Various Artists / Young Jockey Presents New York Report #3 / 1CDR

Various Artists / Young Jockey Presents New York Report #3 / 1CDR / Non Label
Broadcast Date: 10th August 1977

Live Report: Kiss & Cheap Trick (Civic Center, Ottawa, ON. Canada 14th July 1977)

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KISS just came to Japan for the first time and CHEAP TRICK just made its debut. The best radio album from “1977” where these two groups shine is the gift release decision.
The Japanese FM program broadcast in August 1977 is included in this work. This is a special program “New York Report (3rd)” of “Young Jockey” which was very popular at a certain broadcasting association. This program has inspired the hearts of Western music fans every time he organized a variety of projects, but in the summer of 1977, a large project was a “local report”. The famous DJs (and staff) fly to New York and experience live performances from various bands. He broadcast the report and interview.
主 The leading role of this third work is KISS and CHEAP TRICK. KISS was four months after the legend came to Japan for the first time, and CHEAP TRICK was about half a year after the release of his debut work, and had not yet come to Japan. The content of the program is to alternate between on-air of album songs and DJ talks. “LOVE GUN” and “IN COLOR” are introduced as new works, and “ALIVE” even if they play live. The feeling of the times when “ALIVE II” had not yet come out casually.

[Independent interview where a strong Gene clause explodes] に も Every album track reminds me of the time when I was thrilled to hear “New songs can be heard as soon as possible!” The first half is KISS, but it started with an unusual Japanese greeting from the beginning of the program, “Watashiha, Gene Simmons Death. Anataha?” “It was pretty Japanese, but I talked on my own without asking for it.” DJs are also watching live performances, and talk about their hardships, such as the hardships of traveling, and “The audience will ignite over there.
That’s also interesting, but the biggest thing is the interview with Jean, who is unique to the program. The sense of the age of “1977” from the beginning is also strong. “I first met Jean with a real face.” “Even if a big guy came out, I didn’t know who it was.” After that, “I decided to come to Japan again next year!” “I will release a live album recorded in Japan” “I may release 5.6 albums next year”, etc. It is not 1978 but “1977” Swell. Gene’s solo album “Man of 1,000 Faces” is an unknown song that cannot be heard yet, and the name of the Nazo song “Welcome to the Court” appears.
Of course, there are plenty of questions not only for the schedule but also for cutting deeply. Interesting stories come out one after another, such as “The relationship between boots and Godzilla”, “KISS character outlook” and “The circumstances behind the inclusion of Then She Kissed Me”. I would like you to ask this work about how you answered each one, but each answer is a strong Gene clause. For example, a question such as “Do you get tired of doing the same thing every night (fire blowing, etc.)?” The answer is …

“Every night it’s exciting. Do you get bored of sex? How many times have you ever been? 2 times? 10 times? Or 100 times? Are you tired? Every time you get better? That’s the same. I’ll do my best, but I’m the same, a woman for you and an audience for me. ”

…… just like Gene. His own voice is also broadcast, but his voice is so serious that he can laugh. In addition, it is interesting to ask “make-up pleasant?”

“(Mood) isn’t good or bad. Of course (the real face and mood) are completely different, but it’s difficult to explain. It’s kind of like it’s kind of like it’s powerful and you can jump twice as fast as usual and you can run faster.I feel like I can do anything for 2 hours on stage, but 10 minutes for off stage I’ll be battered. ”
“I go up on the ring and make a whine! I’m screaming, but I don’t do it when I’m eating teriyaki steak, isn’t it acting?”

[CHEAP TRICK with a fresh start
で The fact that the Japanese came to both places, such as “sumo” and “teriyaki (why?)”, Is an example. DJs also praise Jean, a skilled interviewer, but the confusion is CHEAP TRICK in the second half of the show. I was a DJ’s favorite from that time, but when I actually interviewed, no matter what the question was, it was just a joke and I could not talk. It seems that the image of “actually intellectual” has collapsed. For example, when asked, “I thought it was like KINKS, what’s the effect?” The DJ also throws a sashimi saying, “If you thought that character was a pose, it was a real person” “Isn’t it interviewed?” Instead of translating it into words, it just ends up in English (actually, it’s funny that it’s enough content: lol).
面 白 い It’s interesting that the interview collapses, but I thought that this DJ couldn’t return by itself, but he also bought some back stories. CHEAP TRICK at this time was the undercard of KISS, but KISS did not let him do any sound checks. It’s best to say, “I told them that we wouldn’t let them check their sound the next time they (KISS) came to us, but would that really be the day (laughs)?”
後 Even after the end of such a program, it is actually a highlight. The news at 22:00 flows, but the sense of age here is amazing. If the Prime Minister is Mr. Fukuda (of course not Yasuo but his father Takeo), Myanmar is still “Burma”, and words such as “Imperialist” and “Anti-Community” pop out with care. The ultimate is the wage of the public servants, and the rate of increase is 9.35% (by the way, 2.07% in 2019)! 4 Four years have passed since the oil crisis, and high economic growth should have ended long ago, but at that time salaries were still rising by 10% every year.

At the end, the question, “Can you imagine 60-year-old yourself?” Asked, “I think I’m a crazy old woman. To the old man who wants to spear and wants to spear. The girl who is a fan now sends her daughter. Jean laughs, “Is it better to answer honestly?” He turned 70 and finished his last performance in Japan. That’s why the “scent of 1977” permeates the heart. One piece that was able to return to that room that was biting on the radio 43 years ago. Please enjoy yourself to the full.

★ One piece that is very interesting but very precious. First, please read the explanation of ①. From the beginning to the end, a huge masterpiece of superb stomach and super valuable radio program! This is cultural heritage! ! Now that 2020 is over, feel and feel the kisses and cheap tricks of 43 years ago on this board realistically!

初来日を果たしたばかりのKISSと、デビューしたてのCHEAP TRICK。そんな2組が輝いていた“1977年”が吹き出す極上ラジオ・アルバムがギフト・リリース決定です。
その第3回目となる本作の主役は、KISSとCHEAP TRICK。KISSは伝説の初来日から4ヶ月後であり、CHEAP TRICKはデビュー作の発売から約半年でまだ来日した事のないタイミングでした。番組の内容は、アルバム曲のオンエアとDJのトークを交互に繰り返すもの。『LOVE GUN』『IN COLOR』を新作として紹介し、ライヴを流すにしても『ALIVE』。まだ『ALIVE II』が出ていなかった時代感もさり気なく滲むのです。

それも面白いですが、やはり絶大なのは番組独自となるジーンへのインタビュー。これまた冒頭から“1977年”の時代感が強烈。「素顔のジーンに初めて会った」「やたらデッカイ男が出てきても、誰だか分からなかった」と、初期メイク時代の現実が露わになる。その後も「来年も来日することが決まった!」「日本で録音したライヴアルバムを出す」「来年は5・6枚のアルバムが出るかも」等々、1978年ではない“1977年”だからこその話題で盛り上がる。ジーンのソロアルバムについても「Man of 1,000 Faces」がまだ聴くことのできない未知の曲であり、「Welcome to the Court」なるナゾの曲名も登場する。
もちろん、スケジュールだけでなく深く切り込む質問もたっぷり。「ブーツとゴジラの関係」やら「KISSキャラクターの展望」やら「Then She Kissed Meをアルバムに入れる事になった経緯」等々、面白い話が次々と出てくるのです。それぞれ、どう答えたのかは実際に本作をお訊き頂きたいのですが、その回答1つひとつが強烈にジーン節。例えば「毎晩(火吹きなど)同じ事をやっていて飽きないか?」という質問。その回答は……

「毎晩エキサイティングだよ。キミはセックスに飽きるかい? 今までに何回ヤッた? 2回? 10回? それとも100回? 飽きたかい? 毎回良くなるだろ? それと同じだ。キミも毎回、女を喜ばせようと頑張るだろうけど僕も同じ。キミにとっての女性と僕にとっての聴衆なんだ」


「土俵に上がってフンッ!ウッ!と奇声(気合い)を上げるが、照り焼きステーキを食べてる時はやらないだろ? でも演技じゃない」

【グダグダぶりが初々しいCHEAP TRICK】
わざわざ日本人が来たということで「相撲」や「照り焼き(なんで?)」を例に出し、分かりやすく、楽しく説明しようとするジーンらしさが素晴らしい。DJもインタビュー巧者なジーンを大絶賛していますが、その逆に困惑してしまうのが番組後半のCHEAP TRICK。当時からDJのイチオシだったわけですが、実際にインタビューしてみると何を質問してもジョークばっかりで会話にならない。「実は知的」というイメージが崩れてしまったそう。例えば、「KINKSっぽいと思ったんだけど、影響は?」という質問すると「パラララー♪」とリフを歌っては爆笑。DJも「あのキャラクターはポーズだと思っていたら、正真正銘ああいう人だった」「インタビューされたことないんじゃないか?」「テープをまとめても使えない」とサジを投げ、結局はインタビューも日本語に訳さず、英語だけを流して終わらせてしまうのです(実際、それで十分な内容なのが可笑しい:笑)。
インタビューが崩壊してしまうのも面白いですが、このDJもそれだけでは帰れないと思ったのか、裏話も仕入れてきた。この時のCHEAP TRICKはKISSの前座だったのですが、なんでもKISS側がサウンドチェックをやらせなかったそう。「今度あいつら(KISS)が俺たちの前座になったらサウンドチェックさせないようにしてやると言っていましたが、本当にそんな日が来るんでしょうか(笑)」と語っているのが最高です。
そんな番組の終了後も、実は聴きどころ。22時のニュースが流れるのですが、ここの時代感が凄い。首相が福田氏(もちろん康夫ではなく父の赳夫)ならミャンマーもまだ「ビルマ」ですし、「帝国主義者」「反共」などという単語も平気で飛び出す。極めつけは公務員の賃金で、引き上げ率がなんと「9.35%(ちなみに2019年は2.07%)」! オイルショックから4年が経過して高度経済成長はとっくに終わっていたはずですが、当時はまだまだ毎年1割も給料が上がっていたのです……。



1. Gene Simmons Intro
2. Love Gun *
3. DJ Talk
4. Parasite **
5. Exclusive Interview with Gene Simmons
6. Then She Kissed Me *
7. Exclusive Interview with Gene Simmons
8. Got Love For Sale *
9. DJ Talk
10. Hello There ***
11. Exclusive Interview with Cheap Trick
12. I Want You to Want Me ***
13. DJ Talk
14. Clock Strikes Ten ***
15. Outro.
16. News

* from “Love Gun” ** from “Alive” *** from “In Color”

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