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Guitars Heroes. PRO-SHOT

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The prestigious program “BEAT-CLUB” of classic rock video, along with “THE OLD GRAY WHISTLE TEST” in the UK and “DON KIRSCHNER’S ROCK CONCERT” in the US. The special feature of the guitarist is the gift release decision. “BEAT-CLUB” is truly a treasure trove of rock history. Since its inception in 1965, various bands / artists have performed with valuable performances. What was epoch-making was that he was particular about live music from early on. Considering the time and budget of program production, it is much safer to mime according to the record than the live performance where you can not read the scale and mistakes. However, this show has been playing live by artists since the 1960s. That’s the same with “OGWT” and “DKRC”, but “BEAT-CLUB” was also particular about video processing. Not only can you simply show it on a multi-camera, but you can also transform the artist’s cut into a psychedelic one or cover it with an image image. It can be said that such a taste was the forerunner of PV that prevailed in MTV in the 1980s, and it gives a richer sense of the times than other programs with only performance scenes. The advanced spirit of such “BEAT-CLUB” was also utilized in software. With the spread of VCRs in the 1980s, the demand for “buying music images” expanded rapidly. First of all, live images and clip collections for each band became popular, but “BEAT-CLUB” has softened material for each program. He created a huge archive from various perspectives such as by age group and genre. Again, it was ahead of the video magazine. The introduction has become a little long, but this work is also one of the video software of such “BEAT-CLUB”. This is a precise reproduction of the professional shot collection “GUITAR HEROES” with the theme of “Guitar Hero” from the Japanese version of LaserDisc. However, the concept of “guitar hero” is a habit, and the lineup changes greatly depending on the age. In the case of this work, “BEAT-CLUB” is best at “mid-1960s to early 70s”. The focus is on classic rock from Muddy Waters and B.B.King to Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck and Rory Gallagher. The composition is random, and the shooting year and country of origin are the type that flies to the bottom. Here, let’s rearrange them in chronological order for easy understanding. ● 1967 (2 songs) The oldest in this work are THE WHO and Jimi Hendrix in 1967. Since this work focuses on guitarists, the artist credit is “Pete Townshend” instead of THE WHO. Speaking of 1967, THE WHO was in the “A QUICK ONE” era, and Jimi was two months before the release of “ARE YOU EXPERIENCED”. Only singles have been released yet, and you can witness the revolutionary child who has just begun to climb the stairs of success. ● 1968 (1 song) The artist selected from the artists who appeared this year was Odai B.B.King. At that time, it was the ABC / BLUE SWAY era, when “LUCILLE” was released. After this, the blues king opened his eyes to funk blues with “LIVE & WELL” and re-breaks with “The Thrill Is Gone”. He is just before that. ● 1969 (2 songs) Alvin Lee and Eric Clapton have appeared since 1969 in the British rock revolution. Of course, at that time they were members of the group, not individuals. Alvin, of course, appeared as TEN YEARS AFTER, and Clapton appeared as DELANEY & BONNIE & FRIENDS. It’s delicious just in 1969, but if you take a closer look, TYA is two months after the release of the masterpiece “SSSSH”. DELANEY & BONNIE is also a video just one week before “ON TOUR WITH ERIC CLAPTON” was recorded. An era when masterpieces were born one after another. You can enjoy the video with the highest quality. ● 1970 (4 songs) The gorgeous 70’s has finally begun. It is treated the thickest in this work, and 4 sets are recorded. Moreover, not only is the quantity large, but the width is also wide. Blues such as Muddy Waters when co-starring works such as “FATHERS AND SONS” and “THE LONDON SESSIONS” and Johnny Winter who was about to start production of the masterpiece “JOHNNY WINTER AND”, Peter Frampton & HUMBLE PIE where Steve Marriott stands side by side (credited under the name of Frampton in this work). SANTANA also appeared at the best time, when she was waiting for the release while completing her masterpiece “ABRAXAS”. ● 1971 (1 song) From this year, TASTE was disbanded and Rory Gallagher, who became independent as a solo artist, appeared. There are many monochrome images in this work, but by this time, the color development was glaring and the image processing was elaborate. He appeared one month after the release of “DEUCE” and will perform a big performance in “Used To Be”. ● 1972 (2 songs) 1972 is the newest in this work. The second season JEFF BECK GROUP and Chuck Berry, who also had Cozy Powell, are appearing. Jeff appeared on “ORANGE ALBUM” and Chuck appeared one month before the release of “THE LONDON SESSIONS”. Speaking on an artist / band basis, all of the standard videos are still in the standard. However, when I cut the cross section of the era in this way, I was surprised that “Is this person also appearing!” And I can feel the fetal movement of the era when he was swelling and writhing. A collection of time travel videos that will take you to the end of the 1960s / early 70s when rock was most like rock. Please fully enjoy this work reproduced from the Japanese version laser disc.

英国の“THE OLD GREY WHISTLE TEST”や米国“DON KIRSCHNER’S ROCK CONCERT”と並ぶ、クラシック・ロック映像の名門番組『BEAT-CLUB』。そのギタリスト特集がギフト・リリース決定です。
 そんな『BEAT-CLUB』の先進精神は、ソフト化にも活かされていました。80年代のビデオデッキ普及と共に「音楽映像を買う」という需要が急拡大。まずはバンド単位のライヴ映像やクリップ集が人気を博したのですが、『BEAT-CLUB』は番組単位で持ちネタをソフト化。年代別やジャンル別など、さまざまな切り口で膨大なアーカイヴを作品化していった。これもまた、ビデオ・マガジンを先取りしていたのです。やや前置きが長くなってしまいましたが、本作もそんな『BEAT-CLUB』の映像ソフトの1つ。「ギターヒーロー」をテーマにしたプロショット集『GUITAR HEROES』を日本盤レーザーディスクから精緻に復刻した1枚なのです。
 本作で最も古いのは1967年のTHE WHOとジミヘン。本作はギタリストに焦点を充てていますので、アーティスト・クレジットはTHE WHOではなく「ピート・タウンゼンド」になっています。1967年と言えば、THE WHOは『A QUICK ONE』時代ですし、ジミは『ARE YOU EXPERIENCED』リリースの2ヶ月前。まだシングルしか出しておらず、成功の階段を昇り始めたばかりの革命児の姿を目撃できます。
 この年に出演したアーティストから選ばれたのは、御大B.B.キング。当時はABC/BLUESWAY時代で、『LUCILLE』をリリースした頃。この後、ブルースの王は『LIVE & WELL』でファンク・ブルースに開眼し、「The Thrill Is Gone」で再ブレイク。その直前の姿なのです。
 英国ロック革命の1969年からは、アルヴィン・リーとエリック・クラプトンの登場です。もちろん、当時の彼らは個人ではなくグループの一員。アルヴィンは勿論TEN YEARS AFTERとして、クラプトンはDELANEY & BONNIE & FRIENDSとして出演していました。1969年というだけでも美味しいわけですが、さらにつっこんでチェックしてみると、TYAは大代表作『SSSSH』発売の2ヶ月後。DELANEY & BONNIEも『ON TOUR WITH ERIC CLAPTON』が録音されるわずか1週間前という映像。まさに次々と名作が生まれいった時代。その映像を極上クオリティで楽しめるのです。
 いよいよ、絢爛の70年代が幕開け。本作でも一番厚く扱われており、4組が収録されています。しかも量が多いだけではなく、幅も広い。『FATHERS AND SONS』『THE LONDON SESSIONS』といった共演作が話題を呼んでいた頃のマディ・ウォーターズや名盤『JOHNNY WINTER AND』の制作を始めようとしていたジョニー・ウィンターといったブルース勢、ピーター・フランプトン&スティーヴ・マリオットが並び立つHUMBLE PIE(本作ではフランプトン名義でクレジットされています)。SANTANAも大代表作『ABRAXAS』を完成させながらも発売を待っていたという、一番オイシイ時期に出演していたのです。
 この年からはTASTEを解散させ、ソロとして独り立ちしたロリー・ギャラガーが出演。本作はモノクロ映像も多かったりするのですが、この頃になるとカラーの発色もギラギッラで映像処理も凝ってきている。『DEUCE』リリースの1ヶ月後に出演しており、「Used To Be」で大熱演を披露してくれます。
 本作で一番新しいのが1972年。コージー・パウエルも在籍していた第二期JEFF BECK GROUPとチャック・ベリーが出演しています。ジェフは『ORANGE ALBUM』、チャックは『THE LONDON SESSIONS』のリリース1ヶ月前での出演でした。
1. Intro
2. Happy Jack (Pete Townshend)
3. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl (Alvin Lee)
4. Used To Be (Rory Gallagher)
5. Sad Bad Of Shaky Jake (Peter Frampton)
6. Hey Joe (Jimi Hendrix)
7. Poor Elijah / Good People (Eric Clapton)
8. Definitely Maybe (Jeff Beck)
9. Let It Rock (Chuck Berry)
10. Johnny B. Goode (Johnny Winter)
11. Heartbreaker (B.B. King)
12. Incident At Neshabur (Santana)
13. Honey Bee (Muddy Waters)
14. Highlights Of Beat Club

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