Various Artists / Underground Music Operation 666 Paris Olympia 1970 / 2DVDR

Various Artists / Underground Music Operation 666 Paris Olympia 1970 / 2DVDR / Non Label

L Olympia Theatre, Paris, France, 6th-11th January 1970. PRO-SHOT

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“Blues, jazz, folk, psychic … a rock in 1970 that was full of all sorts of musical culture. Prossotto work that is concentrated in such a period super fine · super quality is the gift · release decision. This week, usually released from the Uxbridge label, but this film is too overwhelming. In order to touch even one person, it became a simultaneous release with the gift.

The stage of such a work is “January 6th-11th, 1970 The Olympia Theater”. It is the film “OPERATION 666” which recorded the legendary music festival “UNDERGROUND MUSIC FESTIVAL” held in Paris. A variety of bands / musicians participated in the 5 days, but this film contains 17 sets of 14 songs from among them. There is no kind of documentary or interview, and it is an image that you can just immerse in music and performance.

It is a rich content that is not ashamed of the name “UNDERGROUND”, but the quality to convey it is also amazing. It is a master discovered in recent years, and its image quality / sound quality is completely official grade. As you can see from the screen capture shown on the right, it is a monochrome image, but the overwhelming beauty of the picture without a doubt that it originates from the original film. The motion of the young heroes who lock up to one’s passion is also smooth itself. Of course, the sound is also a perfect soundboard, and the quality of BBC and BEAT CLUB is also very good. It can be released officially as it is … Yes, it is a video record of the extent you want to be screened at the theater.
And the contents which overwhelm even the picture beauty. Anyway, the appearance of the performers and the times are too scarce. Let’s introduce one set at a time.

<< Disc 1 >>
● RENAISSANCE (1 song)
It is the male of English prog, RENAISSANCE to decorate the opening of this work. Of course in 1970, it is not Annie Hazram, but Keith & Jane’s Lerfu brothers and sisters. They are playing “Island” from their debut work, but they are moved by just two people moving, and it’s just moving to see Jim McCarty hitting the drum.

● TASTE (1 song)
Next is TASTE led by Rory Gallagher.
At that time, they were one week after the release of “ON THE BOARDS”.
The Isle of Wight, which appeared in August of this year, is also legendary, but it does not beat “Catfish” in an unrivaled scorching ensemble.

● CANNED HEAT (2 songs)
CANNED HEAT may be called the highlight of the first half.
It is a white blues band by blues researchers al Wylson and Bob Hait, but above all else it is great that al will die in September this year. It’s a pro shot. Bob’s sleek voice is also in excellent condition and he sings “Let’s Work Together” and “On The Road Again”. You can taste the supreme white blues, which black blue mans also admit, with the highest quality.

● ZOO (1 song)
“That is UNDERGROUND” and Tame breath thing is ZOO.
A band that colored the dawn of French rock, the personality on which an avant-garde vocal is played on a brass rock with proglo flavor is overwhelming. I think it is the appearance only because it is a local festival, but to enjoy the movement figure of such a maniac band (and with the finest quality) …. Tsukudatsu, this work is great.

● FAMILY (1 song)
Trembling voice singer, Roger Chapman’s FAMILY.
At that time, they were two weeks before the release of “A SONG FOR ME”, and they could witness the appearance of the first album “The Weaver’s Answer” in their debut album.

● COLOSSEUM (1 song)
British pride led by John Heisman, COLOSSEUM.
Appeared before and after the release of “THE GRASS IS GREENER”, there is no figure of Chris Farlow yet. The intensely blown Dick Hextor-Smith and Heisman are also youthful, and the multi-camera pro shot that is up to their face is overwhelming anyway.

● Terry Reed (2 songs)
Terry Reed who always has a name for LED ZEPPELIN’s formation story. The two songs have shown a wonderfully expanding gnome, especially the slow blues “I’ve Got News For You” can not help but imagine the ZEP he has joined.

<< disk 2 >>
● MARTIN CIRCUS (1 song)
It is great again. It is a name band called MARTIN CIRCUS, also known as “France’s first prog band”.
It is not a legendary costume that has been described as “the founder of rock theatre” prior to ANGE, but the unique French rock is still attractive.

This is another British heavyweight KEEF HARTLEY BAND.
At the time, they are making “THE TIME IS NEAR” and they will hear intense blues rock on Sleepy John Estis ‘”Leavin’ Trunk”.

● YES (1 song)
It can be said that it is the feature of Disc 2 YES.
It is a multi-camera pro shot of an original organization that, of course, has been arranged to Peter Banks as well as Bill Bluford. What’s more, it is a rare first called “Dear Father” that was the B-side song of the single “Sweet Dreams”. The moving Peter is great, but it is a must-see for Tony to fight Hammond with his hair violently to Keith Emerson.

● EAST OF EDEN (1 song)
A well-known band that stands out in the individual prog scene, EAST OF EDEN, led by Dave Arbus.
In the “SNAFU” era, when I was steered by a good jazz rock, I’m showing “Ramadhan” from that name board. The fluttering Arbus flute is the best.

Manfred Man from South Africa.
Although it is displayed by the personal name in the film, he was also the CHAPTER THREE era which aimed at jazz rock. Two months after the release of the debut work that was also the first of the prestigious VERTIGO label, “Time” has been shown off as a free key.

● MOODY BLUES (1 song)
An ancestral concept king, MOODY BLUES also participated.
Played the famous song “Gypsy” in the era of “To children of children” inspired by the landing on the moon of Apollo 11. The secret of the great ruler who was already a platinum artist is indeed.

● Richie Heavens (2 songs)
The last piece of the film is Richie Heavens, who had made an opening at Woodstock in 1969 and was a snap.
This festival is about half a year from Woodstock, and sings “You Never Give Me Your Money” and “Helplessly Hoping” with enthusiasm comparable to that historic performance.

Above, 14 sets of all 17 songs.

The deep and varied performers are overwhelming, and each has a historical performance. How was the 1970 rock deep and broad? It is a multi-camera pro shot that speaks eloquently over a thousand words. About two hours of bliss that is nothing other than “the cultural heritage of rock”. Please enjoy yourself carefully.

★ It is probably the first storehouse debut / transcendent video title of this year. A must see for all rock fans. Please enjoy the buzzing video with the highest image quality! ! ”


そんな本作の舞台になったのは「1970年1月6日-11日オランピア劇場」。パリで開かれた伝説の音楽祭“UNDERGROUND MUSIC FESTIVAL”を記録したフィルム『OPERATION 666』です。5日間で多彩なバンド/ミュージシャンが参加したのですが、本作はその中から14組の17曲を収録したもの。ドキュメンタリーやインタビューの類はなく、ひたすら演奏と音楽に浸りきれる映像です。

「UNDERGROUND」の名に恥じない濃厚な内容なのですが、それを伝えるクオリティも凄い。近年になって発掘されたマスターで、その画質/音質は完全オフィシャル級。右に掲載した画面キャプチャをご覧の通りモノクロ映像なのですが、大元のフィルムから起こされていること間違いなしの圧倒的な映像美。振り乱れる髪の毛の1本1本まで鮮明で、激情任せにロックする若かりし英雄たちの動きも滑らかそのもの。もちろん、音声も完璧なサウンドボードであり、BBCやBEAT CLUBもかくやのクオリティ。このまま公式リリース可能……いえ、劇場で上映していただきたいほどの映像記録なのです。


当時の彼らは『ON THE BOARDS』発売から1週間というタイミングでした。

前半のハイライトと言っても良いのがCANNED HEAT。
ブルース研究家のアル ・ウィルスンとボブ・ハイトによるホワイトブルース・バンドですが、何よりもこの年の9月に亡くなってしまうアルが存命中な事が素晴らしい。プロショットなのです。ボブのしゃがれ声も絶好調で「Let’s Work Together」「On The Road Again」を豪快に歌う。黒人ブルーマンも認めた至高のホワイト・ブルースを極上クオリティで味わえるのです。


当時の彼らは『A SONG FOR ME』発売の2週間前という時期であり、デビュー作の1曲目「The Weaver’s Answer」で燃え上がる姿を目撃できます。

『THE GRASS IS GREENER』のリリース前後での出演で、まだクリス・ファーロウの姿はありません。強烈にブロウするディック・ヘクストール=スミスもハイズマンも若々しく、その表情までドアップなマルチカメラ・プロショットはとにかく圧倒的です。

LED ZEPPELINの結成話には必ず名前が上がるテリー・リード。2曲で素晴らしく伸びるノドを披露しており、特にスローブルース「I’ve Got News For You」は彼が加入したZEPを想像せずにはいられません。

またしても凄い。「フランス初のプログレ・バンド」とも言われる名バンド、MARTIN CIRCUSです。

当時の彼らは『THE TIME IS NEAR』制作中で、スリーピー・ジョン・エスティスの「Leavin’ Trunk」で激しいブルース・ロックを聴かせてくれます。

ビル・ブルーフォードはもちろんの事、ピーター・バンクスまで揃ったオリジナル編成のマルチカメラ・プロショットです。しかも、演奏する曲もシングル『Sweet Dreams』のB面曲だった「Dear Father」というレアぶり。動くピーターも素晴らしいですが、キース・エマーソンばりに髪を激しく振り乱してハモンドと格闘するトニーの姿は必見です。

個性派ばかりのプログレシーンでも際立つ名バンド、デイヴ・アーバス率いるEAST OF EDEN。

フィルムでは個人名で表示されますが、彼もジャズ・ロックを志向したCHAPTER THREE時代でした。名門VERTIGOレーベルの第1弾でもあったデビュー作のリリースから2ヶ月後にあたり、「Time」をフリーキーに披露しています。

元祖コンセプト王、MOODY BLUESも参加。

このフェスはウッドストックから約半年であり、あの歴史的名演に匹敵する熱気で「You Never Give Me Your Money」「Helplessly Hoping」を歌っています。




Live At L’ Olympia Theatre,Paris,FRANCE 06th-11th January 1970
B&W NTSC Approx.113min.
Disc 1
1. Introduction (East Of Eden)
2. Renaissance – Island
3. Taste – Catfish
4. Canned Heat – Let’s Work Together
5. Canned Heat – On The Road Again
6. Zoo – Little Boy
7. Family – The Weaver’s Answer
8. Colosseum – Walking In The Park
9. Terry Reid – I’ve Got News For You
10. Terry Reid – Superlungs
TOTAL TIME (60:09)

Disc 2
1. Martin Circus – Dis-Moi
2. Keef Hartley Band – Leavin’ Trunk
3. Yes – Dear Father
4. East Of Eden – Ramadhan
5. Manfred Mann – Time
6. Moody Blues – Gypsy
7. Richie Havens – You Never Give Me Your Money
8. Richie Havens – Helplessly Hoping
TOTAL TIME (53:18)

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