Various Artists / Knebworth 90 Japanese Broadcast Edition / 1DVDR

Various Artists / Knebworth 90 Japanese Broadcast Edition / 1DVDR / Non Label

The Silver Clef Award Winners Concert. pro-Shot

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Historic huge event “THE SILVER CLEF AWARD WINNERS CONCERT”. The best multi camera / pro shot of the so-called “Nebworth · Fes 1990” appears.
This event was realized at “Nebworth Park, June 30, 1990”. In the late stage of the charity boom which blew out of the world in the 1980s, support concert for music therapy for children with disabilities and for music schools. Participating musicians are also luxurious, and UK scenes such as Cliff Richard & THE SHOWOWS, DIRE STRAITS, Elton John, Eric Clapton, Phil Collins, STATUS QUO and TEARS FOR FEARS are superb. It was a big lock event which is said to mobilize about 120,000 people.
The pattern was photographed in Proshot, TV broadcasting was done in various countries around the world, and it was also converted to a work in the official. Even now after 29 years have passed down legends. This work is also such a professional shot, but it is different from the official version. It was aired on the satellite broadcasting stations at the time (it was before the change to the present company name W ● W ● W), and the Japanese telop introducing each band is also unique original version of the era. It is an air check at the time, but its quality is superb enough to be super high. In our store we have archived a number of rock broadcasts given the master from core recording mania, but this work is its latest bullet.
Although the disturbance which seems to be a tape yore in the opening scene occurs, it is only the moment of Hong. After that it was super – superbly useless, its gloss of gloss, its delicate nature and the sharp edges are super beautiful even in modern eyes that have become accustomed to digital image quality. It is so beautiful to think that it was dropped off the official DVD or laser disc. The same is true for the sound, a superb sound board as if it had just synchronized the official CD (of course, actually broadcast sound itself). That is the quality that the broadcast at that time is reflected on the monitor as it is.
However, it is not all of the broadcast. This mania is recording for himself, carefully selecting only favorite musicians. It contains only 4 pairs of Robert Plant, GENESIS, Paul McCartney, PINK FLOYD who co-starred with Jimmy Page. Instead? , Each band / musician is fully recorded. Of course it is much less than the actual stage, but it is still much more than the official DVD currently singing “the complete version”. Organizing ……

● Robert Plant (3 songs) ※ official unrecorded song “Liars Dance”
● Plant & Page (3 songs) * Officially unrecorded song “Misty Mountain Hop”
● GENESIS (3 songs + medley) * Officially unrecorded song “That’s All”
● Paul McCartney (4 songs) ※ official not yet recorded song: none
● PINK FLOYD (5 songs) * Officially unrecorded songs “Sorrow” “Wish You Were Here” “Comfortably Numb”

……, and so on, there are a total of five songs from the official DVD total. Moreover, it contains all the songs that can be seen on the official DVD, even if there is plus, there is no minus. Especially, I am glad that Plant & Page “Misty Mountain Hop”. It is a co-star following the 1985 LIVE AID, the 1988 Atlantic Record’s 40th anniversary concert, but this time the plant is in the middle of a large “MANIC NIRVANA TOUR”. The condition of the plant is also wonderful, and the skill of the back band is also sufficient. Especially “Misty Mountain Hop” and “Wearing And Tearing” were set in the tour of the time, and it will let us hear the performance which is more than 2 times in total (compared to it it was not usually included in the set ” Rock And Roll “is now another one). Even at the work site, only three songs were co-starred with Paige, and this work can be enjoyed with official-level multi-camera / pro shot all in its work.

Voice tension is also a wonderful plant, “OUTRIDER TOUR” was revived after a full energy Paige, “Individual activities are centralized” GENESIS, solo first arrived in Japan for the first time in about three months ), PINK FLOYD which is significantly increasing than the official DVD. Everywhere you take it is an hour and a half full of sights. Multicamera Pro shot which can fully enjoy all of them with official quality. Please enjoy it carefully.

歴史的な巨大イベント“THE SILVER CLEF AWARD WINNERS CONCERT”。通称「ネブワース・フェス 1990」の極上マルチカメラ・プロショットが登場です。
このイベントが実現したのは「1990年6月30日ネブワース・パーク」でのこと。80年代に一世を風靡したチャリティ・ブームの末期にあたり、障害児の音楽治療や音楽学校のための支援コンサート。参加ミュージシャンも豪華で、クリフ・リチャード&THE SHADOWS、DIRE STRAITS、エルトン・ジョン、エリック・クラプトン、フィル・コリンズ、STATUS QUO、TEARS FOR FEARSといった英国シーンの超大物たちがズラリ。約12万人を動員したと言われる一大ロック・イベントでした。
ただし、放送のすべてではありません。このマニアは自分のために録画しており、お気に入りのミュージシャンだけを厳選編集。ジミー・ペイジと共演したロバート・プラント、GENESIS、ポール・マッカートニー、PINK FLOYDの4組だけを収録しているのです。その代わり?、各バンド/ミュージシャンは完全収録。もちろん実際のステージよりは遙かに少ないのですが、それでも現在「完全版」を謳っている公式DVDより断然多い。整理しますと……

●ロバート・プラント(3曲)※公式未収録曲「Liars Dance」
●プラント&ペイジ(3曲)※公式未収録曲「Misty Mountain Hop」
●GENESIS(3曲+メドレー)※公式未収録曲「That’s All」
●PINK FLOYD(5曲)※公式未収録曲「Sorrow」「Wish You Were Here」「Comfortably Numb」

……と、このようになっており、公式DVDより計5曲も多いのです。しかも、公式DVDで観られる曲もすべて収録しており、プラスはあってもマイナスはないのです。特に嬉しいのは、やはりプラント&ペイジの「Misty Mountain Hop」。1985年のLIVE AID、1988年のアトランティック・レコード40周年コンサートに続く共演ですが、この時のプラントは大規模な“MANIC NIRVANA TOUR”の真っ最中。プラントのコンディションも素晴らしく、バック・バンドの練度も十分。特に「Misty Mountain Hop」「Wearing And Tearing」は当時のツアーにセット入りしていたこともあり、全2回を上回る出来を聴かせてくれるのです(それに比べると通常セット入りしていなかった「Rock And Roll」の出来は今ひとつ)。現場でもペイジと共演したのは3曲だけであり、本作はそのすべてをオフィシャル級のマルチカメラ・プロショットで楽しめるのです。

声の張りも素晴らしいプラント、“OUTRIDER TOUR”を経て元気いっぱいに復活したペイジ、「個々の活動が中心になっている」と紹介されるGENESIS、ソロ初来日そのものなポール(約3ヶ月後でした)、公式DVDよりも大幅増量しているPINK FLOYD。どこを取っても見どころだらけの1時間57分。そのすべてをオフィシャル級クオリティでたっぷり楽しめるマルチカメラ・プロショット。ぜひ、じっくりとお楽しみください。


1. Intro 2. Hurting Kind 3. Liars Dance 4. Tall Cool One
5. Misty Mountain Hop (with Jimmy Page) 6. Wearing And Tearing (with Jimmy Page)
7. Rock And Roll (with Jimmy Page)


8. Intro 9. Mama 10. That’s All
11. Turn It On Again Medley: Somebody To Love / Satisfaction / Twist And Shout / Reach Out I’ll Be There / You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling / Pinball Wizard / In The Midnight Hour / Turn It On Again
12. Throwing It All Away


13. Intro 14. Coming Up 15. Birthday 16. Hey Jude 17. Can’t Buy Me Love


18. Intro 19. Shine On You Crazy Diamond 20. Sorrow 21. Wish You Were Here
22. Comfortably Numb 23. Run Like Hell 24. Outro


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