Various Artists / Bridge School Benefit 1986 Private Masters / 3CDR

Various Artists / Bridge School Benefit 1986 Private Masters / 3CDR / Midnight Dreamer

Translated Text:

Live At Shoreline Amphitheater, Mountain view, CA October 13th 1986. Audience

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Compilation of 3 discs that recorded 86 years concert of “Bridge School · Benefit” from good audience · master, which was announced by annual and luxurious guests sponsored by Neil Young. This year is a memorable performance in which guests such as Don Henry, Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen, and others such as CSN & Y, have been talked about, and at Don Henry’s stage Eagles ‘Timothy B Schmidt and JD Sauser participated and Boss’ It is a recommended title that recorded precious special concerts now, such as co-starring with CSN & Y on stage


01. Peggy Young Intro
02. Comes A Time
03. Heart Of Gold
04. Helpless (with Bruce Springsteen and Nils Lofgren)
05. I Am A Child

06. CSN&Y Intro
07. Only Love Can Break Your Heart
08. Change Partners
09. Daylight Again / Find The Cost Of Freedom
10. Ohio

11. Keith Don’t Go
12. Wonderland
13. Believe
14. Man At The Top
15. Mud In Your Eyes

*DON HENLEY (with Timothy Schmidt, J.D. Souther, Danny Kortchmar, Jai Winding):
01. Bill Graham Intro / Band Intro
02. Boys Of Summer
03. New Kid In Town
04. Best Of Your Love
05. Yes It Is
06. Desperado
07. You Don’t Miss Your Water
08. Bill Graham Sponsor Info

09. Bill Graham Intro
10. American Girl
11. Blue Moon Of Kentucky
12. Shadow Of A Doubt
13. The Waiting
14. It’ll All Work Out
15. Twist And Shout

16. Marin County Blues
17. Stand Up

01. You Can Look
02. Born In The USA

*BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN (with Nils Lofgren, Danny Federci):
03. Seeds
04. Darlington County
05. Lady Of Spain
06. Mansion On The Hill
07. Satin Doll
08. Fire
09. Dancing In The Dark
10. Glory Days
11. Follow That Dream
12. Hungry Heart (with CSN&Y)

13. Teach Your Children

◆Live At Shoreline Amphitheater, Mountainview, CA October 13th 1986

Midnight Dreamer. MD-883A/B/C

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