Various Artists / California Jam 2 Japanese Broadcast Version / 1DVD

Various Artists / California Jam 2 Japanese Broadcast Version / 1DVD / Non Label

Translated Text:
The Ontario Motor Speedway, Ontario, California, USA 18th March 1978, Broadcast on “Music In U.S.A.” in July 1978 Pro-Shot



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The recorded pro shot video outdoor festival on the 18th March 1978, held in Ontario, CA Motor Speedway, was mobilized audience of more than 300,000 of the “California Jam 2”. At the time, recorded the video that has been broadcast in 30 minutes each frame is divided into 4-week music program of commercial television in “Music in · USA”. Included on DVD in the quality level of the best, up to 46 minutes this total of 1 hour, a very valuable “California Jam 2” domestic broadcasting version of the video! This era, music fans who owned the home video deck is very rare, when this title is gift-release a few years ago, nostalgia while of course, “Record video or did not exist!” elderly fans were surprised, “this program is Nante is softening!” and also I think than were many. At the time, July 2, the 9th, the 16th, and the case was broadcast 9:00 to 9:30 every Sunday and on the 23rd, just to provide who gave us recording each and every week from Sunday morning it is one of thanks! This time, respond to the voice of hope to release in the press DVD to permanent storage for this precious video, appeared in the remastered and original menu with.

Foreigner starring Bob Welch with Stevie Nicks, Dave Mason, Santana, Heart, Ted Nugent, six, Rubicon, Mahogany Rush, Aerosmith. Time it has been recorded is short, respectively, but you can enjoy the video of the real sense of scale to play there seems to impact heyday. This time to also say Western heyday exactly, both each artist, you can let me listen to the play filled with uplifting youthful seems heyday, but until now, the band has been working in the front line to many I will be surprised again also. Only, Rubicon San Francisco-born, was a band of short-lived, but there is impact very scene to show off an intense bass solo, Jack Blaze that formed the Night Ranger later, of the highlights in the it has become one. Performance of each, you can enjoy a great quality. Comments of moderator that has been inserted into the front and rear, everyone, can not very interesting, look away from the screen even one o’clock both interviews.

It is broadcast in four weeks in relation to airtime, but are recorded at once with the public recording style of putting the audience but no doubt, the lame introduction or you will Hohoemashika~tsu also fun to reverse. The person who says’ fourth week, has become the last week finally, but … “” Ne is fast. “And” I really backs up fast “in the conversation of three people from the addition of Chappy of Trk25 especially we also laugh from the audience. This exchange to be love irresistible to Showa born. (“Guodian Kamata Station / Japan Electronic Engineering Institute Hall” will have been introduced as a Notice of MUSIC IN USA public recording of the next to Aerosmith After the show, this also included same. Maybe it place) has been inserted occasionally I think that the CM also me feel era, it will stare nostalgic for those who know the culture of the time. In any case, for the Western fan who spent adolescence in this era, equivalent, no doubt to become uniquely meaningful one. The title of the recommended that while indulging long night of autumn, the memories 36 years ago, you can enjoy plenty of carefully. (Original menu with.)


出演はボブ・ウェルチ with スティーヴィー・ニックス、デイヴ・メイスン、サンタナ、ハート、テッド・ニュージェント、6人のフォリナー、ルビコン、マホガニー・ラッシュ、エアロスミス。収録されている時間はそれぞれ短めですが、絶頂期らしいインパクトある演奏をリアル感満点の映像で楽しむことが出来ます。まさに洋楽全盛期とも言えるこの時期、各アーチストともに、絶頂期らしい若々しく躍動感に満ちた演奏を聴かせてくれますが、現在に至るまで、第一線で活躍しているバンドが多いのにも改めて驚かれます。その中でサン・フランシスコ出身のルビコンは、唯一、短命のバンドでしたが、後にナイト・レンジャーを結成するジャック・ブレイズが、強烈なベース・ソロを披露するシーンは非常にインパクトがあり、見所の一つになっています。それぞれの演奏は、素晴らしい画質で楽しむことができます。その前後に挿入された司会者のコメント、インタビュー共に皆、非常に興味深く、一時も画面から目を離すことができません。

放送枠の関係で4週に分けての放送ですが、観客を入れての公開録画スタイルで一気に収録しているのは間違いないわけで、その白々しい紹介が逆に楽しくも微笑ましかったりします。特にTrk25のチャッピーを加えてからの3人の会話で「いよいよ第4週目、最後の週になってしまいましたけど…」「早いですねー。」「早いもんだね」には言ってる本人たちも観客からも笑いが。この愛すべきやり取りが昭和生まれにはたまりません。(エアロスミス終演後に次回のMUSIC IN USA公開録画のお知らせとして「国電蒲田駅/日本電子工学院ホール」が紹介されていますので、この収録も同じ場所かもしれませんね。)時折挿入されているCMも時代を感じさせてくれ、当時の文化を知る人にとっては懐かしく見入ってしまうことと思います。いずれにせよ、この時代に青春期を過ごした洋楽ファンにとっては、相当、感慨深い1枚になること間違いありません。秋の夜長、36年前の思い出に浸りながら、じっくりたっぷり楽しめるお薦めのタイトルです。(オリジナル・メニュー付。)

Programme #1 
1. Opening(Studio) 2. Festival Introduction 3. Bob Welch with Stevie Nicks – Ebony Eyes 
4. Don E. Branker Announcement 5. Interview with Bob Welch, Stevie Nicks & Mick Fleetwood 
6. Interview with Sandy Feldman 7. Dave Mason – Let It Go, Let It Flow 
8. Dave Mason – Pearly Queen 9. Interview with Dave Mason 10. Ending(Studio)

Programme #2 
11. Opening(Studio) 12. Skydiving 13. Santana – Jugando 14. Santana – Evil Ways 
15. Interview with Leonard Stogel 16. Art Scholl – Stunt Pilot 17. Heart – Magic Man 
18. Ending(Studio)

Programme #3
19. Opening(Studio) 20. Ted Nugent – Motor City Madhouse 21. Interview with Ted Nugent 
22. Skateboard Competition 23. Foreigner – Cold As Ice 24. Ending(Studio)

Programme #4 
25. Opening(Studio) 
26. Rubicon – That’s The Way Things Are 27. Mahogany Rush – Purple Haze 
28. Aerosmith – Draw The Line 29. Ending(Studio)

PRO-SHOT COLOUR NTSC Approx. 106min.

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