Various Artists / Moscow Music Peace Festival / 2DVD

Various Artists / Moscow Music Peace Festival / 2DVD / Non Label

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Live at Lenin Stadium, Moscow, Russia 12th & 13th August 1989 PRO-SHOT

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80’s last big festival “Moscow Music Peace Festival” is reprinted in history highest quality! In the Soviet Union’s first huge rock festival that was realized in the “Moscow August 12 – 13, 1989,” it is to have been housed in this film, starring team BON JOVI, OZZY OSBOURNE, MOTLEY CRUE, etc. etc. SCORPIONS. This work, which was reprinted official image of such a gorgeous festival from Japan board laser disk. Although we have reprinted the official video has also been lost so far, this is really amazing. This one up to tremendous.
Founder of this festival is Doc McGee of music producer / manager. I he was convicted on suspicion of involvement in drug trafficking, but there was a “long-term of community service” to other fine in its punishment. So, it is not planning in which they were was a “former Soviet Union of drag, alcohol problem eradication” charity project aimed at “Moscow Music Peace Festival”. Epoch-making events in the former Soviet Union Bubbly to perestroika, in addition to have been televised around the world, also released as a video software. However, after formal DVD reduction is not performed, the rumors just not been realized what stand many times. It states that pirated coarse in certain online shopping giant has been around in the current.
Such modern, the best material is a Japanese board laser disk. Although laser disc is not a high-resolution and high-quality sound than the VHS / Beta video cassette from standard, at that time, only Japan had been released in the laser disk in the world. Other countries was the only video. In this work, then 2 and both reprinted released Japanese edition laser disk divided into title, “MOSCOW MUSIC PEACE FESTIVAL VOL.1” to disk 1, arranged the “same VOL.2” to the disk 2, 4 hours the scale of more than was contained in the 2-Disc DVD. In addition, in the was the source of this work is mint board domestic core collector had been important to save, fingerprint one not best board rather than a flaw. In addition to the traveling noise and distortion-free laser disc-specific visual beauty, me tell without any discoloration, aging, just the quality of the time itself to modern times. But also it has been reprinted a number of the video title from the laser I risk so far, this time superlative among them. Japanese ticker, which is also displayed a vivid, are you proud of the vivid quality enough to think that it is the first from the digital production DVD.

Live to be drawn in such a quality is, 7-band + jam session. The BON JOVI in the main to the disk 1, SKID ROW and three sets of CINDERELLA they were supported at the time. Disk 2, Soviet rock band GORKY PARK to MOTLEY CRUE, OZZY OSBOURNE, 4 sets of SCORPIONS has housed. Although luxurious just listed its name, one of the shining one that is violent. After all, just before to BON JOVI is “NEW JERSEY” era, CINDERELLA is to release a “LONG COLD WINTER” era, it comes to MOTLEY CRUE “DR.FEELGOOD”. SKID ROW is if immediately after the debut explosion the first time, OZZY OSBOURNE also Zakk Wylde is rampage of hands joined. Which bands right now we have to burst the performance that is extremely glory.
Moreover, there is no just a golden age. After all, the scene of the communist bloc castle keep, the Soviet Union. Although the Eastern Europe of Poland and Hungary had been opened little by little, Russia is to a completely unknown world, to 120,000 pa form before the Russian was packed in there for the west side band who at the time. Life of the people who were hidden in the Iron Curtain, there is no room for accustomed also caught cutting corners to enthusiastically witnessing the hot air. In addition, always it is a place that needs the “This is us!”, This day only is also a cultural representative of “This is a lock!”. No more big stage of I only just large enthusiastically.
Document scene us convey the feeling of air, but also sense of history perfect score. Nearly fan of state and off-scene on-site during the songs, but the interview I have caught, smell Stink of the era of the comments to one one is “history is change!”. Doctor of the Soviet Union, “” alcohol opposite, antidrug “, by this slogan, forever Nare!” If you and whether you speech with the image bare of communists, is projected young people to show off a fake T-shirt of IRON MAIDEN, Jon Bon Jovi talks as “both President Bush and Gorbachev’s historical is to know Ozzy”, “this kind of band, if 4, 5 years ago, did not listen only with a tape that is sold on the black,” “Woodstock also comment that the Soviet version of it “in the fresh. All it has just sight that can not only be the eve of the collapse of the Soviet Union.
Honestly, “anti-drug, anti-alcohol” of musicians comment is lame of you (especially …… I also said to MOTOLEY and Ozzy), shock of witnessing the upheaval of a different culture and era realistic feel is, “things too name of” and “I’m column of people who buy a ticket could be also seven kilometers” amazed brilliant also Ozzy comments. Of course, the mood appears to MC in live. Although the end of the jam session is invited Jason Bonham to play the “Rock And Roll”, shout Sebastian Bach to introduce the Jason is, “Do you know the LED ZEPPELIN?”. Likes and dislikes aside, may be there that do not know the ZEP. Air feeling that can not be imagined in the west side of the rock is I have wrapped this work. Furthermore, the crotch of Tommy Lee that issued the ass is hidden in the ticker of “fine $ 137”, SCORPIONS became the second consecutive year of the Soviet Union live in, puzzled the magnitude of the change in just one year (this experience is classic It led to the birth of “Wind of Change”). Its all in marked with Japanese subtitles, content also is being transmitted to vivid.

One of the century big event of the revived in history highest quality. Not only say that the official pro-shot full of shine of HR / HM to be at the height of its prosperity, of precisely because in the face of a turning point in world history level large enthusiastic performance, and 4 hours 13 minutes is ferocious to the air a sense of the scene is. 27 years from this major event, Russia through the twists and turns regained its presence as a major power, China began to open its doors to lock, finally in Cuba THE ROLLING STONES were 500,000 concert. Precisely because such 2016, is a super-masterpiece that is felt even more realistic. The history of the world that had been wriggling along with the metal. This weekend, we will deliver the huge spectacle to your home.

80年代最後の一大フェスティバル“Moscow Music Peace Festival”が史上最高峰クオリティで復刻です! 本作に収められているのは「1989年8月12日・13日モスクワ」で実現したソビエト連邦初の巨大ロックフェスで、出演陣はBON JOVI、OZZY OSBOURNE、MOTLEY CRUE、SCORPIONS等々など。本作は、そんな豪華絢爛フェスのオフィシャル映像を日本盤レーザーディスクから復刻したもの。これまでも失われたオフィシャル映像を復刻してきましたが、これは本当に凄い。凄まじいまでの1本です。
このフェスの発起人は音楽プロデューサー/マネージャーのドク・マギー。彼が麻薬密売に関わった容疑で有罪判決を受けたのですが、その刑の中には罰金の他にも「長期の社会奉仕」があった。そこで、企画されたのが「旧ソ連のドラッグ、アルコール問題撲滅」を目指したチャリティ・プロジェクト“Moscow Music Peace Festival”だったわけです。ペレストロイカに沸き立つ旧・ソ連での画期的イベントは、世界中にテレビ放送されたほか、映像ソフトとしてもリリース。ところが、その後は正式なDVD化は行われず、噂だけは何度も立つものの実現していない。現在では某ネット通販大手でも粗悪な海賊版が出回っている状態なのです。
そんな現代、もっとも優れた素材は、日本盤レーザーディスクです。レーザーディスクは規格からしてVHS/ベータのビデオ・カセットよりも高解像度・高音質なわけですが、当時、世界中でレーザーディスクで発売されたのは日本だけ。他国はビデオだけでした。本作では、当時2タイトルに分けてリリースされた日本盤レーザーディスクを両方復刻し、ディスク1に『MOSCOW MUSIC PEACE FESTIVAL VOL.1』、ディスク2に『同 VOL.2』を配し、4時間を超えるスケールを2枚組DVDに封じ込めました。しかも、本作の元になったのは国内コアコレクターが大事に保存していたミント盤で、キズどころか指紋ひとつない極上盤。走行ノイズや歪みのないレーザーディスク特有の映像美に加え、一切の変色・経年劣化もなく、まさに当時そのもののクオリティを現代に伝えてくれるのです。これまでも数々の映像タイトルをレーザーィスクから復刻してきましたが、今回はその中でも最上級。表示される日本語テロップも鮮やかで、最初からデジタル制作のDVDではないかと思うほどにビビッドなクオリティを誇っているのです。

そんなクオリティで描かれるライヴは、7バンド+ジャムセッション。ディスク1にはBON JOVIをメインに、当時彼らがサポートしていたSKID ROWやCINDERELLAの3組。ディスク2は、ソ連のロックバンドGORKY PARKにMOTLEY CRUE、OZZY OSBOURNE、SCORPIONSの4組が収められています。その名前を列挙しただけでも豪華ですが、その1つひとつの輝きが猛烈。なにしろ、BON JOVIは『NEW JERSEY』時代ですし、CINDERELLAは『LONG COLD WINTER』時代、MOTLEY CRUEに至っては『DR.FEELGOOD』をリリースする直前。SKID ROWはデビュー直後の爆裂ぶりなら、OZZY OSBOURNEも加入した手のザック・ワイルドが大暴れ。どのバンドも今まさに栄華を極めているパフォーマンスを炸裂させているのです。
その空気感を伝えてくれるドキュメントシーンが、また歴史感覚満点。ほぼ全曲の間に現地でのファンの様子やオフシーン、インタビューが挟まるのですが、そのコメント1つひとつまでもが“歴史が変わる!”という時代の匂いプンプン。ソ連の医師が「“アルコール反対、ドラッグ反対”、このスローガンよ、永遠なれ!」と共産主義者のイメージ丸出しで演説したかと思えば、IRON MAIDENの偽物Tシャツを見せびらかす若者が映し出され、ジョン・ボンジョヴィは「ブッシュとゴルバチョフの両大統領がオジーを知るのは歴史的だ」と語り、「4・5年前ならこういうバンドは、闇で売られるテープでしか聴けなかった」「ウッドストックのソ連版だ」というコメントも生々しい。すべてがソ連崩壊前夜でしかあり得ない光景ばかりなのです。
正直なところ、ミュージシャンの「反ドラッグ、反アルコール」コメントは白々しいのですが(特にMOTOLEYやオジーに言われてもね……)、異文化・時代の激変を目の当たりにしたショックはリアルは感じられ、「物がなさすぎる」「チケットを買う人の列が7キロもできたんだ」と呆れるオジーのコメントも鮮烈。もちろん、そのムードはライヴ中のMCにも現れる。最後のジャムセッションではジェイソン・ボーナムを招いて「Rock And Roll」を演奏するのですが、そのジェイソンを紹介するセバスチャン・バックが「LED ZEPPELINを知ってるか?」と叫ぶ。好き嫌いはさておき、ZEPを知らないということもあり得る。西側のロック界では想像できない空気感が本作を包んでいるのです。さらには尻を出したトミー・リーの股間は「罰金137ドル」のテロップで隠され、2年連続のソ連ライヴとなったSCORPIONSは、たった1年の変化の大きさに戸惑う(この経験が名曲「Wind Of Change」の誕生へと繋がりました)。その総てに日本語字幕が付き、内容もビビッドに伝わるのです。

世紀の大イベントを史上最高クオリティで蘇らせた1本。栄華を極めるHR/HMの輝きに溢れたオフィシャル・プロショットというだけでなく、世界史レベルの転換点に直面したからこその大熱演、そしてその現場の空気感までもが猛烈な4時間13分です。この一大イベントより27年、紆余曲折を経てロシアは大国としての存在感を取り戻し、中国がロックに門戸を開き始め、ついにキューバでTHE ROLLING STONESが50万人コンサートを行った。そんな2016年だからこそ、一層リアルに感じられる超・傑作です。メタルと共に蠢いていた世界の歴史。今週末、その巨大なスペクタクルをあなたのご自宅へお届けいたします。

Disc 1(123:42)
1. Behind The Scenes 2. Festival Introduction

3. Introduction 4. Holidays In The Sun 5. Makin’ A Mess 6. Piece Of Me 7. Big Guns
8. 18 And Life 9. Youth Gone Wild

10. Introduction 11. Bad Seamstress Blues/Fallin’ Apart At The Seams 12. Coming Home
13. Nobody’ Fool 14. Gypsy Road 15. Shake Me

16. Introduction 17. Lay Your Hands On Me 18. Wild In The Streets 19. Blood On Blood
20. Wanted Dead Or Alive 21. Livin’ On A Prayer

22. Hound Dog 23. Rock And Roll

Disc 2(129:12)
1. Behind The Scenes 2. Festival Introduction

3. Introduction4. All In The Name Of… 5. Wild Side 6. Girls, Girls, Girls

7. Introduction 8. Bang 9. Within Your Eyes 10. Please Try And Find Me
11. My Generation

12. Introduction 13. I Don’t Know 14. Shot In The Dark 15. Suicide Solution
16. Sweet Leaf 17. War Pigs 18. Paranoid

19. Introduction 20. Blackout 21. Big City Nights 22. Holiday 23. The Zoo
24. Dynamite 25. Still Loving You

26. Long Tall Sally 27. Rock And Roll


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