legendary first performance in Japan was a shock, but this work is just before that. Let’s introduce each disc individually.

[Main CDR: Best Audience Recording of Nottingham Performance] The first thing that appeared was the audience recording of “September 24, 1984 Nottingham Performance”. As I will explain later, the other disc is an official pro shot, but apart from that, audience recording is the main part of this work. Because this is a superb miracle recording. Actually, it was the master “Crazy S.” who recorded this disc. It is a live album that is directly digitized from the original cassette.
And that sound is the shock. It’s definitely an audience recording because it was handed over from the recorder himself, but it’s a surprising level, “Where on earth ?!”. An ultra-thick core like a rough rope is struck in front of you, and it is completely zero distance. Far from being transparent, it is completely in close contact with you no matter how you listen to it, and it seems like an FM broadcast. Moreover, the sense of stability is amazing. The guitar and bass are clear with a powerful sound that is unlikely to be a roaring sound. In “On Your Knees” and “Animal (Fuck Like a Beast)”, the explosion sound of “Dokan!”, Which seems to be a pyro, explodes (note the volume!), And in “L.O.V.E. Machine”, the electric saw roars. But even that is beautiful. The violent noise is captured beautifully in every detail. No matter how much you listen, it’s hard to believe that you’re an audience, and “!?” Keeps spinning around in your brain.
The show drawn with that sound is fierce again! As mentioned above, it was just after the release of the debut work “WASP”, but he is playing all the songs except “BAD”, and it is a villainy to finish with the legendary debut EP “Animal (Fuck Like A Beast)” for the big lath. set list. The melody is extremely catchy, with violent riffs and wild roars roaring. “Gokudo pop rock and roll” is unfolding one after another. That shocking album was bitten by a live performance that was eager to conquer Britain, and it hit me on a super-direct sound of the de-class. I usually write “the live performance version of that masterpiece”, but this is not such a raw thing. An enhanced version rather than another version of the masterpiece. It is also an intense and unrivaled live album in which a super Saiyan who poured Viagra in Yunker is playing while playing with a 10x Kaiouken fist.

[DVDR: Official video reprinted with the highest quality ever] Following such an out-of-print is a DVDR that reproduces the out-of-print official video “LIVE AT THE LYCEUM, LONDON” with the highest quality in history. Using mint quality Japanese laser discs, digitization is outsourced to an overseas manufacturer specializing in analog video. We have done everything we can to think about the source, process, and environment, and it is the highest quality DVD in history that can never be more. At our shop, it is a transcendental image that was very popular on the press DVD, but in commemoration of the excavation of the miracle recording of Nottingham the next day, we attached it as a special DVDR.
The content of such an official video is a full professional shot of “September 24, 1984 London performance”. Nottingham’s live album was also awesome, but the power of the video is still amazing. After all, Blackie Lawless wears tiger-striped knee-high boots with his hips exposed and a circular saw on his arms and crotch. And while he disturbs his hair like a mountain, he also rampages with Chris Holmes, who has a buttock. Of course, it’s not just strange. In “Tormentor”, Blackie brought out an ax and raw meat in the middle of the performance, and when he thought that he started eating on the spot (it’s real …), he cut it into pieces and threw it toward the audience. Furthermore, when the box beside the stage is opened, a naked woman is hung inside (this is also not a doll …). You can see a grotesque and nasty show where she kills the woman with a knife and returns to the performance. The following “School Daze” is also a wonderful hobby. After the guitar solo, cut the poster with a circular saw in the crotch and drink plenty of blood glue drawn with a skull. The amount is lightly three times that of Gene Simmons, and it overflows from the mouth and dyes Blackie’s half body bright red. After that, he sings in the form of a demon with his face covered in blood! sing! It’s just a “dirty KISS” and a “heavy Alice Cooper” with down feather pillows.

The maverick W.A.S.P. It is a two-disc set that engraves the most sensational live in the UK immediately after debut with super-superb powerful recording and the highest peak official video in history. This is exactly the shock rock monument. It’s great because if you’re a bad taste, nasty, and sensible person, you’ll frown. A masterpiece behind such rock. Please enjoy it to your heart’s content!



Live at Palais, Nottingham, UK 25th September 1984 PERFECT SOUND(from Original Masters)

当時のライヴと言えば、裸の女性はいたぶり殺すわ、血糊は飲むわ、文字通り鮮血が滴るホラーショウ。本作は、そんなショック・ロックの極地を丸ごと2公演収めたもの。「1984年9月25日ノッティンガム公演」の極上オーディエンス録音をメインに、前日「9月24日ロンドン公演」のオフィシャル・プロショット『LIVE AT THE LYCEUM, LONDON』をセットした2枚組です!



まず登場するのが「1984年9月24日ノッティンガム公演」のオーディエンス録音。後述しますが、もう1枚のディスクは公式プロショットなのですが、それを差し置いてオーディエンス録音が本作のメインなのです。なぜならば、これが超極上の奇跡録音だから。実は、このディスクを記録したのはあの名匠“Crazy S.”氏。そのオリジナル・カセットからダイレクトにデジタル化したライヴアルバムなのです。
そして、そのサウンドこそが衝撃。録音者本人から譲られただけに間違いなくオーディエンス録音なのですが「一体どこが?!」と驚くレベル。荒縄のごとき超極太な芯がグイグイと目の前に突きつけられ、まったくのゼロ距離。空気感が透き通るどころか、どう聴いても完全密着しており、FM放送にしか思えない。しかも、安定感が凄い。爆音になりそうでならないギリギリのド迫力サウンドで、ギターもベースもクッキリとしている。「On Your Knees」や「Animal (Fuck Like a Beast)」ではパイロらしき「ドカン!」という爆発音が炸裂(音量に注意!)し、「L.O.V.E. Machine」では電ノコがギャリギャリと轟音を轟かせる。しかし、それさえもが綺麗。暴虐ノイズが細部まで美しく整って捉えられているのです。いくら耳を澄ませても、何度繰り返しても本当にオーディエンスとは信じがたく、「!?」が脳内をグルグル回り続けるのです。
そのサウンドで描かれるショウがまた激烈! 上記の通り、デビュー作『W.A.S.P.』の発売直後だったわけですが、「B.A.D.」以外の全曲を演奏しており、大ラスには伝説デビューEPの「Animal (Fuck Like A Beast)」で締めるという極悪セットリスト。暴虐リフとワイルドな咆哮が轟きまくりつつ、そのメロディは極めてキャッチー。“極道ポップなロックンロール”が次々と繰り広げられるのです。あの衝撃アルバムが英国制覇の意欲に燃える生演奏でブチかまされ、それがド級の超ダイレクト・サウンドに乗って殴りかかってくる。いつもなら「あの名盤の生演奏版」と書くところですが、これはそんな生やさしいものじゃない。名盤の別バージョンと言うよりは強化版。それも、ユンケルでバイアグラを流し込んだ超サイヤ人が10倍界王拳カマしながら演奏しているような強烈無比な超絶ライヴアルバムなのです。

そんな超絶版に続くのは、廃盤オフィシャル映像『LIVE AT THE LYCEUM, LONDON』を史上最高峰クオリティで復刻したDVDR。ミント・クオリティの日本盤レーザーディスクを使用し、アナログ映像専門の海外メーカーに委託してデジタル化。ソース元も工程も環境も考え得る万全を尽くしており、まさしくこれ以上はあり得ない史上最高峰クオリティのDVD化なのです。当店では、プレスDVDでも大好評を博した超絶映像なのですが、翌日ノッティンガムの奇跡録音が発掘されたのを記念し、特別にDVDRで付属させました。
そんな公式映像の中身とは「1984年9月24日ロンドン公演」のフル・プロショット。ノッティンガムのライヴアルバムも凄絶でしたが、やはり映像の威力は凄い。なにしろ、ブラッキー・ローレスは虎縞のニーハイブーツに、尻を丸出しで、腕や股間には丸ノコ付き。そして、山んばのように髪を振り乱しながら、やはり尻出しのクリス・ホルムズと共に暴れまくる。もちろん、格好が奇異なだけではない。「Tormentor」では、演奏途中でブラッキーが斧と生肉を持ち出し、その場で食い始めた(本物なんだ……)かと思ったら、客席に向けて千切っては投げ、千切っては投げ。さらに、ステージ脇の箱を開けると、中には裸の女性が吊されている(これも人形じゃない……)。その女性をナイフでいたぶり殺して演奏に戻るという、何ともグロテスクでえげつないショウが見られます。さらに続く「School Daze」も素晴らしく悪趣味。ギターソロのあと、ポスターを股間の丸ノコで切り裂き、髑髏で汲んだ血糊をたっぷりと飲む。その量たるや、軽くジーン・シモンズの3倍はあり、口から溢れ出してブラッキーの半身を真っ赤に染め上げる。その後も、顔面中を血まみれにしたまま鬼の形相で歌う!歌う! 羽毛枕までぶちまけ、まさに“汚いKISS”、“ヘヴィなアリス・クーパー”です。


Live at Palais, Nottingham, UK 25th September 1984

1. The End (The Doors) 2. On Your Knees 3. The Flame 4. Hellion 5. L.O.V.E. Machine
6. Sleeping (In The Fire) 7. Tormentor 8. School Daze 9. The Torture Never Stops
10. I Wanna Be Somebody 11. Animal (Fuck Like a Beast)

Special Thanks: Crazy S.


Live at the Lyceum, London, UK 24th September 1984 PRO-SHOT

1. On Your Knees 2. The Flame 3. Hellion 4. L.O.V.E. Machine 5. Sleeping (In The Fire)
6. Tormentor 7. School Daze 8. The Torture Never Stops 9. I Wanna Be Somebody
10. Animal (Fuck Like A Beast)

Blackie Lawless – Lead Vocals, Bass Chris Holmes – Guitars Randy Piper – Guitars, Vocals
Steve Riley – Drums


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