Voices Of Rainbow / Osaka Revisited 2013 / 3CDR

Voices Of Rainbow / Osaka Revisited 2013 / 3CDR / Shades

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Live at Umeda Club Quattro, Osaka, Japan 14th March 2013



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In addition to Graham Bonnet led by ALCATRAZZ, that Joe Lynn Turner further Doogie White, the 2013 Osaka performances of former singer of RAINBOW is uniform Special Live “VOICES OF RAINBOW”, appeared in the ultra-high-quality audience, master! Is a special release decision in three sets!

September 2010, in order to mourn the Ronnie James Dio are primary vocalist of RAINBOW, successive RAINBOW vocalist has gathered “VOICES OF RAINBOW” it is, gave me a deep excitement and joy to the fans who love the RAINBOW . Joe But “OVER THE RAINBOW” in 2009, but along with the son Jurgen Blackmore Ritchie Blackmore was let me hear the RAINBOW number of each era, co-stars and of this 2010, Doogie White, Graham such as the Bonnet of re-visit to Japan, it had exceeded considerably in topicality. Because this way was strong too “special feeling”, this “VOICES OF RAINBOW” had been considered a one-time in 2010. But rainy day second time in March 2013 is realized. In three cities of Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka, it showed me the “second time of a dream” to the fans.
The sound source is the Osaka performances of March 14, which corresponds to the last day, which was completely recorded in ultra-high-quality audience master. Michael 2012 Nagoya performances of the 2012 Osaka performances and ASIA of Schenker, a further 2013 of this time the simultaneous release JOURNEY Osaka performances the same root of the master, the sound quality is already origami! As you relive the best in the fans who could not go to watch, as the best memorial to fans who watched at the venue, you each to enjoy the live!

Over the middle from the disc 1 of the disc 2, recorded the stage of Joe and Deguy who appeared earlier. Following the “Stand Up And Shout” in the DIO which has been flowing in before the performance, immobility of opening “Over The Rainbow” and live in the “Spotlight Kid” is beginning. Upsurge immediately great it will wrap the venue. In addition to the outstanding clearness, vocal of Joe has been captured in such realism of line sources, you’ll enjoy the melodious “I Surreender” and “Can not Let You Go” in the true value of Joe (played in is also nice point is not at all mind cheers. it should be noted, and listen to the recording, Deguy will also understand that had served from the beginning of Joe chorus of the show).
After the performance of “Death Alley Driver” is, Deguy appeared on the stage by the introduction of Joe. And sing the “Wolf To The Moon” that was not covered in the previous visit to Japan (this day Deguy also has come out voice over Tokyo performance). Following the “Black Masquarade” “Hall Of The Mountain King” is one of the largest listening stations this day “Catch The Rainbow” will be played. Sound is a rarity this scene is a sense of transparency. Extent of “really do not the line sound?” I knew I would think, it has been recorded in the clear. And in the end of the live, followed by a duet with both the name of Joe and Deguy. In particular was a surprise song selection as “Kill The King”, “Burn” (guitarist of only this song ALCATRAZZ, Howie Simon also unofficial participant) in the enthusiastic performance, to end the set in the excitement and surprise.

Then, in the disc 3 from the disk 2 middle, you can enjoy the performance of ALCATRAZZ Featuring Graham Bonnet.
Live the start in was opening in Japan of the 2010 “Assault Attack”. This has come out may be the voice of Graham over that time, I do not feel tired of continuous three days and (according “best in the Japan tour of the past few years is tone felt so good” to the mania of thing). In addition, “Island In The Sun” and “God Blessed Video”, and “Stand In Line” further “Eyes Of The World”, you can enjoy the classic songs of Graham in a great recording state.
Live middle of “Only One Woman” is Japan’s largest surprise. In this MARBLES number that Graham has started his career (Barry Gibb of the composer BEE GEES), the song also became the starting point that Graham is entering RAINBOW. Performance dedicated to Trevor Gordon was active in Graham and MARBLES will be greatly impressed by the fan. Live Another surprise has been continued playing to “Since You Been Gone,” “Dancer”! The song, which will be the first performance in Japan, skillfully also the support band. Graham also singing and lively like a fish that got the water.
And in Enjoy encore sing Graham, Joe, three people of Deguy is the “All Night Long” and “Long Live Rock’N’Roll”! In particular, the advent of play to become “Long Live Rock’N’Roll” The full cast of the visit to Japan last, live will celebrate the finale in a large climax!

This “VOICES OF RAINBOW” tour, currently does not have been made only in Japan. A live that it can be said that the planning of coveted for enthusiasts around the world, in this work of superlative audience Master, please enjoy! One not be missed if RAINBOW fan, is a special release decision here in happy 3-Pack!

★ “West strongest taper,” said the large masterpiece recording machine! ! By all means, please enjoy this opportunity.

グラハム・ボネット率いるALCATRAZZに加え、ジョー・リン・ターナーさらにドゥギー・ホワイトという、RAINBOWの歴代シンガーが揃ったスペシャル・ライヴ”VOICES OF RAINBOW”の2013年大阪公演が、超高音質オーディエンス・マスターで登場! 3枚組での特別リリース決定です!

2010年9月、RAINBOWの初代ヴォーカリストであるロニー・ジェイムズ・ディオを追悼するため、歴代のRAINBOWヴォーカリストが集結した”VOICES OF RAINBOW”は、RAINBOWを愛するファンに深い感動と喜びを与えてくれました。ジョーは2009年の”OVER THE RAINBOW”でも、リッチー・ブラックモアの息子ユルゲン・ブラックモアとともに各時代のRAINBOWナンバーを聴かせてくれましたが、この2010年はドゥギー・ホワイトとの共演や、グラハム・ボネットの再来日など、話題性では格段に上回っていました。このように余りにも”特別感”が強かったため、この”VOICES OF RAINBOW”は2010年の一回限りと思われていました。しかしこの2013年3月にまさかの二度目が実現。東京・名古屋・大阪の三都市で、ファンへ「二度目の夢」を見せてくれたのです。
本音源はその最終日に当たる3月14日の大阪公演を、超高音質オーディエンス・マスターで完全収録したもの。マイケル・シェンカーの2012年大阪公演やASIAの2012年名古屋公演、さらに今回同時リリースとなるJOURNEYの2013年大阪公演と同一ルートのマスターであり、その音質はすでに折り紙つき! 観に行けなかったファンには極上の追体験として、会場で観たファンにも最高の記念として、それぞれライヴを満喫させます!

ディスク1からディスク2の中盤にかけては、先に出演したジョーとドゥギーのステージを収録。開演前に流れていたDIOの「Stand Up And Shout」に続き、不動のオープニング「Over The Rainbow」そして「Spotlight Kid」でライヴは幕開け。たちまち素晴らしい盛り上がりが場内を包みます。抜群のクリアネスに加え、ジョーのヴォーカルがライン音源のようなリアルさで捉えられており、メロディアスな「I Surreender」や「Can’t Let You Go」ではジョーの真骨頂を楽しめるでしょう(演奏中は歓声が全く気にならないのも嬉しいポイントです。なお、録音を聴くと、ドゥギーはショウの最初からジョーのコーラスを務めていた事も判ります)。
「Death Alley Driver」の演奏後は、ジョーの紹介によりドゥギーが舞台に登場。前回の来日では取り上げなかった「Wolf To The Moon」を熱唱します(この日はドゥギーも東京公演以上に声が出ています)。「Black Masquarade」と「Hall Of The Mountain King」に続いては、この日最大級の聴き所である「Catch The Rainbow」が演奏されます。この場面は透明感のあるサウンドが絶品。「本当はライン音源ではないのか?」と思ってしまいそうな程、クリアに録音されています。そしてライヴの終盤では、ジョーとドゥギーの両名によるデュエットが続きます。特にサプライズ選曲だった「Kill The King」と「Burn」(この曲のみALCATRAZZのギタリスト,ハウイー・サイモンも飛び入り参加)は熱演で、驚きと興奮の中でセットを終了します。

そしてディスク2中盤からディスク3では、ALCATRAZZ Featuring Graham Bonnetの演奏を楽しめます。
2010年の来日でもオープニングだった「Assault Attack」でライヴはスタート。今回はそのとき以上にグラハムの声もよく出ており、三日間連続の疲れも感じさせません(マニアによれば「ここ数年の来日公演では一番調子が良いように感じた」とのこと)。さらに「Island In The Sun」や「God Blessed Video」,「Stand In Line」さらに「Eyes Of The World」と、グラハムの定番曲を素晴らしい録音状態で楽しめます。
ライヴ中盤の「Only One Woman」は来日最大のサプライズ。これはグラハムがキャリアをスタートさせたMARBLESナンバー(作曲はBEE GEESのバリー・ギブ)で、グラハムがRAINBOW入りする切っ掛けにもなった曲。グラハムとMARBLESで活動したトレヴァー・ゴードンに捧げられた演奏は、ファンを大いに感動させるでしょう。ライヴもうひとつの驚きが、「Since You Been Gone」に続き演奏された「Dancer」! 日本では初めての演奏となる同曲は、バンドのサポートも巧み。グラハムも水を得た魚のように活き活きと歌っています。
そしてお楽しみのアンコールではグラハム,ジョー,ドゥギーの三人が「All Night Long」と「Long Live Rock’N’Roll」を熱唱! 特に来日ラストの演奏となる「Long Live Rock’N’Roll」では出演者全員が登場し、ライヴは大盛り上がりの中で大団円を迎えます!

この”VOICES OF RAINBOW”ツアーは、現在のところ日本でしか行われていません。世界中のマニアにとって垂涎の企画といえるライヴを、最上級オーディエンス・マスターの本作で、ぜひお楽しみください! RAINBOWファンなら絶対に見逃せない一本が、嬉しい3枚組でここに特別リリース決定です!


Disc 1 (51:46)

Joe Lynn Turner

1. Intro(DIO: Stand Up And Shout) 2. Over The Rainbow 3. Spotlight Kid 4. I Surrender
5. Can’t Let You Go 6. Death Alley Driver

Doogie White

7. Wolf To The Moon 8. Black Masquerade 9. Hall Of The Mountain King 10. Catch The Rainbow

Disc 2 (68:27)

Joe Lynn Turner

1. Street Of Dreams 2. Can’t Happen Here 3. Power (with Doogie White)
4. Kill The King (with Doogie White) 5. Burn (with Doogie White)

ALCATRAZZ Featuring Graham Bonnet

6. Intro 7. Assault Attack 8. Island In The Sun 9. God Blessed Video 10. Love’s No Friend
11. Stand In Line 12. Guitar Solo 13. Eyes Of The World 14. Will You Be Home Tonight

Disc 3 (55:49)
1. Only One Woman 2. Big Foot 3. Jet To Jet incl. Drums Solo 4. Skyfire 5. Since You Been Gone
6. Dancer 7. Lost In Hollywood

8. All Night Long (with Joe Lynn Turner & Doogie White)
9. Long Live Rock ‘N’ Roll (with Joe Lynn Turner & Doogie White)
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