Various Artists / Live Aid Wembley Stadium 1985 / 2CD

Various Artists / Live Aid Wembley Stadium 1985 / 2CD / Wardour
Live at Wembley Stadium, London, UK 13th July 1985

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Translated Text:

“LIVE AID (Wardour-303)” of QUEEN which became the record hit largest in 2018. The preliminary results of the prestigious site by prestigious Kinney are greeted with shocks, causing even abnormal phenomena that can not catch up with stocking after re-arrival.

However, even that super-topic work was only an introduction.

Yes, the staff of Kinney who was present at “Wembley Stadium on July 13, 1985” also recorded artists other than QUEEN. This work is a collection of such “other than QUEEN compilation”. A miraculous audience recording that tells the legendary site over 2 hours 6 minutes 54 seconds including 9 pairs of stages including QUEEN. Of course, it is a super-shock work of the world first show.
The 9 pairs are U2, DIRE STRAITS, QUEEN (noon), DAVID BOWIE, THE WHO, ELTON JOHN, FREDDIE MERCURY & BRIAN MAY (NIGHT), PAUL McCARTNEY, and ALL STAR BAND AID. Wembley stadium will make the most important stage of real life 100% real experience. Let’s introduce the stage of each band / musician individually.

【Disk 1: U2 (17: 19 appearance)】
Kinney tape started from U2 which was the 14th pair of the day. From the moment of regeneration, the feeling of a miracle is already fresh. First and foremost, the sound which is unlikely to be the 80 ‘s audience is wonderful. As you know who knew QUEEN hearing, balance that the band / sound plays the leading role mysteriously while absorbing clearance, great enthusiasm that is hard to believe as a huge stadium. The magic sound which can be said to be exactly the stylishness of Kinney is that the sound world is fully open from the beginning.
And the show is also a miracle. “Sunday Bloody Sunday” “Bad” are two songs, but the shock is still “Bad”. 13 minutes long giggle with scattered pieces of masterpieces such as “Satellite of Love” “Ruby Tuesday” “Sympathy for the Devil” “Walk on the Wild Side” During that time, a sudden scream like a scream happens. Actually, this scene, Bono has invited the audience to the stage and it is the moment I got off to the audience seat without being able to wait for not being able to go up quite easily. Even in the pro shot video, the cheers sound like ripples, but this work is in the middle of the voice being awake. Hugging with the invited audience, dancing, the moment of kissing the cheek is clearly understood, and it is also understood that each person’s screaming and cheering such as ripples was screaming and cheering.
And after 72000 Bono’s hot hearted out, the 72,000 Singa Long is also beautiful. Although it was an impressive scene even in the pro shot, the impression that you feel on the spot is bigger and deeper. You can experience it on site.

【Disk 1: DIRE STRAITS (18:00 cast)】
In the following DIRE STRAITS who became a person at the breakthrough in record hit of “BROTHERS IN ARMS”. “Money For Nothing” “Sultans Of Swing” 2 songs, the former is co-starring with Sting like the album.
The terrible thing here is that cumulative first. Although screams and roarage do not occur, it is amazing how clapping hand clapping occurs with each song’s intro. It seems like a hall class synchro rate although it seems that the scale feeling of 72,000 people is solid. I concentrate like I think there is not anyone listening to singing as one person. Although it was understood even with the Pro shot video that Mark Gnarra ‘s guitar and the honorable ensemble are amazing, this work got scoffed up to the audience’ s nori that greeted it. However, as the song progresses, the concentration is interrupted and speech comes out (bitter smile) place is also real.

【Disk 1: QUEEN (18: 41 appearance)】
And the last of Disk 1 caused a miracle QUEEN. It is full recording also in this work. I will skip this part because there are also many who already know, but I feel even more if I experience the moving stage in the event flow. By all means, it is a miracle in the miracle you want to taste through without flying.

【Disk 2: David Bowie (19: 23 cast)】
On behalf of Disk 2, from David Bowie. At the beginning is a single “Dancing In The Street” co-starred for Mick Jagger and LIVE AID. This is not a live performance, PV is on the scene of the scene. I was surprised that I thought “What is PV” and the enthusiasm of 72,000 people. Sing along with PV, present a grand cheers and a whistling storm. Actually, this is also a wonderful document.
And Bowie appeared. Just after QUEEN gave a miracle, I thought that it was going to be morning … … that is a charisma of the age. Boil the 72,000 people. I did not know that the clapping hand clapping wanes down and the big chorus of “Rebel! Rebel!” “But I try I try” is gigantic and huge. And a whistling whistling like spilling out of the Wembley pot continues to fly. And “Heroes” of the highlight which 144,000 hands turn into a rhythm corps … …. You can experience QUEEN’s miracle in a splendid way and continue to keep the pot wonderfully boiled down by the reality of the auditorium.

【Disk 2: THE WHO (19: 59 Appearance)】
It is the British hero THE WHO that its boil turns into an explosion again. This is also the first time concert in one time only for the first time in 3 years. At the beginning, I can not start easily with difficulty in setting up, but even during such a great excitement. And you can play the intro of “My Generation” and explode at once at once. And, the Wembley Pot has become a single “Sure play a mean pinball !!” The tremendous thing of the big chorus … …. There is often a phrase “enthusiasm to blow off the ceiling”, but the Wembley stadium was good at the open space … … Such a strange excitement overtching the head like that. Even though it is over 8 hours since noon’s STATUS QUO, the strength of British people is unknown.
As it settled down a little from the second half “Love, Reign O’er Me”, it did not become a miracle as QUEEN … … I thought that it was … as far as the last two minutes of “Will not Get Fooled Again” Roger Daltrey bullshit I recovered at once in one shot. The excitement also shows a power business that will accelerate cancer anger and reach a large circle. The reality of the scene where this great reversal was also unable to find out in the pro shot video. It is a treasure of Kinney that can sense the air in the scene flowing in LIVE AID with skin sensation.

【Disk 2: Elton John (appeared at 20:50)】
What is going on further is Elton John who declared the defeat as “I was eaten” by the members of QUEEN. Actually, the feeling of reality is the reality of recording. Elton played six songs alongside QUEEN, but the only stuff left by Kinney’s staff was “Do not Let the Sun Go Down on Me” that he co-starred with two of WHAM! It is totally speculated, but Paul McCartney and BAND AID are still left, probably because I was concerned about the tape remaining. Actually, there is a scene in which curl sound enters in a moment, pushed a crying stopping stop button …… The decision of such bitterness is transparent. It is too bad for us in 33 years, but this is also the reality that happened on the scene. It is one real of audience recording.
It is probably George · Michael’s existence that I could not stop recording even in such a difficult situation. And Kinney ‘s kang who resumed recording with his appearance was right. That overwhelming singing voice is wonderful comparable to Freddie who caused a miracle. Of course, although stunning vocalization was able to be tasted even by pro shot, this work also has a spectacular reverberation, and it follows a million chorus units. In a professional shot, the thick chorus that was extensive enough to be heard with rust was a magnificent gig indeed. And George to the divine which leads the big crowd only by singing voice. In the soundboard sound heard for many years, I did not convey 1/100 of the real charm. We can finally meet the truth.

[Disk 2: Freddie Mercury & Brian May] (Appeared at 21: 48)] It was QUEEN who came back to Wembley once again experienced a miracle moment. Discovery was delayed because the tapes were divided, but the night’s “Is This The World We Created?” Was also recorded. This is another great song that is valuable again. In the broadcast sound board of this song, the staff’s voice came in and it was ridiculous, but you can listen to plenty of wonderful singing voices at all on the spot. You can taste the continuation of the miracle without being disturbed by that broadcast accident.

【Disk 2: Paul McCartney (Appeared at 21: 51)】
It is Paul McCartney that it seamlessly continues from such Freddy & Brian. Although I was a big favorite at the event, this work also highlights in the highlight. Freddie & Brian’s staff mistakenly pulled out the microphone, which caused a situation in which Paul’s singing voice can not be heard at all. The trouble is settled in about 2 minutes, the scenes where great cheers get over are also left on the TV broadcasting.

However, the scene was even more amazing.

To tell the truth, the audience who had a trouble (I could hear the voice of “what happened?” For a moment as a kinny staff) had begun chorus all at once. This is too wonderful. A sea of ​​warm singing voice spreading like encouraging towards Paul struggling alone on stage. The beautiful ocean is transformed into a big wave of delight when Paul’s microphone revives. And we melt with Paul’s voice and weave the melody of “Let It Be” ….
When I think about it, Paul who had been away from the stage for 5 years since the last show of Wings in 1979. People gathered to the scene awaited his resurrection. That thought was supporting the pole which can not hear the bad voice steadily. Not only the official DVD which overdub vocals but also the truth which even live broadcast of the day did not understand. That scene which looked painful was truly two minutes warmer than any other stage. It is a miracle audience record that tells us such truth after 33 years.

【Disk 2: BAND AID (21: 57 appeared)】
That jubilation continues to Large Ras BAND AID’s “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” This is as good as Paul’s stage. The impressive performance by Allcast is also familiar with pro shots, and there was also a vibrant crowd figure and extensive chorus there as well. However, the gigantic spectacle of this work is different in digit. The 72,000 chorus teams will be the leading role and the big big show will be spread out, with gorgeous stars also hazing.
Moreover, the unknown true highlight was after the song finished. For a while, cheers are given to musicians’ greetings, but choruses are resurrected by chance. Again, huge “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” Is full of Wembley. I wake up after 10 hours and dream time. A beautiful big choir that the delight will spill out. This is the highlight of the truth that I do not know about, either official DVD or broadcast pro shot.

Kinney recording of LIVE AID which caused a shock at the miracle QUEEN edition. However, its true splendor, true highlight was not known yet. Even the wonderful QUEEN wa

2018年最大の記録的ヒットとなったQUEENの『LIVE AID(Wardour-303)』。名門キニーによる現場実況は衝撃を持って迎えられ、再入荷に次ぐ再入荷でも追いつかない異常現象まで引き起こしています。


その9組とはU2、DIRE STRAITS、QUEEN(昼)、DAVID BOWIE、THE WHO、ELTON JOHN、FREDDIE MERCURY & BRIAN MAY(夜)、PAUL McCARTNEY、そしてオールスターのBAND AID。ウェンブリー・スタジアムでも最重要となるステージを本生100%のリアル体験をさせてくるのです。それでは、各バンド/ミュージシャンのステージを個別にご紹介していきましょう。

そして、ショウも奇跡的。「Sunday Bloody Sunday」「Bad」の2曲ですが、やはり衝撃なのは「Bad」。「Satellite of Love」「Ruby Tuesday」「Sympathy for the Devil」「Walk on the Wild Side」といった名曲の断片を散りばめながら13分に及ぶ大熱演。その最中に、突如悲鳴のようなどよめきが起こる。実はこのシーン、ボノが観客を選んでステージに招いており、なかなか上がれないのを待ちきれずに客席まで降りて行った瞬間なのです。プロショット映像でも大歓声がさざ波のように聞こえましたが、本作はその声が起きているただ中。招かれた観客とハグし、ダンスし、頬にキスする瞬間がはっきりと分かり、さざ波のようなどよめきの正体が1人ひとりの悲鳴や喝采だった事も分かるのです。

【ディスク1:DIRE STRAITS(18:00出演)】
続くは『BROTHERS IN ARMS』の記録的ヒットで一躍時の人となっていたDIRE STRAITS。「Money For Nothing」「Sultans Of Swing」の2曲を披露しており、前者ではアルバムと同じくスティングとの共演です。


代わってのディスク2は、デヴィッド・ボウイから。冒頭に流れるのはミック・ジャガーとLIVE AIDのために共演したシングル「Dancing In The Street」。これは生演奏ではなく、現場のスクリーンにPVが流されている。「なんだPVか」と思ったところで驚くのが7万2000人の熱狂。PVに合わせて歌い、盛大な喝采や口笛の嵐を贈る贈る。実はこれも素晴らしいドキュメントなのです。
そして、ボウイ登場。QUEENが奇跡を起こした後だけに、さぞやりづらかろう……と思いきや、そこは希代のカリスマ。7万2000人を沸かしに沸かす。ビシッとした手拍子は衰えることを知らず「Rebel! rebel!」「But I try I try」の大合唱もぶ厚く巨大。そして、ウェンブリー鍋のあちこちから吹きこぼれるような口笛が飛び続ける。そして、14万4000の手がリズム隊と化すハイライトの「Heroes」……。QUEENの奇跡を見事に受け継ぎ、鍋を見事に沸騰させ続けていたのが客席の現実感で体験できます。

【ディスク2:THE WHO(19:59出演)】
その沸騰が再び爆発に変わるのが、英国の英雄THE WHO。こちらも3年ぶりとなる、ワン・タイム・オンリーの特別再結成コンサート。冒頭、セットアップに手間取ってなかなかスタートできないでいるわけですが、そんな最中でさえ凄い盛り上がり。そして「My Generation」のイントロが弾けるや一気に大爆発。そして、ウェンブリー鍋が一丸となった「Sure play a mean pinball!!」大合唱の凄まじい事……。よく「天井を吹き飛ばす熱狂」というフレーズがありますが、ウェンブリー・スタジアムがオープン・スペースで良かった……そんなトンチンカンな事まで頭をよぎる異様な盛り上がり。正午のSTATUS QUOから8時間を超えているというのに、英国人の体力は底が知れません。
後半「Love, Reign O’er Me」からはやや落ち着くのでQUEENほどの奇跡にはならなかった……と思ったところで、「Won’t Get Fooled Again」のラスト2分辺りでロジャー・ダルトリーの雄叫び一発で一気に挽回。盛り上がりもガンガン加速して大団円を迎えてしまう力業を見せつけるのです。この大逆転もプロショット映像ではうかがい知ることの出来なかった現場の現実。LIVE AIDに流れていた現場の空気を肌感覚で感じ取れるキニーの秘宝なのです。

さらに続くのは、QUEENの面々に「食われたよ」と負けを宣言したエルトン・ジョン。実は、ここで感じられるのは録音の現実感。エルトンはQUEENと並ぶ6曲を演奏したのですが、キニーのスタッフに残されていたのはWHAM!の2人と共演した「Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me」だけ。完全に推測ですが、まだまだポール・マッカートニーやBAND AIDも残されており、恐らくテープ残量を気にしてのことだったのでしょう。実は一瞬ながらキュル音が入りかけるシーンもあり、泣く泣く停止ボタンを押した……そんな苦渋の決断が透ける。33年後の私たちにとっても残念至極ではありますが、これも現場で起きた現実。オーディエンス録音の1つのリアルなのです。

再び奇跡の刹那を体験したウェンブリーに戻ってきたのは、あのQUEENの2人。テープが分かれていたために発見が遅れましたが、夜の「Is This The World We Created?」も録音されていたのです。これがまた貴重にして素晴らしい1曲。この曲の放送サウンドボードではスタッフの声が入り込んでとんでもない事になっていましたが、現場では何事もなく素晴らしい歌声がたっぷりと聴ける。あの放送事故に邪魔されることなく、奇跡の続きを味わうことができるのです。



実は、トラブルを察した観客(一瞬、キニースタッフと思しき「どうした?」の声も聞こえます)は、一斉に大合唱を始めていたのです。これがあまりにも素晴らしすぎる。ステージで独り奮闘するポールに向けて励ますように広がる暖かい歌声の海。その美しい海原は、ポールのマイクが復活するや歓喜の大波へと変わる。そして、ポールの声と溶け合い「Let It Be」のメロディを紡いでいく……。

【ディスク2:BAND AID(21:57出演)】
その歓喜は大ラスBAND AIDの「Do They Know It’s Christmas?」へと続いていく。これもポールのステージと同じくらいに素晴らしい。オールキャストによる感動的なパフォーマンスはプロショットでもお馴染みですし、そこでも躍動する群衆の姿やぶ厚い大合唱も見られました。しかし、本作の巨大なスペクタクルはケタが違う。7万2000人のコーラス隊が主役となり、豪華なスター達も霞む大きな大きな唱和が広がるのです。
しかも、知られざる真のハイライトは曲が終わった後だった。しばらくはミュージシャンの挨拶へ喝采が贈られているのですが、ふとしたキッカケで合唱が復活。再び、巨大な「Do They Know It’s Christmas?」がウェンブリーに満ち溢れるのです。10時間が過ぎても覚めやらぬ夢の時間。その歓喜がこぼれ出す美しい大合唱。これこそ、公式DVDでも放送プロショットでも知る由のない真実のハイライトなのです。

奇跡のQUEEN編で衝撃を巻き起こしたLIVE AIDのキニー録音。しかし、その本当の素晴らしさ、真のハイライトはまだ知られていなかった。あの素晴らしきQUEENですら序章でしかなかったLIVE AIDの真実がここにあるのです。オーディエンス録音だからこそ残し得た、本当の感動。2018年のクリスマスに現れた奇跡の音楽。世界が初めて知る真実の現場。ぜひ、あなたもご体験ください。


Disc 1 (59:24)
1. Intro.
2. Sunday Bloody Sunday
3. Bad (with snippets of “Satellite of Love”, “Ruby Tuesday”, “Sympathy for the Devil” and “Walk on the Wild Side”)

4. Money for Nothing (with Sting)
5. Sultans of Swing

6. Intro.
7. Bohemian Rhapsody
8. Radio Ga Ga
9. Day-O
10. Hammer To Fall
11. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
12. We Will Rock You
13. We Are The Champions

Disc 2 (67:30)
1. Dancing In The Street (Music Video shown on the screen)

2. Intro.
3. TVC15
4. Rebel Rebel
5. Modern Love
6. Heroes
7. MC

8. Intro. ところが、セットアップに手間取りスタートできない
9. My Generation 最初ボーカルがオフ
10. Pinball Wizard ★この日一番の大合唱
11. Love, Reign O’er Me
12. Won’t Get Fooled Again

13. Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me (with George Michael & Andrew Ridgeley)

14. Intro.
15. Is This The World We Created?

PAUL McCARTNEY (with David Bowie, Bob Geldof, Alison Moyet & Pete Townshend)
16. Let It Be
★34秒辺りで「どうした?」の日本語 ★1:50からボーカルがオンになる。

BAND AID★圧巻のドキュメント。凄いの一言。
17. Intro. (by Bob Geldof)
18. Do They Know It’s Christmas?★演奏が終わっても場内大合唱が続く


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