Various Artists / Monsters of Rock 1990 In Germany / 1 DVDR

Various Artists / Monsters of Rock 1990 In Germany / 1 DVDR / Non label

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★ Spice News VA – MONSTERS OF ROCK IN GERMANY one thousand nine hundred and ninety (DVDR ) Monsters Of Rock, Maimarktgegelande Eisstadion, Mannheim, Germany-PRO SHOT 1 990 September 1st , January 06 (Friday) May 10 – 1 Tuesday time period, or by mail order store, Beano general system, Tricone, Uxbridge, TRIAL, Wardour, ZION, MP, like LUXOR, Amity progressive system, Gravy Train, Virtuoso, Sigma, Sirene, Ayanami, Windmill, Shades of metal systems, Power Gate, Rising Arrow, DTB, Langley, this corner also “Import Title” item is an introduction to your gift-items purchased two items. You wish, DEEP PURPLE – EURO-POP 70 (CDR s) or, VA – MONSTERS OF ROCK 1990 IN GERMANY (DVDR free) or, GILLAN – ON TV 1978-1982 (2DVDR free) or, BERNIE MARSDEN – HOME FOR CHRISTMAS (2CDR free) or, JEFF BECK – 2ND NIGHT OF NAPA: REMASTERED EDITION (2CDR free) or, RUSH – POWER WINDOWS DEMO (CDR s) or, RUSH – FRESNO 1976 MASTER CLONE (CDR s) or, ERIC CLAPTON & STEVE WINWOOD – HAD TO CRY TODAY: NAGOYA 2011 (2CDR free) or, BLACK SABBATH – DEHUMANIZING NETHERLANDS (DVDR free) or, RAINBOW – ROCK FEVER 1982 (CDR s) or, THE OLD GREY WHISTLE TEST – 70’S GOLD (DVDR free) Please select one of the.However ★, and we will only subject you wish. When you purchase the phone, shop, order forms, please tell us by email. Wish more of the same title ★ Please do not. ★ Gift At reaching the planned number of exits. When sold out, please forgive me.  German edition was held in Mannheim on September 01, 1990 “Monsters of Rock” (official title at the local “Super Rock 1990”) from, professional cover shots and interviews cast highlights of each band a compilation video that is a surprise decision released under the title of the gift.  1990 in the UK is held in August 18 “Monsters of Rock” after about two weeks, AEROSMITH WHITESNAKE and also had appeared at Donington in the main, still has appeared here POISON. Although the THUNDER was absent QUIREBOYS, VIXEN and DIO, instead, face lined with more bands like COLD SWEAT THE FRONT, the German version of the festival盛Ri上Gemashita great. WHITESNAKE of them in this work, AEROSMITH, POISON, playing VIXEN, with some good shots there in a professional, has been included interviews with more members. Pro-shot footage and interviews plus live in Dortmund as a bonus year of DIO! This is one to entertain the fans over 70 minutes in total!  First to appear are WHITESNAKE were headliners again. WHITESNAKE Monsters Of Rock in 1990, but the DVD has been officially released recently, the German version of this pattern is not known little sense in quality and not even think that it upstream over Donington of which is a surprise. “Slip Of The Tongue” and “Slide It In” The effect will be inserted constantly screens might divide the audience likes and dislikes, and Steve Vai as well as the panoramic view of stage Kavaderu, Adrian van den We clearly caught Berg play. During his tenure at the double-shot process was thought that only about Donington can not miss this video if the fan will not work. Before each song even has an interview with Adrian housed with female reporter TV (Incidentally, the interview is in German, a rough atmosphere is propagated).  The follow on is POISON. Featuring interviews and Bret Michael’s band prior to the stage scenery also. This song is housed in “Look What The Cat Dragged In” and “Good Love” two songs. They are still daytime appearances, and are well matched to the band’s musical stage spectacular scenery bright and airy. You are having fun playing in the band’s fan site, fans will enjoy the atmosphere and a peak of 1980s heavy metal.  The third is to appear AEROSMITH. Steven Tyler is beginning to respond to an interview, “and they are” flat out, wear a rambunctious show us draw closer to the female interviewer aggressively. Of course, playing just awesome. “Train Kept A Rollin ‘” and “Young Lust” but other than they are unlikely to detonate the energetic staging posts to knock out the audience.  VIXEN 4th group will appear in the video highlights of the book in many ways. Period of the late 80s early 90s, the value of pro-shot footage enjoy this stage of彼女Ra slammed big rock scene radiance may be large. Energy junk Janet Gardner Mundo vocal and guitar, lean staging unfold from the base and Sheapedasen, opulence and sharpness, punch forces co-exist, the performance of young彼女Ra, knowing music to the audience will be entertained, without regard?   Continued on this volume as a bonus track, but not a big deal appeared at this festival, the stage of the DIO did not fit the picture somehow, live in Dortmund, Germany from the same, pro-shot acquisition with additional interviews also has.  DIO’s 1990 Rowan Robertson celebrated the “LOCK UP THE WOLVES” was announced. A completely new and past membership “DIO-only this time”, and the sense in which the video is nice and stable. Rather than the number of songs also promised, “LOCK UP THE WOLVES” from a rare “Why Are They Waching Me” and “Born On The Sun” has been taken up, and worthy to enjoy the live content when enrolled Rowan has.  This film is gorgeous too condensed lineup like hard rock heavy metal scene of 1990! The trees are short Dzutsutoiunohayaya play two songs each band scene, is a guarantee for 70 minutes more than enough fan satisfaction. Only a nice gift this title, please take this opportunity to get! Whitesnake an. Adrian Vandenberg Interview # an two. Slip Of The Tongue three. Adrian Vandenberg two Interview # 4. Slide It In Poison 5. Brett Michaels Interview # a six. Look What The Cat Dragged In seven. Brett Michaels Interview # 2 eight . Good Love Aerosmith 9. Steven Tyler Interview 10. Train Kept A Rollin ‘eleven. Young Lust Vixen twelve. Interview 13. Streets In Paradise 14. Interview fifteen. Rev It Up Bonus Track Dio Live at Westfalenhalle, Dortmund, Germany 17th May 1,990 sixteen. Interview seventeen. Watching You 18. Born On The Sun PRO-SHOT COLOUR NTSC Approx.68Min. 

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